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July 02, 2009



If that's gonna be the strategy, I'd expect more of this.

"US: American soldier captured in Afghanistan

2 hours ago

KABUL (AP) — US military spokeswoman says insurgents have captured an American soldier in eastern Afghanistan.

Capt. Elizabeth Mathias said the soldier has been missing since Tuesday. She said she could not provide further information.

Mathias said the military was using "all our resources to find him and provide for his safe return."

The soldier was not taking part in the major military operation launched in the southern Taliban stronghold of Helmand early Thursday."

This isn't like being in the cities in Iraq.


Remember what I said about dirty, hard jobs and men on the rescue thread.

Captain Hate

LUN for a WSJ article by Dershowitz in which he contorts himself into a moebius strip to act like Il Douche really really cares about the security of Israel. Using Dennis Ross as an example of holding a hard line against Iran? Go fuck yourself Alan.


The soldier inexplicably "walked off his base into an unsecured area". Oh dear, several possibilities come to mind.

Original MikeS

I've never doubted that the U.S. Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen will carry out their missions with courage and professionalism.

I am concerned about the overall strategy from the White House. Where are the benchmarks? Don't we need some benchmarks? Does the President have an exit plan? How will we know when we've won? Isn't there a civil war going on in Afghanistan? Are we helping to recruit more terrorist than we are capturing or killing?


WaPo: Military officials in Afghanistan, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the situation, said the missing soldier appears to have walked off his base into an unsecured area. ...A U.S. official in Afghanistan said the soldier's absence was discovered when he did not show up for morning formation. It is highly unusual for a U.S. soldier to leave a military base unaccompanied by other American troops.



This is the "good" war. Or at least it was while Bush was in office. The rumblings are beginning that this is also a "bad" war, now that Iraq is off the front page.


The soldier inexplicably "walked off his base into an unsecured area". Oh dear, several possibilities come to mind.

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hit and run

OK, two points from http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N01530905.htm>this story:

WASHINGTON, July 1 (Reuters) - The U.S. government voiced concern on Wednesday over actions taken by Niger's President Mamadou Tandja to extend his rule in the West African country.

"These decisions undermine Niger's efforts over the last ten years to advance good governance and the rule of law," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement.

Tandja responded to the rejection by Niger's highest court of his plan to seek at least another three years in power by sacking the judges and naming a new Cabinet.

1. How is this any frickin' different than Honduras, and how does the WH explain the difference in reaction?

2. Won't somebody, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, get Joe Wilson over to Niger, STAT!!?!!?!!???

Libya has a long unguarded border avec cette Niger.

Yellowcake, Yellowcake
Make me a pie.
Send some to Libya
But not to Iraq.
Pack a new cabinet and
Push out all the judges.
Then put it in the microwave
And nuke it on high.


Btw, a little off topic, but Carlos Alberto Montaner's Firmas column in the Herald, brings a little inconvenient truth about Honduras:

la institución que sustituyó al boliviano Gonzalo Sánchez de Losada (2003), a los ecuatorianos Abdalá Bucaram (1997), Jamil Mahuad (2000) y Lucio Gutiérrez (2005), y al guatemalteco Jorge Serrano (1993).

(Teanslating, they are referring to the Supreme Courts, Congress and Army combo in other countries.)

The institutions that replaced the Bolivian leaders Gonzalo Sanchez de Losada in 2003,
and the Ecuadorians Abdala Bucaram in 1997,
( a real nut by the way)Jamil Mahuad in 2000, Lucio Gutierrez in 2005,(another coup plotter like Chavez)and the Guatemalan Jorge Serrano in 1993.

Now this may have been an overused and probably counterproductive measure since thse countries ended up with Morales, Correa, and now Colom, respectively, who will likely be the next to fall, due to a very bizarre scandal, tangentially tied to a murder of a political opponent.


Totally off topic, but this story is Politico story is floating around (first Drudge and now Instapundit):

For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post is offering lobbyists and association executives off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to “those powerful few” — Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and the paper’s own reporters and editors.

