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September 05, 2009


Jim Ryan

Simlicius has an interesting post on Dostoyevsky and Alinskyism.

Jim Ryan

Whoa! O's simply incompetent?! Wow. Hard to believe. Are we talking about the same O?

Terry Gain

Jones is but the latest symptom. The disease is the charming Marxist who appointed him. The disease won't be neutralized unless there is an uprising in the general populace or pronounced murmurings in the Obama Benevolent and Protective Society - aka the MSM.

Attack and contain the disease.


He's D.U.M.B.



Sue The Skinny Bastard

He's D.U.M.B.

Dumbo. He already has the ears.


Does Obama Face a 2012 Challenge In His Own Party?

According to a report on the left-leaning Huffington Post website, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann and Eugene Robinson, an African-American national columnist for The Washington Post, discussed just such a possibility Thursday night. Robinson said Obama needs to be careful how he handles the health care reform issue and the continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Delightful News! I can't wait til Wednesday because "Mr. Swagga" is losing his swag.


And from the most ethical administration, evah, in the LUN


All reminiscent of the old studio system in Hollywood,when a producer got the hots for a starlet and spent all his money on a movie for her.Vast amounts of advance publicity and ballyhoo.
She rewarded him with the biggest turkey to hit the silver screen since "Glen or Glenda".

Barrack the B movie President.


Any particular flavor of popcorn for that, Ann, but they think Hillary will run to his left, what color is the sky on their world?



"Does Obama Face a 2012 Challenge In His Own Party?"

That is stunning,Obama of the Thousand Days.

Terry Gain


Deceitful. Underhanded. Marxist. Bloviator.


If the Wednesday speech is intended for Olympia Snowe, it could easily work.

Snowe proposes postponing the government insurance option to see first if other reforms lead to more affordable and accessible insurance. If not, a government insurance program could be triggered and implemented down the road.
What could be better for Obama and the faithful left right now than an automatic trigger? They'll go for that without a whimper.



Bishop, That White House waiver for Holder, Breuer, and Odgen smells. Here is more info:

White House Waivers for DOJ Scum


That was quite a link on The Possessed, Jim.


No name no address given!


In case anyone hasn't, take a look at Sara's link to Anne Bayefsky at NRO.

This guy is not only narcissistic he's looking a tad megalomaniacal as well.


the Policy in Afghanistan would now be based on "How many civilians it protects from harm" and not "How many Taliban we kill."

Po, that's pretty basic counterinsurgency doctrine.

Yes, I know BUUUTTTTTT, troops in the field are already complaining about inordinately restrictive rules of engagement, from what I've been able to ascertain. It's only a small step from protecting civilians to sacrificing soldiers.

They'll be standing and laughing at us next, instead of ducking for cover.

I was a little amused by the recent directive to the Air Force to buzz the enemy rather than bomb them. Say what?


That waiver is four months old, better late than never I guess. Lanny Bruer, I wouldn't trust to investigate lunch menus, from his
previous appearances, than again seeing what Morris, Conti (sic)did in this case, I don't trust the DOJ prosecutors either.


Oh, update on the guns and ammo situation. Guns are available again. Primers are available but in limited quantities. Some sizes of bullets are sold out, and ammunition for 380ACP(the most popular pocket pistol) is nearly non existant again. Luckily, I found a guy who wanted to sell a few hundred rounds and jumped. I took the plunge and got some reloading equipment. I'm installing primers while browsing. Interesting evening.


It's only a small step from protecting civilians to sacrificing soldiers.

A cynic would say that's also a basic part of counterinsurgency doctrine.


PeterUK...did you have to mention turkey and Glenda in the same sentence? please, no free association, guys..even though that movie was a t----y!

and Charlie@6:21--sorry, I was going to say asswipes,but....


you can't make this stuff up.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that Elston McGowan, the public service director of SEIU Local 2000 in St. Louis and an ordained Baptist minister, has applied for workmen's comp from the union for injuries received when he beat up Kenneth Gladney.



Way OT

Po, I wanted to thank you for your advice on my hornet nest problem. I told my family to say clear and replayed your horrifying story.

Interestingly, the whole thing looks like it exploded today. Parts of it are all over the ground and the hornets have seemed to of moved on.

