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August 17, 2009


Thomas Collins

Well, if we're going to add sailing to the JOM Sports Universe, let's see some videos of sailboat races! See LUN.


funny little boats, those optis. My kids sail them.


If its speed that excites then you should have seen the 100 meter dash yesterday evening. Insane Bolt of lightning just demolished his own record, running a 9.58.

Dave (in MA)

Way hey and up she rises,
Way hey and up she rises,
Way hey and up she rises,
Earl eye in the morning...


I couldn't go 100 meters in 9.58 seconds if I jumped off a cliff. Tyson Gay ran a 9.71 in that race, which would have been a world record at the beginning of August last year - and was still good for the American record - and he wasn't even close.

Apparently there's a lot of excitement over Yang as the first ever Asian winner of a major. "I've been waiting for this moment for years," said Tida Woods, originally of Thailand.


Tida was speaking to her brother Sicka...

caro "three arm" crusher


Most amazing sailboat races are in the Bahamas at the Family Island Regatta each April. This is from this year, my fifth time being in George Town, Exumas, for these races.


Wait a minute, Tiger Woods' mother is Siamese. That makes him Asian.

Stephanie "the Ice Pick"

New qualifier... "Born on asian soil."

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