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August 11, 2009


To Frank Luntz, a Republican political consultant, the White House's response to the posters is hardly shocking.

"The children of the president are always off-limits. Always. No exceptions," Luntz says. "No ifs, ands or buts. And while it may draw short-term attention to the issue, the White House will hate the organization for it. And I assure you they will be punished. You don't mess with the president's children. It's an unwritten rule."

So, J Crew did have the permission of the WH to use the daughters on their trip to Russia? I figured it, since the WH was so quiet with J Crew's press release.


It would be nice to know what discount they are getting for the image of Michelle and her children in J Crew outfits.


Presidebt Obama has used his daughters to defend abortion rights and to condemn racism.

And let's not forget about all the coverage of the family dog.


The politico article from July 6th that details the Obama girls use by J. Crew is LUN.

I couldn't find a protest from the WH.


Decisions about when & where to exploit one's own kids ought to be left to the parents though, shouldn't they?

Jack is Back!

Tom Bevan is wrong about the use of Tinky Winky. The color purple to me represents the SEIU and the thugs being used as Obama's personal Basij . Also, anyone who has ever watched the Teletubbies, knows they live in a "socialist/utopian" dreamscape very similar to what the Democrats and their enablers believe Obama is going to deliver with health care reform, cap and trade and government run motors as well as a further stifling of free market capitalism. No there is no racism here just perfect logic and common sense.


Point taken, repsac3.

One could argue that healthy school lunches are a more worthy exploitation of the young ladies than advertising for a clothing company.

I'm interested in hearing the logic behind the choices.


Leave M out of it!

Daryl Herbert

You know that the purple muppets represented African-Americans, right?

This is a racial dog-whistle.

Also, mentioning dogs is racist.


SEIU - a fine body of men.


is that the gay teletubby?


No it's a miserable teletubby.


Leave M out of it!


How about if I repace "behind" with "surrounding"?


In looking at the posters, the obvious answer is that President Obama's children get healthy school lunches because they go to Sidwell friends Academy where all the rich people's kids go and you don't little girl. Claro?


Too biggist!


LOL at that picture PUK. Now that's a surrounding behind...


School lunches - the Obama way. Click on the cartoon strip. Brill!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Breaking-- Kenneth Gladney Files Hate Crime Charges Against Leftist Thug Attackers

By Gateway Pundit


Those haunches are solid ethnic minority kicking muscle.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Also, the woman who was smashed in the face by another SEIU member after the Carnahan town hall meeting will also be pressing charges against the Leftist thugs.
This tea party protester was smashed in the face by an SEIU member after the town hall meeting:

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Support for Obamacare nosedives-


The children of the president are always off-limits. Always. No exceptions.


Maybe if we had a few “Draconian Cuts” in the school lunch program, we could slim down on the number of pudgy kids cluttering the malls of this country.

Why do they wait for the conservatives to implement all the good ideas?


--Support for Obamacare nosedives--

Couldn't possibly have anything to do with those unriluy rubes Krauthammer accused of hurting the cause could it?


Dr. K is amazingly good with words and can speak his position eloquently. Some of us lack that quality but we still deserve to be heard. In the presidebt's case, EVERY. FREAKING. DAY.


At New Hampshire town hall, Obama calls his critics "boogeymen". Wow, a mob of swastika-carrying boogeymen, it's terrible what our President must deal with.


I can't imagine how people who thought Bush was arrogant can't see the arrogance emanating from that man.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Andy McCarthy answers Krauthammer:

With due mountains of respect to Dr. K, his suggested approach of “quietly and civilly raising questions,” politely pointing out that the numbers don’t add up, etc., is exactly how we have come to be stuck with the stimulus, the bailouts, and obscene trillions in budget deficits.

This is not a nice, ivory tower, Oxford debate. This is gut-check time about whether we are going to maintain the bedrock American relationship between the citizen and the state. We are in the battle against ruthless, radical ideologues who have the media and the daunting numbers on their side. On our side, we have the further burden of wavering moderates and in-Washington-too-long types who define success as making a deal — any deal — that they think they can sell as a bipartisan compromise that staved off something extreme (but what in reality would be a sell-out that is 3/4 extreme, with Obama simply coming back in 2010 or 2011 to get the remaining 1/4 … plus).

If our side’s approach lacks passion: (a) the brass-knuckled Rahmbo/Pelosi/Reid leadership will easily succeed in showing the potential Democrat convincables (without whom we cannot win) that they better stay on the team if they know what’s good for them, and (b) the GOP moderates and old Washington hands will interpret civility as a greenlight to do the dealing they’re dying to do.

I am not, and would not, endorse criminal mob behavior. But exhibitions of anger and spirit when one is justifiably angry and spirited are entirely appropriate. Making clear to a pol who is trying to insult your intelligence that you don’t appreciate it is entirely appropriate.

I just don’t get the detachment from the real world here. We’re not talking trivia here. We’re talking about what kind of country we’re going to be from here on out. That’s something worth getting whipped up about. If we’re not whipped up, we lose. If we are whipped up and the Democrats try to use that fact as an excuse to ram this through, then they were going to ram it through anyway.

We are a heavy underdog. To prevail, the needle we have to thread is to convince enough Dems and RINOs that there will be electoral hell to pay if this monstrosity is enacted. That requires an authentic demonstration of fervor. It’s unfortunate that some people will go overboard — as happens in any human endeavor — but that’s no reason to treat this as if it were an academic exercise. If that’s the approach, the game — like the country as we know it — is lost.

Original MikeS

Mob vs Mob



Rick Sanchez is an idiot

Rick Sanchez was unbelievable today and people should let CNN know. He had some lad from Harvard on who was advocating for single payer and she said "the problem the Democrats are having is the plan offers nothing for the middle class." Rick then uses this as an excuse to say, as the voice of CNN, that "the people who are complaining at these townhall meetings are not Democrats, they're Republicans who essentially been reconstituted from other things they've been against this President in the past."

On the one hand it is tempting to let this kind of gibberish pass - I mean clearly English is not the man's first language. But I think we can make out what he is trying to say, and it is unbelievable that CNN is calling this news.



That is a outstanding link, Thanks.


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