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September 05, 2009



"daddy we should get you to tape your walks. I doubt I'd survive a 40 mile hike esp thru snow and ice and yet your adventure is appealing.

Posted by: clarice "

Clarice, It was a bike trail and bike ride, not a hike. A 40 miler hike would kill me, but I would love to take you on a nice slow mountain bike trailride down the Turn-again to spot Eagles and bear-poop and Beluga's. Plus I'd finally get to know what grafitti was hidden behind door number 2. Cheers!

BTW, ">http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/09/obama_knew_about_lockerbie_bom.html"> great AT story from you this morning on Hillary and Obama both knowing all about releasing the Lockerbie Terrorist during the entire process, and not saying a word about it. This Administration is as out of tune with the heart-strings of America as any I can think of.


Funny thing about the Midnight Ride of Van go is that it's gone viral on the Net. While the elite media guys are still vacationing the last of their days away.

Who designs a business model in today's world that's not 24/7? And, then goes 'stupidly' top-heavy with speech writers. Back in Nixon's day you needed to personally hire your own lawyer. Now? Being under the bus provides your escape route.



The fire was extinguished very quickly. Unlike most CA fires, this one was pretty small (about 250 acres) but it happened to hit at the urban/rural boundary, such as it is here in the boonies. It was extinguished in about a day, but it took 60 structures with it. My neighbor's Harley was saved from a shop that burned to the ground.

The protein work is going well. Most of the government preliminaries have been taken care of, and I am starting to spend money as part of gearing up. So far that is mostly labor: an EE and an ME for various design things and a former CFO for some accounting matters with the feds, and my tech comes back next month. There are many equipment purchases, including a new microscope, a high-speed camera for it, and upgrading of a couple of computers that are terribly old. With good fortune, I will start the clean room work in a couple of weeks.

This is exciting stuff, and if I am not visible here it is that I am very, very busy. This is a good thing!


DrJ..I can sense your fast heartbeat and I hope you have time to keep us updated as you progress...I will be telling all my buds I knew you when...:)Raising a stem of some good zin to your success!


Thanks for the good wishes, Glenda! What I'm doing is pretty small-scale stuff, though of course I think it is important and useful. There probably will be no headlines anyone will hear about.

Drinking Zin is a good thing! And I will be picking up some Pinot grapes from a good friend in Sonoma county so those too will turn into wine. Russian River appellation, so they should be good.

So three cases in the first year! It's a start!

Charlie (Colorado)

Obama is no Stalin, or even FDR. Face it, he’s Jeff Spicoli.


Charlie (Colorado)

Whoa! O's simply incompetent?! Wow. Hard to believe. Are we talking about the same O?

There's no reason you can't be both incompetent and vile.

Charlie (Colorado)

Hey, Daddy, BTW I hope to visit family in Anchorage and Fairbanks around the end of the month. If you're around I'll happily buy you a beer or something else 12-hour-rule appropriate.


Charlie, Would love to share a brew at Moose's Tooth or wherever. I'll say nothing about Duke:) I'm on a trip near months end, but can I go to your Charlie Martin cite to get an E-mail addy?



I'll keep beating my head against the wall thank you. I've a non-political day job so I can say what is needed in thought space, as I have for 35 years, including before Barbara Boxer when she represented my part of Marin County. The smart politicians will eventually follow.

Look for an article in American Thinker in a week or two on the subject.

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