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August 22, 2009


Bill First


Original MikeS

Believe it or not, Elvis is the guy who sold me on exercise. I went to see him perform in the early 80's when he was still in pretty good shape. At that time he claimed that he tried to jog for 30 minutes every day before he got up.

Original MikeS

80's = 70's


"before he got up"?


"before he got up"?

Yeah, after he got up he had better things to do.


Another Obamacare moment!

bad s##t

Love the big finnish, TM.


Well, I guess my goose is cooked, as I have never and probably will never exercise intensely in my life.

80's = 70's

You scared me for a minute there.

Frau Butterbrot

"..jogging trumps berry picking."
Shoot ... but we knew that. Did they examine butter and alcohol consumption?


Or exercise intensely and die..


..jogging trumps berry picking.

As long as it does not trump grape picking or stomping. The first Zin crop will be harvested in the next day or two. I have yeast, and I'm not afraid to use it!

If I may be more domestic still, the love of my life made her first Doro Wat (complete with Injera!) this evening pretty darned good. I am a very lucky man.


the love of my life made her first Doro Wat (complete with Injera!) this evening pretty darned good. I am a very lucky man.

DrJ, Would you explain that because I have a dirty mind. :)


Doro Wat is a classic Ethiopian dish (chicken). Injera is the flat bread that one uses to scoop it up to eat -- no utensils allowed!


Just kidding DrJ! I do love a man that refers to his mate as "the love of my life". You are very lucky!

piccolo pete

"Exercise Intensely Or Die"

Sounds a lot like healthcare costs are gonna mandate personal responsibility by dictating sound eating habits for the obese.

There's no fascism like 'patient well-being.

Barry Dauphin

Obamacare will tax joggers to pay for cancer treatment for nonjoggers.



that sounds delicious, and I love a man who loves and respects his wife as you evidently do! :)

Melinda Romanoff


Recipe LUN, but you NEED the bread.

I am jealous, DrJ, jealous.

And I am making progress on the house, slooowwwly.

Talk to you soon.

Night all.


Thanks, all. We went through a *lot* to find one another and it was well worth it.

This was her first attempt at Ethiopian food, though we have enjoyed it at restaurants. Pretty darned good; we may have to retest some of those restaurants. For calibration purposes only, mind you.


Wonder how much Ethipopian food you have to eat to get that long skinny look they have.


Not as much as I had tonight, Clarice.


Thanks Melinda.

LOL, Clarice. How was your dinner party?

Sue The Bastard


Do you get heartburn eating all those spices? I don't know if I could eat it.


I think this medical study must be correct.

Like the story cautions, ">http://www.adn.com/3437/story/906447.html"> look what happens to you when instead of jogging you do spend your leisure time eating berries or mushrooms and fartin' around in the fishpond.


Chatting with my bank teller awhile ago, she asked if I ran..."only if someone is chasing me with a knife."


Do you get heartburn eating all those spices?

I never have Sue. I am blessed with a cast-iron stomach.

bio mom

Why encourage a longer lifespan anyway. Who wants to pay for all those old fogeys on Medicare and Social Security. This is sarcasm by the way.


Obama care will require you to eat sensibly,the arugula harvest permitting,exercise frequently,after labouring all day on the arugula plantation,refrain from smoking,drinking and casual sex and avoid dying of boredom until the allotted time. At which point you must keel over quietly and neatly at the appropriate collection point.


guns don't kill people...studies kill people....they would all have been alive today but for those dam scientists.

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