Weird! Is there a predator for hornets to "move on" besides conservatives? (kidding, but I am really bummed about by hopes for a new Halloween decoration)



You have mail! Smooches and ♥ s


Isn't it odd how "the dark side of cool" resembles "hiding his stupidity assiduously"?

Melinda  Romanoff

I believe Dave Burge lives outside of Des Moines, as I understand what I've been told. He does not live here,otherwise he'd have another Chicago outing at Meier's Tavern, where they serve Tater-Tots with the smoked pork loin. It took me longer to go meet daddy in the city than to run there. I know some who did, and barely recall the evening, for some reason.

If he lives here, I deserve to be whacked with a bedwarmer.



Melinda  Romanoff


If they are "bald-faced" hornets (also known to the un-PC as white faced), do not be afraid to use many instruments of fire to kill them. It's far easier to put out a 10 acre fire than cope with the sting of one, or three, of those lovely examples of God's creatures.

Not that I'm biased, or experienced, in any of that sort of thing being vividly seared into the top of my head at the age of nine.


Just adding to the "mix" of the conversation.

Melinda  Romanoff


OK, then some friends done lied to me.

I'll be quiet know. And put down the bedpan, I said bedWarmer.

Melinda  Romanoff

Time to fold, I have a Beagador at my feet, on the concrete, giving me the "I need..." look.

G'Night all.


He is originally from Iowa..Maybe you misheard your friends.


Another silly OT

The Anchoress has twittered a new cooking website she loves: The Pioneer Woman

Btw, what happened to the JOM Cookbook? and Melinda, where is your JOM t-shirt idea? Boy, you would think more important things are going on in the world. :)


According to Twitter:

Obama aide Van Jones resigns as environmental adviser amid controversy over past statements.

Now we need to go after his sponsor Valerie Jarrett and her best friend Fashion Icon Michelle.

Soul Informant

Sole informant mistakes 200 Afghans for Taliban has Germans call Americans to kill them all. This should remind you of Obamabi's informant father in the old days when he needed CIA help with that other party. Obambi should take responsibility for the informant work like the father's son he was.

Karzai is getting 100% in his opposition. He's got money for somebody like Obabmi and Joe.


AP is reporting Van Jones has resigned.


Even the Dan Rather News at the end of there clip shows Valerie Jarrett's sponsorship of Jones: Valerie Jarrettt kudos to Van Jones


Good riddance...


The wheels of the bus go round and round....

Stephanie "the Ice Pick"

Ka thump!


The Writing On The Wall?

Just finished a wonderful 40 mile bike-ride down the Turn-again Arm. Weather was beautiful; blue sky, sunlight, sweatshirt temps. The trail hugs the steep mountain cliffs just along the edge of the Fiord that stretches back towards Girdwood and the Portage Glacier. Amazingly gorgeous.

Bear scat was very evident along the bike-trail today, but you get to where you can now tell they are heavy into eating berries, as it was glossy and blue and in small clumps unlike regular scat. Returning, caught the Bore Tide just as it was coming up the Fiord, and a pod of between 30 to 40 Baluga Whales were surfing the incoming current, just behind the crest, like huge dolphins. Stopped and watched them cavorting for about 30 minutes from less than 100 yards distance. Really an amazing day. Wish you guys could have joined me.

Anyhow, a goofy aside. Stopping for a quick shot of coffee and muffin at the Girdwood turnoff before returning, happened to step into "The Gentlemen's" bathroom at the bakery joint next to the State Trooper's Shack. Was surprised to find that, unlike our standard Anchorage Bathrooms at the joints I frequent, this one was heavily tagged with grafitti.

"Ted Stephen's is Exxon's Whore" stated one.
"Mark Begich is a spoiled rich @#$%" said another. "OBAMA, OneBigA--MistakeAmerica", had a line pointing downward to "Obama's Birth Certificate", and nearby was the remains of a sticker which I think was the International "No Bush" sign. And in big red letters management had scrawled, "Keep Your Hateful Comments off these wall or you won't be allowed to use the bathroom you L'il Priks!"

