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July 25, 2009



On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes--and I see many of them in the audience here today--our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.

Captain Hate

I think Clarice should put the trolls to work since they're so demonstrably ignorant about the law and, well, everything else; they should be challenged to come up with anything Urkel McFly has done or said that indicates any degree of literacy.


Great link, Rocco.

African-American history is generally taught only in Black History Month, which is February, the coldest, darkest, shortest month. It's like the month that was left over, they gave to black people.
He obviously wants August. But won't he then complain that "giving them" the hottest month would be stereotyping?
It took us all these years to get a black man into the White House. We're not giving that brother up anytime soon.
Can we call Gates a racist now?


Talking about speaking to the living presidents prior to being inaugurated.

It was the same news conference where he insulted Nancy Reagan when he meant to insult Hillary Clinton.


Rocco, very good.

"There is such a level of outrage that's been expressed to me," Gates told The Root Web site in a lengthy interview. "The blogs are going crazy; my colleagues at Harvard are outraged. ... But really it's not about me -- it's that anybody black can be treated this way, just arbitrarily arrested out of spite."

There ya go again... Did presidebt teach him or did Skippy teach presidebt?



That should be living EX presidents...


Of Rahm and Axelrod could shut up loony Wright, do you doubt they can get loony Gates buttoned up?


A foreign national applying for college is exempt from taking an English SAT and can take a much easier TOIFFLE(sp?) instead. Is this what Obama did?


I wonder Anna..He surely couldn't get enough on the SATs.


Calls Penn State The Nittaly Lions



I wonder what Skippy would say over a beer with Crowley and presidebt? Dude is used to saying whatever he pleases at Hahhhhvud. He may find it hard to break the habit....


"Loonygate". I love it!


Didn't Obama's father go to Harvard and wouldn't that give him some kind of preference?



here's one that surpasses strategery

"The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system," Obama said in remarks after a health care roundtable with physicians, nurses and health care providers

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0709/25165.html#ixzz0MJZeubTz


Fabulous windandsea!

Rocco, there is some preference for legacies--but it is less and less each year and wouldn't apply to the law school which his father did not attend as far as i know.


It's rare to see such honesty in part of a sentence from presidebt, windansea.


Obama seems to have the strangest friends.

Michael Chaney

So, false arrest is a civil tort. What's the criminal equivalent, just kidnapping? So few officers are prosecuted for such crimes that it's difficult to tell sometimes...

(And, for those of you who don't think police officers break the law, please read the news more often)


ORE-ee-on instead of Or-EYE-on

YouTube link



One small, as-yet-unreported example (of racialprofiling): in the Fall of 2004, then-state sen. Barack Obama was his party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate seat and an emerging national figure because of his rousing speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

But there he stood, at a country buffet in Western Illinois, fielding a question from a white customer as if he worked there.

I have soooooo much in common with the presidebt. I, too, have been mistaken for an employee in an establishment where I was, in fact, a customer.

Yet, I am white. Oh the horror....



Obama says we need more Arabic translators in Afghanistan

Link (ABC's Political Radar)


LOL, bad, I've lost count of the number of times that's happened to me. I must look like an employee or something.


This is fun, from Gateway Pundit:

Michigan lawmaker Thaddeus McCotter will introduce legislation on Monday demanding that President Obama aplogize to Cambridge police officer James Crowley.
The Hill reported:

Congress would demand that President Obama apologize to the officer the president said had "acted stupidly" in the arrest of a prominent Harvard professor under a resolution set to be introduced by one Michigan lawmaker.

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) will introduce a House resolution on Monday demanding Obama retract and apologize for remarks he has made about Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley this past week.

Obama had said at his prime time press conference Wednesday that Crowley had "acted stupidly" in the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, a racially-infused case which has sparked a national debate on race and policing.

The president refused to back down on his involvement in the case, but appeared in the White House briefing on Friday to say he had called Crowley to explain that never meant to insult the officer. (Obama also called Gates on Friday.)

McCotter's resolution would demand Obama "retract his initial public remarks and apologize to Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Sergeant James M. Crowley for having unfairly impugned and prejudged his professional conduct in this local police response incident."

You can generally pick 'em out of a crowd.

More likely, porchlight, you just look like you have the answers.



