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August 11, 2009



Um..no Mr. Journolist. Logic hasn't run out. It's just that the puppies are too smart to eat the thin socialist gruel they're being offered.

Let's say it again

The American people have figured out that the so called Health Care Reform bill is just a bigt fat Trojan Horse fashioned by the socialist in chief to implement single payer within the next decade.

The proposed plan will utterly destroy private insurance and healthcare.

And we like our healthcare. It's the best in the world.


Does Klein really think that saying "give us this power .. we promise to use it the way you want" is supposed to convince people? Obama seems to.

Klein and co. were probably taught that "separation of powers" was a notion introduced to facilitate oppression by rich white males.



Who would you rather deliver your mail or your healthcare?

Simple Pithy and EVIL!


BTW some "stupid" person was winking at supporters today... any guesses who it was?


True story. When I was just out of nursing school, my first job was at a public hospital. The RNs were not members of unions, but the NAs etc. were.

We had a NA on my floor who was a total disgrace. Not only was her personal hygiene disgusting (she NEVER washed her lab coat or work clothes) but she was caught falsifying charts (instead of getting vital signs, or collecting urine samples, she would just make stuff up.)

Now when she got caught, what happened?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. She was a member of the union.

Poor people don't like public hospitals. Why? Because they think they'll get inferior care.

And in many cases they're right. Not because the hospital doesn't get as much money as private facilities, but because so many of the people who work in these institutions are union members, and no matter how horrible or incompetent they are, the hospital can not get rid of them.

And if we get Obamacare, within 10 years, every hospital in America will be just like that.


From the comments at Ace's...

You know, this analogy is going to be dynamite for the opposition to Obamacare. POTUS set up his own strawman and it killed him instead. Captain Tupolev would be proud(please excuse the movie version for the book version).

In 2004 the USPS signed an agreement with FedEx to save money. Yep, to save money. Why? Well the USPS really fucking sucked donkey balls at transporting overnight mail both domestically and outside US borders. They called FedEx to help. They soon thereafter brokered a deal.


LUN #80

Original MikeS

Snake Oil.

There was a problem with the way this debate began. The President said the recession was caused by health care costs. He said the deficit was caused by private health care and insurance. He said there is no way out of the recession without overhauling our health care system.

The President went on to say his health-care plan would reduce costs, increase access, and improve the quality of medical care while covering 47 million more people than the current system.

I don't know who makes up the President's lies, but these are insanely big lies.


the funny thing is that now Obama is trying to saddle FedEx with additional costs so that they can be just as efficient as the Post Office.

and yes, MikeS, our Dear Leader seems to be flying into face of logic. He is like unto the Sun King. "I say it, therefore it is so". His Wednesday night soirees will be held henceforth at the newly named Petit Trianon, where the veggie garden used to be....

Her Highness shall be attired in $500 sneakers and the latest in Jean Charles Penne' just so that the little people know she feels their pain. They will be serving confections similar to His Highness' birthday cake but fancier....


Reposting this from 4 links back. Took me forever to catch up this morning.


The Riehl story says he will be on the Eddie Burke Radio Show in Anchorage later today. That show starts at 2 PM Alaska time (6 pm East Coast time) and lasts for 3 hours. It is not near as good as listening to Jane, but ">http://www.kbyr.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&id=4&Itemid=10"> here is the website for his podcast. I think by searching around a bit you should be able to figure out how to listen live, but if not I will try to link tonight to the applicable podcast of today's show when the Riehl interview comes up.


Just FYI, yesterday a Health Care meeting with Begich went down in ANC. I knew one was supposed to be upcoming because of catching a mention on the Eddie Burke Show, but never got a date or location. I continually and conscientiously monitored the ADN for an announcement of the meeting but it was never reported at all. Found out via Talk Radio it was unexpectedly underway yesterday while I was bike-riding. Now there is a big front page story on it in the ADN. This is a beautiful example of the MSM carefully withholding the details of a public Health Care Meeting from the Public, but then after it occurs, reporting all about it as if everybody knew it was going to happen all along. Anyhow, luckily Talk Radio was able to get the word out to enough citizens to allow our voices to be heard and to prevent it from simply being a Mark Begich photo-op. An angry but well informed John Q Public did good.


