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August 17, 2009



John Edwards please call Rielle.

Thomas Collins

No surprise here. The notion that science somehow removes us from dealing with human frailties and fickleness, as eloquently described in Scripture, is a longstanding and wrongheaded notion. Science can serve as the basis of technologies that to some extent alleviate the impact of Nature's wrath on humans. Science, for those attuned to math, spatial relations and experimentation, can be a fine activity. Science will never spare humans from the gritty uncertainty in figuring out who done right and who done wrong. Science is a tool which, like all tools, is subject to misuse.

georg felis

Just because something is possible, does not mean it is likely. An out-of-control prosecutor will find it much easier to simply steal-and-plant, or falsify test results. Or the classic Evidence-less Public Smear that Nifong did so well.


So we were wrong about OJ?

M. L. Kiner

"The Hong Kong Connection" is a legal thriller about a gutsy female attorney who takes on high ranking International officials. It's a taut, rollercoaster of a ride from New York to Palm Beach to Washington D.C. to Hong Kong. The plot is expertly woven, the characters persuasive, and the dialogue snappy and spot on.

Annoying Old Guy

I would think that DNA would still count as negative evidence. That is, I can make a crime scene look like Clarice was there, but I can't make it look like she wasn't there if she was. So if there's biological samples and no match for Clarice, then she's still got a good case for innocence.

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