Now, my first question is: isn't this exactly what a Lobbying Firm does?

Second question is: does this mean that the WaPo is now basically a Lobbying Firm that happens to also publish a newspaper?

Third question: did “those powerful few” — Obama administration officials, members of Congress know that the WaPo was going to be getting a fee for arranging the meeting?

Fourth question: is this an indirect shakedown of the DC Lobbyiests, essentially telling them they won't be able to do their jobs unless they give the WaPo a cut?


Isn't The Atlantic doing something similar? Or do they give away the meals for free?

Danube of Thought

I am very certain that at this moment we have the finest, most efficient and professional troops the U.S. has ever put in the field. And they just seem to come from a different universe than the people who govern us and the people who are celebrated every day in the media. (Just by way of example, check out today's Gwyneth Paltrow story.)

This regime is divorced from reality.  Even when he's just had a cigarette.

DoT, 11:38. Yes, and they are correctly judged by our current regime to be potentially violent enemies. Lord, I hope not, but we may yet need that.


say a prayer for the kid who walked off the reservation.

The spin on him, the wheel turns grim.

matt, the question is why he walked and was it willingly. Is he going to be a propaganda tool? I agree, he is in trouble plenty. It smells like desertion.


--“We’re going to be with the people. We’re not going to drive to work. We’re going to walk to work.”--

Yes, the Russians drove to work and died and left.
But the British walked to work and they died and they left also.
How many countries have to waste their soldiers trying to make something of this God forsaken land of wildmen?
The unlearned and apparently unlearnable lesson for thousands of years is, if you have a problem there, blow it up and leave. If the problem comes back, blow it up again and then leave again.


Ranger, it strikes me as a rather direct shakedown of lobbyists--pay us and we'll help you.
And emphasizes the close links between the Administration and the paper.

If we were smart, the U.S. would shitcan the CIA and buy the Post. That way we'd (a) be really privy to everything going on and (b) not be subject to any disclosure requirements.


Well Ignatz, as 1841, 1857, 1863, 1877, 1881, 1897, 1919, 1936-1961, the last was the hunt for the Fakir; that's not a viable answer easier.

Parking Lot


((Yes, the Russians drove to work and died and left.
But the British walked to work and they died and they left also.))

no even safe sitting down taking notes

A Canadian civil-affairs officer attending a meeting with Afghan villagers in Kandahar was attacked by an ax-welding man on March 4, "The Toronto Star" reported on March 5. While trying to write down the needs of the village, with his helmet off, the Canadian was struck on the head but survived the attack.))

Fresh Air

If we were smart, the U.S. would shitcan the CIA and buy the Post.

Plus, there are fewer communists working for the Post.

Frau Roggenbrot

From Capt. Hate's LUN: Standing in front of the rocket shells, Mr. Obama declared: "If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing." This heartfelt statement sealed the deal for many supporters of Israel.

Dershowitz didn't dare tell us what Obama said to the fellows on the other side of the border who were dealing death to the Israelis.
(BTW I think I have a crush on Capt. Hate. Does he like rye bread?)


if it's where I think it is, there was no logical reason to step outside the wire unless it was life threatening. SE Afghanistan is very hostile and every trooper knows his chances of survival. The Taliban torture for kicks and this is drilled in before deployment.


Well well. Hillary's not traveling abroad with Obama (ostensibly because of her elbow injury) but Michelle and the kids are. I am getting stronger and stronger vibes that the Pres and SoS are not getting along.

He can't fire her and if she quits it'll cost him.
Like a fight between an anaconda and a croc.


I'm going OT here, but is anyone else sensing a shift in the public. Gawd Knows I spend enough time every day trying to figure that out, but I do sense something. (Not to go all optimistic on you.)


--Well Ignatz, as 1841, 1857, 1863, 1877, 1881, 1897, 1919, 1936-1961, the last was the hunt for the Fakir; that's not a viable answer easier.--


I'll take spending a couple of months every 10 or 15 years turning Kabul into rubble over spending 10 or 15 years, in country, futilely trying to turn rubble back into Kabul.
There is no good answer to the problem of Afghanistan, only the least bad one.