My sister was mistaken for an employee at Lowes. She had a red Christmas vest on and some lady came up to her and asked her if she could help her (if you've never been Lowes, the employees wear red vests). The funny thing is my sister had been in Lowes so much she knew where the item was and instead of explaining she was also a customer, she just took the lady to the aisle she needed. We still laugh about it.

There is a House in Cambridge, They call the Risen Won.

Let's not forget that this 'charity' thing is blowing up bigtime for Gates. No wonder Crowley acted as he did; instinct smelt the evil in the abode.


Unless he spoke to Crowley and learned Obama did not apologize to him over the phone, McCotter is acting stupidly.

Captain Hate

And, for those of you who don't think police officers break the law, please read the news more often

Keep digging, Junior; you're only making the hole bigger.

Speaking of which, I wish McCotter would stfu and let Bammer continue to make an idiot out of himself with no interference. For once, thank God Steele has kept his simple yap shut.


Recall that a black cop on the scene supported the arrest 100%. So it was a false arrest, just not racially motivated? He wasn't arrested because he's a "black" man, but...because the cop was white? Or, was he arrested because he's a black man, just that the other black man agreed?

0bama succeeded in providing a distraction, if that was his intent, but the distraction will lead to reduced police protection for blacks.

Seriously, how can anyone, even other blacks, support this buffoon Gates or his friend Barack?

I've said it before, but AA, and it's spawn the race hustling industry, has led to a very large part of what ails our society these days. And many of us who own real estate, and whose ancestors weren't anywhere near the US during slavery or Jim Crow, have paid a serious price for this betrayal of the founding principles of the country.

Cecil Turner

(And, for those of you who don't think police officers break the law, please read the news more often)

Why is it the lefties can't make a logical argument without relying on the lamest of fallacies? Or is this just in deference to Obama's "no strawman too silly to stuff" style guide?

If Gates did what Crowley wrote in the report, he was guilty of disorderly conduct. Period. There ain't no law against arresting someone for breaking the law, whether the DA declines to prosecute or not. So the "false" part of the "false arrest" is, well, false. (Just as Obama acted stupidly when he accused Crowley of acting stupidly.) Other than that . . .


I love Lowes. Probably in there once a week and more often when I'm doing flower beds. They keep a nice selection of perennials.

I've been mistaken for an employee in Macys, Walmart, and several nursuries. In Macys and Walmart I was returning merchandise to the shelves I found on the floor.

In the nursuries, someone had asked me a question about the plants we were looking at so others lined up to ask their question. I answered them and made recommendations. I haven't been sued yet...

Mr. bad thinks it is hilarious...


I must look like an employee or something.

Hopefully not bra saleswomen from Brooklyn, Porch and bad.


A scream, Joe has published his 'Dear racist officer Crowley' at Riehl World View, too, which is blowing up Gates's 'Charitable Foundation'.

Captain Hate

No, Capt.Hate, *I* do not have a life.

LOL; I meant to respond to this before but smacking trolls around is so much fun. I really wanted to read what Ignatz linked, since it looked interesting, but Melinda's comments about music reminded me of how much listening I've missed out on while interacting with you good people (for whatever reason I can't pay attention to music while on the innerwebbz like I can when reading a book; does anybody else find that to be true for them?). So I arbitrarily drew the line.


I stopped reading JOM for a couple of days and now I find it has gone even more downhill! Anyone who posts something not in lockstep with the obsessive putting-down of Gates is conveniently written off as a troll or axelturfter! The gang-like atmosphere, paranoid regulars, abusive cat-calling...can an innocent bystander call 911 and have "bad", "Captain Hate",etc... arrested for incitement and tumultous conduct?

Reading that Vanity Fair article I was struck by something - the police really treated Steyn as if he was a suspect in a home invasion. They put him in a position that protected not only them, but also Steyn in the event that he was not the criminal.

When Crowley initially approached Gates he didn't order him to "freeze". He didn't demonstrate by his policeman behaviour that there was any serious danger or that he genuinely thought he was dealing with a burglary-in-process. He acted more like he was making a traffic stop. Or just doing a routine id check on a (black) resident of the upscale(?) neighborhood. He failed to protect both himself and Gates from the possibility of real criminals lying in wait in the house. You might say he wasn't aggressive enough. Why?


