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July 08, 2009



Apparently there's lots of bucks to be made in this industry, mostly situated in The Valley. My DIL told me tales of the big $$ shoveled into Valley private schools by the owners of these outfits. I can't imagine what they bid on at the school auctions.
(Do not go there, Hit!!)

Thomas Collins

It's too bad that TM didn't post on porn while he was also posting on Plamegate. Then we could have snarkily posted about a porn movie set at a swingers' club involving Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson, Judith Miller, Fitzmas, Andrea Mitchell and Richard Armitrage, all of whom would be cavorting around while playing paddycake with yellowcake!

Parking Lot

I refuse to click the link but I bet any money they created a whole article of empty filler around the quote TM posted. The intent of this article was not to inform about the general state of pornograpy but to plant the specific seed that there's an association between "Girls in Glasses" and pornography

smear artists extraordinaire

Dave (in MA)


I thought the standard technique was to use words like 'pøŕn' to not positively match your site against certain searches. If we thought the spam was bad the past few days, just wait...


I'm certain front paging a porn story had nothing to do with trying to gin up circulation.
Look for alien abductions and mutant celebrity love children soon.
Won't be any more true than most of what they presently write, but it should be considerably more entertaining.

Dave (in MA)
Look for alien abductions and mutant celebrity love children soon.




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CAX3aJCoDg&feature=player_embedded>Send in the Clowns


the New York Times is news porn.


I noticed the "Obama Resets Ties" headline. On that note, another little Barack oopsie, this time while speaking to Russian business leaders:

Referring to the long history of Russia-U.S. trade stretching back more than two centuries, Obama told an audience of business people in Moscow:

"Along the way, you gave us a pretty good deal on Alaska. Thank you."

Czar Alexander II's sale of Alaska to the United States in 1867 for $7.2 million in gold, around 1.9 cents per acre, was regarded by Russians as a national disgrace -- particularly once it became clear that the province was rich in oil.

Moscow was short of cash at the time.

The Akhanitsa would not be so dense, I am certain.


So how is that different from other, non-pr0n movies?

Movies used to have plots and dialogue.

Now, they have special effects and one-liners.

Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

hit and run

(Do not go there, Hit!!)

I have to. I already RSVP'd.

Levi Strauss

Tommy has already worn out 3 copies of the "Nailin' Palin" DVD, and is seeking treatment for carpal tunnel.

He's been begging for the sequel, "Bristol Cream."


I guess those same people read Playboy for the articles?


Sex jokes about 14 year olds are always funny, Levi.


Oh wait. Bristol is 18. Still not funny.


It's kind of funny. No worse than the Nailin Palin one, especially when you consider most of the girls in these videos are around the same age as Bristol.

still very odd that the NYTimes would stoop to write an article like this just to generate interest. Sad really.

Jack is Back!

Didn't the guy in the original "Smart Alec" pr0n movie wear both black socks (ala Spitzer) and glasses? He looked like Clark Kent but who pays attention to the guy anyway.


Daughter and I the other day stopped at Bosco's comix shop for some filler for TC's daughter's Deadhorse Care package.

Talk about Pornography. Check ">http://www.tfaw.com/Search?quick_sstring=Bluewater+female+force&_results_sstype_search=&gclid=CKW84d_sxpsCFRYiagodOlSxBQ"> this out.. Work safe, but noxious.

Thomas Collins

Thanks for taking time to send stuff to my youngest, daddy. I have alerted her that a package is coming.

This seems to be turning into an "off topic is OK" thread, so I would like to point out for Harry Potter fans that a new Harry Potter movie is apparently happening soon. I don't know a thing about Harry Potter, but my child in Alaska says that she is going to Fairbanks for the movie opening in a week or so. Now, if those attuned to matters Harry Potter have information that there is no new Harry Potter movie, please let me know and I will attempt to find out what she is really doing in Fairbanks!


Tell me he didn't say anything that stupid to the man who fancies himself Alexander 111, not one of the good czars. Although he is more like Pobudenetsev, the power behind
the throne, a reactionary's reactionary, a scourge of Tolstoy, who he caricatured in Anna Karenina, an friend of Dostovevsky. Isn't this an invitation for the fellow to go after it.


There is indeed a new Harry Potter movie opening, TC. The London Premier was last night.
I'm not saying that's what she's really going to be doing in Fairbanks.



I'll be in China in 2 days, where for about 8 yuan (a dollar) you can buy any new movie release 2 months before it's out in theaters. We're allowed 1 bootleg item back thru US Customs per trip so I'll see if I can dig it up. Frequently not of the highest quality however.

