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September 03, 2009



I presume that Obama will include some criticism of Republicans for not going along with his "plan" (whatever that "plan" might be). But Republicans can't stop the Democrats who have a filibuster-proof majority.

Oh, wait. They're one vote short in the Senate now. So, really, if there's any failure to pass health care reform, it's Ted Kennedy's fault for dying. Yeah, there's a line Obama can use!


Odds that Obama will mention his illegal alien aunt, Zeituni Onyango, and her healthcare and healthcare insurance needs?

zero point zero


Odds that Obama will include himself, his wife, and his daughters in any public healthcare option?

zero point zero


Charlie (Colorado)

I predict the speech will reference the Bush Administration several times in explaining why health care "reform" hasn't passed.


CNN poll - Obama has lost the Independents.


I predict the speech will reference the Bush Administration several times

Almost as many as the number of pledges to look to the future, avoid the finger-pointing of old Washington, etc.

Thomas Collins

Expect more third way blather (Obama positioning himself as the one supporting the rational plan against extremist attacks from both sides) and an actual plan that tilts leftward but provides enough supposed reform to allow one or two RINOs in the Senate to go along.


He has very good dodging and ducking so far, and it is his style, after all. It will be interesting to see him actually adopt some ideas for once. But I doubt it.

Jack is Back!

Does he run the risk of something akin to this? LUN

Are the Republicans in Congress that mean-spirited?

Maybe and I hope not. They need to sit on their hands and let the "hot blue on blue" continue. Orville Redenbacker is working overtime since supplies are running out.

hit and run

I predict Obama will proclaim his passionate longing for a healthy, informative, national discussion to further the interests of all Americans, right before naming any and all ObamaCare opponents as part of an unhealthy, deceptive shouting mob eager to thwart any reform at the behest of special interests.

Dave (in MA)

WH Withdraws Call for Students to 'Help' The Øne Surely they're still planning on encouraging all the little Brandons and Briannas to report any parental doubleplus-ungood fishy ideas about what Ø is doing.


This guy is too boring and predictable.

The speech will, above all, be about the "urgency of healthcare reform." That is, we can't let this historic opportunity slip by. A myth, of course, but hard to disprove and politically distasteful to try.

Second, he'll cast himself as the agent of healing mediation now descended from his higher perch to settle the fractious divisions of our culture, unwilling to let petty or partisan differences wreck the "opportunity." He will mention vague compromises but not be too specific -- it will all be about coming together to solve this urgent crisis in a spirit of compromise. The point of the speech will be the give cover to wavering blue dogs and impose a sense of presidential leadership.

All this is complete hooey of course. The goal will be a bill which embeds a trigger to the public option, or otherwise suitably disguises or slightly delays it. This is what they'll do, because they can't do anything else. They're leftists.

Repeat: the public option will never be dropped. NEVER.

Jack is Back!

Talking about political promises. LUN

Old Dad

Obama foolishly fractured his coalition. The center left blue dogs got screamed at for a solid month by their constituents. Most troubling politically for Obama is his crashing popularity among independents and seniors.

This Humpty can't be put back together again, at least not based on health care. Obama should punt, or focus on a very narrow, uncontroversial and truly deficit neutral reform deal. You know, do a Clinton.

hit and run

Seriously? from ABCs "thenote" on twitter:

@karentravers tells us on ABC NewsNOW that WH will be happy if fingers intact after next Wed's speech - let expectations game begin

Seriously? http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-finger-bitten-rally,0,7135717.story>After this:

Man's Finger Bitten Off in Scuffle at Health Care Rally


Soylent Red

Chances of the speech containing any or all of the phrases:

"there are some who say..."
"I have always said..."
"we cannot afford to..."
"take action"
"I don't want to..."


Patrick R. Sullivan

Hit, Mark Steyn just had an eye witness to the finger biting on Rush's program. He said that an Obama supporter walked across the street to where the anti-reform crowd was standing, and began the confrontation.

He said the Obamaian confronted an elderly man like 'a baseball mgr arguing with an umpire'. That's when the scuffling began. It was short-lived, but somehow the elderly man ended up without one of his fingers.

The witness managed to find the bitten off finger in the street and took it to the nearest hospital where, not coincidentally, he found the victim in the emergency room being treated.

Apparently the aggressor got away in the confusion.


Forgot "let me be clear" Soylent.

