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September 29, 2009



We're paying $6 million a year for her staff to dream up carp like this to keep her occupied and happy.

For $6 a year my advice would be for her to take a far lower profile.


Oh for heaven's sake. She is such a charming and sophisticated First Lady, exuding class through every pore. And, did I mention how toned her arms are?

Well, that's what all the lefty commenters say at places like Jake Tappers and Huffington Post.

Fresh Air

Wait a minute...I thought Zero was in Copenhagen. We need both of these Extremely Important People (TM) for this? Did we need to send George W. Bush to get the Atlanta games? Did Nixon help us get Lake Placid? Was Ike off on a junket to get Squaw Valley?

Did we elect the biggest, most useless numbskull in the country presidebt?

steve sturm

Never mind the gang attack in Chicago, Obama spending the past eight months apologizing to the world for all of the bad things the US has done was done to persuade the IOC that it was safe to grant Chicago the Olympics.

Rob Crawford

Did we elect the biggest, most useless numbskull in the country presidebt?

That's one of those rhetorical questions, innit?

Fresh Air

Here is yesterday's blotter of crimes for the area where they want to build the Olympic stadiums.

It'll be real safe for those furriners when they walk a couple of blocks in the wrong direction.


Has anyone else seen the Organizing for America commercial with Michelle and Jill Biden being featured and interviewed repeatedly VERY close up about helping the troops?

Are the American taxpayers paying for network broadcast time?

Given Michelle's rhetoric and Jill Biden's disgraceful behavior over the "I'm a Doctor, not a Mrs", it's offensive to see them as the primary features of the commercial.

Quit trying to piggyback on the affection and high regard Americans feel for their troops.

Steve M.

And fingers crossed that the IOC delegates don't focus on this no prisoners, gloves off teen-beating story from Chicago.

Oh, yeah -- much better to give the games to Rio, which has much nicer slums, right?

Jack is Back!

I still have a bet out there for a steak dinner at The Palm if he doesn't apologize for something in order to win the bid. Now, I will throw in a bottle of claret if he doesn't end up winning. I believe he would not be going if he did not have inside information that it is Chicago and not Rio.

Its all about him, always was, always is and always will be.


There's the latest progressive defense of Zero: "His hometown isn't quite as violent as Rio!"

Fresh Air

"His hometown isn't quite as violent as Rio!"

Please, Honolulu is just not that bad.


Don't forget that Michelle and Valerie and LaHood and Obama and the whole delegation will be wearing matching outfits especially designed for them.

ObamaLympics Look Revealed

Gregory Koster

TM, this link:

teen-beating story from Chicago.

Is working about as well as Cash for Clunkers.

I think The Once's proposed health plan is working excellently. You can see how the cosmetic surgeons have disguised the chips on Michelle's shoulders well enough for her to wear sleeveless dresses...

It's characteristic that she sees this grab as a battle, when the real on in Afghanistan has been taken off the back burner and shoved in the deep freeze.

Why not hold the games in Chicago? Think of the kickbacks Daley will have to deliver to The Once: putting ACORN in charge of the accounting and SEIU in charge of security.

hit and run

Centralcal, I think you buried the lede in that article.

1) Now we know why Gibbs et al were calling tea party and town hall protesters the "Brooks Brothers Brigade":

President Obama and the other men will wear gray slacks and blue blazers made by Chicago-based suit manufacturer Hart Schaffner Marx, which often outfits the president.

But even more than that, we now have confirmation:

Obama *IS* a Marxist


heh, Hit!


He could tell the IOC mf'ers to vote for f'ing Chi-town or he would twist their f'ing &%@ up into their @#&%.

It would seem that Serena Williams fill in for Rahm quite nicely.

JM Hanes

Geez, centralcal, I thought you were kidding!

Somehow, I'm just not seeing Oprah in this stewardess get-up. If FLOTUS actually dons the uniform, I'm sure she'll find some fabulously expensive distinguish herself from her minions (an Olympic sized bow, perhaps). It does look designed with her bossy, high waisted black belting in mind, don't you think?


Any bets on whether POTUS will show up in grey flannels and blue blazer? Probably depends on whether the brass commodore buttons, impressed with the Obama Brand Seal, can be fabricated quickly enough, given his last minute decision make the pilgrimage himself. Maybe he decided that Michelle would be a little too muscular for the IOC committee.


I think the Olympic committe on drug testing should test her for testosterone. With those biceps and size 12's, she's gotta be a guy!

JM Hanes

Fresh Air:

"Here is yesterday's blotter of crimes for the area where they want to build the Olympic stadiums."

Obama was the go-to guy when it came to clearing a path through that very sort of community for his developer cohorts. It was an inspired racket. You organize an exodus, rustle up big "incentives" for the construction in the name urban renewal, and then arrange to subsidize the rents your new slumlord will be collecting. It was a good deal for Obama, even if he didn't get a cut of the proceeds, or a posh house of it. He got to redistribute and redirect the wealth to his primary constituents. You've got your big bucks supporters and your needy, your ACORN and your unions.

