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July 16, 2009



Boxer is an asshole. She might as well go to work for AIPAC.


I gather he was there giving his views on energy policy that were at odds with Ma'am Babs. So I say he was right to be offended that she was countering with "other" black groups who favored her view.

However, Extraneus got me thinking on another comment thread, so I found the National Black Chamber of Commerce website and clicked on some of the articles. Alford is a big proponent of AA and does seem to like to use race when it is convenient to him.

That said, I liked seeing old Babs getting smacked around! I guess Sen. Inhofe gave a comment to one blogger and said he was "amused." Ha ha. I bet he was!


Wait a minute...
The Chairman of "The National Black Chamber of Commerce" resorts to racial references at times?
I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you!


As I recall the website reference merely noted that if federal funds were involved there were provisions aiding minority contractors, a purely factual not advocacy statement.


Clarice: I was referring to an article at the website entitled "When racists Call Us Racists."

Here is just one paragraph from the article written by Alford:

"Equally hideous are the claims by some pundants (with racist reputations) that she is a racist because of her pride in her heritage. No one of this ilk and prestigious accomplishments could have the handicap of bigotry. That is why she is about to become a Supreme Court Justice and they aren’t. In fact, there is no sitting Supreme Court Justice whose resume and accomplishments at the time of their nomination could come close to that of Judge Sotomayor. I dare say there has been no other Supreme Court nominee in the history of this nation with as much bonafides as she. She is going to be great and that will heighten the judgment of President Barack Obama – the one who nominated her. Oh yes, isn’t he another gifted child of God who got his chance through the Affirmative Action provided by the Civil Rights Act?"


Goint OT for a moment:

Bombings at 2 hotels in Indonesia. Unknown how many are hurt.


CC-I don't even understand that--it looks like a defense of Soto but seems to trail off into a criticism of Ibama and AA.

But who knows what it is or says?

Rich--how awful.

Captain Hate

Damn it's hard to square what Alford wrote in that article with what he skewered M'am Babs with today. Although maybe he's been getting banged on by all his members who've come to the realization that their expenses are about to make life verrrry difficult. Still at worst he was just fighting fire with fire against one of the most disingenuous harridans that ever walked the earth.


A wise Latina is wise. By definition.


Here is a write up. Marriott and Ritz.

Old Dad

I'm sorry that Madame Senator is stupid--glib, but dumb. We see where glib but dumb has gotten the Golden State.

I'm sorry that one of most dynamic economies in the world allowed a few kooks to drive it into the shitter. But they did.

I'm especially sorry that our beloved USA is on the same path. Mister and Madame Senator need to be addressed properly--look assholes, you work for us. It seems to me that the gentleman from the BCoC has struck a singular blow for freedom from gassy idiots.

Melinda Romanoff


O/T- How do you get the other primary donor group of the Party Of "I" to contribute? Force 'em into court via bankruptcy (LUN).

I've been waiting for 19 months how they were going to strategize this event. Now I know.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

OK, I defended Alford previously but that screed cc quoted seems to be what the shysters call dispositive.
A pox on both their houses.


Can I post over here?



I'm going to have to let your comment and Durden's write up roll around in my head for a while. Bankers, Lawyers, and Unions...oh my. But wouldn't they just end up fighting over a smaller and smaller pot of money from the post-bankrupcy firm, which would go to the lawyers at $600/hr? Humm...

And for your consideration: The odd Goldman Sachs code case and the strength of equities trading on Goldman's quarterly numbers.


cathyf, are you having Typhus trouble, too?


Hey, guys, is anybody experiencing strange internet behavior today? There are places I can't get to at all, other places (JOM) are there but slow, and then some places are accessible and just as fast as always.


...and I can post short comments (a few lines) to JOM, but longer comments go into perma-spin. (Which as everyone can guess, is just killing me!!!)


cf, my comments have been disappearing all day, even after the "comment has been posted" message.


