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July 25, 2009



Mr Ballard,

"Can anyone come up with another instance of the President of the United States of America lowering himself (and his office) to the point of interjecting himself into the criminal justice system".

Exactly. This could involve two different protagonists in totally different circumstances,and still the president would be displaying nepotism if he intervened.
This is corruption.

Cecil Turner

I would like clarification that speaking in a bad tempered criticism of an officer, while in my own home, may not be the best in manners, but is not a crime.

Apparently it can be a crime, per MA law:

'A person is guilty of disorderly conduct if, with purpose to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly creating a risk thereof, he: (a) engages in fighting or threatening, or in violent or tumultuous behavior; or (b) makes unreasonable noise or offensively coarse utterance, gesture or display, or addresses abusive language to any person present . ..

`Public' means affecting or likely to affect persons in a place to which the public or a substantial group has access.'.

So if you're loud and abusive enough to draw a crowd . . . which according to the reports (backed up by this picture), he was.

Moreover, why should a police officer in the performance of his duties have to put up with such abuse? Not only is it dangerous in the sense that it may attract/incite a violent mob action, but it may mask other criminal activity (including a physical threat to the officer). If the guy were merely flipping off the policeman and speaking rudely in his own house, that's one thing. But that doesn't appear to be the case here. If the facts are as presented, from a public safety perspective, reading him the riot act downtown is perfectly appropriate.



They work for fish. It is hard to balance a ball on their nose and clap.

Captain Hate

In my 52 years, I've not once heard the word "sorry" from any minority anywhere.

Eh let's not go there. I know plenty of people of all races and nationalities that treat me in a straight-up manner.



Actually like water seeks its own level, I think Obama is just looking for a government function in which he is competent to opine. It would appear that misdemeanors though are still a bridge too far. Perhaps traffic tickets?


No, Rick, I cannot. In fact someone noted yesterday that Nixon got holy hell for saying Manson was clearly guilty. Imagine!

Amjused, there are many instances of elites trying to destroy their own country. In the US and Britain over the past decades the worst spies (until more recent Chinese adventures here) were the elite spies--remember .Even Jackie Kennedy's cousin was in on the gig as Steyn so well documented. Some like him were never even punished for their treachery.

I think our problem is that the boomer generation is so infected with narcissisrs, frankly.


Rick, the NYT tried to claim other presidents interjected themselves similarly but Legal Insurrection rips the Times to shreds. Natch...


Smilin' Jack

Bottom line: If this is what happens when a white cop, who instructs in diversity/race relations, runs afoul of a black Harvard professor in the course of doing his job, then what hope do the rest of us have? Who, more than these two, should be able to defuse a tense situation and come to a common sense conclusion? They've got the smarts, the education, the training and the motivation....yet they can't do it.

The message here is that we've been wasting our time with this crap. In spite of all the money that's been thrown at the problem neither race has, does, or will ever understand the other. Time to drop the preferential treatment to "make amends" or whatever and simply treat everyone the same....at every level.

BTW, why wouldn't Gates expect preferential treatment? And why wouldn't Obama expect that he get it? Haven't they both, as minorities working within the system, gotten plenty over their lifetimes? They simply expect it to continue.

Danube of Thought

"I'm supposed to give them free reign to pillage through my house?" No. But you are supposed to respond to his question about whether there is anyone else in the house. (Where did the "pillage" part come from?)

I believe someone at the cops' presser yesterday suggested that the decision on when and whether to release the tapes would be made by the City Solicitor, who I believe works for the Mayor. It may take FOIA action to pry them loose.

Do we know that it was a "neighbor" who placed the call? One accoun I saw said that it was a woman who worked nearby.

Somebody needs to tell Crowley all the reasons he shouldn't go to the White House or talk to Gates until he and the city have a written general release from Gates.

Remember how the press went batshit when Nixon said Manson was guilty before the trial?



Parking tickets, but then again, he didn't seem to be able to park legally or pay his fines. So that one is out to.


I can't. But he really needed to healthcare off the front page. And it worked.


Obama and Gates are also wrong about "profiling"--in fact they are feeding racial paranoia:

http://article.nationalreview.com/print/?q=YTU4MGE4MDkwYzhiYjY4OTk2OWRlZjcyMWY0MjFkNmE=>Isn't it great to have a lawyer as Prez


Last night Clarice linked a post at American Thinker. See LUN
There is a comment on that post that seems to sum up the life of Obama better than any other I have seen.