Incidentally they can stop hunting; the fakir can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Fresh Air


is anyone else sensing a shift in the public?

This is what I've been saying for some time. Those who pay attention are totally disgusted with Washington right now. Taxes are going up all over the country, investment accounts are decimated, and all we get are "eat your peas" and "oh, look at those green shoots!" from the Mediacrats.

The GOP, with a clueless national leader and virtually no spokesman with any name recognition, is now ahead on the generic congressional poll. And something to keep in mind with these goddamn polls: they are all constructed using breakdowns approximating the last election--an election featuring a historic level of black turnout/racism and a lukewarm showing by conservatives. The party ID from the last election is not operative, and will be skewing polls right up until the Demonrats lose the House in 2010.

Fresh Air

the fakir can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, wearing a loin cloth and turban, blowing into a kazoo trying to make Hillary go back into the basket.


I walked right into that one, didn't I. Well he did say he loved Urdu poetry right


Sooo, while out running errands this AM, the RNC calls...

Number is blocked to show just 1000000, curious.

So anyway, she starts on her riff and I cut her off... I am not going to send a penny.

She: But the fate of the nation...

I cut her off again... the RNC is not going to get a penny. I intend to support candidates not the RNC...

She: But But But...

But nothing. I am not going to support an organization that is run by incompetents and actively stabs its own members in the back. Until the RNC gets a clue, they are dead to me.

She: I know alot of people are angry, but we are actively supporting candidates across the spectrum..

By supporting candidates with my $$ instead of the RNC, the candidate is beholden to me not to the RNC. If I send my money to you, the candidate is beholden to you, and you don't have my interests in mind but the RNCs.

She: We understand that alot of folks are angry...

Then you should use that as an indication that you aren't doing something right not asking me to support your continued bad habits...

She: Well... do you think you could spare $250..

Yes, and I think I will send it to SARAHPAC today. Thanks for the motivation...



Those who pay attention are totally disgusted with Washington right now


I'm waiting for the next tier, those who don't pay much attention but something seems wrong. It seems some of them must be getting a little worried.


For some reason I think the lack of GOP leadership is a feature not a curse. But I'm also hoping for a whole new Tea Party.


I had a call like that, three years ago, I wasn't really eager to contribute, but they kept pressing. I went off on how Sen.
Martinez was making a stink about Gitmo, and
was weaseling on the Iraq War, this was at the time of the shortest civil war in history. How I supported the President, but
wasn't impressed with the party's action.

I hold the NRSC/NRCC more responsible for this mess, from Tedisco to Specter to Crist
to that song and dance that culminated some weeks ago. But Steele has been a big dissapointment.

Danube of Thought

"is anyone else sensing a shift in the public?"

I think I began to sense it a couple of weeks ago. Each day I get up hoping for a dramatic shift in the Ras numbers, but that hasn't happened. However, the trend is extremely nice to see, and I guess such polls are something of a lagging indicator. When you see Helen Thomas taking the gloves off, you know something is going on.

All of us here are news junkies; most people are not. But over time it has got to become increasingly apparent to your average dude that much of O's agenda is built on outright falsehood: that cap-and-trade will usher in the green energy era (which will in turn "create new green jobs"); that enrolling 40 million new people into health insurance plans will lower total costs; that a public option is needed to "keep private insurers honest" (then when can we expect a public option for auto insurance to keep those folks honest as well?); that no one's taxes will be raised if they make less than $250K; and you fill in the remaining blanks.

The idea that the stimulus would stimulate was dumb from the beginning, and more and more people are seeing it every day.

And come November 2010, Hopey-Changey won't be on any ballot, and many of the cultists who voted for him in 2008 will revert to staying home. While things don't look good for the Senate, taking back the House does not look so impossible at all, and doing so could bring a screeching halt to a lot of this madness. Undoing what has taken place thus far, and will take place until then, will be a far different and more difficult matter. But you have to start somewhere.

