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July 09, 2009



The initial reports are all anybody needed.


I'm horrified by the man and am sure he's racist. All of the lefties are.

Just ask him what he thinks of Clarence Thomas...


And in related news, a little black on white violence.

But the authorities are reluctant to call it a racial hate crime.

hit and run

What would Joyce say about this?

Original MikeS

Was that an above ground swimming pool?

Danube of Thought

There are very few stories that give such a frisson of forbidden joy as those of this genre. In a just world, this thing will be dissected and examined in excruciating detail in the days and weeks to come. Perhaps it may even be suggested that a hate crime has been committed.

hit and run

How many martinis, DoT? And how much poundage of Kobe beef did the -8 in Rasmussen precipitate?

I've only had 3 grey goose martinis (love you, Jane!) and no beef.

But I will say, I am forced to use plastic cups for the martinis here at the lake -- and they are 8 oz cups. And mrs hit and run keeps stealing my olives.

Fricking my job to put the kids to bed. Done. Why do I feel like I put all the "adults" (scare quotes intentional) to bed as well?

Man, to be in my 20s again.

No, wait, man for my friends to act like they were in their 20s again.


Nite,DoT-It's bedtime here.


Another example of "post-racial" America ...

It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend's home in South Akron.
Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family.
The Marshalls, who are white, say the crowd of teens who attacked them and two friends June 27 on Girard Street numbered close to 50. The teens were all black.



Remember, when choosing whether to drink a Grey Goose martini out of a plastic glass without olives, that an enterprising fellow could well recall that there is an unsullied glass vessel at hand.

Additionally, for those watching their calorie intake, each cocktail thus constructed is limited to 25.4 ounces.

Enjoy the kinder while they are about. Soon enough they will replicate (mine--not yours) typical teen behavior.

I remind myself of this every time they jump upon my unprotected sensitive parts to awake me. I 'twasn't more than seven when I began creeping 'to my parents' bedroom thus to turn their alarm clocks back and gain more time away from their company and supervision. My folks were then far more deserving of such devotion than I am today; I cannot help but thank G*d in Heaven that there is no justice in this world.

These are the bestest years of our lives.

Frau  Roggenbrot

President Half-n-Half can deal with both of these problems. His Kansas half can take care of the Philly pool man and the Kenyan half can take care of those energetic youths in Ohio ... or the other way around. He's so cool.


Hit: wrt your 4th of July comment.

Have I told you lately how lovable you are?

Danube of Thought

Just a couple, Hit. Had to improvise with Ketel One and, alas, no shaker and worse, no Martini glass. But stirred will do in a pinch, as will a cocktail glass. Sun set a half you ago.

Danube of Thought

*half hour*


Having lived in Philadelphia, I can attest to the political structure, which is one of the most schizophrenic and corrupt in the country. White racist Dems linked with black racist dems.

Specter played both sides off against each other like a violin to maintain his Senate seat, but sees the political dynamic has been changing. Thus the switch.

Somehow the Dems have kept the Catholic vote, the black vote, the Jewish suburban liberal vote, and the union/working class votes by promising everything to everyone. It's a load of malarkey, but that is the reality.

That Duesler is a Democratic Party hustler surprises me not at all. Let's see how many news outlets report this. If the Dems ever sat down and tried to reconcile the various factions they have within the party, their collective heads would explode.


((If the Dems ever sat down and tried to reconcile the various factions they have within the party, their collective heads would explode.))

Exactly Matt. Two recent examples where the media had to provide cover are - the gay guy that was abusing (and offering others to abuse) his adopted black child, and hiding the fact that one of the firefighters in the Ricci case was Hispanic.

In the media world of selective outrage, these stories were not selected.


And what's with the Left - Frisbee connection?
The only sport team that our "alternative" high school here in Arlington, Virginia has is a Frisbee Team.

hit and run

Have I told you lately how lovable you are?

Oh, I'll reciprocate that feeling, to be sure.

hit and run

These are the bestest years of our lives.

Oh, I'll reciprocate that feeling, to be sure.


Hope you're all enjoying your coffee.