Maybee above is correct. There was a gala opening last night, including Hermione having a wardrobe malfunction. I shan't link to that however, as I actually believe it was (for once) not intentional.



Since this post is sort of about "Blue photo's of Babe's", when Nicole gets to Fairbanks, she might want to do a quick stop at the University to see Alaska's most famous fossil: BLUE BABE

"Blue Babe

Alaska’s best-preserved Ice Age fossil isn’t a mammoth but a long-horned bison, Bison pricus. It was discovered near Fairbanks in 1979. A gold-miner was blasting through soil with a powerful hose when he saw legs with hooves, hide, and flesh! A mineral called vivianite gave the skin a bluish appearance, and the animal came to be known as Blue Babe.

The Ice Age mummy was examined by a paleontologist. He estimated that it lived about 35,000 years ago. It was an old male that died in winter, as suggested by its winter underfur. Winter is a hard time when many animals die of starvation. Part of the bison had been eaten.

The paleontologist was surprised to discover plentiful fat under the animal’s skin. Blue Babe hadn’t starved!

He studied scratch marks on the bison. They were similar to wounds African lions leave when killing buffalo. Had Blue Babe been killed by a pair of lions during an Ice Age winter?

A chip from a tooth was found under the skin. It was from a lion! The animal had probably tried to eat some more after Blue Babe froze and broke its tooth.

Cave paintings from Europe indicate that Ice Age lions had short manes or no mane at all and hunted alone or in pairs. Even today, lions that live in harsh habitats, like deserts, are short-maned and may hunt alone.

Blue Babe was likely killed by two short-maned lions, who fed on it for several days. Other animals may have fed on the carcass through the winter. In spring, a river buried it under sediments and it was preserved for 350 centuries."

Can't seem to dig up a photo of it, but saw it about 20 years ago and it really was cool. If she does decide to stop by, please ask if she wouldn't mind trying to take a photo for posting if they allow it. The Museum was also very good on Aurora Borealis exhibits, and one of their top sci prof's is anti-Global Warming, so it may not all be propaganda.


Malia Obama is running around Rome wearing peace sign t-shirts.


"Malia Obama is running around Rome wearing peace sign t-shirts."

What, she couldn't find one with ">http://www.thechestore.com/proddetail.php?prod=T53"> Che'? Geez, those kids are deprived.

Frau Atomkraft

Ugh! I'm old enough to associate peace signs with a chaotic and harmful period in our late 20th century history. They remind me of lawlessness, lost children and death by drugs and Weathermen's bombs.
Re: porn - "Al Does the Senate" Coming soon?


Damn liberals and their quest for peace and sustainability. Sickos.

Frau Atomkraft

Should read "Al Does the Senate" Now playing.

Ralph L

It's amazing the number of young women doing porn (guys like to show off, if they can), but there are probably a lot more prostitutes/strippers than we realize. You'd think the internet and huge supply, including amateurs, would take most of the money out of it. The un-tattooed ought to command higher fees.


Look up the definition of chump and go look in the mirror. My alarm clock has more computing power.


I don't mind the peace signs in general, it's just when her daddy is CinC at an international summit, and we still have soldiers dying in war, it seems like a statement better left out of the view of the cameras.


Do NOT google "New Sensations Studios" at work or in front of your kids.

One of my son's friends found a porn film that had been filmed in their home (previous owners).


Concur MayBee,

I don't blame the kids one bit. They're probably nice young ladies and products of their environment. If they were a bit older I would see it as youths natural defiant rambunctiousness, ala any of Ford's or Bushes kids etc. But at Malia's age, that shirts a Momma thing. No surprise though, due to the peculiar spectacles she views this country through, as evidenced in her previously stated opinions. Che' wise, I was just making fun.


Quick, someone appoint a Porn Czar before this terrible affliction infects Hollywood!

2012: It's a disaster!
(hysterical mashup sendup of the 2012 trailer and Hollywood's hyper-hypocrite-morality-play plots)

Frau Atomkraft

So far, the two girls are the one saving grace of this administration. I hold it against their father that they could have a dog *if* he won the presidency and they went to the WH.


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Thomas Collins

Thanks for the Harry Potter info, MayBee. I suspect if Nicole says she is going to Fairbanks for Harry Potter, she probably is. She was a HP fanatic in middle school and high school.

I am going to ask Nicole to take a picture of Blue Babe in Fairbanks, daddy. Hopefully she will be in Fairbanks long enough to visit the fossil.

Thomas Collins

Well, TM, at least your porn post hasn't generated any more spam than your other posts. Reliable joycekane spams again!


I'm ticked off they didn't at least give readers a reacharound by linking to the Girls with Glasses site.

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