The Olympics is a mega twofer in the best Obama tradition. He'll swoop in to save the day, put the Obama stamp on both the PR victory and the world historic bonanza of contracts to be parceled out in Chicago. He can also stamp paid on every debt he ever incurred in his climb up the ladder, and he will be richly rewarded for it with an astronomically enhanced revenue stream from grateful contributors. Even if a reincarnated ACORN is not in the mix somewhere, the Unions will certainly get their piece of the pie. That's a hugh return on a 24 hour investment in claiming the Olympic laurels for a done deal.

I don't see Obama risking a PR failure, especially at this moment in time, so I doubt he'd be making the trek absent sub rosa assurances of success. It's a safe bet that he's had Lula de Silva on the suasion speed dial, painting an irresistible picture of the rewards a man with big international ambitions could reap with an act of deference -- on what is sure to be a money losing proposition for the government (as opposed to Obama BFF, of course) sponsoring the show.

In another thread, Jane astutely suggested that Obama is looking for any and every excuse to delay any concrete decisions on Afghanistan till after the upcoming elections take place. Notable Republican victories could have serious repercussions among skittish Democrats in Congress looking at 2010. I should think Team Obama could parlay this foray into at least a week of distraction.

JM Hanes

Rocco, if she's a size 12, she must have full time staff letting out the waists.

JM Hanes

That would be Lula *da* Silva.


In other words, it's the CAC all over again, well we've seen how Sarajevo, and LA
spiralled into chaos in the aftermath of it, and well Chicago's already at chaos, Detroit not being available as a site.


I was thinking shoe size...

Jack is Back!


LA games were the only ones to ever turn an actually profit and generate a positive NPV. I was involved with the project and construction management. What happened afterwards was not the consequence of what Peter Uberroth and the team did there - it was the crazy ass liberal politics.


One of the rwo gangs involved in the fight was from the Altgeld projects which as we know Obama really turned around.

Fresh Air

The Peking games were in the red (literally and figuratively) by $26 billion. Montreal paid off the last of their Olympic bonds three years ago. It is inconceivable that Chicago wouldn't be on the hook for north of $20 billion in costs.

The difference between this one and L.A. is that the corporate headquarters have pretty much already skedaddled out of town. Maybe you can get McDonald's to kick in for a new swimming pool, but the corporate largesse simply isn't available to the degree it was 25 or even 10 years ago.

This thing has "epic failure" written all over it. Most of the people here don't want it, but no one bothered to ask us. It's about Daley primarily and about showering money candy secondarily. Personally, I'm moving before the spam hits the Philco.

JM Hanes

Lordy, clarice, you couldn't make the poetic Altgeld irony up. Suck the money out, launder your paper trail and moveon that org to the next honey pot.

[Elliott, would you be so kind as to add the appropriate grammatical fines to a running tab for me, on the fly? I'm sure Rick Ballard would be happy to track my indebtedness, but I don't think I can afford the finder's fees, penalties and interest he'd be sure to charge for the service.]


Isn't that something, JMH. I think God loves the USA and really doesn't like Obama but only we few, we band of brothers have the evidence of that so far.


Michelle's trash talkin' the Brazilian first lady is not going to intimidate her. That brand of hostility may work on some Americans, but Brazilians?? I think not. It just makes Michelle look like the provincial Chi-town thug she is. Huffa, huffa.


"[Elliott, would you be so kind as to add the appropriate grammatical fines to a running tab for me,"

JMH, If TM could figure out a way to get a penny for every typo or grammatical error inflicted on JOM he'd be able to buy the Yanker's from Steinbrenner.

Jim Ryan

Of course, everyone's asking whether First Gentleman Todd Palin will keep his lapels and ties thin.

Say, is the public option dead dead? Or only dead?

Fresh Air


The only thing that's definitely dead is the chance the Mediacrats will still hold both houses of Congress after next November.


JMH wrote: "Maybe he decided that Michelle would be a little too muscular for the IOC committee."

You are so right, I think Barack would fit in and look much better in that suit, than Michelle.


O think good upper arms can carry a woman just so far.

JM Hanes

I believe it's the night of the living dead, Jim Ryan.

JM Hanes

Ca-Ching, clarice. LOL!


Say, is the public option dead dead? Or only dead?

Just resting.

JM Hanes

Good Morning, Elliott. I should invoke your name more often!


Greetings, JMH.

I must decline any quaestorial duties. To paraphrase Captain Renault, it would never do for the chief of grammatical compliance to be found writing sentence fragments and have to fine himself.

JM Hanes

Well I think you're quite fine myself, but you may want to attend to your links, so to speak.

Rick Ballard

Sentence fragments? Piffle. Now, improper use of the pluperfect subjunctive is quite another thing - the sort of grammatical error up with which no one should ever be forced to put. Plus dangling thingamajiggies.


Glad you liked that,jmh. I've spent the better part of this afternoon getting my computer in order --now to replace the keyboard where so many letters are worn out--like the i and o..


oh, gawd please - NO!

not dangling thingamajiggies. (covering my eyes)


but you may want to attend to your links, so to speak.

Heh. I think that link is working. If not, it's supposed to go to my post at 6:25 p.m.

JM Hanes

Mea culpa. That is, indeed, where your link goes; when the window didn't change with a click, I neglected to raise my gaze to the top of the page. I blame whomever.


BTW, the Two Taxpayer-Paid Jets Flights, for needless trips to Copenhagen, have started.

Look at this pic and you’ll believe we should rename the “Carbon Footprint” idea.

Any suggestions?


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