On yahoo's homepage, there is an item about Bristol Palin's sperm donor (aka Levi Johnston)who has jumped into the fray. He claims that while he lived with the Palins in Dec and Jan of last year, he heard the Gov discuss bookdeals and money,. and believes that finances are the reason she resigned. He made this announcement at his lawyer's office, and said that he is looking into a book and movie deal.

If I were Sarah Palin, I'd take the little s@@t out into the woods, let him loose, and tell him he had a 60 second head start.

hit and run

Sun set a half you ago.

Bestest "Clarice" EVAH!!!


And the other bit of blatant hypocrisy that caught my eye this AM. It seems the WH had a huge bar-b-q on the 4th, and invited the press corp--OFF THE RECORD. That's right folks, we, the American people, paid to have our free press schmooze with the guy they are suppose to be scrutinizing and reporting on.

hit and run

FWIW, Tapper tweets...

that foto of POTUS seeming to be sneaking a leer is misleading, im told - video shows the moment was completely innocen

But for a better use of twitter, we turn, naturally, to Jim Treacher:

What's the big deal? You knew he was an ass man the minute he picked Biden.

And....Good Morning!


Hit, I haven't been paying attention to Tapper lately. Has he gone to the dark side yet?


What's the big deal? You knew he was an ass man the minute he picked Biden.

Not to mention Michelle. Baby's got BACK.

hit and run

I haven't been paying attention to Tapper lately. Has he gone to the dark side yet?

No. I don't think he and MayBee have consummated anything yet.

Wait. Is that what you're asking?


He wasn't at the July 4th lovefest...but I haven't really been paying much attention either.


You guys rock, (well, everybody except the robot posters.) Tom, thanks for making available this community of JOM posters. This thread is an utter delight to read. Have a nice weekend, everybody. And, after a drenched June, July is turning out to be a gorgeous month.


The other day I was stranded at the mechanic's waiting room with nothing to do but read mainstream media magazines and gossip rags. I skipped Time and Newsweek, but did see that Levi Johnston is trying to make a name for himself. He's a punk; that's a certainty.

peter (three posts in a row)

Some good commentary at Powerline. (LUN) I agree more with the commentators than John Hinderaker on this one, but valid points are made by both.


Levi sure is a P.O.S.
Book deal..I'f give him a book deal!!!!!!!!

Jack is Back!

Good morning from Deck 11 of the QM2 somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, actually getting close to passing over the Maxwell Fracture Zone. You can look it up in your NOAA navigational charts.

If there is any country to be admired as post-racial it is Brazil. If you don't believe me would you believe Obama and Sarkozy's eyes? I was once told by someone that "Brazil is the country of the future and always will be".


I don't see why they're still using that pic, anyway. What's wrong with this one?


Oh, well. It shows up in preview. (And can be clicked.)


Ah "Ricki Hollywood" is now an authority on the people who wisely decided not to make him an in law, let us point out that attorney's office is the same one, that of the Alaska Al Sharpton, Rex Butler, that got his oxy dealing mother a plea. But all's fair in Alinsky Rules, 4,5,& 12, I guess. For some reason, the woodchipper scene in Fargo, seems quite appealing.


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If I were Sarah Palin, I'd take the little s@@t out into the woods, let him loose, and tell him he had a 60 second head start.

Ya know, a lot of girls chose badly on boyfriends. It's too bad that this screwup had to be so public. Let's hope that Bristol is smarter for it.


From Powerline

Does Palin really want to set a precedent that a Republican who is unfairly attacked by Democrats will quit? If that principle were followed, the Republican Party would quickly become extinct.

He may not have noticed, but the Republican Party is teetering on the verge of extinction now. Right now, those accused don't necessarily quit, their peers FORCE them to quit. Not the censure of Sanford.

Rob Crawford

Right now, those accused don't necessarily quit, their peers FORCE them to quit.

Yes -- one party invokes the Constitutional rule forbidding law enforcement to harass a Congress-critter on the way to debate in order to block a lawful search warrant of a corrupt thug, while the other party tosses someone out at the least sign of disfavor from the press. Oh, and, of course, the Republicans then back the Democrats in invoking Congressional privileges to protect the corrupt. Never quite understood that.