What was the teleprompter on symphathy strike for his SEIU brethren? Why would he ever bring up a comparison of FED EX with the USPS, in a debate about whether to have a "public option" in health care?

Every reader over about 8 years old will mentally substitute USPS = public option, and FED EX is making money and the USPS just announced they are losing money like crazy, but because of Congress, they cant even adjust their delivery times to try to get the costs in line with their revenues.

He just lost the debate. Its like he was channeling Joe Biden or something. Dont lefties always tell us how smart this cat is suppose to be? Bush never made such a gaffe, so draw your own conclusions on this one.


GMAX that's because Bush was speaking to facts not trying to obscure them...


Daddy, Alaska needs a new newspaper.

He did just lose the debate--that's the kind of genius he is--to misunderstand that Americans who have to deal with the assclowns at the USPS regard that shop as a damned nightmare . (Do not get me started on my dealings with them this week.!!)

"And I think Americans are inherently more comfortable with a bias towards proaction than inaction, even if the latter is cheaper and more restful.
"This one is--At 67 I'll make my own darned decisions instead of someone on the SEIU payroll, thank you.


GMAX, lack of TOTUS....

Thomas Collins

Now I get ObamaCare. When I need a check-up, I go to the post office! I just hope those scales that indicate the proper postage can hold MY weight! :-))


It would be helpful to have a doctor at the Post Office. I could get overhauled in the time it takes to get to the counter and receive "service."


Riehl's story is upo--he just busted Jesse Griffin and the Dem activist richies who funded his attacks on Palin.



But Clarice, to him, the USPS IS a vastly superior product simply because it IS govt run. Besides, once his socialitst administration gets it running just right it will be a marvel that will put those evil capitalistic pigs FEDEX out of business...



I didn't notice at first that was a quote. It didn't sound like your typical way of expressing yourself.


Clarice, I think Obama has lost his mojo. People know that this was just another potempkin townhall with planted questioners.

They are getting tired of the typical old socialist game plan. With Obama, you've got to watch what he does, not what he says.

If the election were held today, I seriously doubt he would win either the dem primary or the general election.

Original MikeS

Obama says panels of government employees (SEIU members?) who will decide whether or not a patient will receive medical treatment, will not be called death panels. "I don't want "death panels,"" said Obama.
No word yet on what Obama wants to name the panels.


As someone totally pro-death panel, I abhor the disingenuousness of the Obama administration.

Healthcare reform is based on the premise that the 70% spent on end of life procedures could finance universal coverage by using a set of parameters that would reasonably establish what is and isn’t an acceptable expenditure of public money.

Of course, those who can afford it will live forever – or at least it will seem like forever compared to those who don’t have additional money for the procedures deemed not cost effective. If the left could accept the fact that all treatment won’t be equal and honestly make the debate about what the limits of care should be, meaningful progress could be made.

Naturally, in spite of my desire to see successful death panels, if the liberals admitted their desire to rid society of the “surplus population” I would join in the demagoguery and rejoice in the ensuing 50 years of political banishment they would suffer for even hinting that Granny should be put down.

Let’s all encourage Obama to step up to the plate and swing for the fences.


Thanks, clarice re: Riehl. Going over to read it now.

Ace is busting on "Team Crazy" today and saying the protesters are over the top. He can't be argued with, he made up his mind before he hit publish on the post.

Boy, I am really sick of these clean toga types. People are putting themselves completely on the line to stop this horrific thing going through, and guys like Ace are worried some of that righteous anger is going to rub off on them and make them look bad. Talk about walking into a Dem trap.


I love the the claim that "you won't be waiting in any lines."

I've only had one doctor in my entire life for whom that claim was true.

What a stupid, stupid, stupid claim to make. How many more millions are supposed to enter the healthcare system with this bill?

More patients but the same amount of doctors = no lines at the doctor's office.

Math is hard...