Jim Ryan

Awesome news from Vice President Biden! Stimulus worked!

"The recovery act has played a significant role in changing the trajectory of our economy, and changing the conversation in this country," Biden said. "Instead of talking about the beginning of a depression, we are talking about the end of a recession."
Phew! I'm so glad we're not going into a depression now! Thanks, O and Joe!

Jim Ryan

Don't forget "those who want the status quo and are against reform".

Soylent Red

Apparently the aggressor got away in the confusion.

Police investigation involving DNA swabs of the stump. That's what I'd do, even if it meant losing the finger.

Then I would drop a civil suit hammer on the motherf*cker that would last him and his family the rest of their working lives.

But then I'm an asshole.

Soylent Red

Crap, also forgot that the speech must also contain:

"our children"
"our future"

Seems like some enterprising young computer type could come up with a "Barack Obama Historic and Electrifying Speech Generator". If you have the key words and phrases the garbage almost writes itself.


"Barack Obama Historic and Electrifying Speech Generator"

Oh, how I love you Soylent.


I am sure that should be 'party comedy'... as they are ALL a bunch of Jokers up there.

Only the one in the WH gets noticed as the star attraction with a poster...

Dave (in MA)
"Barack Obama Historic and Electrifying Speech Generator"
I'm picturing Axelrod behind a curtain, pulling levers on a Vero Possumus console connected to a BOHESG black box, in turn connected to a pair of teleprompter screens. The InterØcitør™ "There are those who say..."

i think you will all like my latest post....hee hee.....LUN


Before rushing off to read matt's post, I wanted to tell you that when Major Garrett reported the breaking news about O's JSC speech the other day, he said he was reliably informed that O would point out the recently "empty seat" of you know who and remind members that health care was one of his (insert hyperbole here).

Anywho, any listing of trite phrases will have to include the "Lion" of the Senate and other descriptive pap/crap about Teddy.

BB Key

You are right centralcal, Obama was invited to JSC by Reid who said: you know who's death will help us pass health care reform....

I also predict a backlash helping turnout for 09/12/09

hit and run

That's "Lyin' in the Senate", O's speech aims to carry on the hallowed tradition.


--i think you will all like my latest post--

Funny, matt. Too close to the truth for comfort, but still funny.



Major said something else that had my jaw drop, but I'm at a loss to remember what it was. Must not have been that big of a jaw dropper, huh? ::grin::


Do y'all remember that JSC speech where Clinton set the Republicans up by giving them a line he knew they'd wildly cheer, followed by a "My Republican friends" zinger that made them look foolish? I bet Obama's speech will have similar land mines...which I hope the R's are prepared for. Also, will we be lucky enough to see Harry and Nancy seated behind him, or is that only for the SoU?


It has always been possible for the White House to take a copy of HR 3200 and mark it up, indicating the sections that it loves, hates and is indifferent to.



Soylent--pure genius.
TM--Funny how those unnuanced dopes always best the sharpies, isn't it?
Matt, can't wait to read your latest!


matt, by contrast in the horrible system under which we live, Mrs. Garfinckle, wife of the proprietor of Mr Garfinckle's famous (well pn JOM)New Method Hebrew School thru which countless Milwaukee kids passed is 108 years old, received a hip replacement a couple of years ago and though she's since been afraid of taking the bus to shop and relies on her 80 something daughters to drive her is managing on her own in her own apartment--well nourished and with all her faculties intact.Oh to (not) be in Liverpool after 60.


TOTUS, it seems, is functionally illiterate, too--it's not just O:
http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/09/obama_mixes_metaphors_in_banal.html>Dumb and dumber

Mike Giles

Obama couldn't possibly be stupid enough to blame the Republicans for anything (could he?). Is he assuming the public doesn't know that the Democrats have overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate? Blaming ANYONE else simply won't cut it. I think he comes out and throws his entire party under the bus.


Ladies and Gentlemen ...
I give you the marvelous, magical Mr. Mistoffelees President Obama !

He is quiet, he is small, he is black
From the ears to the tip of his tail
He can creep through the tiniest crack
He can walk on the narrowest rail
He can pick any card from a pack
He is equally cunning with dice
He is always deceiving you into believing
That he's only hunting for mice

hit and run

Also, will we be lucky enough to see Harry and Nancy seated behind him, or is that only for the SoU?

