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September 15, 2009



Serena Williams said there was a bus foot fault.

Thomas Collins

Time for an Obama sponsored non-sweetened organic fruit juice summit for the students.

Seriously, anyone who attended school in a "diverse" setting realizes that black on white violence gets a lot less play with the Establishment than white on black violence. The establishment in Providence, RI in the late 60s and early 70s, including the Providence Journal, routinely downplayed black on white violence on the walkway between Classical and Central High Schools (sorry for the local references; I am thinking that some JOMers may be familiar with the area). It is actually very patronizing toward blacks (white liberals being among the most oozingly patronizing folks in the universe). The bigotry of low expectations is a toxic bigotry.


Before even reading what "this" was, my answer was no.

steve sturm

Obama got himself into a no-win position:

defend the black kids (which includes not condemning them): not good, especially following his comments on the Gates kerfuffle and this, unlike the Gates matter, is on video.

take the white kid's side: accused of going uncle tom, caving in to the racist tea-partiers. and following his 'jack***' comment about Kanye West, how much insulting of black people can he do in the space of two days?

refuse to say anything (includes the 'this is a matter for law enforcement' 'I don't know all the facts', etc.): leaves himself open to charge he is scared to comment, again, especially since he didn't hesitate to say something about Gates.


Obama could no doubt give himself a bump in the approval ratings if he spoke out against the hoodlums. How nice if our first post-racial president were to actually act in a post-racial fashion!

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for his "Sister Soulja" moment...


Thomas Collins,

Reading your post I wondered if you'd read Common Ground, about the busing crisis in Boston in the 60s and 70s. Similar themes to what you mentioned. An amazing book.

hit and run


andrewbreitbart: Tonight's video is astounding. www.biggovernment.com Check hour or so before Beck. And DO NOT MISS BECK.

Thomas Collins

Yes, Porchlight, I did read Common Ground. Lucas showed great intellectual integrity in that book by clearly showing the condescending attitude of the White Establishment toward those resisting forced busing. He pulled no punches, and didn't kowtow to anyone (racism against blacks was also clearly documented in that book).


Obama being Prez should never get into these matters specifically. If he really wants to, he can speak generally about the subjects, such as racial profiling, or bullying, or races getting along in schools, etc. Stick to general platitudes and that offends no one and that way he looks like he is above it. Even I can come with that advice and I don't get paid the big bucks like his advisors.


Thanks, TC. Since you are in MA I thought you probably had. That is one I really need to re-read.


Let's hear what Gates and Jackson and Rangel and Sharpton have to say....

Gregory Koster

Let's have some bets:

1. After the bus arrived at school and the grapevine went to work, how were the two kids who tried to break up the fight seen by their peers? As good guys? Or otherwise?

2. Suppose the driver had stopped the bus and broken it up. How many lawyers would be involved by now?

3. How many JOMers will file claims under Obamacare for hearing aids so they can try to hear what such zanies as Sharpton say?

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

dependent on the kindness of crazed weasels

I would like to see the day when most everyone agrees that a SOB is a SOB, regardless of race, creed or color.


"I don't have all the facts but I think the white student acted stupidly".


Evidently during Obama's--this hour--speech in front of the AFL-CIO convention, he's only smart enough to be presidebt of union members.

Thomas Collins

As to Gregory Koster's questions, my bets are (i) the peers will be relatively neutral with respect to those who tried to break up the fight, but will be polarized as to their views on the attackers and the attacked, (ii) the number of lawyers involved doesn't depend on whether the bus driver tried to intervene, and (iii) no JOMers will file for hearing aids, but many will purchase ear plugs if Rev. Al speaks up about this.

Gabrel Sutherland

All it takes is one student to stand up against this brutality. Just one.

Captain Hate

Maybe it should be referred to Eric Holden for a ruling of whether we're a "Nation of cowards" regarding discussing this. I'm ready any time he is....

Southern Man

Whitey got what he deserved.


That video brings back memories. Same thing happened all the time when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s. I was attacked like that more than once for no other reason than for being white. Those episodes in my life turned me into a racist,I have hated black people since the age of 12 or 13. I will never like them.




Video of the incident. The report says this student often has trouble getting a seat, but a rider says, "They usually let him sit down." Usually? And people wonder why there are school shootings? I'll be shocked if LE doesn't at least charge the first assaulter.


Yes, hit, here's the link to the video --
Part I of the West Coast ACORN exposes.

Truly stunning! Soros, RICO was made for you!


What's the wrong seat on a bus?

It's a Rosa Parks joke.

Original MikeS

Didn't Obama cover this shit in his speech to the chilrun?


One more reason I'm in favor or bringing back corporal punishment. In particular, the two attackers should be brought before a school assembly, they should be bent over, and they should be paddled or caned until they cry like 2-year-olds. Then they should have to stand and apologize or have the paddling repeated.

Second offenses should be on bare buttocks, in public, and third offenses should result in floggings.

Southern Man

Good to see that Obama's propaganda speech to the captive schoolkid audience has had such immediate results!

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