That is what The Obama has been taught and that is what The Obama believes. He knows no honest people. He knows no Christian people.

The comment is by Gazinya, 25 Jul 0622AM


DoT I believe the report was filed by a neighbor who also worked for harvard.


SHOCK and HORROR!!! A neighbor who worked at Hahhhhhvud and she failed to recognize the great Gates.

I'll bet he teepees her house...


First of all, it isn't "reverse racism" Gates engaged in; it was racism.

Secondly, what is the difference between Ward Churchill and Gates?

Gates really is a credentialed moron.


..maybe a bag of flaming dog poo.


If the police had access to property information on their car computer, it would NOT show Gates as the owner, it would show the college - Gates was renting.

Thus even if he had an ID with that address, it would not have matched the property records, and thus the officer called the Harvard police to verify Gates was the proper renter.

This may come as a shock, but I heard a rumor that one time in past history, someone tried to pass off a false ID.
I've even heard of identity theft were people pretend they are some other famous person.
Didn't Margaret Ray break into Lettermens house and pretend she was the wife?

But I do understand the Presidents position that once a middle aged person sporting a cane says 'your Momma' to the the cops, they should just leave.



Hilarious! Indeed the Klan is running things and until "whiteys" become slaves, them blacks aren't seeing racial harmony. It's not enough that the "whiteys" then "yellowies" worked their butts off to expand the US to 52 states (or is that 57 as Obie said?) so that them blacks who got acres of the masters' land from the Freedmen's Bureau but could not become rich planters could spread around collecting the tax these "whiteys" and "yellowies" pay to repay blacks for building America with their bent backs.

Obama, rising from the low end (of a white trash mother and a dead beat Kenyan), is having a big chip on his shoulder. He ain't genuine black American (as them Jessie Jackson and Al ???, leaders of blacks Americans) pointed out when at the start of his campaign they asked what does he (Obama) knows about slavery in America. Obama must pleases those slave descended leaders (Wright included) for "when he was a lost child/youth suffering racism from racist white grandmother" they took him under their wings, gave him one "smart" daughter Michelle and got his foot in the door of black Chicagoan corps which led to hobnobbing with Queen Oprah then Princess Valerie (as their ancestors were princes and princesses) then to the WH. So he will never apologize for racist rhetoric, lest upset his Queen and her subject (she is well known to be able to sell a fake memoir, among other useless things).

Ah, but he knows his WH bread and key are from Whitey so he must appease whiteys a bit. After all 60% of population is still whiteys and 70% of rich and brain power are still theirs. Besides he enjoys having the perquisite to call WH's lawn "my lawn", vacationing in Camp David, Hampton, i.e. all the rich whiteys' playground, getting touted by whitey's media as "first unapologetically intelligent, intellectual", and having married an ugly cow, he loves that she is now praised "gorgeous, beautiful, fashionable, the only brainy first lady", and many other perks of which the most satisfying is to go about the world putting the whiteys down to show father J Wright that I did not lose your teaching.

The chip is going to be heavier. Watch for more racist rhetoric to please father, uncles and bros.


Hey guys, whether you like it or not Joe has a point and he argues it well. It's a black letter point while reality is messy but it is a valid point.

So save it for the real trolls as they are sure to arrive soon.

(And Joe do not make me eat my words!)


The cane cannard is pretty lame. Those things have been used as weapons, some with accouterments...


Can anyone come up with another instance of the President of the United States of America lowering himself (and his office) to the point of interjecting himself into the criminal justice system wrt a misdemeanor criminal act on behalf of a perpetrator/supporter?

Now compare this incident with what we read in Time about President Bush and the pardoning of Scooter Libby. President Bush respects the legal system, Presidebt Obama does not.

It's high level jury tampering, and that's a very bad thing.

Charlie (Colorado)

How does a college professor living in a very expensive area, get the dough to hire a limo for airport transportation. Surely the stupid books he writes don't bring in that much extra money.

Bad, he's a Professor with a named university chair, and a institute director (which is like being a department chair but pays better) at Harvard. He was one of the best-paid faculty members at Duke, in the neighborhood of $160K, when he went there in 1989, and Harvard bought him out. He probably makes north of $300K, plus speaking fees and such.