No I haven't had any problems. One time something like that happened I cleared out the broswer and java caches.

But then, I slum it using a windows machine.


I should have added that doing that cleared up the slow loading and truncated commenting. I also have posted short comments today mstly so I'm going to keep typing to see if I might be having a similiar problem but didn't notice.

it's joycekane's internet, you're just commenting on it

I saw the video - who else thought there was a little romantic tension there?


You can still go black or white after you've gone gray....


And for a good bedtime story: These are the people that Obama thinks will make some sort of grand bargin for of with him.


comments go into perma-spin


That is the best description of what has happened to me for weeks. I have to copy my comment, open a new thread (same topic) and page to the end (last comment on thread) and paste the comment.

It's like the wheel of fortune. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have to preview all my comments so I don't post twice. Arghhhh!

ObaMom Hip Not Jeans™

As much as I dislike Barbara Boxer it seems a little paradoxical to accuse her of racism by saying she should work for AIPAC as one commenter did here. Other comments I've read on other blogs tonight mentioned her supposed hooked nose and another called her a JAP.

Buford Gooch

ObaMom Hip Not Jeans™

You did notice who the poster you mentioned was, didn't you?

Jack is Back!

I can speak from personal experience about Barbara Boxer when she was a member of the House. It was during the Iraq invasion of Kuwait and I won't go into the reason I had to meet her. But it was important to brief her on an aspect of Americans being held or hiding in Iraq at the time. She would not accept, at first, that I was talking about Iraq a country other than Iran. In other words, she did not know at that time there were actually two different countries with names separated by a different letter. Truly, she is one of the most incompetent and unintelligent people I have ever met. Just here manner and style is self serving at all times. She is noxious to the nth degree.


it's joycekane's internet, you're just commenting on it | July 17, 2009 at 12:18 AM

Whoever you are, I love you.

Barbara Boxer is a dunce.

I was having trouble commenting the other day, even though other people were blissfully commenting away.

The Jakarta bombings are horrible, and remind me of how horrible things were from about 2001-2006. I hope that cycle is not starting back up.

Strawman Cometh

If you are having trouble commenting, clear your throat (delete your typepad cookies) [in Firefox: tools - options - privacy - remove individual cookies]


As a rule of thumb (take a look what it meant originally, BTW), any politician embracing Climate Change agenda is or illiterate moron, or finished crook.

McCain, Lieberman, Gingrich, etc. will have tough choice to explain their GW zeal.

For dumbocrats, it is quite easy: they are both illiterate morons, pathological liars, and accomplished crooks.

No exceptions, as I see so far.

Interesting, Sara Palin article in WaPo did not mention “Climate Change” whatsoever.


During the 08 campaign, I recall Palin not being prepared on this issue. Just as she wasn't prepared on a number of issues. Instead of sticking up for capitalism, she attacked Wall Street "greed" during one of the debates. I do hope she is learning during her hiatus.

Melinda Romanoff


Beware the business reporting on GS code and All Things Serge. Stick with ZH, they've been days ahead of the pack, and they stick with the meat (posting court filings, in toto, and the like). They even had someone on the team look at the actual code. What it does makes it even more insidious. You have to go back a bit for the juicy stuff.



This is a test message -- can I post at JOM?


(I am having all sorts of problems with all sorts of sites in multiple browsers, plus I can't send any emails of any length, plus I can't keep AIM up, so it's not just my browser prefs.)




Weirdest part is that I can get to google and goodsearch fine, but then can't get to anything that any search finds.


But I am finding the Burma Shave style of posting amusing!

Melinda Romanoff


When you see the next Stuckey's, pull over...


"Wall Street "greed"

Just so happens that Palin is right to a large degree, turns out that former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson used his position to take over the banks while destroying Goldman Sachs competition, Lehman Brothers.

Those greedy pricks who filled Obama's campaign coffers now running Wall street are rolling in the dough they extorted from the American taxpayer.