Danube of Thought

As I've said before, at the outset we toppled the Taliban government with 200 people on the ground an a devastating air assault. It seemed to me that that was a good time to declare victory, and thereafter just continue to obliterate any sign of Al Qaeda training activity as it appeared. But the die is now cast, and Obama owns this war lock, stock and barrel. He had better start paying attention to it.


Well Jane I can cheerily point you to RAS this am. -2 this AM, and the third straight day in negative territory. More significant is the strongly disapprove number is now at 35%, an all time high. He is down to +7 overall when you include the soft support of the muddle.

And as someone points out above, the generic congress ballot is R +2 with RAS, which still built with a large structural Democrat advantage of like +7. Can we get to the next election before these socialist bastards screws and all of our children big time is of course an open question which relys on Blue Dogs and Red State Democrat Senators not wanting to walk the plank for the lefties. I think they will revolt from a suicide pact, but hey a lot of vulnerable Democrats voted for Crap and Charade, so maybe not.



Just now at the reference desk a nice man asked if we had copies of Dreams From My Father. Ours were all either checked out, on reserve or being repaired. As it happens, I'd just been browsing an online copy (a labor of love, typed by hand by an Obama fan). So I pointed him in that direction on the web.

In doing so I mentioned that I was just reading it and he asked if I liked it and I was caught off guard. I think I managed a 'well, it's very well written' and he smiled and said 'so you don't like it.' Oops. But he was nice about it. ;)

At any rate, the Obama love seems to be going strong in certain circles.

There's a nice breakdown of Senators in a comment on the Waxman Markey thread at Watts Up

A lot of vulnerable Democrats voted against it, too, 44 in fact.

Rick Ballard

"I'm waiting for the next tier"

They're coming. One layoff at a time. One 32 hour rather than 40 hour week at a time. I don't believe that there will be any sudden moves. It will be more like the snow slowly disappearing from the mountains.

Enjoy watching prog's tiny pinheads explode as the Ogabe Regime continues to break every promise the head buffoon made to the lefties last year. I find it a rather pleasant pass time, especially when alternated with reviews of how the plans of the Keynesian/Pigovian credentialed morons are doing.

Danube of Thought

I'm pretty much in accord with Ralph Peters on Afghanistan. LUN


The equivalence is a little too pat for me DoT.


clarice, I am reminded of the story of the mongoose and the cobra.....let's hope there is some substance to the rumors.


Stephanie I have had the same conversations - practically word for word - with the RNC. They still continue to call constantly (I have caller ID so I don't pick up). They don't seem to get the message.

I told off the CA GOP and demanded they remove me from their list and never, ever call me again! Haven't heard from them since (and they were calling 3 times a day every day for months).

I find it much more satisfying to go online to a particular Republican's website and send in a donation when he/she does something worthy and notable. And, most of them let you include a note with your donation, so that you can encourage them to continue doing the "tough" stuff, rather than being wimps.


Clarice and matt - I suspect Sidney B. was brought on board by Hilary for something sleezy and vicious. I am so hoping it is something directed at the Chicago thugs.


Enjoy watching prog's tiny pinheads explode as the Ogabe Regime continues to break every promise the head buffoon made to the lefties last year.

I like watching them strain to support his gyrations which can't even make sense to liberals.

I was at a function Monday night where everyone wore hats (don't ask). Someone brought me a three sided Obama hat because they thought it would be fun to watch me go crazy. The joke was on them of course, because you can't see Obama if he is perched on your head.

At any rate only one person swooned. She had been properly indoctrinated and declared: "Give him a chance". I hear that a lot and know immediately the last time they watched the news is when Kennedy was assassinated.

Her boyfriend, a retired professor who spends his days at the country club playing golf, said he liked him to. I asked if he was a fan of socialism and he stopped and said: "Yeah, why not?"

I suspect one of these days he will find out why not.

Captain Hate

(BTW I think I have a crush on Capt. Hate. Does he like rye bread?)

Hells yeah!!

JM Hanes

"When you see Helen Thomas taking the gloves off, you know something is going on."

I actually think the Press is the canary in this coal mine.