Beyond that, he was making a professional trip, he was almost certainly doing it on Harvard's dime. And University Professors at Harvard just don't do coach class.


Something that I haven't seen brought up -- the cops seem to have told Gates who called 911 (she was standing outside.) So in what universe would it be proper for the cops to simply drive away leaving a deranged raging lunatic with his most obvious target right there within reach? There is no way that it was proper for the cops to leave before Gates calmed down. And the disorderly conduct law is pretty clear -- if you don't calm down, you have committed the misdemeanor.

Mike Myers

Well, if the three of them are going to have that beer together, it better be at the White House. If it was at the station house in Cambridge, somebody would take a whiz in Obama and Gates' beers before they got them.

Captain Hate

Don't go wobbly, Jane; Joe's an idiot.

Danube of Thought

I don't see Joe as a troll, and my own inclinations are libertarian. But just as I don't think all roads should be privately operated toll roads, I understand the very harsh realities of police work. And I know that anyplace on this earth, if you mouth off aggressively at a cop doing his job, you better expect to get some grief in return.

Amused Bystander

It is interesting that today they are trying the tack of "moderate and reasonable sounding trolls". Must be feeling the heat.

(I think they are the same people though...the "diction" seems pretty much the same).

But all here should note:

1) Yes, one of the matters is that of an inappropriate response by the POTUS. A response that: a) would be inappropriate in form in any matter, even one not about race or police; b) would be inappropriate in content. It reveals a anit-american, far left, knee jerk, anti-establishment and anti white hostility. It is not an sober and adult response. It should not be tolerated from a private individual; it certainly cannot be countenanced coming from the POTUS. That is comes so effortlessly from his mouth tells us all we need know about the inappropriateness of Obama holding his office. He has racial contempt for 70% of the population. He has no intention at all of representing them. THey are to be used and humiliated.

2) But it is not just about this. As far as the particular matter at hand, Crowley is in the right as far as all we can see at this point, and Gates is in the wrong, and glaringly so. This does matter in and of itself. It is not merely a matter of Obama's response. It will not do to say "wellwhatever happened Obama should not have responded this way". Though this may be true, it is particularly damning given what actually happened and to pretend otherwise is merely engage an act of moral and rhetorical legerdemain on the part of Obama's supporters to defect blame and minimize the damage. Here they compound the damage.

3) If a Republican or a conservative--or even a white person--had done a similar thing, either with the exact same incident or another incident obverted so far as race goes, the Left would be howling loud enough to bring down the rafters.

Those troll posting that "they do not understand why people are upset", are dissembling. They all too well know why. That is why they try this dodge to make the very fact of the outrage a moral fault. But it is no such thing. IT would be a mroal fault not to be alarmed by this, and it is not a trvial matter. It may be true that they feel that this should not upset people, or that they wish it did not, but these are altogether different formulations, and ones, I might add, that shows how arrogant and how out of touch they are with reality.

The last thing we need note is that it is shameful that Gates has the position he has. He has made a fortune out of being a victim. He lives far better than most white people in this country. He does not deserve it.This is the real scandal: he should be nowhere near young minds. He should be nowhere near any institution of learning or scholarship whatsoever.

This is perhaps the deepest scandal of all of this.


It's high level jury tampering, and that's a very bad thing.

It's obvious the constitutional law scholar presidebt took Skippy at his word, just as he took Andrew Sullivan at his word regarding Churchhill and torture.

BURN!!!! again. You'd think he'd learn.

Charlie (Colorado)

Secondly, what is the difference between Ward Churchill and Gates?

Gates is actually black, while my erstwhile colleague makes do with parting his hair in the middle.



Obama might have turned this into a race issue,but the real issue is the president using his position to protect a friend. America isn't Venezuela yet.

Cecil Turner

Hey guys, whether you like it or not Joe has a point and he argues it well.

No he doesn't. He's proffering a false dichotomy (i.e., either Gates must be a burglar, or there's no crime being committed). The crime was disorderly conduct, which can be committed on one's own property.

He's been informed of this at least twice, and continues with a fallacious argument. He also uses the typical "fellow conservative/libertarian" moby behavior, and has an uninspired handle. IMHO, P(troll)>50%.


First of all, it isn't "reverse racism" Gates engaged in; it was racism.

You know what I found interesting is Gates first pulled the elitist card: "Don't you know who I am?" and when that failed he charged racism.

