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August 17, 2009



When Identity groups collide.


The guy got lucky if you check out the rest of his artwork on his flickr page:)


Wait - didn't the administration file suit to make marriage non-discriminatory while simultaneously opposing its own position?


Jane, It must be true,I don't think you can make this stuff up.


Sad, isn't it Pagar?

Jim Ryan

Guy's a Kucinich supporter? Makes sense. Kucinich has brains, can speak extemporaneously and fluently in paragraphs, and stands for something besides himself. Alkhateeb at least demands this much substance in his politicians. He can spot a phony.

Alkhateeb will be conservative by 2020.

Captain Hate

Don't get too carried away on praising Kucinich, Jim; particularly the standing for something besides himself. The guy is a demogogue of the worst sort who's never done a thing to foster an economic environment for his constituents to succeed. In fact he needs them to consider themselves victims in order to create a need for him, which would have a major appeal for a Pali.

the bishop

Didn't a river catch on fire, when he was mayor, I know this wasn't entirely his fault, Didn't he propose a "Department of Peace", hoe truly can you be.


Now if the LATtimes could be bothered to find that video they have of him, or, just maybe, look into Barack Husseins Campaign finances, or, maybe his college records, or, heck, even the Annenburg Challenge documents. Curious what they are curious about.

joe k. her

Excellent political satire!!!

Captain Hate

Didn't a river catch on fire, when he was mayor,

No, the Cuyahoga catching fire (more than once) was either under Perk or Stokes. The city did default on its bonds, which is considerably worse in terms of the mayor was directly responsible for it happening, under Kucinich and there was a police strike which was characterized by Kucinich demonizing the men and women in blue before and during the work action. I'm sure there are other examples of his errors in judgement (some of his appointees were incredibly inept) but that was a long time ago.

One final bit of Kucinich trivia: Both of his ex-wives have agreed not to discuss him or their marriage in print ever. Does anybody know if that's a standard clause of celebrity/politician divorces?


I was growing up in NE Ohio while Dennis the Menace was governing Cleveland into the ground. He's nothing anybody should waste time respecting.

I think the river buring was Stokes. Perk caught his hair on fire while using a welders torch to do a ribbon cutting. (Cleveland had a real bad run of mayors in the 70s...)

Captain Hate

Perk also turned down a trip to the White House because it was on his wife's bowling night.


I think Jim Ryan was pointing out how bad Barry is, not how good Denny K is; ie, Barry is not even up to the Kucinich standards of being able to speak without cue cards and possibly believing some of what he spouts.


if you spent $30 MILLION a day every single day for 2000 years it would still not equal to obama's $23.7 TRILLLION in financial bailouts

... the main reasons why people get poorer are because of higher taxes and inflation.

BB Key

I would like for you to comment on the passing of Bob Novak. It was your coverage of the Plame affair that got me interested in following selected bloggers.....

Thomas Collins

The bishop, the famous fire on the Cuyahoga occurred before Kucinich was Mayor. See LUN.

OT, but do any Cleveland area JOMers remember journalist and news anchor Dorothy Fuldheim? She was quite a personality.

Captain Hate

I remember Dorothy Fuldheim; she was on TV it seemed like forever.

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