This scrutiny of Gates' "charity" is delicious. Gates has accused Crowley of putting "fabrications in his report" and "falsifying his report" on Gayle King's (radio?)show. Inkwell may be an artesian well of fabrications and falsifications..


I made a mistake at a wedding reception when I was younger. I thought a very cute young man in a black tuxedo (minus the jacket) was part of the wedding party. Instead, he was a waiter. But he was a dead ringer for brother of the groom.

He was white so I'm pretty sure I wasn't racist...


Here's Gatesgate's reference to Reihl.


Ya know, mom, I think you're on to something. Do contact Skippy and encourage him to sue for lack of aggressive behavior on behalf of the Cambridge police department.

Rick Ballard


That's "Miss Grundy" to you, sister.



Great post from John Steele Gordon at Contentions on potential elements of a Republican alternative health insurance reform plan.

Gore One Ox At A Time


Oh bad I can beat that. I was invited to speak at a convention in Las Vegas for the annual meeting of a client. I was also invited to the big party the night before the convention started - a sit down dinner with probably 60 people almost all owners of a franchise. The wine was plentiful and flowing and after a few, when we ran out I leaned back and asked this nice young man dressed in a tux for another bottle.

He was the owner of the company's son - the one who was about to take over.

I was mortified but he was gracious as hell and we laughed about it all week.


Sorry Rick, I'm so ashamed.


Mayor Daley lectures presidebt on getting the facts before ya shoot off your mouth.



Jane, that's so funny. The kid sounds like a class act.


Mom, you are confused regarding Gates Saw Racism. I Saw Cops by Bruce Feirstein and our beloved Mark Steyn. Talk about going downhill.

Captain Hate

He was the owner of the company's son - the one who was about to take over.

I was mortified but he was gracious as hell and we laughed about it all week.

People with class recognize honest mistakes; parvenus not so much.


Porchlight, Gordon's ideas sound good to me. I hope the Reps are listening.

JMH, your post at 4:31, p.6, is so insightful. I agree with every word.

Rick Ballard

"I think criticizing Obama's English errors could be brilliantly used later in one of his scripted "teachable moments" to teach the nation about the continuing legacy of slavery."

Deb in NC,

I've been trying to figure out how Barry Dunham could use his incoherence in English as a "teachable moment". There is no "legacy of slavery" involved with him (unless you're talking about his father's side trading off the odd useless cousin to the Arabs). His father attended Harvard and his mother had a PhD. His grandmother was a successful bank executive. He attended a top notch prep school in Hawaii.

His buffoonish ignorance is a result of him having been a progressive/liberal pet. I can't see an iota of connection to the "legacy of slavery" charade. You make very sharp observations and I am truly puzzled as to what I'm missing.


Captain Hate, I think we're being unfairly profiled because of our names.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Here's Gatesgate's reference to Reihl.--

That's an interesting story.
First, a charity is required to give away a certain percentage of its income each year or risk losing its tax status. Don't have time to look further but he does not seem to have done so.
Second, awarding grants or assets to officers of the corporation is frowned upon. They are what is known as "prohibited persons" and you must justify such payments to the IRS which is not easily convinced.
Third, there are stiff penalties for not filing the IRS forms on time. The story seems to indicate he didn't file state forms on time, but often that means fed ones weren't either. Depending on how late the form is and how large the charity it can be anywhere from $1-$50,000 (I think)per yearly form. The upper limit is $10,000 on chaities which take in less than $200K per year but either $50k or $20k for larger ones, can't remember which.
Oh and each years returns are available to anyone who requests them.
He may regret talking about that rozzer's momma a great deal more, eventually.


Thanks, porchlight.


Why isn't Skippy up to date on charitable organizations IRS requirements? Rahm and Axelturf both operate charities out of their homes. Dude is connected!!


Mom, if you go to the Powerline link mentioned up thread you'll see that Crowley behaved according to protocol by asking Gates to come outside.

I agree that some people were a little harsh on some of the dissenters, but there were some genuine trolls, and some of the dissenters had the facts wrong.

Captain Hate

Captain Hate, I think we're being unfairly profiled because of our names.

