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July 31, 2009


Parking Lot

geez the race epithet has a million uses, kind of like vinegar, eh?

Parking Lot

**racist epithet**


Frankly, I'm starting to make a list of stuff I want to know/see ...

1) Obama's long form birth certificate
2) John Kerry's wartime records (via SF-180)
3) records from Countrywide on what politicians got VIP treatment (Countrywide is waiting for the subpoena)
4) the stuff Sandy Berger tried to lift from the US Archives

Any more suggestions ?


Just for balance, I added ...

5) The contents of the Nixonian “18 minute gap”
6) Trig Palin’s long form birth certificate

7) whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa
8) whereabouts of Judge Crater

9) an explanation of the Obama Honduran foreign policy
10) did Bill Ayers write/edit Obama's books ?


Love it whey Mark Steyn agrees with me. He's just acting guilty. And there is absolutely no reason not to release the original certificate.


Well, a lot of them are southerners, therefore it follows, doesn't it?

Okay, so a lot of southerners were northerners until recent decades..it's something surely in the soil.

Jack is Back!


Trig Palin is Sarah's daughter. And if you know anything about older women's risk of having Down's Syndrome babies you wouldn't even hesitate to demonstrate your incompetent request. Stick to something relevant like Bill Clinton's sperm count or John Kerry's calendar.


damn it all!


Hey, I was looking at the ad in the left column for the mail-order degrees. And it says right there that you can buy "certificates"!

Do you think we should tell Obama?

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I don't think Neo was implying that Trig is not Palin's son; probably the opposite.

And clarice,
Who the heck was it that advised us to stop using HTML tags awhile back? :)


Re "Barry": Even better if "Hussein" was added later.

and a DNA sample from the remains of Frank Marshall Davis, but that's pushing it

Obama toasting Khalidi
Passenger list for Scare Force One
Obama's undergrad grades
Obama's undergrad thesis
Obama's law school grades
Obama's state Senate records
Obama's client list from his legal career


I think it says "Barry Frank Davis".

Parking Lot

((audacious (to use an Obama-ism))

Steyn is wrong ... it's actually a Rev. Wright-ism ... Jeremiah Wright's 1990 sermon "Audacity To Hope"


Then: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism - oppose the President!"

Now: "Dissent is the highest form of
racism - support the President...or else!"

Al "manbearpig" Gore

i thought he was from Zimbabyanyika


I'd money his grades were all inflated, especially in law school. Let's see the SAT and LSAT scores.


Er... "bet money"

Parking Lot

((Any more suggestions ? ))

the messy 1st 2nd 3rd drafts of "Dreams of my Father" annotated or written in his own handwriting ... most writers keep those, with all the lines, arrows, cross outs and squiggles, don't they?

Parking Lot

((I'd money his grades were all inflated, especially in law school. Let's see the SAT and LSAT scores.))

maybe after inflation they were still low


Passenger list from scare force one is up. Drudge has the link.


LUN for the passenger list and more pictures.

Dave (in MA)

the messy 1st 2nd 3rd drafts of "Dreams of my Father"

Working title: Barack - My Alinskyite Prodigy, by Bill Ayers


never mind...I'm new at this. Anyway, the link is at Drudge

Captain Hate

((Any more suggestions ? ))

Any initial drafts of what "Dreams of My Father" was supposed to be


Is it just me, or is the left over sewage sludge in Michelle's garden a lovely metaphor for their whole damned administration.


Heh--verner--per The Buzz--the Obamas are blaming this on the Clintons..HEH


Seems to be only military personnel on the manifest for the fly over:


what sewage sludge in Michelle's garden?


Ignatz--I'm falling on my keyboard in shame! I really promise to stick to square brackets from now on.


Verner: I love the metaphor!


Don't forget his medical records.


NYC flyover photos at LUN


Janet re: sewage sludge

see LUN


Thank you centralcal

Parking Lot

((Any more suggestions?))

the tab to the taxpayers for date night

ok, so I'm petty


Looney Looney Looney!!!


That's the Obama theme--we promised you an arugula garden but the Clintons ruined the soil with heavy metal sludge.

Captain Hate

Maybe Worf's garden is where Muffer buried the Rose law firm's Whitewater billing records.

Danube of Thought

SAT, LSAT, all post-HS transcripts, any published works of scholarsip (I assume he acknowledges there are none, but who knows?), long-form original. Follow-up requests to be determined by content of the foregoing.


SO did we know there were 3 planes involved in the flyover?


11) The Paris Hilton videos.Again!


12) Obama's IRS returns for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge period.

13)all his telephone records.


Check out the LUN for Obama v Bush in pictures.

Ralph L

Where the CAC money went.

Dave (in MA)

Jane, the libs would see that as "Crowley the racist cop is pulling the elderly Professor Gates down the stairs; Chimpy is holding hands with a KKK member".

