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September 19, 2009





Mickey sees the root cause of political violence in America: It's Glenn Beck.

The problem is apparently he doesn't include enough disclaimers. Which is not as uncommon as you might hope.

Speaking of which, does anybody know Mickey's email? I thought it was mickey.kaus@msn, but that bounced.


Well let's see the Holocaust denying, ex con Fed member kidnapper, the ex con militia
bomb maker, the ex con militant Islamist convert; I'm sensing a pattern here.


he's headed to Washington, DC where he will become one of Holder's boys.


Wouldn't ruminations about whether Mary Joe Kopechne might have thought her sacrifice worth the price (in view of Ted's towering career) imply that even a grisly death is not too much to ask from a good lefty in order to advance the cause?

That seemed to me more indicative of a pre-violent mindset than a bunch of old people yelling at their reps in Congress.

Besides, it's arguable that this is an apocalyptic time we're in, thanks to the MSM's failure to uncover Obama's background and motives. It's understandable that some people might consider "direct action" in the cause of freedom or patriotism in the face of the president's invocation of the Emmanuel Rule. Hopefully we can vote these bums out before it comes to that.

Jim Ryan

But those right wingers killed Milk. And JFK. It's reality-based!


A new song for Pelosi



Better version:



The guy soaked Granny in gasoline then buried her in her flower garden. Wouldn't have happened if they executed this scum for the heinous crime he committed.


Wouldn't have happened if there were any Washington State official involved with an IQ greater than a turnip.


Maybe they thought "Good Time" was a trip to the county fair.


Speaking of insanity...LUN via Steyn at NRO

We need a "Decline of Civilization" thread.


...not sure there would be enough space though. Even on the internet.

hit and run

Speaking of which, does anybody know Mickey's email? I thought it was mickey.kaus@msn, but that bounced.

Underscore, not dot


is it @msn.com ????


Thanks, hit. Here's what I sent him:

Your link to your earlier "fretting" about left-wing violence goes to Josh Marshall's discursion on the history of American right-wing violence, like the time we framed Oswald, the time we framed Sirhan Sirhan, and the time we framed those nice Arab fellows so we could steal their oil (at least that was the story going around the White House Office of Green Jobs).

Tell you what, if we get our guys on Fox News to use stronger disclaimers, do you think you could get your guys in the Congressional leadership to add some qualifiers of their own? I'd like to hear Pelosi say I'm only mostly unAmerican. (I support gay marriage, so I can't be a complete traitor to the nation!) Or Harry Reid say I'm an "evildoer" instead of an "evilmonger". That would be a nice gesture of conciliation from the Senate Majority Leader, don't you think? (I admit, I'm stretching because I'm a partisan. It's not really fair to compare someone with the power and influence of a TV talk show host with two little nobodies in charge of one little branch of the federal government.)

As to the specter of violence, I'll work on getting our guys to not raise their arms above shoulder height in what could easily be mistaken for a Nazi salute, if you could get your union buddies to not swing for the face. We'll try to have stronger finger ligaments so any old bite from a pro-American goodmonger doesn't sever the damn things right off. I mean, that's just good manners on our part.

OK, I'll get to work on phrasing the opposition to Obama the right way.
-which I assume means agreeing with the left that all opposition to him is the work of evil neo-Nazi Klansmen. Yep, that should tamp the threat of violence right down.

And speaking of violence, could you pass along a message to Anderson Cooper? Tell him if he wants to call me a cocksucker*, be man enough to do it to my face, ok?

Go Look in a Mirror,
*I mean "teabagger", tee hee!


"Insane killer escapes on field trip to county fair".

Wonder how many Spokaner's now are cursing themselves for not owning a loaded firearm?

And how many Californians will be cursing themselves as well when the Courts effort to release 40,000 incarcerated criminals finally pays off.


You are so wicked,bgates.

Anderson Cooper, indeed.



A piss-pour topic if you ask me.


Interesting that if you read the Escaped Killer story you get this line: "In 1991, Paul walked away during a day trip to a Washington lake and was later captured."

So this was the SECOND TIME this prisoner who had already committed murder in 1987, simply walked away on a day outing. Mind boggling.

Almost as mind boggling as knowing that that New York Times Reporter recently freed from the Taliban in Afghanistan at the cost of 1 Brit Soldier's Life, had also previously allowed himself to be stupidly captured by the bad-guys in Iraq 4 years earlier.

That's the part that kills me. Not that the police or the reporter do unbelievably stupid stuff the first time, but that they go back and do it again.


I did not know that, I know with Nordland of Newsweek everyone kidnaps him from Bosnian Serbs to Afghani tribesman, ywt it ends up more like O' Henry's 'ransom of red


Oh lord, daddy. That is just awful. Both stories, but particularly the NY Times reporter tale.


Bishop and CC I got that from a bottom of the story paragraph from I think the UK Telegraph. Let me see if I can dig it up again.


Amazing. Here's the full comment from the LA Times about his first capture, appended in a paragraph to the bottom of the story on his more recent Afghanistan capture:

"He was briefly held hostage with a group of journalists traveling in Iraq in 2004, when he was working for The Times of London. Militants questioned him and the others for about 10 hours before letting them go, he told CNN afterward."

Fairly benign, right?

Well here's how it sounded at the time, back in 2004:

Iraq">http://www.abc.net.au/correspondents/content/2004/s1201753.htm">Iraq reporter speaks about kidnapping experience.

LA Times makes it sound rather ho-hum. Reporter Farrell's account at the time makes it sound poop in the pants scary.

And one last point. The reporter questioning the freed Farrell in this interview, after Farrell says the bad-guys were holding a machine gun to his head, asks the question like this:

"TONY JONES: Stephen, you quickly decided under interrogation that you had to tell the truth to every question that was asked of you, no matter what, otherwise you were in trouble?"

A part of Farrell's response: "If you're just flat out open with it and say, "I am a Middle East correspondent, so what? How do you expect me to cover the siege of Jenin, how do you expect me to cover the death of the Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin..."

Golly, no wonder they let him go.


This next part is equally galling, daddy,

What was interesting about these guys is they were very sophisticated. I had Israeli stamps all over one passport and so long as I had a good explanation and why I was in an armoured car and why I was passing Fallujah at a time when the Americans were besieging it, it was like, you could see the mental ticks in their heads.

Holocaust denying Islamists and he gives them courtesy for no giving him the Nick
Berg treatment

Dave (in MA)

Speaking of furloughed murderers, look who's likely headed to the senate.



Boone and Greenstein, yeah, that's the tikket.

digard, sorry, your source also supports carbon encumbrance as a source of funds for other purposes and has sold its soul covering the damaging aspects to the poor of Cap and Trade and other such schemes. It is difficult to give credibility to their speech on something I know little about, when they are so wrong on something a know something about.

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