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July 28, 2009



RalphL, I'm one of seven siblings all born in tha same county in the midwest and none of us share a birthday month.

I'm not just talking about the bearing and rearing part, either.

Heh, my mother, too, regretted the end of it all.

Ralph L

bad, not sure what that says about your parents--most likely, you don't want to know, either.

My uncle and aunt married in 1950 and then had 4 children between 58 and 65. My dad said it took them a while to figure things out.

My grandmother had her 3 children between Jan 1924 and Dec 1926, when she was 37. They'd waited to marry until 1922 for my grandfather to get his law practice established, and then WWI interrupted. It averages 40 years a generation up my grandfather's male line from 1759 to my niece in 2000.


You're so right RalphL. No way I'm going there...


My kids' birthdays are March 13 and March 11, four years apart. My husband is a college professor, and they were both born during spring break. :-)

(Good little faculty wife am I...)


My mom, dad, brothers, grandmothers, husband, and elder daughter were all born in July. My dad and older brother share a birthday, and my younger brother and his older son share a birthday which is also my husband's birthday. I don't know what it is about October, but it's worked well for us.



Very nice to see you. I hope you are well.


Thank you, Elliot. I am well. I still regularly lurk here at JOM, but don't comment very often.


But you certainly make it count when you do. Great catch on the certificates' stamps.

Seeing what others can't see there, too.

You can occasionally catch MJW at climateaudit.org


On one of these threads --which I can't remember and I have to make breakfast--someone referred to pesticides in fruit and veggies--that "Dirty Dozen" is the product of this utterly fake group:


Elite jounalists, only from approved Schools of Journalism.  A quantum sufficient.

Most recently MJW corrected Andy Revkin when he tried to make propaganda hay out of wet stalks on a 'smoking gun' of petroleum industry scientists conceding the reality of AGW a dozen years ago. Revkin, a relatively honest journalist, though a died in the wool alarmist, conceded his point halfheartedly, but rather than really straightening out the record, just holstered his smoking gun, and continues to feed mouldering hay to the elite Eastern rubes.


That was me, clarice - thanks for the update. I never really thought much of the Dirty Dozen but it seemed relevant to the discussion yesterday about Obama and the peach.

If you google it almost all the hits are "green"/organic activist sites. Figures!

Stalks?  You'd call a furrow a groove.

Hay foot, straw foot. Everybody get in step.

A cap pistol.

His smoking gun was a popgun.

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