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July 07, 2009



I'm with H&R...thats a great idea for JOM posters btw....kinda like a meet and greet. I'm looking at attending the Red State affair in Atlanta at the end of the month. good spot for partisan GOP nut jobs like me. Still 10 days before football practice starts, too.

Gibe details of ATL Tea Party, Hit. I'd love to start posting their stuff as it is.


Thanks for providing the link to your blog, Jim. I'd lost it.


((That's it. You drive north to ATL and pick up Jim and Stephanie -- then pick up DebinNC and head my way. Me and JMHanes will meet y'all somewhere on I85/I40, and then we'll storm DC. RichatUF, get in here if you're still around Tallahassee. Larry??? Who else???))

I'm in if I can afford it... mom is pushing me to go to Dallas with her in August to see my brother.

hit and run

Stephanie, together, we can afford it.

BobS, we're talking about a roadtrip to DC for the national tea party 9/12. Jane is the hostess and main eye candy draw.

Jim Miller

BobS - You're welcome.

BTW, I posted a new generic congressional vote chart today. (I plan to do the charts once a month as long as the results look interesting.)

And some of you might like my 3rd and 4th of July pictures.


I'm in...


NICE!First class!

abad man

Brooks exemplifies journalism. His opinion is the truth, and if you all weren't such ill-bred curs you'd realize this.


Oh, wow.....9/12 is a Saturday.....(smell that wood burning?)

JM Hanes


WOW. That is one spectacular photo of fireworks! Liked where your generic vote chart is going too.


"His opinion is the truth, and if you all weren't such ill-bred curs you'd realize this."

Well, we are ill-bred curs, so yes, we don't realize it.


Tom Hanks and Barack Obama have two things in common, both are excellent imitators and both are celebrities manufactured by Kingdom Hollywood.

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