And you are right, he assumed that a cop was not of his ilk and should know his place in the order of things. Gawd I hate people like that.

Oh and I think Crowley has to go to the WH or he looks like a jerk.


AB this kind of carp is why I no longer give to my college's general alumni fund. I give only to specific projects I believe in. And no area studies programs are in that mix.

They are all designed to Blakanize and bring neer do wells to prominence.


Sorry about the serial posts, but I was talking to a lawyer yesterday who told me the lynch pin (yeah I said "lynch") of the whole case is the fact that people had gathered outside the home. Apparently in MA you can't have disorderly conduct unless someone is there to observe it.


Do you suppose Harvard has a code of conduct for professors?

Amused Bystander

Clarice: Philby and the like, these were individuals, not the entire class. That is what i am talking about. If anything, he is an exception that proves the rule, or perhaps a foreshadow of our current situation.

Even then, they had some misguided nation that they were leading the notion back to some golden past. THey were not actiavley seeking to destroy and undo the entire history, accomplishment and culture of the nation.

They were not out there passing laws at every level to destroy the nation, or poising young minds, or were not far along in it as an entire elite.

In any event, i was talking about the whole post war era, and the rise of left wing elites. This would cover folks like that.

I feel my point still stands. I see no precedent at all in history for what is going on in American (and the West) today.

Old Lurker

Obama was elected because a critical mass of "moderates and independents" thought him to be racially transcendent, brilliant, surrounded by the best and brightest, in fact centrist and that relationships with Ayers, Wright, and Joe the Plumber et al were exceptions and not the rule. A Jack Kennedy able to fix the race problem once and for all.

Then along came a gang of tax cheating lightweights, Porkulous and the gazillion earmarks, Chavezesque grabs of banks and auto companies, trampling of longstanding creditor rights and the transfer of assets to favored supporters, hiring, firing and pay cutting of private employees, abuse of other constitutional expectations, a SCOTUS nominee so obviously racist and unqualified, and an endless stream of vilifications and enemies...and then finally actual facts that disproved their (economic) predictions and which portend financial calamities to come. All against a backdrop of radically transforming the US economy and world standing leading to a US form of European socialism if we are lucky enough to stop at that rung as we slide down the ladder.

All of those things planted seeds of doubt among those of his voters who had assumed he was not what some of us said he was.

Along comes this Gates incident and it leaves no doubt whatsoever that he is nothing more and nothing less that the racist huckster in an empty suit surrounded by featherweights that we have long thought.

But we always knew that. What is the big news about this story is that it forces the scales to drop from the eyes of the wishers and dreamers who placed him in office.

It was the rubber checks in the House Bank that produced 1994...usually just a small thing breaks the dam and unleashes the floods.

I hope this is the beginning of the end for him and his agenda.

Danube of Thought

Anyone who is interested in this thread should read the LUN. It's an account by a Vanity Fair writer of an encounter with the LAPD on his own property. I recommend it highly.


The crime was disorderly conduct, which can be committed on one's own property.


I thought the point was that we want our police officers to not be so quick to jump to handcuffs. I think that message has some validity in Obamaland.


They thought "they were leading the nation back to some golden past"? Not the way I remember it. I remember it as they thought so little of Britain (or if from here, the US) and so much of the new glorious Soviet State that they willingly would obliterate their own nations and people and with that all the old fashioned Western notions of fairness and justice and capitalism and liberty .

They felt no community whatsoever with their own nations or their traditions, AB.

Of course as is usually if not always the case, they were rather stuck on themselves and their specialness and in attaching themselves to Stalin supposed they'g get that super special place in that society they were denied in their own which only gave them some privileges and some caste standing.


It is happening all over the Western world. Here, in the UK,the New Liebour Project,under Tony Bliar and Gordon the Moron, hundreds of years of the Constitution,tried and tested institutions have been brought down in the dust.
What we are witnessing is a slow motion coup.

Danube of Thought

The discussion of Kim Philby reminds me of E. M. Forster's gem: "If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country."

Never occurred to the twit that if he betrayed his country he'd be betraying his friend in the bargain. And what kind of friend would place a guy in that position anyway?

Captain Hate

Forster proves the adage: Love the art not the artist.


Great Vanity Fair article DoT


Of course, you may be one of the sheep more than willing to bend down and take any all affronts to your personal liberty.