Anyhow, the 2 points that surprised me were the amount of anti-Obama material, and the complete absence of anti-Sarah Palin stuff. Girdwood is sort of where The Joni Mitchell meadow muffin crowd hang out, and where Renaissance Fair lute-pluckers spend the Off Season trying to speak like Chaucer, so I would instead have expected tons of anti-Sarah stuff, and nothing but homages to the Won. Surprising. What with all the national negativity about Sarah I would certainly have expected at least a couple lascivious limericks, but no, not a one. I would have liked to look into the ladies stall, what with you guys generally spending so much more time in there than we boys, plus having room for better pens and stuff in your purses, but twas not to be, so riding back past the gamboling Baluga's I was simply left to ponder that if Mt Redoubt was to explode tomorrow and bury us Pompeii style for 2000 years, in 4009 AD Archeologists would think that everybody hated Obama, that Ted Stephen's, like Catullus, has a mean girlfriend named Exxon, but nothing whatever about Sarah Palin.

Would be interested to know if the Girdwood writing on the walls about Obama is similar to the writing on your guy's walls, and thus is the Writing On The Wall.

Apologies in advance if this stupidity offended anyone.


Well, I'll be danged, I'm happy to be wrong on Jones


It's only a small step from protecting civilians to sacrificing soldiers.

A cynic would say that's also a basic part of counterinsurgency doctrine.

That might also be a realists view.


The left doesn't want to be there anyway. Most of the right don't see a whole lot of good reason.

We can't pump enough troops into the country to pacify the damn thing, and probably not enough to do effective counterinsurgency. If troop deaths mount, and all sides see it being to no good end, we WILL be gone. Like I said, there's a fine line we're walking here.

justone bullet

WAPO: Islam Goes to Bat for America. Tens of thousands of Muslims plan to pray for the soul of America later this month ....

I just pray for rain.


Well, Daddy, that's an interesting
perspective, and an encouraging one, not the Mt. Redoubt part obviously. Ted Steven
and Catullus, that's not a connection I would have made, even after the Doctor Who episode.

I know that Beck and most recently Jim Hoft really was in large part responsible, but is this the most effective thread in recent memory


Daddy - Enough with the Alaskan nature porn already. I would have loved to have seen the bore tide and Belugas, but the timing was off when I was there the last two weeks in July.

While in AK, I did not hear one ill word in her direction, even though that was when she was retiring from the Governor's office.

The thing that most surprised me were the folks in Girdwood who hosted campaign signs for Ted Stevens.

Watch out for (falling) Dall Sheep along the way :-)!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via WaPo Breaking News Alert at 10:10 pm:

Embattled Obama Aide Van Jones Resigns

Did they really think no one would notice if they did this late on a Saturday night?

A.C. McCloud

Funny, the WaPo waited until late Friday to even bother reporting on exactly why Mr. Jones was embattled. CNN still hasn't weighed in as of 1 AM CDT--they waited until Saturday morning to post anything on the story initially, which was on their blog.

If this isn't the best example of media bias lately I don't know what it might be.


10 PM on a Saturday night, too late for print editions of the Sunday New York Times, by tomorrow they'll be free to consider the story old and humdrum and unworthy of inclusion in Monday's edition - the amazing Times can maintain their glorious record of complete silence on Van Jones!


We're coming to the fifth anniversary of CBSgate on Sept 8th.
How the once mighty MSM hath fallen.


I'm reading Sept. 04 Archives at Wizbang. History making stuff. How new it was then to "dis" the MSM. I remember one of them coined the term "pajama bloggers," which became a badge of honor. The power of bloggers and commenters is just amazing.


You know, maybe we're being too hard on Obama.
For instance, Clarice's mention yesterday of some lines spoken by Portia from The Merchant of Venice, got me googling, and eventually I wound up on the Amazon Book Review site. It was interesting to enter Macbeth, The Tempest, King Lear, etc, and see how many or how few stars the old Bard of Avon got for those efforts. He did fairly well, but not quite as well generally as that other world class author, Barrack Obama. Barry's "Dreams of My Father" had more stars than most of Shakespeare's Plays, (tho' The Audacity of Hope" generally got less stars than most of Shakespeare's stuff.

So being that Obama's obviously a better writer than Shakespeare, I think we should cut him a break, and instead encourage him to take a couple days off and in his spare time knock off a couple equations rivaling Einstein, or at least do a better job explaining Gravity than that blowhard Isaac Newton. So guess I will tune in after all for that Obama sermon come Tuesday night. I just wish he'd give it from a mount in Israel so it'd be easier for the reviewers at Amazon to make their comparisons. Anybody remember if Jesus had a tele-prompter?