Probably, but it's a name I was given by one of my co-workers and one which I richly deserved; and I relish going after trolls because they drag down the level of discussion to an unacceptable range with their inane "talking points".

But, to illustrate that I possess some degree of human sympathy or I'm growing soft, I've already erased a few responses to Ma Grundy for being overly mean-spirited. Maybe it's because her comment wasn't overly confrontationally illiterate, although I wonder if she knows what "tumultuously" really means.

And on that note, I'm off to listen to music, read and drink beer. I'll be back later.

Rick Ballard


I'm sort of curious as to those $500 grants. That's a lot less than Spitzer paid his 'research assistants'. Quantity discount?


LOL Rick, although I have NO IDEA to what you refer. (wink wink nudge nudge say no more, say no more)


What do you make of this?



Is africandna a money making venture.


from presidebt's speech to the press corp trying to correct their wrong impression of stupidly:

What I'd like to do then I make sure that everybody steps back for a moment, recognizes that these are two decent people, not extrapolate too much from the facts....

He's right ya know. It's always better to extrapolate from lack of facts as he did on Wednesday evening in his original remarks.


JM Hanes


I'll have to give Lynn Sweet props on that one, because it's the first actual transcript of Obama's 5 minute sua culpa I've seen.


Bill Kristol:

In a short note in the August 2007 Travel and Leisure magazine, Gates explains why Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard is his favorite place:

“I started going to Oak Bluffs in 1981 and fell in love with the light. It reminded me of the light in the south of France, near St.-Paul-de-Vence, which for me was a déjà vu experience—it evoked the summer of 1973, when I spent a wonderful time in France with James Baldwin and Josephine Baker....I spend every July and August in my house near Oak Bluffs. I love bicycling, and because of a hip replacement I had a couple of years ago, I had a 24-speed tricycle made by hand in Germany.” Etc.

Well! Now we know why he shouldn't even have to have a conversation with someone as lowly as a cop....



JMH, I wonder how much she cleaned it up...


"The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system,"

A Democratic Congressman, I think it was Carnahan, repeated this statement at a town hall meeting.


Maybe Skip will let Obama ride his trike during their MV vacation.


I didn't even know Martha's Vineyard allowed people of color to hang out there==this being such a racist country and all.....


BOSTON—, AfricanDNA.com, the first company dedicated to offering both genetic testing and genealogical tracing services for African Americans, is being launched this month by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University, in partnership with the Inkwell Foundation and Family Tree DNA, the world’s leader in genetic genealogy.

Can a non profit organization partner up with a for profit company?

JM Hanes


I haven't checked Sweet's transcript against the entire video, but the penultimate paragraph is identical to what I took down and posted here. She's done some good reporting on Obama/Revko etc. before, and while she may be a relative friendly, I doubt that her question at the presser was just dictated by the White House. I actually think she's better than most, when it comes to covering for Obama.


Thanks for your kind words!

JM Hanes

Rocco: Sounds like one of those public/private partnerships the Prez is so fond of!



Hot Air publishes an "Obamateurism of the day". A search of that title will get you to: http://hotair.com/?s=obamateurism+of+the+day ">here

Anyways, you might find material for your piece my using their search engine.

I started going through my Limbaugh letters (RUSH doesn't miss an opportunity), but they are mostly funny like:

"I do not want the government to run things. I've got enough to do."

"Paying for what you spend is basic common sense."

"That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker." (fly)

Here's a doozy:
"...That generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can't do to you, but doesn't say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf. And that hasn't shifted." (interview on WBEZ-FM 2001)

I've been laughing more than helping you. What is your deadline? Will keep looking. :)


A conversation with Skip Gates


Just doesn't seem ethical but what do I know!


Looks like he's wearing the same shirt on that tricycle as the one in his mugshot?

Rick Ballard

From Rocco's conversation link:

... and The Agony and the Ecstasy. That was the most erotic book I’d ever read, at the age of fourteen or fifteen. There was one page I must have read a thousand times. It describes a day when Michelangelo visits his mistress, and man, I read that page so often it turned a different color from all the other pages in the book.

The name of Michelangelo's favorite mistress (based upon the amount of poetry written to him by Michelangelo) was Tommaso dei Cavalieri. An hour in the Laurentian library provides great insight into Michelangelo's feeling about women (let somebody else do it).