"What was the teleprompter on symphathy strike for his SEIU brethren? Why would he ever bring up a comparison of FED EX with the USPS, in a debate about whether to have a "public option" in health care? "

Because Oabam has never had contact with the real world that people live in. The bozo simply does not know!

Jim Ryan

They're not death panels. They're just panels of bureaucrats who ration the expensive care at the end of life and promote palliative and hospice care.


In other words, the questions reformers have to answer is not "when did you stop beating your wife?" It's "what will prevent you from beating your wife?"

Well, when you are dealing with a guy who has said for years, "I think that wives need a good beating every so often,' I think that it is a legitimate question.


I hope Sarah Palin's lawyers have the stuff published at Rheilworld. Go after the big money Sarah! expose Obama for the Chicago gangsta creep that he truly is!!!


More patients but the same amount of doctors = no lines at the doctor's office.

Actually probably fewer doctors after the inevitable massive MD retirement wave once this thing hits.

But, no lines! No rationing!

Yeah, math is really hard for these folks.


Ring the doctor for an appointment.

"Sorry that doctor not free until next Wednesday".

"Who have you got?"

"DR so and so next Tuesday"

"I'm ill today".

"Well if you ring after 8:30 tomorrow morning and see if we have any cancellations"

"The hearse is picking me up at 9 o'clock,can I get a doctor to come today?"

"WE have one at 3 o'clock. What are your symptoms?"


"I'll get a doctor to ring you back"



Sorry PaulL I put the "from Ace's site" at the top, but didn't want to frag the thread with an html goof.. I've been dyslexic with the keypad all day.


The lines to the direct flights to New Delhi will reach around the block.


Rush is slicing up Obama's dog and pony show today..Apparently he promised that his plan will give us all the options Congress has..LOL..


What an idiot!!


Apparently he promised that his plan will give us all the options Congress has

When does K Street back up to my door? I need time to get the freezer cleaned out...


They're not death panels.

Quite right. They are Aspirin Panels. Also, the Democrats will work very hard next year to make sure millions of hardworking, middle-class families are not devastated by the 2011 Bush tax increase.


Interesting that Obama would mention FEDEX as the pinnacle example of a private company that does correctly what the Government can't do correctly. Because folks with good memories will recall that just 2 month ago Fred Smith of FEDEX was railing against the Obama
proposal that FEDEX would have to have CARD CHECK Legislation, which Fred Smith said would clobber FEDEX's ability to continue to provide the wonderful service he currently provides, and force him to ">http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2214257/posts"> cancel the purchase of 30 new Boeing Aircraft at a cost of mega-millions of dollars.

If you care to read a much longer statement on Fred Smith's detailed argument as to why the President's proposed Legislation would clobber FEDEX's demonstrated and enduring outstanding performance as a private company, immediately below this I will post a letter from Mr Smith of 10 June 2009. I am sorry I cannot link to it, so apologies in advance for having to print the entire thing, and feel free to skip over it.

I must say though that I simply find it amazing that Obama on the one hand praises FEDEX for not being dicked up like the Government, while at the same time he tries his very best to exactly dick up FEDEX. Any bets on if he'll be called on it by the MSM?


MSM is too stupid to get it, daddy.


Daddy, FEDEX is just a toy to be played with by those in charge.. they don't care if they make sense, they don't care if the hurt the plaything... the plaything is to be tossed around like a seal with a shark until its usefulness ends... then the shark will eat it and look for another toy.


Why would he ever bring up a comparison of FED EX with the USPS

Chicago pols and their pals mentally associate "Fed" with "high expenses" and "long periods of time". AKA "fines" and "sentences".


Way O/T:

Tonight, Hannity will be featuring 2 segments from my neck of the woods, about the man-made drought and the destruction of agriculture in the Central Valley.

I am not sure how comprehensive the segments will be, but I am hoping for the best.

Please watch, if you can.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Here is the YouTube about the post office.


At another point he said: “Well, first of all, another myth that we've been hearing about is this notion that somehow we're going to be cutting your Medicare benefits. We are not. AARP would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining Medicare, okay?”