IMO, most Americans have never seen the affronts to their personal liberty that they are going to see when their local government health care provider decider tells them that:
(a) they are not approved for whichever life saving operation they need to live.
(b) they should take 3 APCs (all purpose capsule) every four hours until the hearse gets there to pick them up.
That is going to be the moment most of the liberals are going to find they sold their soul for absolutely nothing, and it will come to every living soul that lives long enough.


Thanks for the link DoT.

Cecil Turner

I thought the point was that we want our police officers to not be so quick to jump to handcuffs.

That may have been the ultimate point, but the fallacious supporting argument was repeated in three posts in a row:

Gates was on his property, he had properly identified himself so there was no crime being committed. [...]

No where did I say Gates didn't act like a fool, but acting like a fool isn't a crime nor should it be. [...]

Once Gates identified himself as the homeowner there ceased to be a crime.

And again, I'd argue that someone trying to incite a riot by race-baiting police officers in public falls fairly solidly into the center of the "disorderly conduct" definition. If Gates was in fact yelling about racist cops outside the residence toward bystanders, it's hard to see how he had any other intent . . . and in fact the only injustice here is that they dropped the case.


Vanity Fair is such a P.O.S.--that they printed this fine piece suggests that Gates' behavios is pissing off a lot of people normally supportive of The Won.


Yes, the Mass. incident proves that prejudice, racism and bigotry are still alive and pervasive in America.
In any black-white incident the honkey is always pre-judged to be wrong and the black is the victim, and president BHO could not resist injecting his inate racist hatred into a local incident with his "Stupidly" remark! He didn't need to know the "facts" of the case, being guided by political correctness and his hate-white-America philosophy.


NYT has an opinion piece attempting to excuse both Gates and presidebt.



I'm with Cecil, Jane.If Joe is not a Moby , he's a very young person with limited notions of reality--Like my freshman year classmate many years ago who was so impressed with Paine that she publicly and deliberately violated the then existing (silly) rules about when she had to be in her dorm and was astonished that she'd be punished for acting on principle.

Amused Bystander

I understand all if that. That is not my point. Did you read what I wrote? The point is that there is no historical precedent for this entire "slow motion coup". If you know one, plaese tell me. but do not talk about the left the last 50 year, because that is just what i am talking about.



Joe maybe entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts:

""However, to say that Gates should have been arrested for being discourteous to a police officer is absurd.""

I don't believe he was arrest on such a charge, he was arrested for disturbance, which he clearly was doing.

""I'm frankly quite surprised by fellow libertarians and conservatives who take the side of the cop.""
Don't know the cop, but I do take the side of the law and society in which the police enforce the laws we citizens pass to include disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

""Gates was on his property, he had properly identified himself so there was no crime being committed.""
Gates has no property, the property was the property of the college, Gates is a renter.
The police responsibility is to the property owner to ensure the property is secure.
Identify yourself does not mean you didn't commit a crime. You can admit who you are and still commit a crime- if Gates had hit the officer over the head with his cane, would you still claim he couldn't be arrested? So what is the difference legally between a physical and verbal assault??

""He has a right to be a pompous windbag if he so chooses but to hear people like Mike Gallagher and others state that was must "respect the badge and gun" is just shocking.""
I respect Gates right to be a pompous windbag, but he can be a pompous windbag as a he sits in jail.

I suspect if you had a neighbor that stood on his porch swearing at people and screaming and carry-on, you might consider calling the police and not say he has a right to disturb the neighborhood all he wants.
""These same people will warn others (quite rightly) that there is too much government intrusion into our lives and we need more personal freedoms.""
The police WERE protecting Gates freedoms, along with the rest of the neighborhood and the college itself.

""No, we don't have to respect those who carry guns and badges. We should respect the laws and adhere to them but there can be really horrible cops who are enveloped in the fog of their own self importance and power. ""
This may shock you but complying with a police officer IS A LAW. The facts show Gates was the one stuck in a fog of his own self importance.

""Should we all bend down and kiss their rears?
No, but I am not aware that Crowley ever made such a demand, can you point to evidence of such?

""Gates was well within his rights to be a jerk, as I have said, Crowley should have just left the scene like a professional and this would be a non-story."""