Oh well, as Shakepear put it "a rose by every other name still smells".

Original MikeS

All in all, this really has been a teachable moment about race relations in this country. It is now obvious that about 90% of the racism in this country exists only in the mind of the offended minority.


He's more likable in that article than in the wake of this incident. And I thought it was interesting that he said class is a bigger issue than race - when up against the wall he played the class card - understandable I guess.



Should a past president of the HLR make fun of the Special Olympics? I think it was on Leno's show.

Night all

Mr. Obama first discussed with aides how to address the arrest during a meeting before his Wednesday news conference. Aides said Mr. Obama, a Harvard-trained lawyer, zeroed in on the fact that the arrest came after police confirmed that Professor Gates was in his own home.


Lynn Sweet is a liar. They may not have given her the question to ask, but they certainly gave her the subject matter. Melinda is right. We are being played.


Sorry. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/25/us/politics/25gates.html>correct link


I couldn't remeber where I got the NYTs story until I clicked back on Twitter. I kept looking here. Glasater tweeted a link to http://therealbarackobama.wordpress.com/2009/07/25/potus-sweet-tag-team-bludgeoned-blue-dog-dems-with-race-card/#comments>here. Interesting stuff.


Here is what Gatesgates was refering to. I posted earlier when I read Joe's comment at Protein Wisdom. Joe then put it at Riehlworld. Hilarious when you read it in "cool jive" voice as I did when my husband asked what the hell was I laughing at. Cracked him up too!!


Dear racist Sergeant Crowley,
You gotta understand,
It's just my Harvard status,
That get me out of hand.
Whites cops are all punks,
Affirmative action rules the land,
Golly Moses, natcherly I'm a skunk!

Gee. Officer Crowley, I'm very upset;
You did not give me the love that an elistist expects,
I ain't no delinquent,
I'm misunderstood,
And your mama aint no good!

Aint no good!

Your mama's no good, no good,
Just like your no good,
Because ever racist cop is no good.

Sir, I am just investigating a robbery!

Gates: Lemme educate you about the world!

Just tell it to the judge!

Gates(to "Judge Obama"):
Dear kindly Judge, your Honor,
Society treats me rough,
With all the racism out there,
I cant get grants to do my stuff.
White people pay $50,000 bucks,
So I can brainwash educate their spoiled kids.
Leapin' lizards, that's why society sucks!

Obama (getting word his poll numbers are plumeting and it is time to throw another pal under the bus):
Officer Crowley, you're really a square;
This elder professor don't need a judge, he needs an analyst's care!
It's just his neurosis that oughta be curbed.
He's psychologic'ly disturbed!

I'm disturbed!

He's disturbed. He's disturbed,
He's the most disturbed,
Like he's psychologic'ly disturbed.

In the opinion of Da One, this professor is
depraved on account
he ain't had a normal nonracist society.

Gates: Hey, I'm depraved on account I'm deprived!

Obama: So take him to a headshrinker.

Gates (to "Psychiatrist"):
Society treats me like a bastard,
The cop's an S.O.B.
They think all negros are plastered,
I broke in 'cause I lost my keys,
Axelrod has a mustache,
Michelle wears a dress,
Goodness gracious, that's why I'm a mess!

Officer Crowley, you're really a slob.
This professor don't need a doctor, just a good honest job.
Society's played him a terrible trick,
"Und" sociogic'ly he's sick!

I am sick!

He is sick, He is sick,
He is sick sick sick,
Like he's sociologically sick!

In my opinion this professor don't need to have
his head shrunk at all.
Elitist delinquency is purely a social disease!

Gates: Hey, I got a social disease!

So take him to a social worker!

Gates (to "Social Worker"):
Dear kindly social worker.
They say go earn a buck,
Like be a race documentary maker,
Which means like be a schmuck.
It's not I'm anti-social,
I'm only anti-work,
Glory Osky, that's why I'm a jerk!

Female social worker):
Officer Crowley, you've done it again.
Gates don't need a job, he needs a year in the pen.
It ain't just a question of misunderstood;
Deep down inside him, he's no good!

I'm no good!

