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July 30, 2009


My dream date with Ann Coulter gone frigid

Are you really gonna bypass the 'birfer'
phenomenon for a whole day, Tommy?

My dream date with Ann Coulter gone frigid

It's a rich vein of opportunity for the antipathists.


Well here is the second act:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – A black sergeant who was at the home of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. when he was arrested says he's been maligned as an "Uncle Tom" for supporting the actions of the white arresting officer.

Cambridge Sgt. Leon Lashley gave a letter to Sgt. James Crowley to give to President Barack Obama during their so-called beer summit with Gates on Thursday night at the White House.

In the letter, which was also sent to CNN, Lashley says Gates "may have caused grave and potentially irreparable harm to the struggle for racial harmony."

Lashley says he has become known as a traitor to his heritage by some because he "spoke the truth" about the arrest.

Gates was charged with disorderly conduct by police investigating a burglary. The charge was later dropped.

My dream date with Ann Coulter gone frigid

Muchas Gracias

There must be more

My dream date with Ann Coulter gone frigid

You know you can do it. You must do it.


Joe: "gee, this here cold near beer sure is frosty good on a hot summer day"

Barry: "these American beers sure are good. I've never had this one before. What's it called again?"

Henry: " hmmmmm....."

Jim: " uh, yes sir."

Dave (in MA)

Oh, for crying out loud...
The other night I was making fun of Beer Summit and listed it along with Yalta 1945, Peking 1972 and Camp David 1978. Please tell me that the Globe isn't serious: Famous White House Meetings

As the home of the world's most powerful leader, the White House has been the setting for many important meetings between presidents, world leaders, and pop-culture icons. Click through this gallery for a look at these meetings, going back to 1829.


Ha! That white fucking wingnut cop got his ass handed to him by Obama and Gates.

Suck it, you mouthbreeders,,,,

Terry Gain

Editors at The Onion are either in heaven or redundant.

Made me chuckle until I read this silliness:
Are you really gonna bypass the 'birfer'
phenomenon for a whole day, Tommy?
Posted by: My dream date with Ann Coulter gone frigid | July 30, 2009 at 09:26 PM


Perhaps, my dream etc you might wish to debunk this:

Or this:

A dogcatcher gets vetted more thoroughly than the guy now destroying America.


During the campaign Biden said he didn't drink.


Overheard at the Beer Summit:

JRB: "I like beer! (burp!)"

BHO: "As I've always said, uh, I would rather be sitting here, right now, with you people of, uh, diverse backgrounds, than with the, uh, finest people in the world...uh...umm. [Thinking fast] Uh, how's that beer, fellows? [aside, sotto voce, "dammit, get a shot of my good side! My smile, you idiot, my smile!"]

HLG: "Got any crackers? Heh, get it? Now, as I was saying, white folks greed runs a world in need...just look at the long, brutal, racist history of policing..."

SGT: "..."

MSM: (observing from a discrete distance) "Ahhhh. Isn't he DREAMY? Ooohhh, look, he's looking MY's my hair look?"


No, he's not a disrespectful jerkwad like you, Septic, he seems to be the only one actually drinking the beer. Seems like the wrong people are at the pinnacle of govt and academia, yes I throw "Slo Jo" in there

Terry Gain

Accrding to Fox, Biden had a non-alcoholic beer. Not everything these guys say is a lie.

Dave (in MA)

Biden doesn't drink alcohol.

He's just always like that.

Original MikeS

It is very sad to see that Gates is not willing to cede the opportunity to portray himself as a racial victim, even though it is obvious that Sgt. Crowley had no racial motives for his actions.

An explanation by Gates of precisely what Sgt. Crowley did in the first few minutes of their confrontation that Gates believes was due to racial profiling, would be newsworthy.

Rick Ballard

"Biden doesn't drink alcohol."

And he still can't touch his nose with his eyes closed, walk a straight line or recite the alphabet backwards beyond X. Think what might happen if he actually had a beer.


Think what might happen if he actually had a beer.

I'm trying to imagine the complete opposite result of the Popeye-eats-spinach effect...

JRB turns into...Edward's love child?

Status Quo Ideologue

Are you mouthbreeding 1%ers still crying,,,, in yer beer?!

Hahahahaha, suck it wingnutfuckers!

Jack is Back!