It'd be Biden and Nancy. And yes, let's Hope.


I think he comes out and throws his entire party under the bus.

Nah. He won't do anything the least bit exciting. Obama has become a johnny-one-note teleprompter-swivel-neck who only mouths nonsense.

I fully expect his "speech" to be monotonous, dreadfully boring, and too long.


Is he assuming the public doesn't know that the Democrats have overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate?

Unfortunately, due to the constant demagoguing by both Dems and the media, I'm afrad a good chunk of the public doesn't know that, and believes that's it's solely Republicans who are obstructing passage.


Maybe he'll piss off Snowe.


Krauthammer, really is becoming impossible to deal with. Enzi and Grassley, probably did think they were dealing in good faith, until they saw the garbage that was in the


Lies,lies and more lies, that is what I am expecting. However I am pleased that the school program question is being changed to ask what the students want to achieve for themselves. I ask that question of my students every September. We have a 100% graduation rate. Obama is behind the curve on this one. he needs to work on Attendance at school.


Besides that list that Soylent provided, the phrases "I am" and "I will" will have to be included in copious supply.


I'm expecting a few added tear jerkers, to demonstrate how much we need reform.

Jack is Back!


We ought to come up with Obama Speech Bingo and see who wins the jackpot that night. JOMers can all play using their own Bingo words.

I'm expecting a few added tear jerkers, to demonstrate how much we need reform.

Oh yes - and we can't rule out the possibility of some "special guests," a/k/a poster children for the need for healthcare reform, in the audience.

Jim Ryan

"There are many who want to stay with the status quo. There's been a lot of chatter since I've been gone. Folks are acting on fear and misinformation, getting all wee-weed up at the town hall meetings. I don't want the folks who made this mess and like it to do any more talking. It's time to clean up the mess."

Etc. It writes itself. Like a faux-conservative op-ed does.

By the way, did I hear Nancy on the radio today claiming that the GOP has not put any alternative proposals "on the table"? Anyone else hear that? Was driving to my job in the private sector, may have been too wee-wee'd up to have heard clearly. She didn't really say that, did she?

bad s##t

He will remind everyone that he is presidebt multiple times.

"as presidebt...."


I like the Obama Bingo idea.

bad s##t

In defence of the presidebt's plan to kill Grandma, I nominate Pelosi to be the first.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

By the way, did I hear Nancy on the radio today claiming that the GOP has not put any alternative proposals "on the table"?

I didn't hear Nancy, but I did hear my own Congressman, Darrell Issa, put forth a one page plan. It will never fly because there is no room in a one page plan to load it up with pork and other junk.


The House Bill cuts MEDICARE BY 500 BILLION DOLLARS. No wonder there is a lot of talk about "Death Panels". The government made promises to the elderly need to be kept and not broken by cutting life saving services.Promises made to the Native Americans by treaty are also being broken by the government. JUST LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH GOVERNMENT RUN SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE ON THE INDIAN RESERVATIONS WHICH IS A FAILURE. Go to two articles in the Huffington Post by Tim Giago: (1) Indian Health Care: A National Tragedy and (2) How will Universal Health Care Affect Native Americans. The articles show in very human terms how Government run health care on the Indian Reservations is an absolute failure. To quote from the above article. "If you think the government can solve all of our problems ask an Indian."A government takeover of health care will only make things worse. Services For the Elderly Will Be Cut and People Will Die For Lack of Needed Care, The Deficit Will Go Up, Taxes and Fees Will Go Up and the Quality of Health Care Will Go Down. Health Care Reform Is All About All Pain For No Gain.Bottom Line, The Government Can Never Be Trusted To Keep Their Promises. Just Ask An Indian.


OK Solyent -- Let's speak Obama before he does.


There are some who say we cannot afford to take action now. They worry about deficits and Grandma and big government. But this is the rhetoric of fear. This is the chorus of delay that brought on our historic crisis, which now endangers our children and our future.

Let me be clear. I don't want to question the good intentions of those who created this mess. But I also don't want to listen to them tell me about deficits and grandmothers. As my grandmother used to say to all her Republican friends, if you can't say something bipartsian, don't say it at all

OK Solyent...you really can write speeches with a random Obama generator...



Jack is Back!

Oh yes - and we can't rule out the possibility of some "special guests," a/k/a poster children for the need for healthcare reform, in the audience.

