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August 01, 2009



Dog bites Man story: Of course she's a hypocrite:

Speaker Will Keep 'Villains' Money
By Jonathan Allen | July 30, 2009 6:31 PM |

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called health insurers "the villains" in the unfolding story of the health care overhaul on Thursday, ratcheting up an anti-insurer theme trotted out by President Obama earlier this month and encouraged by other Democratic leaders in Congress.

"It is somewhat immoral what they are doing. Of course, they have been immoral all along how they have treated the people that they insure," MSNBC's Luke Russert quoted her as saying. "They are the villains in this."

Pelosi, of course, has accepted campaign contributions from said villains this year and in the past, as have most of her Democratic colleagues. """


If the Insurance companies were smart, they would demand the Democrats return all money recieved from insurance companies and employees in the last ten years.


The cash for clunkers program has to be one of the most disgusting wastes of money of any federal program. It essentially is basically just throwing money away.

The government gives the person 3500 to 4500 for their car and then destroys said car.

No different then just burning the 4500 dollars. The old car had value, the government placed the value and bought the car and then destroys all of the value by destroying the vehicle.

Now the people who can't afford new cars have no old clnkers to buy because the government is just destroying them.

Would any citzen ever do this with money out of their own pocket? Then why is the government doing it for with your money?

Jack is Back!

It is a very telling photo, as are all the photos taken at random of Ibama. "Serve and Protect" should be the White House motto just not that for a police department - although I don't know what the Cambridge PD have written on the side of their cars. But what can you expect from a classic narcissist like Barry. There is no bad news, no bad CV's, no bad COLB's, no bad passports, no bad applications, no bad anything since that would spoil the reflection in the pond. Once again, a class act from the "lower" class that Crowley belongs to (compared to the hoity-toity upper crust of Skip and Elizabeth Gates. This wasn't about race so much as it was about class and in that confrontation Sgt. Crowley bowled a perfect game.


While Gates might well, as you say, prefer to "stagger about under his own power," I sincerely doubt he appreciated being left in the dust by his BFF Obama. Even declining to lend a hand, a well-mannered, considerate friend would at least "calibrate" his speed and walk companionably WITH as opposed to walking briskly AHEAD of his slowly staggering buddy.

I always walked beside my mom when she used her walker. I didn't just go barging ahead into the restaurant, sit down, order a drink while she staggered belatedly in by herself under her own power.

Get real.

Rick Ballard

"Serve and Protect" is the WH motto, JiB. Your sole purpose for existing is to serve and protect the Ogabe Regime.

Make sure you don't forget it either, Buster.

Jack is Back!


I thought it was "Serve the Protected"? I still want to see PeterUK's list of scaliwags produced for the US Congress and Administration. I wonder who could do that for us?


Mark Steyn at The Corner:

"What I find oddest about the whole business is that it's an official White House photograph by an official White House photographer from the official White House website. So at some point some number of Obama flacks must have figured that this pic makes our guy look good: Are they so monarchically besotted they what most people find jarring about the shot is what the image boys actually like about it?"


I think one of the most appalling things I've noticed in my lifetime is the media and Dem disdain for the middle class and the destruction of the middle class in large part by govt programs which take from them to "help" the often dysfunctional and unproductive lower class.

Cecil Turner

. . . let me suggest that Obama is a friend of Gates and may know that Gates will politely accept assistance but prefers to stagger about under his own power . . .

Alternate theory: Crowley believed Gates' last-minute appeal, playing the 'needing a cane' card to avoid arrest; Obama knows the cane is mostly affect, and thus was not worried about his friend's ability to negotiate the stairs. Which might also explain why Gates allowed the assistance (because it bolstered his story and enhanced the image of decrepit old dude harassed by young macho cop).

Judging from various pics and videos (e.g., this one), Gates walks with a cane, but doesn't appear to need it much.


There go the police acting stupidly again. Doesn't Crowley know we have people that take care of things like the elderly? It's not our job, we passed that job onto government bureaucrats and the like.

That's why I pay taxes, so I don't have to personally care about the infirm and the downtrodden. I can assuage my conscience and sleep soundly knowing I've sufficiently confiscated other people money that I can hold my chin high and walk proudly passed the old/poor/inform guy.

