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September 30, 2009


Thomas Collins

Joe the Janitor says he'll take pics of Local Lolita for a "child modeling" site. Joe plies Local Lolita with pills and booze and rapes her. After copping a plea, Joe the Janitor goes on the lam for 30 years. When Joe is caught, Joe's court appointed public defender contacts Woody, Whoopi and the rest of the glitterati for a statement of support. Result?

As they say, to ask the question is to answer it!

Jack is Back!

I don't understand why everyone is getting all "wee wee'd up" over this Polanski story. He is a felon who escaped justice. There is no "ifs and buts" here. A very simple matter of law, justice and punishment regardless of how it went down, his artistic achievement or the victim's right to privacy, etc. He either gets extradited or he doesn't. He either goes to jail for fleeing justice plus his original punishment or he doesn't. But, folks, its not in our hands or Whoopi's or Woody's or the New York Times.

Rick Ballard


Shhh - if it weren't for this nonsense people might be thinking about the Yamal Briffa Affair (think Ludlum) or actually noting something about the parlous state of the economy.

Look!!! A bunny!!!! Plus sex!!!!!


I eagerly await our President's opinion on this subject.


Duh. It's more than crime and punishment. This is about the normalization of pedophilia.

How ironic that it was Polanski directed Chinatown. What did Cross say at the end, that left to his own devices a man would do anything? How that bit of dialogue must have warmed Polanski's heart.

Thomas Collins

Forgive the OT, but see LUN for polls that indicate that Jerry Brown could get his old gig back as California Guv.

Maybe George Deukmejian can grab the GOP nomination and we will have a "seniors tour" contest!

Jack is Back!


Today, as I was driving down A1A to Flagler Beach I found myself behind a black GMC Envoy (SUV) that had one of those oval window stickers usually reserved for initials of the town you are from (ya'll know what I mean). His sticker was simply "01.20.13". Let that sink in.

However, it also works both ways. Nevertheless it was pretty clever. Cafe Press has them. LUN


Actually it's not, Polanski took the events of the Mulholland water wars of the early 00s, telescoped it into the 30s, and giving it a Chandleresque flair, turned it into a
an original sin for the Southern California
that the liberals hate so much.

Gregory Koster

Thomas, I'm dismayed at you for not realizing that

a) Whoopi Goldberg volunteers at the West Hollywood ACORN branch, pre-teen prostitute division, and hence knows what she is talking about with her dum-dum commentary on rape-rape and

b) the sight of Jerry Brown having to fend off the inevitable shrieks of "If elected, willya pardon Roman? Huh, Jerry? Huh? Huh?" at every press opportunity during his campaign should give you mirth. Or do you think that such moral ciphers as Steve Lopez will suddenly snap out of it and resume their usual give-the-GOP-the-works attitude?


Rick, the only way out of this dilemma that I can see, is having Hannah Giles anchor the evening news wearing her go to ACORN outfit.


Woody and Whoopi - aren't these two (and many just like them) the same folks that went absolutely ape-$..t over Mark Foley sending some inappropriate e-mails to Interns/Pages? Even though nothing happened - ever? They wanted Foley's head on a stick. But now an actual child rapist is a hero because he is an artist? Hypocracy doesn't even begin to describe this.

MarkButter in SoCal

@jackisback "01.20.13". Great on. I'm putting this out there now, but will some enterprising person please print a bumper sticker that says: At least when Bush was President, I had a job."

I think that would have a tremendous impact. Can you imagine folks pulling into voting stations next year and seeing those stickers on multiple cars? It'd be one of the last thoughts fance-sitters would have before entering the voting booth.


OT - Roger has posted an audio reply to my FWDAJ podcast about the Tea party.

If you get a chance to comment - please do.





"go to ACORN "

Big government.com is at it again.

"Read the whole thing here. Oh, and be sure to check Big Government often in the coming days for LOTS more on this story…"



Roger, comes off in the same vein not quite as Rich, but certainly in the Kristof/
Friedman way of dismissing your opponent

Jack is Back!


Another freeking, former movie reviewer. At least he didn't do ballet and Broadway like Frank Rich. What is with all these apologists right and left who get the facts of this case wrong? Consensual sex? Yeah, right.


Well, here's the pic of the 13-year-old. She doesn't look older than that, so...

There's no excuse. The guy's a pedophile. He admitted during his plea hearing that he knew her age, and it's clear now that had would have had to. Sick bastard.

Captain Hate

Roger, comes off in the same vein not quite as Rich, but certainly in the Kristof/
Friedman way of dismissing your opponent

Who's the Roger you're talking about?


Benningfield, the counterpart to Dick and Jane


I thought he was a waste of 12:12 minutes.



Please leave a comment for Jane here. If enough of us make some noise maybe she'll get her own show.


Roger is my tech guy - a smart liberal. He goes on about Madison in his reply and I am out of my league. He's actually worth the conversation and persuadable as well. I'd love some help if you are interested.

I've finally got a good email address if you want to tell the owners to give me my own show. It's [email protected] (Thanks Rocco)


Your welcome Jane...I told him I rejected his interpretation of our constitution when he said, "Federalists believe every right that can be imagined is real and can only be limited by the federal government using the powers granted to it by the constitution."

I reminded him that Jefferson wrote in the Declaration that our rights are endowed by our creator, not government. And then I
told him I thought it ignorant to use the word hard-on in response to a lady. (Hope that didn't hurt)

So again...please write both an email and leave a comment at the above link. We need all the help we an muster here in the people's republic of massachusetts.


I told him left a comment!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

MarkButter in SoCal:

See here


Thanks guys! As always.


I would like to hear what Whoopi's Co-Star from "The Couple Purple", that famous movie about rape and sexual violence against underage women, has to say.

Think her name's Oprah. Anyone know where she is or if there's a reporter within a hundred miles that could ask her about Polanski and Whoopi's comment?

Golly, maybe even Air Force 2 could stop in Switzerland to give somebody a ride home to America.


I've always thought of the NYT's as the Get-Away Vehicle.

New York Times

Nite all


--If You've Lost The NY Times...--

There's a gag there about wrapping fish or bird cages or something but I'm too tired to think of one.
Long day.
Was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease this morning, apparently from too many years of sucking dust while driving a cat and log skidder. Looks like my days of logging may be coming to a close.


Oh, Ignatz, I am sorry to hear this.

hit and run

Ugh, Ignatz, ugh...


So sorry to hear that Ignatz


Ignatz--You're in my prayers for sure!!

Have been on the road and landed in Las Vegas for the big Photoshop Convention and I believe a prayer can get through even when one is in Sin City.
Got caught up with the thread in time to learn the good news of Bad getting out of the hospital.
When I read she was having problems the news really tore me up.
So prayers for Bad and Ignatz from.........

JM Hanes

Oh damn, Ignatz. That's one hell of a day. You and Mrs.You have already paid a lot of dues. You'll be in my thoughts -- where you'll be logging, whether you have to give it up or not.


I'm sorry to hear that, Ignatz.

And, if I'm not mistaken, a variety of processes go by that rubric.

Yeah, bummer, Ignatz; it all depends upon rate of progression, which may well ameliorate with treatment.


Sorry Ignatz

A bummer. Have no words our good buddy. Ughh.



Launched a frisky one to Roger. Hope not to frisky.


I'm so sorry to hear that, Ignatz. Praying for you and yours...


Ignatz - ditto what the others have said.

Captain Hate

Ignatz - best wishes for your recovery


Will add our prayers for Bad and Ignatz.


Damn...Wishing you the best Ignatz!



Loved your post to Roger. Roger has responded to everyone.

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