And the Republican responder should get Kenneth Gladney, the guy who got elbowed, the guy who was thrown out or Carol Shea-Porter's, the guy who lost his finger and the lady who confronted Specter to stand behind him/her during the response. The republican's will miss a great opportunity if they do not put Tom Coburn up to this. More legitimacy than Palin on the subject. And why throw the Dems red meat when they are doing so well chewing on their own lily-livered selves.

Jack is Back!


Some one had beat me to it. LUN

I'm playing.


Has any one noticed that has the frequency of BOs speeches has increased, the quality has deteriorated? Seems to me that when BO was on the campaign trail with hope and change at his back he was a great communicator. But now that Obamunism is catching a whole lot of flack from the vast majority of Americans, he wilts.

This guy has never stood up to opposition. He's relied on friends from Axelrod, to Penny Pritzker to Ayres to move his ambitions along.

Soylent Red

Let's try this...

My fellow Americans...

In recent days and weeks, the American people have overwhelmingly called on Congress to address the growing crisis in healthcare. Let me be clear: we have heard your voice America.

In the coming weeks, I will clearly outline my plans to radically change the old and worn out system with a historic new system giving healthcare to the tens of bajillions who are currently going without. This plan will reduce or stabilize overall healthcare costs by $48.2 quadrillion in 17 years and provide much needed Ritalin to our nation's most precious resource, our children.

There are some who say my historic new plan will leave all of you old bastards twitching and expiring in pools of your own piss and vomit. Again, let me be clear: All of you old farts will continue to get yours, for weeks and months past the date when I decide you're no longer a good investment. You will have adequate health coverage to dope you up to the gills while the inevitable happens.

You know, I'll never forget the look in my grandmother's eye when I told her that instead of a hip replacement I could hook a sistah up with a kind and mellow Oxycontin buzz. It was a truly beautiful moment where a typical white woman let loose of the divisive rhetoric of the past, put her trust in Uncle Sugar,and got with the gottdamn program. It brought a tear to my not-insignificantly-bloodshot eye.

Now, there are also those who say that my historic new plan will "socialize" healthcare. Let me be clear: My Administration will not fail to take action to alleviate this crisis simply because of partisan myths and outmoded definitions. As I have said many times, government will not stop you from using whatever private insurance you choose. We will simply make subsidize a bloated government option with your tax dollars until private insurance can no longer be competitive. And at that point I think all Americans will agree that the government option makes sense.

My fellow Americans, during this time of crisis, renewal, further crisis, and finally sensible and permanent government intervention, it is my job to make sure Congress is doing the work of the American people, and to lead the way into the future and my historic second term. And let me take this opportunity to point out another, somewhat less historic, yet still important leader in this fight to bring affordable government-run healthcare to the proletariat...er, people.

That man was Senator Edmond...er, Eastward...er, Tedward...Senator Kennedy.

Senator Kennedy was a long advocate of the expansion of government influence through affordable, taxpayer-funded healthcare. And let's not forget the Senator's tireless efforts to reduce his own healthcare costs through self-medication by way of scotch. Finally, Senator Kennedy was constantly struggling for preventative medicine by broadening the front in the war on venereal disease, often debriefing his junior staffers well into the night.

I think The Lion of Single Malt would be proud of my historic new plan, which he would never, and will never, take part in.

And so in conclusion, none of this would be necessary if you stupid bitter clinging rubes hadn't elected the previous Administration. I'm not blaming anyone, or naming names, but I think we all know which George W. Bush we're talking about here. Who, incidentally, let all those poor people drown during Katrina and started an unnecessary war for oil.

Goodnight my fellow Americans, and may Allah bless my polling data.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

bad s##t

ROFLMAO, Soylent

In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we've been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden.
This is the winning strategy for 2010 and 2012.

Excellent Mr Red,but not quite enough of the first person singular


Current TOTUS tweet:

Big Guy says he knows how Japan PM's wife felt about her time on Venus; he had same feeling meeting Christians. #BOTeleprompter

Barry Dauphin

If Obama can revive those harmonious feelings by somehow linking Bush, Cheney, Iraq and insurance companies he ought to be able to come away a winner.

Obama announces that unless the public option is supported, the uninsured will have to receive healthcare from Halliburton.


Too funny, glasater!!