Oh sure, I could help, I could donate my own resources, I could use my own money, I could even start my own private charity, but why do that when I can just take some chumps money and fel good about myself for doing it...

The Average Liberal

Overwhelming Majority

Great news from MJ

"House liberals have struck a deal with Henry Waxman to bring legislation that would establish a single-payer health care system up for a floor vote this fall, a senior House Democratic staffer tells Mother Jones. H.R. 676, a bill that would create a national single-payer system—essentially Medicare for all—has been languishing in Waxman’s Energy and Commerce committee for months. "Waxman is saying our request will be honored," the staffer says.

The agreement came after a week of bitter in-fighting among liberal and conservative Democrats over health care. The battles were especially intense on Waxman’s committee. After the panel’s conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats successfully pressured Waxman to weaken the so-called "public option," progressives rebelled. Fifty-seven signed a letter refusing to vote for the bill unless the concessions made to the Blue Dogs were thrown out. Late on Friday, Waxman told reporters that he had brokered a final deal that would move health care reform out of his committee.

Any vote on single-payer is likely to be symbolic, but even bringing the bill to the floor is a big step, and one that liberal pressure groups will be happy to see."

Blue Tick Hounds beware

Rick Ballard

I'd like to see a caption bubble over Crowley's head saying "You have the right to remain silent..."


Didn't we read about Skip's special trike with its babe-magnet red bell? Didn't Skip say he bikes over 7 mi. on MV daily? He may have a balance problem that makes stairs difficult to navigate, but, unless he's lying, he's not infirm.

Overwhelming Majority

"I've noticed in my lifetime is the media and Dem disdain for the middle class and the destruction of the middle class in large part by govt programs which take from them to "help" the often dysfunctional and unproductive lower class."

No doubt you were born after 1970. If you precede that date, then you are wholly without objective insight.

1970 was transformational for Media types as it was the year the public began relying more on broadcast for their news, and print media began a precipitous decline.

Prior to that journalists were on a par with
the milkman and private detectives, in terms of social class and income.

Then big money was available through network contracts. Previously, reporters mingled with and consorted with the lower rung of society and had some empathy for their plight. They saw the discriminatory
treatment the lower classes were subjected to and felt some compunction to rectify what injustice they could. Of course, the tabloidists have always been with us, but that is not the group I refer to.

Now that journalists has high six=figure incomes, they no longer consort with or identify with their lessers. Now they are more concerned with maintaining the status-quo than they are with social injustice. It's a matter of priorities.


Clarice, nothing proves your point above better than Tom Friedman's global warming rants while living his life here.

Original MikeS

And isn't Gates' daughter a classy lady? Nice to see that the patty doesn't fall far from the cow.

Captain Hate

O/T: Dumber & Dumbest LUN

E. Nigma

Crowley had no authority to arrest Gates at the White House, he was out of his jurisdiction; although he could have probably gotten him on public intoxication!

The picture is so profound because it shows how Obama has healed the wound between these two men, and now Crowley is more intent on helping the downtrodden than beating them with his nightstick.

Praise be upon him! Obama the just and merciful.

I hate Bud Light; it turns my stomach.


I think we should move to Brazil.


Wow, Deb I heard it was nice digs, but really--and the area is not some remote spot--it's a close in burb with high value land (His wife's dad who's now lost a bundle was very rich).

Captain Hate

I hate Bud Light; it turns my stomach.

I hate Bud everything, shocking a few of my friends by drinking ice-water or soft drinks when it's the only brew choice. Plus their TV commercials, other than the Clydesdales at Christmas, are insultingly stupid.


McCain says nice things about Palin! From today's WSJ,

"...I [Stephen Moore] ask him [McCain]for his best memory from the campaign. “The high point, I think, was the convention, the selection of Sarah Palin, and the enthusiasm that was generated all over the country.” His fondness for Mrs. Palin and her family strikes me as from the heart; he believes she was a net asset for the ticket.

“Let’s face it,” he says, “she galvanized our base in a way that I couldn’t. Everywhere she went she drew enormous and enthusiastic crowds like a rock star.” He says his only regret in selecting the Alaska governor was that no one on the campaign predicted the ferocity of the assaults against her. “To the liberal left, particularly the feminists, she is their worst nightmare.”

It's about time...