Another senior moment?



Here">http://www.newsmax.com/us/fedex_ups_campaign/2009/06/08/222823.html">Here is a Newsmax story detailing the background of the FEDEX/Card Check situation that is worth reading.

And below are portions of a Fred Smith letter stating his philosophy as to why he opposes Card Check Legislation:

FedEx responds to UPS lobbying
While the tough economy has been one of the biggest challenges we face at FedEx, it’s certainly not the only one. Another huge issue we must tackle is an effort by UPS to have Congress reclassify the status of FedEx Express under the Railway Labor Act (RLA). Let me explain in more detail what this means to FedEx...It’s a bit of a history lesson, but one you must clearly understand to appreciate what’s at stake for FedEx. It all begins with the RLA.

The Railway Labor Act

The Railway Labor Act was originally passed by Congress in 1926 to govern railroad labor negotiations and limit economically crippling strikes. The law was a direct response to damaging local strikes that had bottle-necked railroads, the national transportation system of that time. As transportation systems evolved, the law expanded to cover airlines and express carriers. FedEx Express, as an air express carrier with a combined air/ground network, has been correctly covered under the RLA since its founding.

The purpose of the RLA, then and now, is to offer employees a way to unionize if they choose and engage in collective bargaining while, at the same time, protecting national (now global) commerce from crippling work stoppages. Removing FedEx Express from RLA jurisdiction could expose our customers to local work stoppages that interrupt the flow of time-sensitive, high-value shipments through our global network. Keeping our RLA classification means our customers can count on the reliability of our FedEx Express service.

FedEx Express and the RLA

All employees at U.S. airlines have always been covered by the RLA, and FedEx Express remains an airline-centered operation. The RLA status of FedEx Express has been continually reaffirmed by courts and federal agencies. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided in 1991 that FedEx is exactly the kind of integrated system covered by the Railway Labor Act. The Supreme Court declined to even hear the case because of the soundness of the ruling. In 1996, Congress also reaffirmed that FedEx Express employees were classified properly under the RLA. Every court or agency that has looked at the issue has ruled that FedEx Express belongs under the RLA.

Differences in the RLA and the NLRA

The RLA was specifically designed to govern the unique circumstances of national transportation systems to minimize strikes that would shut down large portions of the economy. Under the RLA, groups that wish to unionize must do so across nationwide classes of employees. The RLA also requires mandatory government-led mediation of contract disputes supervised by the National Mediation Board before a union can strike or an employer can replace employees or impose contract terms

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) is another law that governs union organizing and collective bargaining. It is a more general piece of legislation geared to general and local labor situations. The NLRA covers the vast majority of American workers since only a small percentage of people work in national transportation systems. Under the NLRA, employees can unionize in small localized groups, and government-led mediation is not a required step in the negotiation process.

UPS and the NLRA

UPS has been under the NLRA since that law was passed in 1935 because it has always been a ground company. When UPS began its airline segment in the early 1980s, the employees in that segment were classified under the RLA – like all other airlines, including FedEx Express. But UPS does not handle their air shipments in a separate and distinct network that ties directly into their air operation, as FedEx Express does. That’s why their pickup and delivery employees have remained covered by the NLRA.

Throughout the 1990s, UPS tried to have their drivers reclassified from the NLRA to the RLA. Only after a decade of failure at that effort did UPS join the Teamsters in trying to reclassify FedEx Express. That is why UPS and the Teamsters are now putting so much time, money and effort into changing the RLA itself.

The UPS Campaign

For the past few months, FedEx Express has been the target of an extensive lobbying campaign by UPS and the Teamsters to have Congress pass legislation to change our status under the RLA.

This campaign resulted in language being inserted into the House version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill that would alter the status of most FedEx Express employees. That provision is not in the Senate version of the bill at this time. The Senate will likely complete a second version of the bill, and the two versions would then be reconciled into a final bill to be voted upon by both houses of Congress in the coming months.

