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September 16, 2009



Having listened to the clip of Jimmah Cahrter I have to say that he sounds like HE is the one with deep seated and intense racisim.


Obamacare as practiced by ACORN.



And the Republican Party is run by Michael Steele....a true, authentic African American.

Now what?

This just proves my point that Bill Clinton WAS the first black President, because I opposed his HillaryCare as well...


Obama's only half black, but he's completely Marxist Red.

Jim Ryan

HE is the one with deep seated and intense racisim.

One of the only two avenues by which the racist can try to escape from his illness is for him to proclaim the pervasiveness of the disease in others. How, after all, could the whiste blower himself be the one with the problem?

That there is no pervasive racism in others doesn't stop him from proclaiming otherwise. His only other option is to look in the mirror, and that's too painful. It's easier to slander millions than to recognize one's own deformity.

Jack is Back!

I have actually heard a guy order his coffee "black, like my women". We were at a Dunkin Donut and the server was black, the guy white and she was smiling. Ever since, I stopped saying "sweet & light, just like my women". Wouldn't want to be branded a chauvinist!

Gregory Koster

Dear Mr. Maguire: The link you gave to Jacobsen was depressing because:

a) Jacobsen sez the race card is "the last dying gasp" of a faction going down to defeat. No on both counts. The race card will be flung in the Right's face with vigor and zest today, tomorrow, and for a long long time. Nor is the Left, i.e. Obama, going down to defeat. It would be different if this was September 2012. It isn't. There's a long pull ahead. This is not the time for savoring victory. I think it likely that some form of Obamacare will be passed by 51 votes if necessary. This may cause great headaches for the Democrats down the road (and CERTAINLY will cause headaches for the rest of us) but The Once doesn't care. Nor will he until his own world starts to crack. That's unlikely to happen. See Geo. W., who took a far worse beating in his term, but remained an effective Prez, able to get his way much of the time righ tup to the end. It is a serious error to think of The Once as a moron. He's a formidable adversary, if onlyy because he's got sizable majorities behind him, and the press. Both are dwindling assets, but they will enable him to do great damage.

b) Jacobsen sez if the real Obama had been displayed, McC-Palin would have won in a landslide. No. The election was always going to be won by the most not-Bush. That's indisputably The Once. Have McC's antics during the financial blowup of last September-October been forgotten already? It is dam tough for a party that's been in power for eight years to get a third term. Worse, imagine the Tea Parties being directed at the GOP and Prez McC. It could easily happen, with far worse results for the country. The Left would have make every card in the deck the race dard and the favored game would be 52-card pickup.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster


From Rosslyn Smith at AT:

"Amid the detail at Rasmussen comes this tidbit about the composition of that 12%[who think opposition is based on racism].

Among Obama's strongest supporters, those who Strongly Approve of his job performance, 35% say most opponents are racists, 32% disagree and 33% are not sure.

Among African-American voters, 27% say most opponents are racist, 25% disagree, and 48% are not sure.

That 48% is interesting. I was surprised at how high it was. It suggests that while many black voters are not completely trusting of whites, they are also very cautious about attributing racial motives to others.

What makes the 48% number particularly significant is that many elected blacks show no such caution in attributing opposition to their agenda to racism. Could a segment of black voters be feeling as alienated from the likes of Congressmen Charles Rangel, Jim Clyburn and Hank Johnson as many of those who attended the Tea Parties are with their own Congressmen and women? With unemployment running very high among urban blacks, especially young black men, the tolerance for all this posturing by black Congressman may be wearing thin. "

hit and run

Hey, I resemble that remark!

But seriously, since you asked, TM:
But does he have milk in it, and isn't that anti-brown?

I drink two cups of coffee every morning and I take them black.

Like my women heart.


Very interesting, Clarice.


and what did the Left call Justice Clarence Thomas?


But does he have milk in it, and isn't that anti-brown?

Not only that, consuming tea is doubly racist because the English wouldn't even be drinking tea if it weren't for their oppressive empire, and stuff.


You would think the race card is getting a bit worn by now.In my town it is pulled out at least 2 times a year and greeted as something new and wonderful and always works.What is sad Pres.Carters take on Obama didn't even surprise me.Just more of what is a constant refrain in certain parts of the country


Jimmy Carter demeans himself and the office he former held by this kind of stupid partisan remarks meant only to inflame hatred. He in no way advances the debate or the cause for which he may espouse. Shame on you Mr. Carter.
Frankly, I'm sick and tired of that old refrain about
this is rasict .. that is racist.

If Mr. Carter or and anybody else for that matter, ranging from the Congressional Black Caucus to the the neo-Nazis, wants to call/claim anybody a racist please ... please ... Prove It First

Otherwise .. sit down, shut up, and keep it to yourself


CERTAINLY will cause headaches for the rest of us

Ya know da Chicago preescription for headaches, right? Take 200 aspirin and don't say nothing to nobody.


imagine the Tea Parties being directed at the GOP and Prez McC

AP: "Patriots Embrace Principles, Demand End to Republican Fiscal Waste"

Reuters: "20,000,000(,000) Crowd Washington to Force Return to Clinton-Era Economic Prosperity"

NYT: "More offensive than the canard that this crisis would have been inevitable even under the deft hand of the sadly defeated Barack Obama is the ludicrous notion trotted out by the administration's chief spokesbimbo "Womb" Palin that opposition to this dumb slut has any connection to sexism. Economics is hard, ok, sweetie?"

Gregory Koster

Gold star for bgates and his perfect parody of the TIMES.

Original MikeS

In all of history few people have been as consistently wrong as Jimmy Carter. He really shouldn't speak at all except to say that he is sorry.

Dan S

Dunno if I'm first on this, but

Time to create a new law:

The Obama Law:

The first debater to call the opposition racist has lost the argument.

Pass it on! :)

Jack is Back!

Bumper Sticker of the Moment:

"We are all racists now".


bgates is on a roll this afternoon. (I'm so jealous I could bite his finger off.)


I guess to be fully non-racist with the coffee, one could forswear the use of cream thus:

"I'll take mine without cream -- because once you go black, you never go back!"

On second thought...


Good idea, Dan!

Their use of the race card is sooooo boring.

How about this one:)
Obama supporter: "You're a racist."
Reply: "Don't you believe in Darwinism? I thought we were all baboons."

I mean, what's a little more or less pigment in the scheme of things. Blame it on the sun... or lack of sun.

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