On the one hand, I like the idea of a party that doesn't tolerate corruption -- it's preferable to one that expects, defends, and encourages it. On the other hand, it would be nice to see some backbone.

On the gripping hand, none of this matters.


Hey Walter, good to see you.

Hit I think DOT is a Stoli guy - why I don't know.

Perhaps the thinking behind the tale told by Tom is that to the left there are blacks and then there are blacks.

Do not forget to join the JOM DC Tea Party site - LUN whether you are coming to DC on Sept 12th or not.

Captain Hate

Levi sure is a P.O.S.

Levi is the poster boy for the donk party; knock up somebody that's better than you and then desert and badmouth her. Did his daddy work at The Mill?


--Does Palin really want to set a precedent that a Republican who is unfairly attacked by Democrats will quit? If that principle were followed, the Republican Party would quickly become extinct.--

What is with these idiots?
It's easy to talk about quitters when it's somebody else being bled dry.
Again, the Palins aren't rich. They've already run up $500K in legal fees and looked to probably double or triple that in the remainder of her term.
Maybe she'll make a lot of dough down the road, maybe not. Or maybe she'd be bankrupt if she sat there as a non-moving target for these slime balls for the next 18 months.

JM Hanes

Lifted from the late, late night thread: The Hill reports good news:

Public anxiety over the economy, stocks in decline, rising unemployment and a string of expensive Democratic initiatives are all encouraging high-caliber Republicans to compete in 2010. The GOP is enjoying its best candidate recruitment streak in years.

But Alas!

New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte announced today she will be resigning her post to pursue a campaign for the Senate, landing Republicans a top-tier recruit to run against Democrat Paul Hodes.

"Recently, many New Hampshire citizens have urged me to run for United States Senate. I appreciate their confidence in me,” Ayotte said in a statement. “After discussing this matter with my husband, Joe, and our family, I have decided to resign as Attorney General in order to explore a campaign for the United States Senate.”
Washington pundits concur, Ayotte's career is so OVER.

" He claims that while he lived with the Palins in Dec and Jan of last year, he heard the Gov discuss bookdeals and money"

In contrast, Levi is just discussing bookdeals -- and not money. Hey, didn't I hear something about his mother doing dope? I'll have to check the MSM.


As for Bristol, though Levi is a shit, he's a good looking shit and as I recall looking back at the far away years of my youth--that was quite enough.

I', sure it's different for tennaged boys.


Girls today still love the "bad boy" with a kind of macho swagger.I watch these cute young girls throw themselves at my#2 son,and want to tell them don't go there he is nothing but heartache.


Okay--I'm now on my second cup of coffee and think I might be able to accurately type for a bit.


second part .He's only been dumped once.His attitude was "foolish girl look what she is missing"not the days of self analysis we females love.


And they're still hammering away at poor washed-up has-been light-weight quitter, Sarah Palin.


Carla Bruni vs. MO:cream dress vs. sixtenn shades of chartreuse, God knows how many accessories and a cardigan:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1198508/Carla-Bruni-provides-G8-glamour--wake-heart-throb-George-Clooney.html>Let's see what the WaPo's Robin Givhan and Conde Nastcan make up about this


Awkward. Obama's books deemed http://www.foxnews.com/politics/elections/2009/07/10/audacity-nope-supermax-prison-calls-obama-books-objectionable/?test=latestnewscomments>objectionable at a supermax prison.

But prison officials, citing guidance from the FBI, determined that passages in both books contain information that could damage national security.

I'm scratching my head here. His books could damage national security. What the hell is he doing as president? Or even a senator?


"His books could damage national security."

His books "could," but he IS damaging national security.

Strawman Cometh

I can't believe MO's outfit in this pic LUN


Yes, and Ayotte is one of these stimulus advocates, so we can't afford to lose them
(sarc)Bob smith, the on off again fmr, Republican Senator is haunting us, down here
just because he can,


OK, another Obama staring at the white girl's bootee with Sarko next to him smirking. LUN

Sorry, but two makes a pattern.

My possible explanations:

a)he ain't gettin none from Michelle
b)he's trying to dispel the "gay' rumors
c)He's caught the Horn Dog disease from WJC, and Michelle needs to start bugging the oval office.