Gates has the right to be a jerk, no one has disputed that, but he can be a jerk from a jail cell just as well. Gates appears to be a full time jerk and Crowley NEVER bothered him for the past 54 years. It wasn't till the jerk decided to also not comply with an officer and disturb the peace that he was arrested.

Crowley would have had to be the bigger jerk to have just left the scene without verifying that no break in had occurred and no perpetrators were on the property and Mr. Gates was not continuing to disturb the peace and the colleges property was protested.

If you believe that police officers responding to a break-in in progress should take the word of the first screaming, agitated person they come across and leave the scene as if nothing happened, then you should fight to change the laws to your wishes.
I am betting if you were on vacation and got home to find your house broken into, thousands in property missing, etc. and the police told you that they had responded to a burglary call but the three guys they came across said that they had purchase your stuff on Craigslist and were just moving it out - so the officers left.... you would not thank them kindly for fully doing their jobs.


I am certainly naive and overly optimistic, AB, so you are within bounds to dismiss my less glum reading of events. I do not see a slow motion coup--I see a power grabbing Chicago thug brought into office by the naivete of the Muddle who is disintegrating in front of our eyes. I only hope he's brought to heel before he does much more permanent damage to our economy and defenses.

Amused Bystander

Bad, Of course they do.


If the police had access to property information on their car computer, it would NOT show Gates as the owner, it would show the college - Gates was renting.

Good catch, Pops. I hadn't thought of that and I don't think I've seen it brought up before.

Cecil Turner

That was a good catch. Is there documentation that the college was the owner?


Interesting, was it not, AB, that Duke was a "plantation", yet a bunch of white boys at Duke were sacrificed for a stripper by a large group of faculty.

Someone needs to get their stories straight.


If there were any real reporters in Boston someone would have interviewed the driver by now. Just saying.


Behave yourself.


Cecil, virtually all the credible news accounts say the house is owned by harvard and rented to Gates.

Amused Bystander

Clarice, this has been building for decade. This is an apotheosis. It s not just Obama.

He is just a manifestation. Should he step down we would have the same problems.

The fact that a Marxist like him could even be elected shows how weakened this nation hsa become. This does not happen overnight.

This is not just "Chicago politics". This is marxist-leninism. This is a leftist coup.

All of these geniuses flocking in from the Ivies are not part of the Chicago political machine, and Obama could not achieve power merely on the basis of that machine.

I do not even think he is driving it. He is just a front man. Events are proving that he has not the capacity to hatch such perfidy or even execute it.

Lou Shumaker

Pofarmer, you win the internet!


I do think he's a front man. His knowledge of law and even the English language when he's speaking impromptu suggests he was shepherded thru the law school by collaborating professors or that Dohrn or someone like her did his work.

He could not pass a first year exam at a real law school.

Everyone here knows it by now.

In fact, it seems that without a helping hand or ten he would never have been admitted or gradiated from Columba either.


Obviously Prof. Gates has a strong anti- white and anti-police attitude. Makes you wonder what he is teaching his black students in his black orientated class at Harvard. Harvard losses a lot of credibility and respect by having such a racist on its facility and even living in a house owned by the school. Hope the school reviews this incident carefully and takes appropriate actions.


Clarice, I'm in complete agreement that Dohrn played a part in getting him thru school and the law review. Remember he did most of his law review work at home.


Sarah Palin:

"Never apologize for being Americans," she told the crowd in Wasilla, a city of about 7,000 where Palin once served as mayor.

I'm sure the presidebt has no reason to take that remark personally....


Amused Bystander

peterUK: Excuse me? Mind you manners yourself.

Do not presume to instruct me in any way, thank you very much. This is not your blog. Mind your own business.

What pompous, self-important nonsense.
This is even you country.

You know, I told you people what was coming a year ago, and i was treated rather badly for it. So badly I stop coming here for quite some time.

I was right though and people like Clarice were dead wrong.

Again I tell speak the truth, and again I get foul manners.

This current round of bad manners today cuts it for me. There is no point coming to this blog. It has become a inbred little coffee-clache run by queen-bees and little more.

I will not be back.

Enjoy your self-absorption while your country is being stolen from you. Remember I warned you, but you were too full of yourselves to listen.

I almost think that you deserve it.

bio mom

These pseudo professors like Gates are all over the universities, pretending to do real scholarship but basically it is racial grievance. Academia loves them. Gates is probably getting high fives from his collegues, not censure. I detest all xxx-American studies departments and those specific to any one group be it women, Asians, Middle Easterners, or Blacks. History is history; social studies are social studies, etc. You do not need to separate the others out.


