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July 19, 2009


The heart of a goof.

John Daly had a wunnerful weekend, too. The first I ever watched.

BB Key

No matter what happens today Tom Watson has been great all week.

OT I am scratching my head over this AP/NYT story reporting in detail on a Taliban video of a US soldier taken hostage.
Lots of details soldier states his name,capotors display dog tags, and US refuses to confirm identity.
Hypocritical the way NYT covered the kidnapping of their reporter.


BB Key-

NYT quietly paid a bribe to the Taliban to get their journalist back (the goofy story that he "just walked away" notwithstanding). The DoD probably wouldn't pay a bribe to get a GI back so the NYT and AP feel under no obligation to protect our captured solider.

The Obama Administration has made the situation much more dangerous because he did a prisoner exchange for a couple hundred Iranian terrorists captured in Iraq for that captured American journalist. The Taliban are thinking that if the Obama Administration would surrender that much for a captured American journalist in Iran (especially for someone who had lived in Iran for a number of years before her capture) they'll be more than willing to cave to all sorts of demands for an American soldier.

Rob Crawford

Hypocritical the way NYT covered the kidnapping of their reporter.

NYT reporters are never kidnapped by terrorists. They're just temporarily embedded pending delivery of funds.

Old Lurker

The sucker misses the most fundamental of points. A lot of people might be willing to admit global warming in the sense we always are warning coming out of ice ages just as we also are always cooling going into them. It's the "A" in AGW that is the sticking point.

Then again Hillary has apparently gone to India to confess our fault in it all, so what do I know?

Old Lurker

...always are WARMING...


Stewart Cink has a son named REAGAN. Cool.

Old Lurker

Ooops...looks like I posted that to the wrong thread. Sorry bout that.


Cink has a twitter last night that he has since deleted (can't imagine why) that he had swine flu. He was coughing all the way around the course.

Congrats to Cink.

His son plays golf in the same region as my daughter. He is quite good.


Well I feel sad for Watson. He certainly lost as opposed to Cink winning - but Cink is supposed to be a great guy - - so I am happy for him.




Back in the 50's, the TV networks and their advertisers were asked why golf on TV? The audiences were small.

The answer came back - what would you pay to have President Eisenhower watching your ads?

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