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July 28, 2009


Melinda Romanoff


There's a reason there are only eighteen perfect games, teamwork and circumstance.

Good for Mark, because he IS the best in the leagues right now.

And a nice guy, to boot.

Dave (in MA)

Nice going, Buehrle.

(Happy Jim Rice Day.)


There have been 7 perfect games pitched since my son was born. He was at the game for 2 of them (Rogers and Johnson). Weird factoid of the day...

Ralph L

Stephanie, he should contact his favorite pitchers for free tickets.


Heh. His favs are retired now... Maddux & Glavine.

Tommy Hanson is a possibility...


Well, Buehrle did set a new record for consecutive batters retired. Boy, they keep track of everything, don't they?

I wonder though, will 45 consecutive batters retired be as hard to break as hitting in 56 consecutive games?


Heck Phelps had last years suit and he couldn't win the 200M.


I forgot. The winner, the German Ber???? said that the new (this year's suit) took 2 seconds off his time.


Henry Louis Gates Jr., the black professor at the center of the racial story involving his arrest outside his Harvard University-owned house, has spoken proudly of his Irish roots.
Strangely enough, he and the Cambridge, Mass., police officer who arrested him, Sgt. James Crowley, both trace their ancestry back to the legendary Niall of the Nine Hostages.


Pretty good article on our current financial state and it's links to personal Debt.



Once the suits are banned next year, the current records could last a long time, something I'm sure the current record-holders don't mind.

Ralph L

The obvious solution is to make everyone swim nude. The secure men will all use an ice bucket before each race.


I know of at least one high school in Chicago which had nude swim classes. Dad of one of my classmates, so the era would have been 50's, maybe early 60's.

Ralph L

Cathyf, it was quite common at YMCA's to have separate swimming times. I think the East German Olympic practiced nude for a while in the 80's. With all the 'roids, they had difficulty telling the men from the ...men.

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