Too many comments have passed to go back and find the JOM comments on the Sweet loaded question, but the RBO blog addresses it now.

So. Now, thanks to the keen watchful eye of John Batchelor we must add that not only is it obvious that on July 22 Sweet was “prepped” as to the question she would ask about the Gates arrest in advance of the 8:00 PM ET Presidential News Conference but so was POTUS.

Politburo aimed to drive the numbers, then claim the good approvals meant the public approves Obamacare.

He could be as vague and stupid as he wanted during his speech, because he had an ace up his sleeve. The plant. The message to Blue Dawg Dems is, “Give me this health care bill or blacks will riot. In your constituency.”

What if when Crowley, Gates and Obama meet in the White House for a beer, Obama and Gates get drunk and disorderly and Crowley will have to arrest them both?


Amused, I will miss you vey much as I did when you were absent before. Please don't go.


Libertarians are the oddest creatures. They are supposedly for free thought, but think everyone ought to think like them.


"so quick to jump to handcuffs"

Where does that come from? Nothing I've seen on the incident indicates "quick to jump".

Rick Ballard

"Clarice, this has been building for decades."

Nope. The "building" part began in the 1880's, if you want count the Fabian Society. One could can take it back another century if one wants to spend the time examining the Saint-Simon and August Comte's scribbling. Gramsci provided a more structured approach (from the communist, rather than Fabian socialist view) but the Fabians had already infested the UK system as the communists would come to infest the US system.

I'm not sure if this is the apotheosis or the beginning of the end.


Amused Bystander , I wish you'd stay. I find so much of what you post really thoughtful and valuable. Just because we don't completely agree, doesn't mean I don't.


Pagar, I think the Sweet question was preplanned but neither he nor I can prove it. As for why, I'm afraid I have to disagree..I think it was to end on what he thought was a high, up note after a dreary wonky talk.


http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/07/about_that_charity_you_run_pro.html>More on Gates' charity, Inkwell


"I do not see a slow motion coup--I see a power grabbing Chicago thug brought into office by the naivete of the Muddle who is disintegrating in front of our eyes."

Agree. If thing got really bad I expect Dick Cheney would get mad and do something about it.

Old Lurker

I vote AB stays...I too find the posts thoughtful and valuable.


but fortunately he has the NY Times on his side to pretend he did.

WHY, WHy, WHY!!!! can't they figure out why their page size is dwindling down to 6 inches across!

Danube of Thought

It's hard to describe it as a "coup" when over 60 million people voted for the guy.

There are many, many people in America, including some acquaintances of mine, who felt that the country needed to be humbled and constrained, and that its past is generally sinful. They really love it when Obama apologizes to the rest of the world for those sins.

I think that attitude is a symptom of something very corrosive that has been abroad in the land for a long time. I don't think that it's a view held by anything close to a majority, but it's a very passionate minority which can, when the stars are aligned, bring about an electoral victory in a democracy.

My guess is that well over half of Obama voters really wanted nothing much more than "change," and they saw this guy as post-racial man. Those are the people who are being peeled away, as the Rasmussen trends show. The goal right now is to fight a rearguard action to hold up his legislative agenda, and set things closer to right in 2010.


Clarice, looks like Skippy got the idea for his charity from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.


Could be,bad, but more likely he was just looking for another dodge.

DoT they saw him as post-racial and the media made him seem so cool and smart and hid all the other stuff like Ayers and CAC and the wreck he made as a community organizer. They thought this was an online vote for one of the singers or dancers.



That article is interesting but I think they have the motive wrong. It's all about cronyism for this presidebt and this was payback to Ogletree in the form of jury pool tampering.


I would like to address this overall idea that people who are concerned about the power of government should be on Gates side. I think that argument is absurd. The police were responding to a citizens request to investigate what they believed could have been a break -in in progress. The neighborhood had had at least 9 known burglaries during the day time in the past few months. The officer responded because he was closest to the location in hopes of catching what he believed were perpetrators.

To say these facts point to an overpowerful government is ridiculous.
say a federal healthcare agent, and just cruising around in hopes of harassing people and he saw Mr. Gates walking into his house and stopped and demanded Mr. Gates identification, requested his medical records and requested whether he had been briefed by his doctors on death with dignity (As the liberals want in their healthcare legislation) I'd have a problem
with that.

