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September 24, 2009



best wishes for a speedy Bad recovery.


so, who's the next member of Sergeant Yosi's Lonely Arts Mob Scam to be made redundant?


The solution to this blatant and insulting indoctrination effort by the new administration is as follows:

Rub both of your eyes until they become red and glassy.
Remove and store in a secret spot one game or toy that are known favorites of each of your children and call them to a family meeting.

Explain that Obama has forced you and your spouse to give your children's favorite toys/games to other kids who "wanted" them, make mention that you had no choice or that you and your better half faced jail and that the kids would end up in homes of strangers.....(optional)where they would become sex toys, use bananas and peaches for visual instructions being they are already familiar with that visual from past teachings in school.

At this point, your child's hatred of the man in question should be deep and permanent.

After two days goes by, give back the toys/games and explain that a man named Rush Limbaugh felt so sad and angry of what Obama put the kids and their parents through, that he replaced the items.

(Optional)Before handing back the toys/games, make sure that you tag each item with the website address of Rush Limbaugh and or various other sites of persons who speak out against Obama.

Now I know what your thinking, man, this would work beautifully if done on a wide scale, you are also thinking that it is a planned, obscene effort to sway your kids into "thinking" about Obama in a long lasting and bad way, hence, it is pure evil to devise and then carry out such a plan based on lies and half truths with the intention of controlling your kids thoughts and feelings to whatever end you desire, which in this case is to hate Obama.
My answer to that is that, yes, it obviously is and yes, those in power at the moment have already done exactly that....in reverse.

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