We firmly believe the RLA is the proper classification for our company. Unlike our competition, we operate an integrated air/ground network and handle air shipments separately in that network. RLA jurisdiction gives us the best opportunity to deliver reliable, uninterrupted service to customers. It is that superior service that has allowed us to grow despite the best efforts of a larger competitor -- UPS. Their current lobbying campaign, working hand-in-hand with the Teamsters, seeks to gain a competitive advantage they have been unable to achieve through their service performance.

The Teamsters apparently think removing many FedEx Express employees from RLA jurisdiction would allow them to unionize FedEx Express employees more easily. That would allow the Teamsters to get new dues-paying members.

FedEx Express has always acknowledged that employees have the right to unionize if they so choose, and respects the laws and regulations that ensure that right. And the RLA does not prevent employees from unionizing—as evidenced by the fact that more than 70 percent of employees covered by the RLA are represented by unions. Of course, FedEx Express does prefer to deal directly with employees, without a third party in between. Our 38-year track record as one of America’s best places to work and best service providers shows that formula works very well for our employees and our customers...


LOL, bgates.


Why bring up FedEx? Because he's trying to lull us into believing that he supports private enterprise and the free market.

NOTHING could be farther from the truth.

If he could, he'd nationalize FedEx.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via Gateway Pundit, who has been doing a yeoman's job:

GraniteGrok reported, Via Free Republic:

One of the Free Staters was accosted by either an SEIU or AFSCME union thug. The story, corroborated by several sources, is that the Free Stater said something that the Union thug did not like and hauled off and spit into his video camera and then kicked him in the groin.

The camera was running so hopefully it will surface soon. I have asked that if anyone knows the Free Stater to see if he would come over and talk with us.

Ezra's dreams of a pre-30th-birthday cushy health czar job in a corner office surrounded by progressive intern babes and lobbyist gifts must be crumbling right around now.

Thomas Collins

Something tells me that no governmental bureaucrat or private insurance official will be denying the 87 year old woman described in the LUN any medication or treatment she demands.


Tapper ever so gently takes Ibama to the woodshed. Tapper calls the false claim a "senior moment" but it's probablY Ibama forgetting he wasn't supposed to mention a backroom deal....



With hopes of bringing a note of cheer, late last night I received my "Notice of Award" letter (or rather, email) from NIH.



He brought it up for the same reason he brought up bitter clingers or--being barely able to speak grammatical English himself he said all American kids should speak another language:He has picked up smidgeons of stuff about American life at academic soirees and draws on it when he needs to sound like he's part of upper class American life. Surely Gates and his pals have blabbed about the efficacy of UPS vs. USPS. to make some point or another while nibbling Brie.


Congratulations, DrJ!!


Congratulations, DrJ! Wonderful news!

Bet that was an exciting envelope to open.


ooooh doornail...

After the event, Isakson issued a statement denouncing Obama’s attempt to connect him to language in the bill. He said that he successfully offered an amendment in a Senate version of the bill that allows individuals to “make their own choices on these critical issues rather than the government incentivizing doctors to conduct counseling on government-mandated topics.”

Isakson ultimately voted against the Senate Health and Education Committee’s version of the bill.

“This is what happens when the president and members of Congress don’t read the bills,” Isakson, R-Ga., said. “The White House and others are merely attempting to deflect attention from the intense negativity caused by their unpopular policies. I never consulted with the White House in this process and had no role whatsoever in the House Democrats’ bill. I categorically oppose the House bill and find it incredulous that the White House and others would use my amendment as a scapegoat for their misguided policies.”

I think this bill should be postmarked "Return to Sender."


RE Capturing YouTube Videos

I posted this at the end of the last "send better rebuttals" thread (what can I say, I'm a "bit behind" in my reading!) but thought I should repeat it here:

There's a great little free plug-in for Firefox called "Download Helper" that you can get at http://www.downloadhelper.net/ It works really well.

Most YouTube videos are in .flv (Adobe media player) format so you may want to convert to something else, but anyone can download Adobe Media Player for free.

Hope this helps.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Congratulations DrJ


That is great news DrJ!