If Obamas car czar stopped by and demanded Gates buy a Government Motors vehicle, I'd have a problem with that.
If Obamas green jobs czar stopped by and demanded Gates put out his barbecue, I'd have a problem with that.

Old Lurker

Go to "Guidestar.com", register for free, then search on "Inkwell Foundation". Click the tab for IRS 990's and read the one posted, 2007 I believe. He hands out lots of $500 grants for research pursuant to the mission of the foundation...also stated on Guidestar.

Guidestar, BTW, is a great tool for due diligence on non profits before giving them a donation.


Gates' acceptance of the White House invitation gratuitously included:

"If my experience leads to the lessening of the occurrence of racial profiling, then I would find that enormously gratifying."

Crowley should accept the invitation with:

"If my experience leads to the lessening of the playing of the race card, then I would find that enormously gratifying."


LOL Eddy

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

DOT's of 12:17 is exactly what I would have said, if I could write as well or as succinctly as he does.

--Gates is actually black--

Didn't someone post that Gates is in fact predominately white and that his roots lead more strongly to Ireland than Swaziland?

As far as Gates goes; like Joe claims to be, I'm a libertarian. However, if I acted like Gates in similar circumstances I would fully expect to be handcuffed. Libertarianism depends on keeping the government at bay by the reasonable and responsible behavior of its citizens. Libertarians, like our founders, used to understand that, but have now become infested with libertines who believe anything should be permissable.


Remember that racist incident when Matthew McConaughey was arrested IN HIS OWN HOME? And those charges were eventually dropped too, proving the racism.


"I'm still tired of people being arrested for a crime that wouldn't have happened without the actions of law enforcement"

You mean a breaking and entering would not have happened had the police not appeared? If no one hears a tree fall in the forest, did it really fall?


"In any event, i was talking about the whole post war era, and the rise of left wing elites. This would cover folks like that."

In your brilliance you would know then the Communist manifesto was written in 1848.

"A spectre is haunting Europe,the spectre of Communism"

Or the 18th century French encyclopaedists and political thinkers.

Or the Russian Revolution of 1918

The rise of the Comintern and its influence throughout organised labour and socialist political parties.
Or odd little snippets,like the refusal of unions to move war supplies early in WWII because,through the the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact,Hitler and Stalin were allies.

The history of leftist penetration of the political elites in the West is a long one.


You said "taint".


Thanks for that delightful imagery, Maybee. The incident almost made me take up weed...


Maybee, as I recall, the naked, bongo playing, weed smoking incident was in Austin.


AB, please stay. I like having eyes and ears in NYC.

My son saw the Gates mug shots on TV and said, "Mom, I know that guy." He worked in Oak Bluff on MV for eight summers in the 90s. Well, recognize, not know.

Interesting name for the nonprofit, Inkwell, the black only beach in Oak Bluff.

Daniel Wiener

Crowley should accept the invitation to have a beer with Obama and Gates, but announce as part of his acceptance that he is bringing along Sgt. Leon Lashley. Lashley is the black police officer who also arrived at the scene and supports Crowley "100%" on the decision to arrest Gates.

Observe how this trumps Obama's gambit: Obama wouldn't dare object to the inclusion in his little tete-e-tete of a BLACK policeman who was also involved. And Crowley would then have his own witness to the meeting who could not be accused of giving it an anti-black racist spin during the post-meeting comments.


Daniel, you made an excellent point and remind us that ALL of the officers involved have had aspersions cast on their character and integrity.

Frau Roggenbrot

I read Skip's own version at his website (theroot.com). No, Capt.Hate, *I* do not have a life. Gates stated that after giving ID to the officer, the officer asked another question and from then on Gates requested the officer's name and badge number. That was what he kept demanding when he followed Crowley outside. Gates obviously decided to lose control early on and was then horrified that he was handcuffed and led off.

I was somewhat surprised by this from an earlier report on Gates's website:
"Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested at his home in Cambridge, Mass. after a white female passerby thought he was breaking into his own house and called ..."

Since the case has now been dropped, will the tape still be released? It should in the interest of validating the actions of the police or exposing them as the "redneck, undereducated, flagwaving, wiseass smucks" Gates's supporters see them.

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