Like my friend who worked in Wall Street; they're the Mafia.

And Goldman Sachs is like GE; expecting huge profits from their fraudulent Green trading often seen promoted on NBC


I will add, the pricks reigning over Wall Street all have Ivy-degree associations; this incestuous relationship bred this economic insanity.


Like my friend *said*....Wall Street is the Mafia.


I frequently have trouble here.

Melinda Romanoff

me too, clarice.

I post, I can NEVER preview, then I reload page. repeat. Works for about 15 minutes, then I have to close the browser and relaunch. It is an enormous pain when the threads get long.


In the future, please do not wave Mitt Romney's Harvard degree around, it will remind voters that his health care mandate is the same as Harvard graduate Barack Obama's health care mandate.

Both Harvard graduates, Romney and Obama failed at Leadership 101.

There is a pattern of deception emerging and it all begins with Harvard.


Ok, so I'm taking it as a challenge to post this way:

I started a new job on Wednesday. 20 months of funemployment (thanks for all the UI payments, by the way) come to an end.


So now I can only read JOM early morning and in the evenings, and will be hopelessly behind most of the time.

Ah, well, that whole "getting paid" thingy is nice, though!


Congrats Cathy! That has to feel good right about now.


Congrats, cathyf!

Old Lurker

Ditto Cathy


Good for you Cathy


Truly, she is one of the most incompetent and unintelligent people I have ever met. Just here manner and style is self serving at all times. She is noxious to the nth degree.

I think there's a pattern there.

Instead of sticking up for capitalism, she attacked Wall Street "greed"

There are bad actors in capitalism, too. Palin does have a populist bent, which I also seem to have. Wall Street seems to have gotten pretty full of itself.


Way to go cathyf. Hope you really enjoy it.


Congrats, cathyf. Your posts are among those here that teach me the most, so please chime in as often as you can.

Rick Ballard

Yeah, Cathy! I sure hope you still have time to comment.


Matt Taibbi has a good piece on the GS whores. I'm not sure why individuals continue to trade in rigged markets. I might watch a 3 card monte or shell and pea hustler bleed suckers but I wouldn't pay for the privilege.

Jim Miller

Cathyf - Excellent news.

And, going back to the topic, there is something wrong when a cathyf is unemployed for months, and a Barbara Boxer is still working.


Congratulations Cathy. I hope it is something exciting that takes you away from us, even for a few hours each day.


Indeed, cathyf, great news! Best wishes!


Instapundit has a link to a Brietbart TV interview with Mr. Alford that is quite informative and intertaining.

In it, he mentions that he got an email from the General in the Boxer dustup over calling her "ma'am." Sounds like the General was saying "go get her!"


ah jeez - entertaining.


Great news, cathyf. I am glad you got to visit DC and Clarice in your "down time." And I hope you love your new job.

hit and run

Oh gosh, I am soooo happy for you Cathy!!!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Wow cathy. Didn't know it had been 20 months. Congratulations.
Any room for H&R at your new place?

BTW, regardng weird Typepud shenanigans. Somehow it reverted to adding Ratzkywatzky after Ignatz and deleted the stupid URL that I had linked to one time all by itself yesterday.


Congratulations, cathyf!

Your new employer is very very lucky.

Old Lurker

"I'm not sure why individuals continue to trade in rigged markets."

Rick, for the same reason knowledgable investors sent money to Madoff. They new he was cheating but thought he was cheating the other guys.


Great news for CathyF!! Congrats to you and thank you for all your wonderful comments--have a folder full of them.

The is a little app for Mac users called Macjanitor that I've found useful in helping with problems Cathyf and Melinda describe.

Another thingy I do when having some internet problems outside of the drastic steps of clearing cookies and zapping the Pram is to do this:

Go to the Applications folder on your hard drive--scroll down to utilities folder and find disk utilities and open that app. When it opens locate the hard drive where your apps are and then do a "repair". Doing that will repair permissions which can get out of whack after doing system updates.

