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August 05, 2009



There's an awful lot of disingenuity goin' on out there.


Yeah but what is not mentioned is individual costs. The cost of my premium has tripled since we implemented this plan to nearly $700 a month (for a healthy person). I have to book my doctor's appointments a year in advance (and then it takes 14 months). It's a disaster.


Via HotAir:

Quinnipiac poll has disapproval of O's handling of healthcare at 52-39.

More tasty disapproval breakdown:

Independents: 60-34
Women: 49-41
Under 18: 48-44
Low income: 47-43

Now that the majority has spoken, it becomes for the WH merely a question of "how are we going to ram it down their throats anyway?"

Dan Collins

Here's what Massachusett's is getting in health care aid from the feds through the stimulus bill.


I think they'll find it a little harder to close the gap once that's gone.


Now that the majority has spoken, it becomes for the WH merely a question of "how are we going to ram it down their throats anyway?"

If that, in fact, happens, that is what the 2nd ammendment is for. After TARP. After Porkulous. After all this. If they pass cap and trade and death care over the objections of the citizens, then it's time to do something to shut these jokers down.

Dave (in MA)

Po- oh, my. Someone's gotta have notified [email protected] by now.



Did you see this:

More Skeptical Constituents . . . at University of Massachusetts Medical School?

Years and years ago, I covered Washington for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette as part of a small Washington wire service. This meant chatting regularly with Rep. Jim McGovern, probably once of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, as well as one of the House's most liberal members, from a heavily Democratic district.

I cringe when I hear he was compared to Josef Mengele at a recent constituent meeting, but it appears he and Rep. Richard Neal got an earful:

U.S. Reps. James P. McGovern and Richard E. Neal were heckled and booed after trying to rally support today for President Barack Obama's plan for a comprehensive national health insurance program.

The two Worcester-area Democratic lawmakers were shouted down several times by people attending a packed “town hall” meeting at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

When there's skepticism and criticism in McGovern's district, it's well beyond a right-wing Republican phenomenon. The UMass Med School doesn't strike me as hotbed of small-government libertarianism. It sounds like McGovern came through without any hard feelings: “This is still the United States of America and people have the right to be heard . . . The meeting wasn't perfect and it wasn't always polite but I got the opportunity to express my view on the subject.”

From Jim Geraghty

Dave (in MA)

Jane, thanks. Here's audio from the Felon and Feinburg show on how these Øvangelists for the regime are meeting up with a lot of resistance!


That's great Dave. MA may be waking up.


They are cancelling state coverage for the thousands of legal aliens residing in the state.

How would this affect the cost of obtaining private insurance?


The liberal rhetoric is just the start. I have been reading that the Democrats, Progressives and and their union and cohorts are getting ready to strike back.

Do not underestimate the power of these groups to put a hundred times as many protestors on the streets. With the power of the media behind them, it will be quite easy to sway public opinion back to the Progressive approach.



There was a reason I mentioned the possibility that the Progressives could have masses of protestors on the streets.

Conservatives are emphasizing the large groups of protestors at the town hall meetings. If far more pro-reform protestors hit the streets, the reformists win.

The Administration and media spin would be hard to overcome.

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