Uhhh, what does it mean?


Great news, DrJ.


Awesome DRJ!


Thanks bad and PL!

Now on to the indirect (namely, overhead) negotiations. These are real costs, so this is important. As an aside, you only get paid a 10% overhead rate until this task is completed; then you get reimbursed for whatever you have negotiated. Since FICA takes 7.5%, that is essentially nothing.

I hired a former CFO who took her company public to do this for me. I'm no accountant.


Great news, Dr.J!

And I just want to add Andy McCarthy to the good guys at NRO.

no goons

comparing the usps to fed ex and ups.what a buffoon.First of all fed ex is (non union)thats why they are successful.ups is trying to drag them down to thier level.Any company with a union is a loser or destined to be one.look at the car companies airlines ect...fed ex showed them how to move mail effeciantly and save them money.they cant save money because of the bloated union contact.Oblama is an idiot.


Congratulations and good luck, Dr. J


Ignatz, what this means is that my grant application has cleared all of the technical and financial reviews, and has now funded. I can start charging monies for work that I do against the grant. It is not big money, but it will lay the foundation for some interesting work and further funding.

Thomas Collins

Let's all have a glass of our favorite spirit tonight (whether it be bottled water or carrot juice or red wine or scotch or whatever) in a toast to DrJ!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Ralph: Thank you. I just installed it. I don't often want to save a video, but there have been times and I didn't have a clue.


Obama says doctors choose amputations because the surgeon gets more money.

This is worse than the tonsil stupidity.



In all seriousness,Obama sounds like a child play acting,spouting bits of adult conversation out of context. I think Obama is acting the part of president,or what he thinks a president should be.


Thanks, TC! To celebrate, we are having roast duckling, sweet and sour red cabbage, potatoes, and garden-grown cucumbers and tomatoes. And a 20-year-old Sonoma-county Cab.


PUK, I wish he would take his acting to Hollywood and keave the rest of us alone.

Charlie (Colorado)

DrJ, have you ever told us what the topic is?


I fully agree, PUK.


Chaco, probably not. The topic is rapid, high-resolution protein expression profiling. State-of-the-art is quantifying about 5,000 proteins in three days, give or take. I will do 25,000 proteins in about an hour and a half. If it works, and it should.


That's the right place for all these kind of people,but they do so want to be taken seriously. Obama is so like Tony Bliar,although the latter was a more joined up,initiatives coming out of every orifice,the civil servants must have gone mad trying to keep up all the things he promised.
Like all such,initiatives were thrown down and forgotten when a shiny new toy turned up.
This type have no consideration of the mess they leave behind.

Charlie (Colorado)

Cool. I can think of some uses for that. I'd love to keep up with it....


DRJ, that menu is marvelous.


Once again Obama is claiming collusion and kickbacks between surgeons and doctors. Afterall, surgeons aren't responsible for diabetic healthcare prior to the amputation stage.


Chaco, I'll let you know broadly how things work out. I should mention the downside: the method is not inexpensive. It needs a really, really good tandem mass spec. Suitable ones have not been developed yet, but once I am ready, they will have been. The progress with MS-MS has been astounding.

Mass spec ("MS") is mass spectrometry; tandem MS allows one to sequence a protein, and that is important to me.


Why can't science be put to good use? I mean Dr J if you're sequencing protein why can't it be foie gras?



No reason not to do foie gras, though I'm not eager to have PETA protesters here. But there might be an opportunity to sample the samples, as it were.

I was thinking more about the first Zin fermentation.


"I was thinking more about the first Zin fermentation."

Howard is fermenting?


Zinfandel, PUK. I know that you know, but our first crop not eaten by birds is coming in shortly.

Charlie (Colorado)

How big a protein?

One of my exes is a mass spec guru at CMU, I've run into it a fair bit....

Nephesh Hayim

As long as the Healthcare Industry Lobbyists have overflowing coffers from rapacious premiums and claims in denial, there will be the grubbers who take the greenmail and run. There is no hope of improving anything in this country as long as money infests the political game.

But y'all like it that way, don't you??

