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July 25, 2009


Captain Hate

See 500 Days of Summer instead. Or read a book; to hell with Hollywood.

Thomas Collins

TM, although your review doesn't move me to see this movie at the theater, I am going to rent the DVD. I always thought no movie could be worse than California Split. Now I'm intrigued by the possibility that this one is worse, and I am going to see (and perhaps suffer) for myself.

Thomas Collins

This seems to be the review thread, so I am going to do a short "comment on a blog post" review. Go to http://nicoleinalaska.wordpress.com, and scroll down to the third comment on the Midseason Reflections post (it is currently the top post, but of course may be dislodged from that perch at some point). You will be that our own daddy has penned (I guess now the appropriate term would be "pixelled") a fascinating comment that summarizes the recent history of caribou and reindeer in Alaska. Don't think the history of caribou and reindeer in Alaska can be made interesting? Go see!

Thomas Collins

Whoops! Replace "be" with "see" eight lines up from the bottom of my preceding comment.


An octogenarian, reading the book, explained to me that many Americans of the 1930s considered Dillinger to be quite Robin Hoodish. He was followed as entertainment, not a a villain. He was robbing banks that were not well thought of considering the recent stock market crash, foreclosing on homeowners and calling loans on businesses. Of course they didn't consider the bank's money to be their money.

Same disconnect as today.

Charlie (Colorado)

So, I'm guessing that you didn't like it much?


Is there nowhere I can go to forget about the Mets? Nowhere?!?


Thanks TM,

I was half-thinking of going, mostly to see if Christian Bale can out-act a cedar plank.

My kids are in that still-wranglable age during which I, as The Lord Thy Dad, get to direct their movie habits somewhat. And I've got an old-timey theater nearby.

So far we've been to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (w/Gene Wilder) on the big screen, a couple of big-screen National Geographic films, Mary Poppins, E.T.

I'm dragging them out next month to see "The Right Stuff" and, possibly, RAN, because "King Lear" with blood, samurai, and subtitles is a sneaky way to expose them to King Lear.


Captain Hate

Don't think the history of caribou and reindeer in Alaska can be made interesting? Go see!

I can believe it; there are lots of interesting documentaries that get made and overlooked. Adding to the problem is how ignorant goofs like Michael Moore and Al Bore demean the genre with their swill. "Hoop Dreams" is an obvious example (helped a great deal by Siskel and Ebert championing it) but another good one that attained a tiny level of box-office stature was "Brother's Keeper".


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (w/Gene Wilder)

Still good every time you see it.

Thomas Collins

Captain Hate, I would definitely go to a documentary on reindeer and caribou if daddy had written the script and narrates it. Of course, I doubt he would have the time to do it, given his flights around the globe.

Jazzbeaux Beiderbecke

I resent the banal formulations of amateur movie critics. It's like having to listen to pretenders at a Kansas wine tasting.

George Bailey

I like smart alecks. The dumber the better. So I'm happy to be here.

Too, I love Republican contributions to movies. I guess Mr. Potter was my favorite.


Actually, he does reveal why he doesn't like kidnapping: the public doesn't like it, and it's bad publicity, and he relies public support to stay a step ahead of the law.

The movie is readily available on torrents for those who don't care to sit through it in the theater or enrich the greedy movie companies.


enrich the greedy movie companies.

Hey now.
Let's remember to pay people for the work they do.

Philo Vance

I liked one thing about this otherwise pretentious 'review,' the writer's approval of the F-B-I's slapping around Dillinger's moll. They beat her up but not nearly enough because she still wouldn't talk.
It really happened in 1934---on Hoover's orders.
He may have been a Republican pantywaist in real life (mainly whenever he got alone with Clyde Tolson), but he showed the country how tainted doves ought to be treated.
I'm the same way.
If they get out of line, hit 'em hard and often, show 'em who's boss.



Nicole's blog (and Daddy's comment) are a great read. Thanks.



Thanks for the kind words about my Reindeer comment.

As for Dillinger: Back as a kid when we were stationed in Leavenworth, Kansas, my brother (he of the Prom night skunk spray) had a best friend, who's Dad back in the early 30"s (?) had worked at Leavenworth Federal Penn. He was a very nice old guy and I remember him telling me that Dillinger was very much a Robin Hood kind of figure at the time, and that it was cool to sort of walk around town swaggering with a young kids swagger about how he and John Dillinger were on speaking terms, etc. Don't have any particular story's I can remember, but the overall impression of the coolness of old Mister Duffin in this young kid's opinion was "Wow!".


TC I would tell Nicole to go camping in the Brooks Range. A great experience. I also enjoyed her blog a lot, and the reindeer story.


In 2004 I left NYC theater profession behind because none ever challenged the collective; BORING.

For as long as Americans continue showing up to see the collective eye-candy crap then the entertainment market will NEVER produce quality.

Keep buying entertainment's crap and you will face a load of crap in return.

The best and last movie I saw in the last twenty years was "The Lives of Others" made in East Germany.

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