I hate Bud everything

I'm fine with basic Bud when I'm hot and want something carbonated and bitter to drink in quantity. Like after working in the garden in a 100 degree day.

It is not real beer, of course; for that I usually prefer Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.


OM: I think you misstated what you meant when you said this:"No doubt you were born after 1970" I was born in 1941 and was a young adult when the media decided they would make a difference by shitting on the middle class from whom they had once sprung themselves.


James Lewis has a great piece on Obama's Malthusean notions of health care--Jane you might like this one.


Dave (in MA)

The top photo catches the racist white cop once again dragging Harvard University’s Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr., director of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African & African American Studies down the stairs while Obama wasn't looking.

The bottom photo shows Bush holding hands with a KKK guy.


"As our family rounded the corner to the White House library and I first caught sight of Sgt. Crowley’s lovely daughter; she was wearing an appropriately heavy and charmingly untrained amount of green eyeliner on her lower lashes, and I saw my former self in her." - Elizabeth Gates

Maybe the Gates family will sponsor Sgt. Crowley's lovely daughter for a scholarship to the New School where she will learn to apply makeup more tastefully, as apparently Miss Gates has.

Mark O

Did Obama leave them a silver bullet as he rode off in the sunset thinking "My work here is finished"?

Captain Hate

It's about time...

Well yes, but it's way overdue and, like most things associated with McCain, not nearly what it should be. In his words he should be "naming names" so that the idiots that handled Palin so badly in the campaign never work in that role or capacity ever again.

Sorry but I've completely soured on ever trusting McCain on anything of importance. This is just a bone he's tossing to the Repub base in a self-serving manner.


I've never used eyeliner on my lashes. However, I have used mascara on my lashes.

Elizabeth Gates seems to be a bitch, trashing a fourteen year-old girl while pretending to admire the young lady.


the destruction of the middle class in large part by govt programs which take from them to "help" the often dysfunctional and unproductive lower class.

They do it by convincing the middle class we are just one X away from being lower class again. Or that we are only middle class and not lower class because we were lucky enough to have Y.

[Where X never equals "tax increase" and Y never equals "hard work and initiative".]


This is just a bone he's tossing to the Repub base in a self-serving manner.

When will Republicans in Washington learn that their base doesn't respond to their bone tossing... only blue dogs and delusional progs respond to bones.

They might want to avoid the appearance having studied at the Pelosi Circus Tent Theater of the Turds... particularly since it is obvious they failed the course.


With her background, that Elizabeth ended up at New School is proof that she's an idiot.

I know that this sounds snotty--but outside of the Northeast people might not have that relevant fact at hand. She undoubtedly went to university lab schools or other private schools, her dad is a prominent black professor and she's in a demographic niche top schools are dying for.

She's dumb.


Elizabeth Gates seems to be a bitch, trashing a fourteen year-old girl while pretending to admire the young lady.

This might be the thing that makes me the maddest about the entire situation.


If Gates needs a stick,he couldn't ride a trike,if he cant negotiate shallow steps like those,he can't ride a trike,end of story.


More from "Liza":

Crowley’s wife rubbed her daughter’s back and reminded her son to mind the gift they had brought for the president. It was a grey Boston jersey, a fitting gift from a young boy to our commander-in-chief.

The graciousness shown by the Crowley's bringing a "fitting gift" for the man who'd told a national audience their husband/father "acted stupidly" and implied he was likely a racial profiler seems to be lost on Elizabeth Gates.


The most pertinent point is being missed here.Crowley and Gates were the GUESTS of Obama,is it not the normal procedure for the host to be behind the guests when leaving? Surely Obama should have been waving them off? Where on earth was he going?


PUK, here's a pic of Gates on his trike, which he claims to pedal 8 mi. every day he's at MV. There's also a pic of him with his daughter Maggie who "works at" a local eatery. I wonder how Elizabeth Gates would respond if someone noted her sister is "pleasingly plump"?


Crowley should have given Obama the collective works of Walter E. Williams on an I-Pod


Discussion with some car folks around here is that the government is dumber then it looks. Best estimate they have is 60-75% of the 'Clunkers' are trash cars that were most likely never or barely driven.

Hey why not get rid of that 3rd car taken up space in the drive-way and get 4,500 off a new ride on Uncle Sam.