He's no good, he's no good,
He's no earthly good,
Like the best of us is no damn good!

The trouble is he's crazy!

The trouble is he drinks!

Social Worker:
The trouble is he's lazy!

The trouble is he stinks!

The trouble is he's growing!

Social Worker:
The trouble is he's grown!

Crowley. we got troubles of our own!
Gee, Officer Crowley,
We're down on our knees,
'Cause no one wants a fella with a social disease.
Gee, Officer Crowley,
What are we to do!
Gee, Officer Crowley,
Crow you!

Posted by: Joe | Saturday, July 25, 2009 at 12:14 PM


Ann--thanks--I grabbed those though I couldn't get the Hot Air link to work.


Don't worry though I was able to backtrack th elink--


I hope Officer Crowley does not go to the WH. He has nothing in common with Obummer the Liar or Gates the Hater.


Here is an "Obamateurism of the day":

While promoting his new cap-and-trade energy tax bill, which passed the U.S. House last week, President Obama revealed in a White House address on Monday his model for the nation’s economy - California. “In the late 1970s, the state of California enacted tougher energy-efficiency policies,” Obama said, noting that the state and its residents use less energy today per capita than the national average. “Think about that,” he said, “California producing jobs, their economy keeping pace with the rest of the country and yet they’ve been able to maintain their energy usage in a much lower level than the rest of the country.”

Did he even complete high school?


Thanks again Ann and to all of you for everyone's contributions..

"They've got a bomb strapped to them and they've got their hand on the trigger. You don't want them to blow up. But you've got to kind of talk them, ease that finger off the trigger." -Barack Obama, Describing AIG,quoted on ABCNEWS.COM

(RUSH replies: We're releasing Gitmo detainees, reaching out to mad mullahs of Iran and "moderate" Taliban terrorists, ignoring threats from North Korea, China, and Russia, but the President believes the lethal security threat comes from an insurance company?


You are welcome, c.

My family is in Richmond and I stayed home with the dog. Just having fun reviewing the letters from RUSH. (Beats listening to the sisters-in-love-with-Obama-inlaws!)


Greetings from Billings, MT.

Here the story is in the paper, too. But the headline is a bit different from that of the NYT: President Backtracks on Remarks to Police Officer


Heh, Ann--glad to be of service.

Gosh, can I get me one of those Billings papers here?(to paraphrase that other genius John Kerry)


clarice, John "Hunting License" Kerry might want to stay away from here. Another story in these here parts is about a guy who was attacked by a bear but managed to get off three shots to -- I think -- kill the thing. There was a picture of him in his hospital bed (the man, not the bear!) all mauled and lookin' not too purty.


I stopped at Mt. Rushmore (which I've never seen) on my way from Pierre to Billings, and took a look at George W and friends. Gosh, does he look a lot like David Morse.



Also from Rocco's link:

"They’re drawn to my sexy red tricycle. And the secret is my bell. Anyone who passes me on the bike path gets the bell treatment, especially beautiful women, and that bell is just irresistible."

Is he really talking about his sexy red bell? LOL, do I dare call him sexist or worse, a pervert?


Ideas for Clarice's title:

"This is not about me, I am the President of the United States." or better....

"It turns out I'm very good at it."



Okay, for those who keep asking, when the call went in to the 9-1-1 operator about a possible break in, Crowley had reason to fo to that house. When Crowley saw that broken door, a fact that is in evidence by Gates own admission, Crowley had probable cause to search that house, no matter what Gates was saying. Period. There are too many cases on record of homowners being forced to say things. Crowley had no way of knowing that Gates didn't have a wife or child in another room with a knife to the throat.

Crowley would have been justified for hauling Gates in on a charge of interfering with an officer in the performance of his duty.

And now Gates is accusing Crowley of a crime, falisfying a report. Crowley should lawyer up, not with a defense lawyer but a civil lawyer and sue Gates for every penny he has, plus his pension.


"It turns out I'm very good at it."

A perfect juxtaposition, Ann. Well done.


♥ s Elliott

el polacko

unfortunately, this getting together for a beer thing will be seen as a 'healing moment between the races' even though there was nothing racial about the incident in the first place. so, gates and obama 'win'.. ugh.. i need a beer.

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