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July 02, 2009



1st post OT? How in the world have people gotten the impression that this cap and trade bill is about LOWERING energy costs? There's gonna be some mighty surprised folks out there if this all passes.


How did people they were going to get a real tax cut, they weren't going to have their health insurance taxed, the economy
was going to 'boom'.Lies told during the campaign, supported by a massive warchest, and up till today, abetted by the press.

Parking Lot

(([reading Pollyanna's locket] When you look for the bad in mankind, expecting to find it, you surely will. - Abraham Lincoln. ))

When you look for the good in mankind, expecting to find it, and you ignore the bad, you surely will be eaten alive. --Parking Lot


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I loved Karl Malden in A Streetcar Named Desire. His role is actually the only one I find sympathetic in the whole play/movie.

Danube of Thought

To me he'll always be Dad Longworth. "You're a one-eyed Jack in this town, Dad, but I've seen the other side of your face."

He was with Brando in that flick, and in Streetcar, and in On the Waterfront. I guess the two were comfortable together.


Yes, he and Brando were great together. Kazan was a master. I've never seen One-Eyed Jacks - guess I need to remedy that.

Boom, boom, pow.

Porch, I've always liked Stella a lot, though it's not politically correct to admit it in a feminist time.


Poor Stella. I guess I can't say I don't sympathize with her at all, but she seems so distant, or at least Kim Hunter does in the film. I'll have to study that one awhile.


Karl Malden was born Mladen Sekulovich, a great Serb-American! Great interview with KM @ http://serbblog.blogspot.com/


Karl Malden's final line to Pollyanna was"We looked for the good in people and we found it"
I always loved that movie and I loved Malden in the" Streets of san Francisco' with Michael Douglas.


"I'm just a potato-eater, but isn't it simple as one, two, three?

Every morning when the hiring boss blows his whistle...Jesus stands alongside you in the shape-up. He sees why some of you get picked and some of you get passed over...
He sees you selling your souls to the mob for a day's pay.
What does Christ think of the easy-money boys who do none of the work and take all the gravy? How does he feel about the fellows who wear suits and diamond rings on your union dues and your kickback money?
And how does He, who spoke up without fear against every evil feel about your silence?

But remember, Christ is always with you.
Christ's in the shape-up, in the hatch, in the union hall. He's kneeling right here beside Dugan and He's saying with all of you:
"If you do it to the least of mine, you do it to me."

What they did to Joey and to Dugan...they're doing to you, and you."

That Sermon in the Cargo Hold was pretty hot stuff in 1954. Hot enough to end a career.

Yeah, there really were priests like that.


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