The 'Clunker' may only get 10 miles to the gallon, but all it was doing was sitting in the yard...not bad to get 4,500 for the government to dispose of it.


Thanks Deb,
If his hip has gone he wouldn't be able to sit in that position,let alone ride the damn thing.I doubt if he could even get on it.
If it is his knee,cycling would exacerbate the problem,similarly any ankle problems.
Looking at Gates coming down the steps it looks like the crabwise motion of all hip sufferer on stairs.
Someting stinks.


The addition of the cane supports the "feeble little old man who posed no possible danger to husky cops" theme. At my age, I'm alarmed to see Gates's at 58 being described as elderly.

Fresh Air


I have been reading that some of the clunkers are junkyard cars, bought for a few hundred and hauled to dealers. This is a typical government "solution": it doesn't work, it encourages bad behavior, and it entails unintended consequences.

Frau Kölsch

PUK- Our clueless host may have been *leading* the way to the Biergarten. The rest of the visitors were left inside to view the crib. The entire event, as viewed from the photos and the article of Miss Gates, has not been inspiring.
Now, which of the guests bowed his head to the Lord of the Flyswatter at departure? Brian Williams established that precedent.

Aren't the two Gates daughters from Skip's first, unfortunately white, wife?


I have been reading that some of the clunkers are junkyard cars, bought for a few hundred and hauled to dealers.

How are they getting around the one-year ownership and insurance requirement? "Altered" papers?


But isn't it usual,in that case,to stand by the side of the guests,one hand behind them and the other indicating the direction to go in? The main consideration being to herd them in the desired direction whilst making them welcome and no turning your back on them?
I'm sure one of the JOM hostesses can explain the etiquette.


Best estimate they have is 60-75% of the 'Clunkers' are trash cars that were most likely never or barely driven

Would never have seen that coming. They are also pulling forward a few quarters of auto sales. Germany had a similiar program and after about 6 months of goosing auto sales they are back in the toilet.

Don't cities that do gun buys to get the guns off the street end up shelling out cash for guns that were never on the street to begin with?

bio mom

Plenty more here from Ms. Gates.

Moments later, the Sgt. and my father were escorted to the Rose Garden where the press sat waiting “at least 40 feet away” while the rest of us continued on with our tour. As we walked by a set of French doors that gave a clear view of this highly anticipated talk, I saw Mr. Obama’s lean body coolly draped over a lawn chair I wondered what these four men—President Obama, Vice President Biden, Sergeant Crowley and my father—could possibly say to heal this situation and what the press was actually waiting for. Would my father and Sergeant Crowley be reduced to who they were on that fateful day in my father’s house on Ware Street and give us all a glimpse of what really happened? Or could it be that this small collection of men were actually devising some master plan to rid the world of all racist tendencies right there in the presidential Rose Garden over a few brewskis? No. That would have been impossible to achieve—even on Obama’s best day and even if my father had actually finished his Sam Adams.

The vice president made a swift exit, saying that he would have worked late that night but instead had to rush home to Delaware to tend to his wife who had dislocated her shoulder. And as his car swooped away, another came in its place to carry us back to Dulles International Airport, where we snaked our way to Gate B—now devoid of photographers, news reporters and the invasive camera crews. I asked my father what the President had said during their chat and as he slipped off his shoes and reclined his chair, he said: “The president and the vice president are great men, Liza. They did the right thing to invite us there to talk, but it's up to us now to extend this conversation. We have plans to meet in private and discuss things. You know, Crowley’s not a bad guy. He’s not a Joe the Plumber who wants to represent the Right. He would be horrified to be considered a racist.”

Discrimination is the single greatest wound in American history and could never be solved over a beer. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. There are more black men in prison than in college and literally thousands of black men are arrested across this country each day. And while I might agree with the president’s initial statement that the “Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly,” my father is not the first nor will he be the last black man to be arrested for no reason—in his own home or elsewhere—and Sergeant Crowley isn’t the first officer to fudge a police report. They are simply pawns in the rebirth of unfashionable intolerance in a world that likes to think our dashing brown-skinned 44th president has emerged to make nice with the past, present, and future. It’s an impossible task for the president and speaks more to our nation’s vulnerable value system than the unfortunately common situation my father and the Cambridge police found themselves embroiled in. As my father said on the plane yesterday morning on our way to the White House, “there are approximately 800,000 black men in prison and on July 16, 2009, I simply became one of them.”

bio mom

My comments: Jill Biden's shoulder surgery was routine, done T morning, she was home by late morning and Joe took the day off to be with her. He surely was not needed Thursday and this was just an excuse, but we all knew that. But what is sad here is the latent racism that spills out without th author even realizing it.