...going with the theory that Ayers penned most of "Dreams...", and Obama penned most of "Audacity..." it becomes obvious that it is Bill Ayers that the left loves. They like the look of Obama, mixed with the ideas of Ayers. The dead white guy, Shakespeare, is part of the problem - not the solution.


It's morning again and here is my first question of the day: What does the WH have to give Van Jones to get him to keep his mouth shut about what goes on there?

I mean it's not like the guy isn't a mercenary.


It depends on how toxic he is. Soros can take care of him outside the government. Otherwise, I think the old "parking place" use to be Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Maybe a green,low income,subsidized housing expert!

Barney Frank's old boyfriend parked there for awhile. He thought up creative loans for rural areas.


Daddy, enough with the bard porn.

Rick Ballard


I don't expect to see High Times In The Red House running in The Nation for at least a few more months - they have to finish Wright's God Damn Amerikka series first.

They're all mercenaries - cheap race hustlers running trashy mouths with single AAA cell powered brains. I'm beginning to believe that "stupid" may win out over "ignorant" as the adjective of choice in describing this administration.


So Van Jones is history


Off topic, but JOM tea party related -
If anyone is in town this coming week for the festivities, I'd like to invite you to our monthly packing night for the Troops. Tuesday, Sept.8th at 7pm at Mclean Bible Church (8925 Leesburg Pike - directions LUN)

We have all the "stuff", but welcome all to help set up, write letters,and pack. We usually send out 60-100 big boxes. lots of nice people. Come early to help set up. The ministry is called operation kindness.


Me, too, Rick. Huff Po which supported him never disclosed it buut he was an Arianna campaign manager--i.e., he hustled for whomever engaged him. Some rich outfit in Calif will certainly take him on to continue his shuck and jive. He was Obama without the puppeteer who guided him to sei shtill (keep his mouth shut). Van's own words sunk him. He shoulda just voted "present" while marching against the man/state/whitey etc.

daddy we should get you to tape your walks. I doubt I'd survive a 40 mile hike esp thru snow and ice and yet your adventure is appealing.


A Mugging on Lake Street

A typical Lib finally figures it out. Or does he?


I awoke to news about Van Jones and was reminded of this by Clarice:

"Shuck and Jive, tap, tap, turn and bow..."

Her words this morning are no longer about the communist/truther but rather his compatriots in the MSM.

Poor, poor media - the damned Republicans drove this fine man out!


If you want to say batsh*t-crazy stuff and still be treated as a respectable participant in the national debate, you'd better be a Republican."




I'm coming in Wednesday so I will miss it. I would have love to come otherwise. Thank you.


I liked this part of the WaPo story about Van's resignation. Just one little paragraph, but a veritable "Can you count the number of symptoms?" game about the ills of our society.

Jones, a towering figure in the environmental movement, had worked for the White House Council on Environmental Quality since March. He was a civil-rights activist in California before turning his focus to environmental and energy issues, and he won wide praise before joining the Obama administration for articulating a broad vision of a green economy Democrats could embrace.

Melinda Romanoff

I have a lump on my head.

How'd that happen...


Well it could not be more clear on the power of alternate media to get the word out. The three major networks went radio silent. NYT and WaPo followed suit. Now there was a time when they could mold, shape and basically decide what was news and of course that this was not. No more.

FOX, talk radio and bloggers with a big hat tip to Hoft here, carried the day. A huge victory.

It occurs to me that while this was foreshadowed by Beckel calling for his resignation, that it took longer because the guy has more pigment in his skin. The NAACP came out for the guy and probably so did the Black Caucus behind the scene on the phones.

And the real thing that bugged the WH and why they delayed ( thus looking weak and indecisive ala Jimmy Carter once again ) was they did not want to hand a victory to Fox News and Glenn Beck.

Next troll that shows, mock him with this. I am certain the spittle will fly and the rage will explode. And that will be so much fun to watch that I will forget about hot blue on blue action for a bit...

Jim Ryan

Ex, that WAPO paragraph drips of "Jones was a high-achiever, too bad he has to step down because of some bad press ginned up by righties." "Towering figure", "turning his focus", "broad vision." Is that journalism? Did Jones accomplish great enough things in his career to deserve this verbiage?


And, let's not forget about that great reporter "Jake Tapper." He is doing his tap dance, shuck and jive too over at his blog on ABC. Just because he has asked a few good questions of Gibsy, doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of his reporting (and far too often LACK of reporting). One of his tricks - as he is doing today - is to use "birthers" from our side to deflect criticism.