By the way, did anybody else hear about Morgan Freeman (age 72) marrying his 27 year old step grand daughter? He's one of my favorite actors-but really.

What did Anne Peebles say about an old man with young ideas? Uh Huh.


"he heard the Gov discuss bookdeals and money"

And if he read this thread, he'd hear us discussing book deals and money.

Perhaps he'd care to be a bit more specific and indicate whether Palin was discussing a book deal for herself.


How could Obama's books damage national security? It's not like they're secret documents.


How could Obama's books damage national security? It's not like they're secret documents.

They'll make people realize we've got weak internationalist for a President.


They'll make people realize we've got weak internationalist for a President.

I don't have the books to see what passages are on the pages they cite, but I thought the same thing without seeing what he actually said.

JM Hanes


"Girls today still love the "bad boy" with a kind of macho swagger"

Once upon a time, that used to be called the "Cinderella Syndrome." Young women run through a series of relationships with men who treat them like dirt and/or horrify their parents. It's like the feminine version of sowing wild oats! Eventually, they end up with someone who looks like the very sort of guy Mom and Dad might have picked out for them, and everybody lives happily ever after. I'm not so sure it's a new phenom -- girls may just hook up with more of the bad boys first.





http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/>Yikes. I think Elvira went to Rome.



Who the hell is dressing this woman?


It must be really hard to find a simple black dress or suit these days.


Walter..your remembrance of "better days" helps on days when the President of the US is, again; acting and looking "the fool".

What will the history books write about he and we...?? I hope it's the people win, not
a group of hoods from Chicago and Acorn.

Dorothy Jane

Before he writes a book - I want to see Levi's Verbal SAT score -


Do you have to wear that thing on your head when you see the Pope?



I think so. I went back and saw where Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and now Michelle Obama have worn it.



I don't know but "The Flying nun witch" crossed my mind. Where is the 6,000 dollar broom?


Although looking at the pictures, I'd say Laura Bush won this round.

JM Hanes


Talk about Geez! Couldn't decide if she were in mourning or just exercising her right to wear a hijab, so I downloaded the photo in order to check the file info:

"US first lady Michelle Obama, leaves the Vatican after a meeting Pope Benedict XVI with President Obama, Friday July 10,, 2009."

The closest this get-up gets to R-E-S-P-E-C-T is the long sleeves. BTW, I bet someone told her that a horizontal belt minimizes her height. They left out the part about destroying an elegant line completely.


Yeah, verner, I tried to post that one here, couldn't figure out how. It doesn't show all the footwork Ann Althouse analyzed from the other, but I like the overall composition better, particulary the Italian and Russian homies.

(If anyone hasn't seen, click below if the image doesn't show.)



In all fairness, ya gotta love the lady (#2) on the left!


American Catholics stopped wearing headcoverings about 40 years ago, and even back then, most were no larger than a triangular doily. Not sure what Vatican protocol is, but sweeping black veils seem a little overdone.

JM Hanes


Yes to covering the head. Here's Laura Bush wearing a proper mantilla.

Dorothy Jane

I agree with Clarice - really - Why couldn't she find a simple black sheath dress? The funky bow, twisted thing is all wrong.

Dorothy Jane

Re Ann's Pic - The first lady has on the proper kind of dress. Simple, elegant

JM Hanes


The Althouse analysis was a stitch! Personally, I figured Obama was just thinking about tidying up the step -- as is his habit, if we're to believe the White House description of his famous obeisance to Saudi Royalty -- but what's not to enjoy in a good brouhaha? Althouse links to the video which is worth seeing, for the Sarkoziness alone.


His attitude was "foolish girl look what she is missing"not the days of self analysis we females love.

Trust me, that's one thing that males don't get about females. If I ever get into that serious "introspective" mode, I think I'll know I've got serious testosterone issues.

JM Hanes

You don't need to worry, Pofarmer, till you start analyzing guys too, because self-analysis ain't all the women folk are doing.

Dave (in MA)

I thought we got rid of that stuff in the early 60's? But what the hell do I know, I'm a faithful parishoner of St. Mattress every Sunday morning for the past 30 years.