Frau Kölsch

PUK--You are correct, but the man is clueless and graceless. Remember his gifts to important English state visitors? Why would he greet guests to the White House, the most formal home in the nation, in his shirt sleeves?

Parking Lot

Peter Schiff's take on 'Cash for Clunkers'

((The recently passed "cash for clunkers" program (currently on-hold, as it ran out of funding in one week) is a perfect example of how government policy can make the economy worse. By incentivizing Americans to destroy fully paid-for cars so they can go deeper into debt buying brand new ones, the government weakens an already crippled economy. The last thing we want to do is subsidize Americans to go deeper into debt by buying more stuff. Don't they realize that is precisely the behavior that got us into this mess?))

Happy Days Aren't Here Again


"And while I might agree with the president’s initial statement that the “Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly,” my father is not the first nor will he be the last black man to be arrested for no reason—in his own home or elsewhere—and Sergeant Crowley isn’t the first officer to fudge a police report."

Have the police Union lawyers got this?


Yes,Presidebt SloBama.

Frau Kölsch

"Sergeant Crowley isn’t the first officer to fudge a police report."

Miss Gates was not there, has no proof and calls the man a liar. If her father really said "The president and the vice president are great men, Liza," then he is the one who should be questioned.


I wonder if Obama will claim credit for all the new car repo hires who'll be needed when the clunker owners default on their loans on new cars they couldn't afford.

Danube of Thought

Crowley, like George Bush, showed the instincts of a gentleman. Obama showed something quite different altogether.

Elizabeth Gates has some very serious anger problems.

Fresh Air


That's a pretty good piece. I read recently that the supposed deleveraging that is taking place is vastly overstated--a grand total of $50 billion has been reduced/repaid, which is a fraction of one percent of all debt, which actually peaked earlier this year (March, IIRC).

Take a look at Rick's railcar loading data if you want to see what's happening. Auto rebounded for a month or two from -55 percent year-over-year to like -25 percent. Great job, idiots.

Fresh Air


Well here we have the liberal mind at work again. A minor incident involving her blowhard father is elevated to some kind of touchstone event in need of a massive exegesis, diagnosis and prescriptive cures...all of which are to be handled by the "elites" educated at hellholes of relativism and muddy thinking like the New School.

I've got a better idea, how about we take all the graduates of the New School and turn them into ditch-diggers in south Georgia? If they survive the summer they can return to their roach-infested apartments in Hell's Kitchen.


At my age, I'm alarmed to see Gates's at 58 being described as elderly.

WOw - I feel like a teenager compared to Gates. Hmmm maybe I am fooling myself.


At 58,Gates isn't even old enough to get into a legacy rock band.


This is juicy.

Looks like James Taranto and the Wall Street Journal may have been caught in one giant whopper of a big lie... and they've doubled-down...



Captain Hate

But what is sad here is the latent racism that spills out without th author even realizing it.

It's really ugly, no? Did that come from her blog? It's hard to imagine any independent site wouldn't be embarrassed to have that under their name, but then there's The Atlantic....


Did that come from her blog?

No, it's at Tina Brown's The Daily Beast.


Taranto is smart.
Taranto is honest.
The blogger willem links to is a dimwit.

Rick Ballard


The light bulb finally went on for me regarding the BEA's press release. They're counting the government's increase in "Government social benefits to persons" from the Personal Income Tables in addition to the dab of Stim I funding expended.

Isn't that just great? Unfunded transfer payments kept the water from rising over our noses in Q2. Not just that - the reduction in personal taxes paid accounts for more than 50% of the increase in Disposable Personal Income! Let's just not talk about the actual decrease in wage and salary disbursements from private enterprise. Too boring.


Willem, you beat me posting those links by just a few moments. But I'm really thinking that a whole lot of anti-birthers need to read those links. Thanks for posting them.


if ever here was a police report not fudged, it was probably this one. Crowley knew the whole world was watching fer chrissake.