There are NO fair, honest reporters in the MSM - period.


Who cares what they write now. The creep tried to intimidate Fox and Beck with a boycott, it failed, and the cockroach had the light shined on him. We get a threefer, showing up the MSM for what they are, embarassing Obama about having a racist hater, wacko truther and commie giving him advice and a more prominent respect for the power of alternate media.

Its all good.

E. Nigma

I, for one, am glad I was wrong about Van Jones staying in the Obama Administration.

But the larger question is how long the continued Orwellian nature of the major Media organs will continue, viz the Obama Administration?

The Media can still shape and mold public opinion, to a large extent. It will be interesting to see the revisionist apologies for the Jones resignation, and how that will be turned against the conservative right. "You have wronged an honorable (black) man!"
It is also interesting that Jones resigned BEFORE the major media waded in. There are people in the Obama Administration that are paying attention to what is happening on the righty blogs, and they got Van Jones out the door before the contagion of truth got to the majority of the people. Thus, there would be no doubt of Obama in the eyes of the many. Shrewd.
If the righty bloggers and such were really the evil people that they will be portrayed as, and Van Jones was as clean and righteous as he will be defended to be, then by rights, the Obama people should have defended him.

We live in Orwellian times. Wrong is right, up is down, and Oceania has always been at war with East Asia.
Keep your wits about you.

Captain Hate

And that douche Charles Johnson has shown himself to be the vain delusional nutter who bans people not reflecting his Bammer-crush (only Zombie can somehow stand to lend an air of credibility to that online cesspool; for now) and has been completely beclowned by Beck. He never had a chance to ban me because I quit going there out of feeling sorry for what he'd become and making a pest out of yourself on a site is too trollish pour moi. But it's sad what he's become.


Charles is not exactly a credit to Pajamas Media these days, is he, Cap'n? I haven't been to LGF in years.

Well, I'm glad Jones is gone, but as E. Nigma said, it might have been more useful had he stuck around long enough for the public to learn more about him. Still, thanks to our virtuous media it wasn't exactly a foregone conclusion that would ever have happened.

Now let's cast some sunshine on Holdren, Browner, Lloyd, etc.


People have been looking at the wrong target in th Van Jones affair,the one to watch is Obama. A tyro president tanking on an unprecedented scale cannot afford to have negative associations. This provides a target rich opportunity for opponents to peel off the presidents closest advisers,especially those with toxic policies. Cass Sunstein and Dr Emanuel come to mind,both have repugnant views on eugenics.


Cass Sunstein and Dr Emanuel come to mind,both have repugnant views on eugenics.

As does Holdren. Funny how eugenics is a recurring theme in the Obama administration. And Peter Singer thinks Obama is just groooovy.


Don't forget Valerie Jarrett.

JM Hanes


"The dead white guy, Shakespeare, is part of the problem - not the solution."

LOL! A day that starts with a laugh has got to be a great day.


The MSM is so aggravating.

They refer only indirectly or not at all to the most outrageous of Van Jones' comments and snippits of his record.

The meme is that pressure to resign was exclusively from the Right, which apparently refused to accept his generous and heartfelt apologies.

No questions about how he was selected, what happened to the "vetting" process or if these things were known at the White House. Details about the "war on Van Jones" at Fox News and the Glenn Beck show.

How will they change the subject? Queue the "Fear growing about resurgent right wing radicalism" meme again.


--Jones, a towering figure in the environmental movement...--

I live less than 100 miles from this clown and due to my lines of work have heard of just about every trough-diving, eco pig in this state and had never heard of him until the last month or two.

I suspect he only 'towers' in the narrow, far, far left world of marxist enviro "think" tanks and has had little to do with any real world experience.


The obviously tactic is to connect the eugenics of the Obama party to the eugenics of the Nazi party.
Learn from the left,make EUGENICS a dirty word like Racism.
If eugenics doesn't roll off the tongue easily,use ETHNIC CLEANSING.


"--Jones, a towering figure in the environmental movement...-- "

Like a midget in the Snake Limbo Dancing Community.


Is anyone else watching Meet the Press? They brought up (barely) Van Jones and Tom Friedman went on this huge tirade about how the internet does not come with judgment, and implying you can't trust anything on the internet and its a disease.