JMHANES my #2 son is the first husband.Then the girls will wise up and marry some one like my #1 son.It is amazing to watch.Some I assume are "sowing their wild oats",but some of them convince theirselves it is true love.More importantly will anyone in the press stand up and say Michelle looks horrible in that outfit


Go look at the back end of Michelle in the dress she wore to the Vatican. Slit clean up to her ass, as my dear departed granny would of said.

Rick Ballard

I'm wondering how Stuart Anderson's got a product placement with the Pope.


I'm wondering how Stuart Anderson's got a product placement with the Pope.



Sue, she wore a long jacket over it. You couldn't see the slit until she boarded the plane without the jacket.



I once worked for Stuart Anderson years ago. He was an elegant cowboy--if there is such a creature:-)


Blech...just saw Newt give Sarah Palin the southern equivalent of screw her..."God Bless Her" to Greta. What an arse. He compared his daughter's trouble with the media to Palin. How much money did that cost you newt?

Then Greta is adamant that she doesn't know Sarah, she just interviewed her. Really?

Palin fans should read this piece at AT by George Joyce: Peggy Noonan Rips Sarah Palin, Again

Ann Coulter was on earlier on FOX and I agreed with everything she said about Palin. I will try and find the video.


Here it is:

Click On Friday, July 10 (Picture of Ann Coulter)

Jabba the Tutt

Liberals and the elitists (an overlapping group) are all for Affirmative Action, as long as it doesn't affect them. If it affects firefighters and other non-lightworkers, great, but what white liberal has given up his or her job in the name of affirmative action?

J. Schrembs

OH...because he is/was an Obama Supporter he could NEVER be involved in RACIST RANTS/BELIEFS. Yeah right!
What about RACIST REVEREND WRIGHT? Obama worshiped this man for OVER twenty years.
Obama is a Liberal Extremist and he has doled out BILLIONS to his Liberal Extremists and awarded them CZAR positions as well as Ambassadorships around the World.
Obama is a PATHETIC President and America has been DESTROYED (i.e. economy, jobs, etc.) since 2006 when the Dems took over COMPLETE control over Congress. However, the main street media "glossed over" these facts and "blamed Bush".
President Bush took the War to TERRORISTS and Obama, through his AG, has a HISTORY of setting TERRORIST Free.
Lastly, Obama's AG (i.e. Holder) last worked for a Law Firm that REPRESENTS sixteen of these TERRORISTS at GITMO! Let an American try to "hire" these Attorneys as they ask for retainers in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS and 16 TERRORISTS can "retain them"? What do you think they plan on "getting in return"?
Follow the money...it leads to facts...including Obama and his EXTREMISTS.
Nuff said.

J. Schrembs

Anything adversly affecting children is...sad.
However, with all of the BILLIONS given to the States (from the Fed and internally) they could have "found money" to build inner city pools. Additionally, IF this Club took a contract IN GOOD FAITH and then Members complained LEGITIMATLY then there could be a real basis.
AMAZINGLY the same people who never saw anything RACIST in White Firemen being denied promotions because they DENIED EVERYONE (note: the case went to the Supreme Court and the White Firemen won their discrimination case which included Latino Firemen as well) now sees racism when all of the "contracts" were cancelled.
If this club acted maliciously then they should be punished. If not, then a sad lesson for children (and adults) is that in the United States of America money is sought after by MILLIONS and it can make life easier...or deny others the opportunity to swim in a pool on a summer day.
I hope that those children find these lessons and seek guidance from God...and not money.
Nuff said.


Ever hear of psychological projection? Reading conservatives rant about how racist liberals are is like reading about Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) championing online predator legislation or reading about Larry Craig (R-ID) vehemently defend the ban on gay marriage. You're a bunch of self-justifying, willfully ignorant idiots.

w breen

I'm a white male who was born and raised in dc...under oath i've witnessed more racism directed at me and any other white people,including violence and unequality for the new gospel of diversity..the truth is,I've been the receiver of violet acts,three times,all by a minority...affirmative action, right?


I'd have gotten my metal baseball bat and started swinging. There would have been a few dead racist blacks that night

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