Rick Ballard

As long as we're asking, could I have a look at the phone logs from Michelle's job at the Chicago hospital? Maybe some meeting records as well?


Mr Ballard.

From the Chicago Hospital Records. M's notes.


Jane: re: the pictures of O v. GW

Gawd, how I miss the humanity of W!


PUK: I question that drawing. It just doesn't seem evil or vicious enough to truly be from Ma Belle.


those are still some pretty crummy photos for the Air Force to put their name on.


Probably somebody else's crayons.


So should we libs now call all ya'll "neo birthers", "after birthers" or just "plain old placenta's"???
!: - )
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh the humanity...



"So should we libs now call all ya'll "neo birthers", "after birthers" or just "plain old placenta's"???"

Whereas we can call "liberals" aka reds.


PeterUK, Are those the original notes? It looks like someone did a really good job of staying between the lines.

Franken and Pickens got into it over the Swifties.

Ambrose Bierce, what happened to that talented topographer?

Venerable Excretion

"Show Us The Certificate" camp - what's the mystery?"

Maybe it's a National Security issue. You know, like the list of names (denied on the basis of Executive Privilege)of those energy
czars who met with Cheney?

What seems goose grease for George works just as wee]ll for Obama. What makes you think the Prez wants this confabulation to go away. It's the perfect, perpetual gift for those who want to expose the level of
craziness libertarian conservatives exemplify.

Venerable Excretion



"Obama" (?) Truthers?


Venerable Excretion,

I like you,you'll believe any old shit you are told. Now I have a bag of magic beans,I can't tell you where they come from,but they will make you rich beyond the dreams of average.All you have to do is believe,and,of course,give me bags of money.No cheques!

Parking Lot

((It's the perfect, perpetual gift for those who want to expose the level of
craziness libertarian conservatives exemplify.))

says the Trig truthist


Some one has probably posted it already but you all really need to see--

Obama does Jeopardy

Thanks Clarice, our day has become a little brighter because of your efforts.

Ha, it's the presence of jackasses like you who make us believe the President wants this to go away.

Hey, Ven Ex, have you seen the certificate? Aren't you curious what he's hiding if not the birthplace? That curiosity is not the least bit mad, it's normal. Now, what about you?


Isn't it great that Elizabeth Gates is a graduate of The New School?

Venerable Excretion

My son in Iraq totally believes that Obama's a citizen. Proof enough for me!

Suck it you mouthbreedeing wingfuckers!


(where she cultivated her love for fashion and writing)


Venerable Deletion,
Your son is imaginary,what does that make Obama?

Presidebt Opacity?

So far as I can tell from his birth certificate.  You know, he's gonna become a joke.

Oh, nevermind, you were here long before Obama was born.

Venerabel Excretion

He don' nee' no steekin' certificate 'cause he's the President, and the President can do WETFHW.

Thanks Addington and Yoo. Your place in Heestory is certain.

He's just beginning to find out.

Nope, he cain't, leo; we're in charge.


At the very least Semantic has finally found a nom de plume that suits it - excretion.

What took you so long to accept what we have been telling you - you stink?


Elizabeth Gates is a snotty as her father.

Venerabel Excretion

"we're in charge."

were in charge.

fixed it


NHFC. Memento mori VD,Memento mori!


Jane: snotty and terribly hateful.

BB Key

Add to the list:

All documentation concearning MO & BO's college loans.

MO said several times during 2008 that "we only recently paid of our college loans"

Affirmative action students get in free don't they?

Frau Gärtnerin

Bring up sewage sludge and up pops a Mr. Venerable Excretion! I bet his friends call him "Holy Dreck." Apropos Bandini, Michelle never got a chance to garden in that extra half-lot that came free with their Hyde Park house. She would have known to check the material used in the soil amendment or planting soil. It may be hard to decipher, but it's there to see. Used in a container, the water will drip out black and smell like--well, like venerable excretion.

Ralph L's article from 1998 has a photo of Prof. Gates that must have been doctored. Skip was "O.J.ed." That is not the face of the Skip that we know. It may have been before he discovered that he is 57% Irish and Jewish.


I just read somewhere in the last couple of days (as quoted from one of his books) that Ibama worked as a captain of industry after undergrad to pay off his school loans before he became a community organizer.

So if you believe the presidebt, he would only have had law school loans to pay, which I achknowledge aren't cheap.

And Michelle has characterized her father as paying for her schooling.


Apologies for reposting this Link,">http://www.adn.com/news/politics/fbi/stevens/story/879880.html">Link, but I wanted the Lawyer's among us to know that there are ongoing encouraging motions from a Federal Judge in DC to get to the bottom of the corrupt DOJ Prosecutors at the heart of the phony Ted Steven's Conviction Case.