Soylent, very amusing too. I agree with PUK, you need about a 1,000 more "I's" to make it truly sound like the Big 0.


Jack is Back,

The one I want to see with the Republicans is that marine who told his congressman to leave my kids alone. He became my hero that day.


I love Soylent!

Melinda  Romanoff

One critique, Soylent, is there are no Ray Bolgerisms in that speech, and you know there would be.


This guy has never stood up to opposition.

It's not even that.

The guy has never accomplished ANYTHING.

JM Hanes

It just keeps getting better. On the morning of his Congressional address, Obama is going to appear on Good Morning America. Just needs a luncheon presser to monopolize the airwaves all day looooooong.

Sue The Skinny Bastard

Tapper is reporting "a source says Jones did not carefully review the language in the petition before agreeing to add his name". And then follows it with "BIG diff between asking questions and saying Bush officials let 9/11 happen to go to war in Iraq, Truthers". Not sure who he is replying to, Twitter is not my friend. But isn't that an odd statement? Or am I just seeing oddities everywhere today?


Just needs a luncheon presser to monopolize the airwaves all day looooooong.

The guy is obnoxious.

Sarah Palin said it best, "Americans are not some group that needs to be orgnized."

We don't need messages from dear Leader to keep us on that "right track".

Fuck em.

Sue The Skinny Bastard

You know where I'm going but I'm going there anyway. Google Chavez. Venezuela didn't start out with Chavez demanding all school children be indoctrinated with socialist ideas.


By Wed. morning's GMA, reports about outrageous teachable moments following BO's speech to kids the day before may be appearing.


That was such a copout by Tapper, WTH does he think that he meant by that. Van Jones world view reveal's a schizophrenic
prospective. "America deserve 9/11, but the authors weren't resposible" It's not unlike
the Middle East perspective on the Holocaust


Tapper is reporting "a source says Jones did not carefully review the language in the petition before agreeing to add his name".

Who the hell does he think he is, a Congressman?

Sue The Skinny Bastard


LOL. You are absolutely, positively, irrefutably, undeniably...the best!



Ditto what Sue The Skinny Bastard said at 12am!

Why don't you take up offers, like Clarices, to be published?
Are you a famous closet conservative that doesn't what to be outed? :)


How ignorant even to put this story on Yahoo. Wow what Beck idioicy next. Do people really believe Glenn Beck. Stupid. Moronic bunch of people who watch FOX news. Research a little of past presidents that have done it. It is just another right wing nut job thing that you people are so stupid to fall for. Wow intelligence reins here.


"reins" should be "reigns" John. Or perhaps you meant "rains".


It seems to me that a case can be made that if Obama honestly followed his own logic, instead of telling kids to stay in school and become educated, he would instead be telling them to consider dropping out because higher education really isn't important.

He should start out my mentioning how just 2 years ago he had publicly announced to everyone that he wouldn't consider running for President for many years because he knew he lacked the education and experience the job required. He should then say that he let other people talk him into running however, and with the help of the News Media and duped voters he was able to become President even without all that important experience or education about the Founding Father's, The Constitution, or the traditions that have made this Republic great for the past 233 years.

To buttress this point he might then use Senator Begich as an example, illustrating how the Alaskan college drop-out has only 2 semesters more of Junior College than Levi Johnston, yet with just 1 corrupt political prosecution and the assistance of the Media, there he sits in the halls of Congress. Obama could then describe how Senator Ted Kennedy simply had other guys take his exams for him in College, and maybe also tell how Vice President Joe Biden simply lied about his own success in college, and plagerized others to win elections, and since that worked, why bother to do the real thing when lying about it is so much easier. He might even mention how he himself will never, ever let anybody see his own SAT's or transcripts because then we'd know how poorly he did in college, so just blow it all off, save yourself and the country tons of money on College loans, and instead just use a corrupt legal system and party politics ala Begich to get into power.

This foundation laid, the President might now mention how it's actually important to avoid learning difficult subjects like Math, by pointing out examples of Tax Cheats such as Geitner, Rangal, Daschle etc. Their excuse for cheating on their taxes is simply to plead ignorance of numbers, whereas if they actually had taken those tough Math courses, they would instead be in Jail. Plus Latina gal's are going to be wiser than anybody else anyway, regardless whether they ever cracked a book, so that part of the lecture ought to conclude with don't go to college, but if you do, don't take tough subjects.