He probably had it reviewed by his fellow officers and supervisor before he turned it in. It just goes to show what morons some people are for Gates' daughter to say such a thing.

Captain Hate

Tina Brown's

Oh dear God, bringing the worst of the gossipy tabloids to *sophisticated* people.


No, no, no. You got it all wrong.

That's a picture of Crowley keeping the black man in the back of the picture.

The Secret Service guys probably kept him away from Obama.


I agree,probably the police union lawyers have gone over it with Crowley as well.


To read the article DebNC posted, Gates sounded like a reasonable guy, but a daughter who grew up in his home has some heavy baggage she got from somewhere! I must remember she's only 25--I am miles from where I was at 25, but I hope my friends will say I was never willful and full of anger. In fact, "class or group clown" comes to mind.

Mike Myers

When one reads Elizabeth Gate's material-particularly the stuff about the makeup on Crowley's daughter, you realize that this is almost Biblical. One jerk--"Skippy" Gates, begat another jerk, Elizabeth Gates.


Gates a reasonablr guy?
"As my father said on the plane yesterday morning on our way to the White House, “there are approximately 800,000 black men in prison and on July 16, 2009, I simply became one of them.”

No,a posturing poseur.

Fresh Air


Right. All of the decrease in the decrease (not to be confused with an increase) is due to government spending. Consumer activity was flat from the quarter before. Karl Denninger had a post on thisyesterday.

More "hide the pea" from the liars in Washington. Meanwhile, there are 2,500 undercapitalized banks sitting around waiting for Sheila Bair to finish her needlepoint sampler of the 57 states.

Frau Kölsch

I've got a better idea, how about we take all the graduates of the New School and turn them into ditch-diggers in south Georgia? If they survive the summer they can return to their roach-infested apartments in Hell's Kitchen.
If it's north Georgia--which I know--those fools will not survive the kindnesses shown them as strangers.

Captain Hate

Speaking of posturing poseurs, Cahrlse Jonhsno, the bike-riding pony-tailed horse's ass that plays the lute or some stringed instrument, has gleefully linked to the Alaska Report that the Palins are in the process of divorcing after multiple affairs on both their parts. I'm sure Daddy can give us chapter and verse on the nutjobs that run Alaska Report; I just like making fun of LGF.


So there is chance for narciso yet?

Danube of Thought

I've read Willem's links, which appear to be identical to the many lengthy posts on this site from Linda. They do not rise to the level of legal gibberish, and I take it that nothing is to be gained here by explaining yet again why that is so. Suffice it to say that they are on a par with the many demonstrations of why we know the moon landings were faked.

The one place where I depart a bit from Andy McCarthy's conclusions is his assertion that some of the information that is on the certificate but not on the certification is "material." What's the best case for materiality?

Captain Hate

So there is chance for narciso yet?

Well there was a scene in "Dumb and Dumber" (I swear I know this second hand), where Jim Carey is encouraged when a girl tells him there might be one chance in a million that she'd go out with him....


Since it worked so well with Palin, Dems are filing ethics charges against Rep. Michelle Bachmann in MN. I hope we'll see conservatives returning the favor if this tactic spreads.


You might be laughing on the other side of you face when narciso becomes First Hombre.

Captain Hate

Green with envy is more like it, PUK.


I have spend a good portion of my day working in the yard, rather than keeping up with the thread here, but I have managed to amuse myself . . .

Imagining the future Presidential Library of The Won and all of the things it will not have that most P.L.s do. Are Presidential documents being destroyed/lost/misplaced as I type? Seems that is a pattern of O's.

I also imagine a library full of photos, lots and lots of photos of his exaltedness. Lots and lots of Ma Belle's atrocious outfits, shoes, and accoutrement.

oh well, no sense going on - but it did amuse me as I weeded my garden (free of sewage sludge).


They're collecting signatures to see how many Americans think its a good idea to require Congress members voting for Obamacare to enroll themselves and their families in same.

Some of you may want to check it out...




It surprises me that you would be unconcerned with Taranto's fabrications.

What he has written is simply not true.

Do you have the cites on the Reagan action alleged? I would really like to read what's there.

As for thrashing Donofrio, he left the law to play poker and has profited handsomely.

What's not to resent about that?


Or Sandy Berger could come over later, central, and you know, "check a few things out" on a long term loan.

