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August 12, 2009



Youkilis should be suspended ten games for brawling.


Wow, you learn something new every day. Whole Foods, where all the libs shop to buy their shea butter lip balm and organic plums, is opposed to Obamacare. I'm gonna start shopping there, if the parking lot accepts non-Priuses. LUN, (scroll down a bit.)


I was just there this morning and saw a Palin sticker on a pickup truck in the parking lot. In Austin TX. Incredible.

Jack is Back!

First of all, Tom, do you really think that John Kerry would ever stoop so low as to actually hold a meeting in which ordinary people could attend and ask questions? This is far beneath anything he would ever consider unless, of course, it was a paid attendance of at least $10,000 per person.

Secondly, I used to live in San Francisco and use to go to the Whole Foods on California down the street from me. I never saw any staff without a piercing of some kind or another and not just their ears. Also, I don't remember any of the staff without tattoos especially the cashiers whose necks and legs looked like cartoon strips. But I never saw any indication that anyone shopping there would be the type to wear a Palin bumper sticker.


John Mackey (the Whole Foods guy) is a professed libertarian. Here he is debating Milton Friedman and TJ Rodgers (and I think he comes off pretty well).


That's why I was so surprised, Jack. Of course I have a McCain sticker on my car and I'm there at least one morning a week, but it was definitely a surprise.

WF customers have become far more upscale in recent years, however. And the flagship WF HQ in Austin is quite a bit fancier and richy-rich than the old store and the two stores before that (it's currently in it's fourth location).

In general the Obama stickers are drying up all over Austin. I saw another Palin sticker yesterday morning in a hippie neighborhood. It was actually a McCain-Palin sticker with the McCain part cut off. I love those. :)



Obama: Sotomayor's Confirmation Brings Country Closer to 'More Perfect Union'

Thomas Collins

I thought they were filming an adaptation of one of those Stephen King books or short stories with fog.

JM Hanes

"More Perfect Union" is about as far as Obama made it into the Constitution, and I'm expecting to see it on the next iteration of his personal Presidential Seal. Sotomayor apparently gave paid homage to Obama's trademark America-Made-Me the Fabulous-Person-I-Am-Today, although I don't think she explicitly promised to remake it in her own image. Apparently, anyone can grow up to be a Surpreme Court Justice too.

I haven't lost all hope though. If she's willing to turn herself into an incoherent pretzel for her public hearings, I doubt she'll be moving any votes on the Court (I would love to eavesdrop on those conferences). Will she have the guts -- or the sufficiently brilliant clerk -- to write her own dissents? Or will she just sign on to Ginsberg's opinions?

I suspect that the conservative contingent will be moving her the other way. I mean, really, the girl talk is surely going to lose its flavor on the bedpost pretty quickly. Stevens and .... those two other guys are a major snooze. Even if you weren't a far right extremist, wouldn't you rather party with Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito?

I thought it was intriguing that only Ginsberg and Stevens were in attendance at the President's victory reception.


She won't convince anyone of anything, JMH. They will all be singularly unimpressed with her 'brilliant legal mind.' For that reason, I'd much rather have SoSo than a sharper lefty tack (who may yet be in the wings).

JM Hanes

Ditto that, Porchlight.

Frau  Gesundheitsamt

Whole Foods: Mr. Mackey admits he used to be a "democratic socialist" in college. But when he began a business and barely made money while being accused by workers of not paying them enough and customers of charging too high prices, he began to take a more capitalistic worldview.
A very interesting WSJ article, peter

It has been reported that Sotomayor has an aggressive, mouthy style on the bench. Too bad, *her* mentor, José A. Cabranes, was not nominated, instead.

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