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ): $7,504,867
Sen. John Kerry (D-MA): $7,341,399
Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA): $2,149,503
Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT): $1,795,949
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY): $1,743,835
Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT): $1,685,890
Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC): $1,350,454
Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX): $1,346,574
Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ): $1,321,457
Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA): $1,160,826
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH): $1,081,378
Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC): $ 999,611
Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN): $ 994,699
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT): $ 980,417
Sen. Thomas Harkin (D-IA): $ 935,711
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA): $ 919,793
Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR): $ 896,067
Sen. Debbie Ann Stabenow (D-MI): $ 827,294
Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD): $ 797,185
Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT): $ 788,650

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA, 6th): $2,090,127
Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ, 6th): $1,627,024
Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX, 6th): $1,518,285
Rep. John Gingrey (R-GA, 11th): $1,392,343
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY, 15th): $1,304,569
Rep. John Dingell (D-MI, 15th): $1,148,060
Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA, 7th): $1,136,519
Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO, 7th): $1,102,468
Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA, 7th): $1,058,786
Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA, 9th): $1,046,519


Warning - the Froomkin (Who Is This Guy?) thread is on HotAir so expect all sorts of weirdos to descend.


Terrific news, DrJ. That's one grant that I know will be used wisely.

bad, my speakers aren't currently working, so I couldn't hear the clip. Please explain what BO claimed about collusion, because what I'm imagining couldn't be true...that BO implied doctors purposely allow diabetics' condition to worsen in order to split the amputation fee with the surgeon later on.


They already have...

Return to Sender.


Depends on the organism, Chaco. These days you can get about 90% sequence coverage to 40KD; there are many, many larger ones.

That area will progress (the tandem MS part); I am doing the fast separation as a prelude to the tandem MS.

I'm working with Dick Smith at PNNL; if your ex has capabilities that he does not, then talk to me! (Smith runs the NIH national mass spec facility.)


Thanks for the explanation DrJ.

If it was anything like dealing with the IRS or the US Forest Service you should receive not only the money but a medal.


From Yglesias;

"British Official Disturbed By Right-Wing Health Care Lies"

The United Kingdom is an actual country, with millions of inhabitants and a government and so forth. It’s a close ally of the United States. It’s also a kind of weird conservative bogeyman story, in which the right first lies about how liberals want the US to adopt UK-style health care and then they follow that up by lying about how UK-style health care works. And as The Guardian explains, this is creating dilemma for British diplomats:

Slickly produced television advertisements trumpet the alleged failures of the NHS’s 61-year tradition of tax-funded healthcare. To the dismay of British healthcare professionals, US critics have accused the service of putting an “Orwellian” financial cap on the value on human life, of allowing elderly people to die untreated and, in one case, for driving a despairing dental patient to mend his teeth with superglue. [...]

The British embassy in Washington is quietly trying to counter inaccuracies. A spokesman said: “We’re keeping a close eye on things and where there’s a factually wrong statement, we will take the opportunity to correct people in private. That said, we don’t want to get involved in a domestic debate.”

Of course the idea of correcting people in private assumes that they’re actually making mistakes as opposed to JUST TELLING WILD LIES deliberately. The British government’s hesitance to wade into a domestic US political dispute is extremely understandable, but I see no reason the Brits should be forced to stay silent as people decide to portray them as a country of eugenics-obsessed monsters. As Tory leader David Cameron has said:

In its bricks and mortar, people and services, the NHS embodies something which is truly great about Britain. That something is equity: the spirit of fairness for all and the equal right of everyone regardless of age, background or circumstance to get the healthcare they need. [...] We should be proud that, in its sixtieth year, people are beginning to look at the Conservative Party as the party of the NHS. But we’ve got to live up to that honour.

It honestly strikes me as strange that all these bizarre health care scare stories come from friendly, well-known English-speaking countries like Canada and the UK. You would think that to get away with weird lies about the horrors of “socialism” that people would need to at least pick more obscure countries; talk about how rotten everything is in Portugal or something.


Return to Sender

Undeliverable letters w/o a return address are called "dead mail".