I have this vision in my head of Berger sneaking out of the library wearing some of Michelle's underthings under his suit and being stopped by security....

BB Key

NYT: 3 Americans hikers arrested in Iran

Is Barry disappointed?
Are the Iranians acting Stupidly?
Has he called Joe Biden to ask him if this is a test?



What is the Reagan action Taranto refers to? Can you help me with a link?

And I agree that Taranto is not stupid. I do not agree that Taranto is above being mislead or above making a significant error.

Donofrio's demeanor and Donofrio's research are two separate things. The research posted there is more detailed than I have found anywhere else online. As for Donofrio the punk rock poker player who walked away from his legal practice, that's his right, his history and he'll take his lumps for it.

That said, can anybody point me to this alleged Reagan missive that allegedly resolves the NBC controversy?

Cecil Turner

It surprises me that you would be unconcerned with Taranto's fabrications.

Sorry, but I also found it unconcerning. AFAICT (IANAL), the term "natural born citizen" refers to someone who is a citizen at birth. Hence Taranto's claim that the Reagan-era law (which made the pertinent foreign-born persons citizens at birth) makes those persons "natural born citizens" appears to be correct. The fact that particular verbiage is not used anywhere except the Constitution does not make it mean something else (unless I missing something, which is certainly possible).


Charles Johnson, has really fallen alot in my estimation, Obama's virtually giving KSM
naturalization ceremony, did Wahhabism take a holiday? is his jazz gig, that weak and he's preocupied with creationism and this kind of rumor. No I'm not taking the bait


This post by Hinderaker caught my eye.

I don't think Clinton really posed for the picture as the grey-headed dude is just too buff.

But, hey. Maybe we could use a new controversy...



willem, Cecil's right. This blogger twisted the statute beyond all recognition. Some time ago Volokh conspiracy--whose posters are first rate con law scholars--dissected this statute and concluded that even if Anne Dunham had given birth to Obama outside the country by virtue of this statute which seems to have been intended to and does operate retroactively, Obama would be a natural born citizen.

I aagree he's lied completely about his background.

I agree he owed it to the voters to be transparent.
I agree it's a great political move to demand the long form ceritificate to start--even at this last date--to unravel the made up biography, but I do not think legally there's anything to the not a natural born citizen argument except for some interesting twists--i.e. adoption by an Indonesian--which would be a matter of first impression under the Constitution but is unlikely to result in his being removed by any Court anywhere.


Well, Matt, we know for sure Sandy won't be sneaking out in spanx or pantyhose, both undergarments that Ma Belle eschews.


Appreciate your views Clarice and accept without question your good faith. We see it much the same, except my NBC conclusions are less mature and still forming. I'll see if I can search Volokh and find the relevant discussion.


I hate reading about those ethics charges against Rep. Michelle Bachmann - She is great, and so articulate. We are really dealing with some thugs here.


"What's the best case for materiality?"

Difficult to say without examining the document in question.

Seems to me there were those who said the TANG memos could not be proven fake without examining the originals. So there you go.

(so a photocopy of a 3 dollar bill could never be proven fake I guess)

In this case there is a document (or image) to examine ... after we were so officiously told one did not exist. There has been more than enough disinfo and speculation. Time to settle it the only way it can be settled.


Willem, that picture DOES look like Bill Clinton! Too funny!

Not so funny is the depravity that our federal government will spend our money on.


with the many demonstrations of why we know the moon landings were faked.

I give up. I don't know a single person that thinks the moon landings were faked. I know a whole lot who think that it is important that we know who is the president of the US. To hassle John McCain because of his parents and the circumstances of his birth and than claim that a person whom it can't even be determined what his legal name is doesn't need to produce any paperwork at all to prove who or what he is is makes no sense to me.


Spending money on old cars, encouraging sexual perversions, aborting the next generation, trying to change global climate...Yeah, this is a winning agenda.

Sprinting toward Gomorrah comes to mind. How sad.

Fresh Air

Narciso & Captain Hate--

Charles Johnson is like an old man with late-stage Alzheimer's. You would prefer to remember him the way he was. That's why I won't visit his site. I haven't been there in at least two years, but used to stop there six times a day when he was really good. It's very sad, but I'm afraid the guy has lost his gears.

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