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July 25, 2009



Yesterday's Ramirez cartoon gives a pretty good summation of the uninsured in this country:

http://www.ibdeditorials.com/CartoonPopUp.aspx?id=333232530356809> Ramirez on Fire

Mike Myers

We need to send Yellow Yellow to Washington--sounds like that middle aged female bear is smarter than Pelosi. Yellow Yellow will straighten out the health care mess!


Geez, they can't even sex a bear.

That's obviously Boo-Boo stealing picanic baskets.

Barry Dauphin

Maybe that's Algore's "lock-box".

Bill Woods

Next step: "Bears Discover Fire".


Obviously, he's smarter than the average bear.


but what about the ranger, Yogi?


“I’m an engineer, and if one genius bear can do it, sooner or later there might be two genius bears."

And, if those bears mate...


So mockmook, what you're saying is that Heston was wrong and it'll be Planet of the Bears?

Crap, some of them think I taste good.


Jupiter's got a new zit!">http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2009/07/24/2008517.aspx">zit!

William Teach

He obviously understands how to solve complex problems better then Forest Ranger Obama.


Did you see the tiny monkey cowboy in full Western regalia riding a border collie?

BB Key

OT (kinda)
Carol Rosenberg a reporter for the Miami Herald is being sued by a Lt. Commander in the US Navy for sexual harassment.
Does anyone have a picture of Ms. Rosenberg who is described by her colleagues as agressive?


Oh the Gitmo detainee's mouthpiece, that is too rich, and quite fitting




Continuing with this hi-jacking-
Rosenberg pic at bottom of article here.


Yikes!! that would scare crows out of a corn field.

BB Key

Thanks for the pic graybeard,

Just as I suspected journalist Rosenberg looks to be a match for the Bear Vault.

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