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September 28, 2009


Jim Ryan

Nice documentary about Honduras. The supreme court chief justice weighs in at about 17th minute.

Don't mess with Meshad.

Less than three weeks to the new moon. And Riyadh is on board.


A matter of weeks?

For sure. For starters, there is this bid for 2016 Olympics by Chicago. He must take AF1 there so he could personally lobby usually corrupt IOC members. Who better to handle corruption than someone who was trained in that homeland?

If Bush had done this for a city in Texas, there will be headlines everyday accusing him of dereliction of duty. Obama gets a free pass yet again for dithering while troops die.


"A matter of weeks"? I think the off-elections will be done in five weeks,after which Obama may feel it is safe to enrage people by actually making a decision..

That sort of nails it.


Aaaaah, he'll just vote "present" again. Any way we can change his title to "Present of the United States"?

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