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July 31, 2009



On of the main reasons for doubting the Kenyan document -- besides the Republic of Kenya problem -- is how easy it would be for someone to produce a reasonable fake. And of course that someone wants to remain anonymous because he fears for his life.

I'm actually surprised there aren't dozens of phony Barack Obama BCs floating around by now. Are pranksters becoming lackadaisical these days?


Someone on Free Republic posted a link the Constitution of Republic of Kenya, 1963, so that issue may be less clear than I had supposed it would be. I'm still very skeptical of the document, however.


I'll bet real money that Mark Steyn has hit the nail on the head, as he is wont to do.

But leave Obama's medical records alone - they are private. A president - any president - would do a great service to the cause of personal liberty and privacy by refusing to release records that are no-one else's damn business, no matter what clamor may come.

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