Part 3 could cover positive alternatives to staying in school. "All that shovel ready jobs really require is pretty much holding a shovel", Obama might explain to the wide-eyed grade-schoolers, and if that doesn't fit their personal "Hope and Change" agendas, the President might then suggest a couple weeks attendance at the new Government course he's just instituted on how to properly hold flags at Roadside Construction sites. And for the more creative youngsters possibly suggesting an art class or two, so that they can get hired by the NEA to create colorful Obama Road Construction Posters to stand next to with the flags. That, and enough reading and writing ability to make your mark on a Union Ballot or Absentee Election Form ought to carry you through just about anything. And for the politically driven among them, stress that simply practicing with a Karioke machine will qualify almost anyone to learn how to read a Tele-prompter.

To conclude Obama should tell the children why victory in actually finishing college is as unimportant as actually achieving victory in Afghanistan. If one does achieve victory, It's gonna' create hard feelings among Islamic terrorists and your competitors, so better to just slack off from the git-go, since the Governments going to be providing housing and food stamps and Health Care and abortions and TV and Cel-phones and FaceBook and Twitter all for free anyway, so no need to ever be burning the midnight oil, since in all 57 states midnight oil is expensive and causes Global Warming to boot. Have a nice Day!

I think that about sums it up.


Apropos to TM's caption, I'm now making Steak Tartar for a midnight snack, with raw meat, anchovies, capers, Dijon, raw egg, onion, parsley, olive oil, sundried tomatoes, green olives, lime juice and Louisiana extra hot sauce! With warm sourdough bread dripping in olive oil butter :)

Captain Hate

Wow intelligence reins here.

John's homonym-phobic, non-anemic because he's full of irony (he doesn't deserve Steak Tartare like, say, I do) and stupid; but mostly stupid.


Did John get his name from the place where he had his education?


So nice, on the internet, one can speak with one's mouth full.
Enjoyed yours above, Daddy.

Btw, with Senate Bill 773, Obama's stealth internet takeover, suppression of freedom of speech and the unencumbered exercise of business, does anyone know how this would get done by the US Govt? Details here.

I mean, how would they shut down the internet? Does it have to do with servers or end users like us? Can Drudge or JOM, for example, "broadcast" from an off-shore server and we'd still be able to pick it up? Do we get internet via satellite?


Obama prepares himself for his public.

JM Hanes

I'm positively dumbstruck with awe, daddy! It really is stunning when you take a step back to look -- and when you think about how media and the machine tear normal people up and spit them out.

BR: It's cable here.


Oh my! I also seem to recall something about Hitler in drag at private SS parties.


What an image PUK. Plus the lifted chin is such a favorite pose anyway.

I love humor in the AM.



It is a favourite pose of dictators.

Captain Hate

That's two Lollers in one screen of comment, PUK. Although I'll bet John doesn't get it.

Captain Hate

that's comments


Thanks for yr reply, JMH. What I mean is at which point in the flow line would the govt be able to do as described in the first line of the linked article:

"A Senate bill (S.773) if passed would give the President of the United States the authority to declare a 'cyber emergency' and close down the Internet by disconnecting users."

Via servers? Via our telephone or cable or satellite connections? What about overseas internet servers and users? How can they disconnect users and not disconnect U.S. infrastructure and defense? Hm, it sounds like AQ couldn't ask for better.


" Hm, it sounds like AQ couldn't ask for better."

That is why al Qaeda supported Obama.


And in order to implement this, would they have to shut down our cell phones, too, since there's net connection via cell phones?


And in order to implement this, would they shut down our cell phones, too, since there's net connection via cell phones?

We'll have to start honing our telepathy skills, complete with mental jpgs.


No it is long walks down river banks and chats on noisy streets.
Actually Obama would be insane to close down the internet,he would never know what was happening.


Intelligence rains here like Portia's mercy.

The quality of JOM intelligence is not strain'd, It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven. Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest: ...


Now you have done it! John will have to go out and buy the DVD.

Original MikeS

Should health care be socialized or have every aspect strictly regulated by government? What are the benefits of that kind of system over the alternative which would be totally unregulated heath care created and directed by free market principals.

We have examples near both extremes to study. The Canadian and British systems are probably realistic examples of socialized systems.
India's system would be an example near the opposite end of the spectrum. The approach in India has provided an abundance of quality health care at very low prices.

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