"Dershowitz didn't dare tell us what Obama said to the fellows on the other side of the border who were dealing death to the Israelis."

E.J. Dionne once reported that Obama had held separate briefings for liberal and conservative pundits.


E.J. Dionne once reported that Obama had held separate briefings for liberal and conservative pundits.

Boy if the press decides to actually do its job the world will tilt on its axis.

Fresh Air

Crap and Charade

If that isn't trademarked, I'm using it!

Stephanie et al--

Steele is just doing what his predecessors did at RNC. He really isn't any worse, though that doesn't say much. I give the national party a bit of slack. It's Denny Hastert who allowed his staff to overflow with apologists for the Male-Page-Obsessed Rep. from Florida. It's Denny Hastert who allowed the pigs to run wild at the trough for six years. And it's George Bush who couldn't find a single bill to veto until the Mediacrats came into power. Ultimately, it's all just a series of dominos. The War on Terror (Bush thought) required total Congressional support. Said support required signing pork-laden legislation. Conservatives recoiled at pork. The GOP lost Congress, etc.

The RNC isn't evil, or a waste of time. But it does need to stop being a fundraising business and start becoming a proselyte for good conservative ideas in response to the Madness that has overtaken Washington. I will continue to give them money, but not an open checkbook.


WSJ: Alan Dershowitz: Has Obama turned on Israel?

Alan gets a clue. If you snicker at the notion that Obama was ever "for" Israel in the first place, you're not alone. The comments are well worth reading.

Ralph L

I sent the RNC $100 in the spring of 96. They started mailing me 2-3 letters a week asking for more. I finally found a phone number and told them to stop, which they did, after spending my contribution on mailings. Never again. If they'd called me on the phone, they'd have gotten an earfull.

Haley Barbour was the last (or only) RNC chairman who seemed to be a leader more than a fundraiser.

Captain Hate

Porch, for somebody as smart as Alan is supposed to be, the clues were abundantly in front of him all during the snooze that he apparently still hasn't completely awoken from.


Even Peretz is wiser having come to this conclusion a couple of weeks ago..


Much like Christopher Hitchens and Camille Paglia, their continued support is a little staggering.


"DoT, 11:38. Yes, and they are correctly judged by our current regime to be potentially violent enemies. Lord, I hope not, but we may yet need that."

Nothing new there,the Romans felt the same way about the Legions fighting on the frontiers.
You will probably find that Obama is happy to let your troops bleed in Afghanistan rather than have them on American soil.


I think today's unemployment numbers and the fact that there are no new jobs caught the O administration and Christina Romer by surprise. She wasn't really smiling or cheerful today on CNBC.The stimulus is a complete dud and they were talking about 1900 new projects. Even Bill Press said it should be at least 10,000 new projects.


Like a fight between an anaconda and a croc.

I'll settle for a python and an alligator.



What are you doing, Mr. Italics?


Here is a well-fed python.


So is Obama the python, Hillary the alligator, or the other way around? And does it matter?


I also read that Hillary advised Obama to speak out more forcefully about the Iranian elections and The big O resisted her advice. When he finally made a strong statement he neglected to inform her. Yes there is a rift. My guess-she's running in 2012.

Danube of Thought

PUK, I keep asking myself whether the country really deserves them anymore.

Unlike the legionnaires, none of them are foreign conscripts; every one is one of us. Many are recent immigrants, or the children of recent immigrants. But almost all of them are Americans.

Every report I have read about their performance in combat, from a great variety of sources including allied soldiers and embedded journalists of various persuasions, is that they are a very terrible group to engage in battle. As the Marines like to say: no better friend, no worse enemy.

Jack is Back!

I am now convinced they have pictures of Jim Jones at some strip club in Mons. There can be no other reason. Petraeus is much more intelligent and credible in this matter than Jones and his benefactors.


"Give him a chance"

If the guy driving the car is heading for the cliff, should you give him a chance?