These are all things you may have already done so I hope my bit of advice is not redundant:)


I was wondering when you planned to get around to the great news, cathy. We are all happy for you and know when we can talk about you behind your bacl..That is central time, right?


If a supreme court nominee lies (a little, a lot, non-stop) during Senate hearings, can that person be charged with anything at a later day nce they are on the court?

Manuel Transmission

One other suggestion re clunky browser behavior: I have been primarily an Opera user for years -- most recently on a Mac. I typically have as many as 150 tabs open at any one time. May have 10 - 15 JOM tabs open. I never flush (but I do brush!). Anyway, all that behavior seems to not be a problem in Opera. Also, on XP as well as the Mac, I rarely have to reboot more that every week or two, although the Mac will sometimes get bogged down running Opera and require a restart of the app (resuming all the same tabbed windows, etc.)



Thanks for everybody's encouragement -- I'm trying to make the big adjustment here. I've been joking that two weeks after I stopped working I was trying to figure out how I ever had the time to have a job -- well now I better figure it out!

I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with my ISP this morning. This has nothing to do with my computer -- there is something really really odd going wrong with my routing somewhere upstream of my house. The onset of symptoms coincides with some upgrades they did yesterday morning, but no one else in town is reporting any problems.

I've decamped to the computer lab at WonderGirl's school, (different ISP) where the connection is twice as fast anyway.


Congratulations cathyf!


Thanks for the GS article. I'll take MR up on looking through the zero hedge archives cause I'm curious if that equities program could also be used for commodities and currencies. Was thinking that this current market run up could have been used to unwind a lot of positions so "credentialed" investors can get out with some profits before it drifts back down (equities up some 30% and oil was up nearly 100% from the bottom). Don't really know though.

Good stuff: "So say International Reckless Dickwad Bank needs to issue $100 million in new stock to pay off TARP; they hire Goldman to do the deal, and since the fee for equity underwriting is 7%, Goldman gets, in essence, a state-mandated $7 million fee. Because so much money was lent out under TARP, the underwriters on Wall Street made a massive bonanza on all the new bank stock. As noted above, Goldman’s equity underwriting department hauled in $736 million this quarter."

Taibbi really doesn't like those guys.



She testified under oath - but it will never happen - at least to a democrat. If it were Dick Cheney OTOH


Wonderful news cathyf. You can keep up your posting frequency by doing what i did when i went to grad school at night---give up sleep.

OT- I'm watching every stroke of the Open. Tiger playing 35th in jeopardy of missing the cut. A tear rolled down my cheek when Tom Watson, age 59 and 10 months and a giant in the golf pantheon and one of the really good guys, birdied 36th to tie for the lead.


birdied THE 36th HOLE. How's that for a run on sentence, huh?


Tiger 2 birdies down the stretch. One above the current cut line.


Boxer: "Mr. Alford, would you please be quiet and listen to me when I speak? I know how black people are supposed to think and you're paying no attention. If I want your opinion I will give it you."


Congratulations cathyf, hope the new job is everything you want in a job.

there is something wrong when a cathyf is unemployed for months, and a Barbara Boxer is still working.

To change this we have to get people out to vote for our side. Which means we have to get good candidates out there and support them after we find them.

We also need to get support from our good elected officials. For example, American Thinker has this article:

Sitting to Boxer’s right at the committee hearing was Senator James Inhofe, R-Oklahoma. Inofe’s behavior during the dust-up is a veritable microcosm of everything that’s wrong with the Republican Party. Instead of sharing in Mr. Alter’s indignation and directly challenging Boxer on an attempt at political persuasion bordering on racism, Senator Inhofe was politely inert.
Senator Inhofe had a glorious chance to help defend a black man under assault by the imperial Senator Boxer. He failed, and for a crucial moment, so did the conservative movement.

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