No talk of Van Jones at all.



Yes, Jarrett, too. But she is the closest to The One so she will likely be the last domino, if it gets that far.


Sounds like Friedman's a fan of Cass Sunstein's "Fairness Doctrine for the Internet."


puk--I just wrote an article on similar lines--probably will go online Monday or Tues.

Jim Ryan

He Mr. Friedman, the score is bloggers two (Rather, Jones), MSM zero.

Sorry, Tom, your man Van was a JOKE and your MSM covered for him until he got nailed by a blogger in his pajamas. But don't worry, Tom, Jones and Rather will both still have careers! As jokes.

Still think 1970 army typewriters typed in MS Word fonts, Tom? LOL.


I meant about picking off the czars one at a time..not about the midget in the snake limbo dancing community--(HAH!I love you!!)

Jim Ryan

Clarice, PUK, Jonah Goldberg's book has details on the hoary old love affair between liberal fascists and eugenics. The origin of Planned Parenthood is disgusting.

PD Quig

He had to go because he was bald. That and the professorial glasses and turtleneck pullovers. He was so cute that all the radicals were sending him Hubby-Hubby ice cream coupons. Too distracting. Had to go.


PD Quig
That and the Album he is releasing.

Jim Ryan

He was so cute that all the radicals were sending him Hubby-Hubby ice cream coupons.

I'm stealing that.


This post demonstrates the one of problems with our conservative internet movement. We demand that we be recognized. We demand that the MSM cover issues that we believe are important. So Garance Franke-Ruta covers the Van Jones issue, the only left wing publication to do so, she acknowledges Gateway Pundit but still she get no respect. Maybe she hasn't earned respect but she certainly didn't deserve the 2nd grade ridicule of her name. I have followed Gateway Pundit since almost day one and didn't know his name until a few months ago. Give Kudos to her for at least writing about it.


I is quite obvious that liberal fascist eugenics will be used for the same social engineering purposes as the National Socialist eugenics.

Oh, they will say it is for the best,for the patient,for the country,for the frigging planet,but they will target "inconvenient" social groups.


Jones' job was as "green energy czar."

Even Republicans like Sarah Palin have bought into an energy policy of "all of the above."

This is a profound mistake although in the short run it deflects political criticism.

Governance is about making choices and "all of the above" means refusing to avoid expensive, pointless policies like wasting money on green jobs.

No, we need to decide that nuclear power HAS to be the future backbone of our electric system. We need to decide that oil and gas exploration needs to be unleashed and pipelines from Alaska need to be built. We also need to accept that coal will remain an essential part of the mix, dirty or not.

Jones was a way to not let a crisis go to waste. Energy policy in this country is in crisis. Why not buy corporate and minority support based on that crisis? He is an energy pimp.


whitehall, I don't disagree with much of what you say--but here's what I;ve found out--the muddle decides and they want to hear "all of the above", they do not listen or want to listen to the details about why all this alternative carp is virtually useless; they have been poisoned for decades by ralph Nader and his followers on re nuclear and "dirty energy". Even the Speaker of the House is so ignorant on energy matters that she's said that natural gas is NOT a fossil fuel.
You can beat your head against a wall --or--you can say all of the above as Sarah does and then work like hell on what it there and doable.

Tom Friedman

shocking, simply shocking!


clarice..anticipating your article--yes, we need to pressure on every marxist/leftist in control of anything that affects our life.
jane..they were scared s--tl-ss on the morning shows(the MSM propagandists)-- Friedman is realizing his books aren't going to sell anymore, no more speaking fees and he might actually have to live in the real world!
OT..in deep depression over not being in DC,please, keep an old girl updated!
I think I will give Jane my tele# so I can hear the fun, directly!!
Melinda..put some ice on that noggin!
Ann..♥ got the mail ♥

Advice--how do you webcam to webcam and talk to each other..help, Charlie..anyone?


how do you webcam to webcam and talk to each other


Ms. Trish

OT: Yesterday's Dayton/Cincinnati Freedom Rally drew a crowd estimated at 18,000--on game day no less, Ohio State's opening game of the season against Navy. BTW, we won! Anyway, JOMers going to DC should have LOTS of company!


Thanks, DrJ...how is the fire sitrep in your area? I hope u n yours are safe and sound..prayers you are out of harm's way!

How's the protein enhancement going?

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