I recall a profile of Jones in the Journal,
when he had retired to the Chamber of Commerce, how Rumsfeld had offered him the CENTCOM effort, but he turned it down, because it involved too much travel, that
told me everything I needed to know about
General Jones. That and his relentless pro Palestinian attitude, marked him out. Apparently though, he's been cut out of the loop by McDonough and Rhodes.

Dave (in MA)

I just hope Hussein-Ø doesn't spend his term demonstrating that 2002's flypaper strategy about Iraq was on the mark by running up Vietnam-level totals in Afg.

Dave (in MA)

Oh crap I left italics on.


Listening to talk radio today, and the Lib callers are just distressing. One guy called in on Hannity's show with a guest host, and saying disparaging things about Palin. Mark(I think) started listing some of her accomplishments, and the guy just snickered. Obama running a successful campaign is much more important, apparently than somebody being a governor of a state.

Then you have a local caller, talking about the "BushLadin" regime, and the loss of our constitutional liberties. I wanted to call in so bad, and tell him he ain't seen nothin yet. I really don't think these folks are gonna wake up.


THere's always a village that lost their local idiot, there Po. McCain did take Missouri, despite two weeks of ACORN sabotage that delayed the results. What is the general tenor over there.


I dunno narcisco. I had a long discussion tonight while tractor driving with a guy that I've NEVER talked politics before. He has two kids in the military right now. He's a "bring the troops home" Ron Paul(sorta) type of conservative, but, I think he is starting to see that by ignoring problems they aren't going to go away. People just seem generally fed up and apprehensive. Then you have the Libs, who just wanna give Obama a chance because Bush screwed things up so badly. No amount of explaining will change what passes for their mind. It's frustrating. McCain won Mo by like half a percentage point. Don't know how the state will swing next time. The Governor just vetoed a "no helmet" law in MO for motorcycle riders because it would "increase health care costs." Yet, he has no problems torpedoing a nuclear project that would keep electricity cost down, or support cap and trade. I'm just flummoxed.


Well. Charmin' Charlie is still ahead no matter what principles he jettisoned. Now he's tied with Rubio, among informed voters,And McCollum was ahead of Alex Sink in the Governor's race. Haven't seen too many of the stimulus 'salad signs. so that's a good thing, Who the heck knows. Rasmussen would suggest the ride is turning
a little. What can I say about the last point but 'epic fail'


The libs seem to directing their ire at the evile insurance companies now. Quoting 35% profit margins and poor service versus that paragon the VA. That must be the new talking point for the Journo-List.

Every time I have had close personal contact with national health care, I have seen people close to me die because of poor service and/or malpractice. In the UK, in Canada, and at the VA. 3 of 3 in killing family and friends. And the libs just don't get it. You know, the ones who are so empathetic.

And I am hearing the "give him a chance" meme over and over. The hell with the lying no good bastard.


I know it! http://11111111djgl.com surprised 222222 [url=http://33333333333ztrl.com]333333[/url] I'll be back!


"The hell with the lying no good bastard."

The guy I was visiting with last night got to talking about Iran a little. I said, "Well, ya know, with no guns for the protesters you know how this is going to play out." And he said, "You know they're wanting to take our guns here." People know. Then we got to talking about Obama's health care infomercial. And how he said that we have to decide what kind of America we want. "We have to do this now." And my attitude is "Fuck him." I don't need anybody to decide for me what kind of America I live in. And, I don't think I'm alone. He said something in there about losing freedoms under Bush, and how the current administrations is scaring us on the economy to get their agenda passed, like the Bush administration scared us with 9/11. I then responded that most of the stuff the Bush administration enacted(with the exception of the dept of homeland defense) was either sunsetted or came up for annual reveiw and revoting(patriot act) where the stuff that this group is passing will never go away. He agreed. I think it was PaulL that said we shouldn't be so defeatist, but when you look at what this bunch has done in just a few short months, I'm really not so sure it's not over.


Well. Charmin' Charlie

Speaking of which - has anyone seen Chaco lately?


"National security adviser James L. Jones told U.S. military commanders here last week that the Obama administration wants to hold troop levels here flat for now, and focus instead on carrying out the previously approved strategy of increased economic development, improved governance and participation by the Afghan military and civilians in the conflict."

