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September 17, 2009


Buford Gooch

There was only one boy crying wolf in the story. In the racism story, there seems to be an endless supply of criers.

hit and run

Dog whistle of diminishing returns.


Yup. These tools blew their race card wad in the primary and general. And clearly they didn't learn their lesson THEN. Calling people racists just pisses them off more.

-Signed 'Racist' 'Bitter' 'Hag' who supported Hillary in the Primaries.


More evidence of Pelosi's warning that dangerous rhetoric is creating a climate where political violence is apt to occur: Link.">http://www.adn.com/3437/story/938914.html">Link.


Bishop, by chance were you in New Jersey yesterday?

Semantic Putz
A Boy Cried 'Wolf'



Who you callin' "boy", you racist!


It isn't just that it's not working. It's that it's counterproductive for the Dems. My husband, a quintessential moderate, left the Democratic party because he grew angry with its constant race and class warfare and he was boiling mad at the charge that Obama's critics are racist..and he HATES Jimmy Carter even though he really hates almost no one or no thing.

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