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August 27, 2009



Are there really "militia bars" in Wyoming, or is MoDo a fabulist?

bad s##t

PD, MoDo is a moron...


I read it last night--Here's my thought:She knows in her heart that she doesn't deserve this gig and it's crazy making. Anyone of three dozen bloggers do for nothing every day what she does for I presume a nice salary.


The unbearable meaninglessness of Maureen. These are of course the greatest of matters to ponder on the Upper East and West Sides, and down in the village, nay unto Tribeca I say to you.

Unto Greenwich and far off Boston and other enclaves of right thinking autoerotic neurotic groupthinkers.

On Friedman and Krugman and on Rich and on Sulzberger! Marching towards the glorious new future where no one makes anything except interweb money and lives off of daddy's trust fund repeating the same regurgitations of meaningless tripe. If they say it enough times it must be so, of course. No one disagrees with me, ergo sum.

Ah Maureen, you coulda been a contender!

Fresh Air

Notwithstanding this, the "Fearless Dr. D." is a Sullivan and Zero supporter. I'm going to pass on praising him until he proves his sanity in a court of law.


That may be a long wait, there, Fresh. The people at Ox Blog figured out Dowd like 6 years ago

They're only two birds in a gilded cage.

Dan Belgravia and Drezner Square; I believe they've gotten so confused they couldn't give directions to each other.

Fresh Air

It's funny, once upon a time I thought the Belgravia Dispatch was a really cool, anti-terrorism-type blog. Last time I looked it had a piquant aroma reminiscent of Andrew Sullivan.


How in the world do you "reflect upon" a Maureen Dowd column?


You, don't, you just laugh at her cluelessness, or fume silently at her insults


In order for an insult to sting, you must accord knowledge and insight to the insulter. Since I do not accord her either, I think the proper response is to laugh at the modern day Pauline Kael.


since we're talking about Andy, I wonder how he will feel if he finds that HIV/AIDS treatment is limited under Obamacare.It is among the most expensive of therapies and one of the most preventable of diseases.


It is among the most expensive of therapies and one of the most preventable of diseases.

Yes, but the excuse will be that most of its victims are in the 20-50 age range that, according to Dr. DeathEmanuel are deserving of "intervention." (See today's WSJ, LUNed but probably requiring a subscription.)

Jack is Back!

MoDo reminds me of all the stupid stuff we used to write in each other's yearbooks in high school. If I had known I could make a living being a sophomore the rest of my life I would stayed 15 and lived with the damn zits.

Mike Myers

It seems to me that Ms. Dowd is really looking for one of those knuckle draggers who might walk into a Wyoming "militia bar" and walk out with the waitress.

It's not the first time that Ms. Dowd has let her erotic fantasies color her column.

Only problem is that most of the knuckle draggers I know turn up their nose at the smell of neurotic New Yorkers. They say the smell reminds them too much of the old Loudon Wainwright tune, "Dead Skunk in the Middle of The Road". Of course that can't be our Maureen because she ws never in the middle of the road about anything.

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