Bush was right again? AGAIN??


If by chance the republican party should prevail in the 2010 elections (And I think they can!), if they had any balls, and they don't, they'd elect Dana Roherbacher majority leader and let it fly. I would so totally dig that.

Rick Ballard

"but when you look at what this bunch has done in just a few short months"


AFAICT, what they've actually done will get them fired in '10 unless there's a huge White Swan that comes in and magically lifts the economy in a manner never before seen. Consider the fact that all the slavering idolatry manifested by the bootlicking press hasn't prevented Ogabe's numbers from beginning the long slide. Consider that Clara Belle has gotten the hook - again. Consider that the "very best" Keynesian/Pigovian "thinkers" are getting to watch their castles in the air come tumbling down, week by week.

You were enthusiastic about "let it burn". This is what it looks like. When Chrysler cannot reopen in September and GM cuts the number of plants to be reopened by half - that's a decent fire. It appears to me that C and BAC are both melting away, soon to exit this vale of tears, one way or another. Unemployment numbers suggest that those four are only the very visible tip.

It's not a raging inferno, to be sure, just a brisk, well fueled, brush fire that will only be put out when productive people regain confidence in the institutions which are failing so miserably now and will continue to fail as long as people look to the Northeastern educated lemmings squabbling over who is less stupid for any type of "answer".

I believe there is good reason to hope as Joe and Josephine Bemuddled continue to pay the very dear price for their ignorance. It may yet prove to be so expensive that they actually get rid of it.



I believe there is good reason to hope as Joe and Josephine Bemuddled continue to pay the very dear price for their ignorance. It may yet prove to be so expensive that they actually get rid of it.

From your lips to God's ear.

LTC John

"But at this point, I would guess that everyone in the service has re-upped since March 2003 and is getting the wars for which they signed up."


And those of us who were in a position to leave, and have stayed in anyways, knew we would be deployed (more than once). We do it because it needs to be done, we are good at it, and some enjoy it on its own merits (as the example you cited). I, too, would have never been in the positions I had while deployed if I had sat in a peacetime National Guard.


--I think it was PaulL that said we shouldn't be so defeatist, but when you look at what this bunch has done in just a few short months, I'm really not so sure it's not over.--


In politics, as in most things, you only lose when you lose your will.
The Republicans were in a far larger wilderness in the mid to late seventies but the country completely changed course in just a few short years because people like Reagan kept the faith and were patient.

I'm becoming more and more convinced one of man's great vices, which leads to even more bad decisions than sexy Argentine info babes, is convincing himself that whatever trend he is presently in will never end.

--You were enthusiastic about "let it burn". This is what it looks like.--

Precisely why I was conditionally for 'let it burn' also Rick; because the government can't put out a fire to correct economic imbalances, only markets can. All Paulson's Smokey the Bear act did was set the fire in slow motion, rather than getting it over with quickly, while vastly expanding the power of government. (That it also bailed out his GS pals is beside the point for this discussion.)

The truly sad thing is contemplating where we would now be with a sensible government. If we had had an active Fed and FDIC working within their mandates to keep the fire away from uninvolved structures while it burned itself out and had a fiscal policy of freezing or shrinking the government combined with some corporate and individual tax cuts we could have already begun a strong rebound.


Byron York regarding the IG firing:

For its part, the White House is hinting broadly that it might invoke executive privilege to keep documents from Congress. “Your questions seek information about the White House’s internal decision-making process,” Craig wrote to Sen. Charles Grassley on June 30. “These questions implicate core executive branch confidentiality interests.” At another point, Craig pledged to cooperate “to the fullest extent possible consistent with constitutional and statutory obligations.”

The message, apparently, is for GOP investigators to back off. But that hasn’t happened. In his letter to the White House, Issa is still trying to get information. “The White House’s willingness to provide the facts” about the Walpin firing, wrote Issa, “will go a long way to demonstrate the president is committed to running the most transparent White House in history.”

Gee TM, here's another one for your "When Bush did it" bestseller list.


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