Yep. He isn't corrupted by special interests or pharma money. This isn't the astroturf you are looking for.


That you believe it is easier to see your insurance company than the government proves how little you know about the health insurance reimbursement system. Under ERISA, it would be almost impossible to prevail on a claim against an insurance company under facts such as you describe. Insurers are generally shielded by the arbitrary and capricious standard of review and a federal bench that does not want to deal with claims against health insurers. And no claim would lie against an insurer for aggressive end of life care. After all, it isn't a denial of benefits, and insurers can't be sued for medical decisions.

And if your employer has Insurer X, you can't switch to another insurer unless you cover the entire premium. And that assumes you qualify for insurance (which, if you are concerned about end-of-life care you likely won't).



Actually the preliminaries were pretty reasonable, though they did take a bit of time. Mostly it was ticking off boxes on their part. We'll see how the next part goes.

This may be heretical to say here, but I've not found the government to be that hard to work with. They have their required forms, and they are slow, but the requirements have been pretty reasonable overall. The people enmeshed in the system I've found to be very good and do seek to do the right thing.

A large system like a single-payer plan is quite different. The small agencies with which I have worked are small potatoes in comparison.


From Yglesias

Return to sender.


Has anyone asked Obama or any town hall experts what he means by the statment that the public option will "keep the insurance companies honest"? Is there evidence of lying on the part of insurance companies, and is this dishonesty something that regulations couldn't handle?

This "keep 'em honest" statement is strange, and it's now a mantra. What are they being dishonest about, and how exactly will the public option change their lying behavior? There must have been an in-depth discussion of this on one of the Sunday shows or in some town hall meeting, but if so I've missed it.

Anyone know what Obama is referring to with this statement?


Pulled up a transcript. Obama says some things at this town hall today that are just plain goofy.

Our deficit will continue to grow because Medicare and Medicaid are on an unsustainable path. Medicare is slated to go into the red in about eight to 10 years. I don't know if people are aware of that. If I was a senior citizen, the thing I'd be worried about right now is Medicare starts running out of money because we haven't done anything to make sure that we're getting a good bang for our buck when it comes to health care.

So, Medicare and Medicaid(which are huge programs) aren't working. Lets EXPAND.

A lot of small businesses, they end up paying a lot more than large businesses per person for health care, because they've got no bargaining power, they've got no leverage. So we wanted small businesses to be able to buy into this big pool, okay?

That's an outright lie, at least in MO. There are several small business pools. We don't need an exchange. All he'd have to do is let insurance companies offer policies nation wide.

So right now you've got private insurers who are out there competing effectively, even though a lot of people get their care through Medicare or Medicaid or VA. So there's nothing inevitable about this somehow destroying the private marketplace, as long as -- and this is a legitimate point that you're raising -- that it's not set up where the government is basically being subsidized by the taxpayers, so that even if they're not providing a good deal, we keep on having to pony out more and more money. And I've already said that can't be the way the public option is set up. It has to be self-sustaining.

If that statement is true, why do we need govt health care at all? He just set up a govt run non profit.


The American people know it, but, I think it will pass anyway.


That you believe it is easier to see your insurance company than the government proves how little you know about the health insurance reimbursement system

Actually, my youngest son had a bad enough case the Insurance company assigned him a case manager. At one point we had a case manager at the Hospital, one at a Pharma company, and one at the Insurance company, so, yes, I know quite a little bit about the Insurance reimbursement system, and, I much prefer it to the DMV.

And if your employer has Insurer X, you can't switch to another insurer unless you cover the entire premium. And that assumes you qualify for insurance (which, if you are concerned about end-of-life care you likely won't).

That's very simple to fix. In MO, when you switch employment you MUST be allowed to be enrolled in that employers plan with no preconditions. No Govt plan neccesary.


"Anyone know what Obama is referring to with this statement?"

demagoguery, mainly.

Curt  Jester

"In MO, when you switch employment you MUST be allowed to be enrolled in that employers plan with no preconditions. No Govt plan neccesary."

State socialism and fascism is better than Federal.

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