Mandating that select Prosecutors involved in this case be required to testify certainly looks like a positive development to me.

Loony Libertarian

"we only recently paid of our college loans"

OK. Where's that documentation?

While you're at it, where's that Emancipation Proclamation. The Long form, I mean.

I wouldn't have guessed you as such a lover of authoritarianism.

VE, you misunderstood the antecedent of 'we'. I meant 'We, the People'. You may bow to your czar, if you please, but there are plenty of Americans who understand he is a hired hand, not the boss.


If Obama legally changed his name in the U.S., wouldn't that be in the public record somewhere?

Terry Gain

Due diligence required that he produce his original birth certifcate before being declared eligible. I think it's unlikely that his real birth certifcate contains the signature of a doctor or midwife and thus doesn't prove he was born in Hawaii.

Here's someome who has taken time to research the issue. Everyone who uses the idiotic term birthers to refer to people who want the authorities to exercise due diligence should read it.


I"m hoping the due dilgencers don't back down because of the idiotic name calling.

Viscous Verbiage

"Everyone who uses the idiotic term birthers to refer to people who want the authorities to exercise due diligence should read it."

The correct derogation is 'birfers'.

"I"m hoping the due dilgencers don't back down because of the idiotic name calling."

Hear! Hear!



Exactly,power is only entrusted to politicians by the people,not given.

Venerabel excretion

"but there are plenty of Americans who understand he is a hired hand,"

I know. They're the same ones who applauded Addington's interp of Exec priv under Bush.

It's amazing how your perspective changed when the triangulations disfavor you.

Venerabel excretion

And look, I don't want ANYONE bringing up the fact that O! has quadrupled the deficit, made more signing statements than Bush, broken every campaign promise, has kept our troops in Iraq, has decided to "delay" closing Gitmo, and has decided that armed thugs from the Black Panthers patrolling the polls is A-Okay.

As long as people like my son in Iraq keep voting for him, we'll be fine.

Original MikeS

Where is his BC?
Where are his college transcripts?
Where does his head have to be to not recognize the racism of his friends Rev. Wright and Skippy Gates?

C'mon, even you can that is disingenuous.  Really, Leo, you have to be honest to get any respect..

You're a simple fool, Ve, if you don't see that Obama is arrogating a lot more power to himself and to the Federal Government than Bush ever dreamed of attempting to seize.

It isn't a matter of perspective as of proportion, and look how Obama has seized and expanded the same executive powers that you decried in Bush.

And furthermore, what has all that seizing done for Bush now, and can you really show me anyone who was hurt by the actions of Bush that the Left's fevered imagination thought dictatorial?

Venerabel excretion

It sucks that Obama's actually doing everything I accuse Bush of doing.

hahaha,,, just kidding! I love this fascist shit as long as mmy team's in charge you fukcing mouthbreeding wingnutz can suck my dick!!!

Loony Libertarian

I say, if Obama doesn't produce unrefutable evidence of his birth status, we should call our Senators and congresspeople and demand they send the INS to deport the impostor to the throne!!!

Give him a one-way plane ticket to Mombasa and a Dashiki


I believe you are 100% right.

It seems impossible to believe that anyone can call them selves anything they like,and change it as they go along, with no legal record and we still have a functioning society.

Original MikeS

... the idiotic term birthers...

Exhumers would be a more accurate appellation.

God, it must hurt to have such a clown for a hero.

Oh, c'mon, quit funnin' us. You know perfectly well that is a pose. I love the way you outline the Left's problem with Obama in just such Bush terms.

Your man is Bush Lite, and an awfully poor executive. Nyah, Nyah a Boo, Boo.

Frau Gärtnerin

Thanks, Daddy.

Bad, I believe that Barry worked as a copy editor in N.Y. for part of the time before he went west to learn the Chicago Way. That's not the way the job was described in the first (auto?)biography.


Verbal Effluvium,
Bad news,your son in Afghanistan has eloped with some Taleban.Must run in the family.


Oh Gawd. Look at this:

Lawyer: Gates sent flowers to woman who called 911
The Harvard professor sent flowers to Lucia Whalen (left), the woman whose call led to his arrest and sparked a debate on race.

Dave in OC

Oh my, that's not very nice.

OT but in reference to I think Jane's not that the pics are posted on the AF site check out Geraghty's comments from the doc drop. I especially like the last one:

Page 196:, from USAF Maj. Susan Romano, Director of Public Affairs at the Headquarters of 1st Air Force (AFNORTH): "Nothing like having everyone point the finger at someone else so we ALL look like a big bunch of buffoons... can you say, Moe, Larry & Curly!??!?!"



I miss W - What an honorable man. Thanks for the link Jane


Yeah, Frau. The copy editor gig is what he referred to as being a captain of industry.

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