Well, this just figures. The Auto Task Force that doesn't own any American cars and now the POTUS drinking a Belgium-owned beer while the other two guys drink All-American beers. Whatever happened to the Buy-America clause in the stimulus?


There is a way cooler beer drinking scene in American history worth mentioning than today's photo-op.

1787, Ben Franklin has returned to America, a Constitutional Convention has finally been scheduled, and George Washington has agreed to come up to Philly to Chair the thing. On his arrival a day or so early, he immediately goes to the residence of Ben Franklin to pay his official repects. The history books say that for the occasion, Ben Franklin popped a keg of dark beer and that he and George sat by themselves thru the night discussing matters of consequence to the New Nation. No PC photo-ops, no preachy-teachy moments, no muddle-headed, pole-driven banter; just 2 adults figuring out over a keg of beer how to bestow upon a new nation the finest form of free Republican Government this world has ever seen.


Gates sure did give a sweet note in the Root. And I think he realizes that there is absolutely no proof what so ever that he was racially profiled--thus all the garbage about free speech. And still no apology.

And I am with many others in saying that his conduct would be much easier to excuse if he didn't call his lawyer and keep up the racialist BS for days after the event.


"Ha! That white fucking wingnut cop got his ass handed to him by Obama and Gates."

Er, yes,Septic.The president of the USA,the Vice president of the USA and the perp,thats the organ grinder,the monkey and the banana,conjoin to hand a lowly police sergeant his ass? Oh, how they must be laughing in Beijing,Moscow,Tehran,Caracas,Havana and Paris.The Arab street will have fired off a years supply of 7.62 rounds, the Earth wobbled on its axis at the merriment of it all. Declare a national holiday,Obama's Day,where the multitudes can wear clown suits ,the rulers and the ruled exchange places.


My imaginary son and I had a beer last night, wingerz, and we got so drunk it was like we were guests on Larry King. It does some interesting things when taken in combination with the meds that the winger doctors gave me, which make my son disappear so I stop taking them. Plus it makes the sky look blue...


That isn't the sky it's your colon Septic. But,hey! A democrat through and through.


Rass hanging in the at -11. And at a 48% approval from likely voters, he's lost the muddle. And since 78% consider him "very liberal" and a majority hate his socialist health care plan, doubt he'll ever get the mojo back.


Are you calling me one of those cowardly blue dogs, PUKe? Those traitors are aligning themselves with the RePUKes to keep you wingerz from paying for my cosmetic surgery so my imaginary son might like me more.

Captain Hate

And since 78% consider him "very liberal" and a majority hate his socialist health care plan, doubt he'll ever get the mojo back.

Let's see, there are probably at least 30% of the population that hate the country and have no desire to ever work for a living who form the bedrock base of The Vomit's support that will never change. That leaves 20% that he has to convince that he knows how to get the economy operating well again even though he demonstrably has no clue about how to do so.

Axelrod and Rahm have to both be gripping seriously. They can't dissuade Obastard from holding pressers and town halls even though he sounds like a stuttering moron who is poorly prepared for giving a high school presentation and the numbers continue to drop. Members of his own party know it would be political suicide to vote for the DMV conducting health care. Sending morons like Septic talking points was a daft strategery even under the best of circumstances.

What alternatives do they have? The Cash for Clunkers worked out well.


They can't dissuade Obastard from holding pressers and town halls

CH, it could also be that Obama can't really do anything except stand behind a podium and talk, so they're kinda stuck. I mean what else can he do? He can't talk to lawmakers on their own turf, they find him laughable. He can only take so many foreign junkets and those haven't been great for ratings either.

I bet they can't wait for him to go on vacation.


Not sure the Taleban approve of gender re-assignment Septic.


There was just something about a beer being served on a silver platter that just wasn't right. The whole ordeal was an embarrassment.


When I saw them sitting around that table, I couldn't help but think of Uncle Frank and Gramps drinking whiskey out of emptied jelly jars and singing dirty limericks to 10 year old Obama.

Uncle Pinky

Suck it, you mouthbreeders,,,,

Did ... did .... did cleo just call me some kind of ... fish?

Sad, I think, to watch the last remnants of an originally inferior mind slipping further into the abyss.


Victor Davis Hanson mentions Gates and Obama at the end of this excellent, but gloomy, piece -"Reflections On What Went Wrong". At this point in our history, it's hard to see how our downward slide can be reversed.

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