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September 17, 2009


Runnin' down the road tryin' to loosen my load.

Where have all the plastic dashboard Jesus's gone?

Thomas Collins

I question why TM keeps posting on Anti-Christ themes. As a service to JOMERs, I am scouring the JOM site for Satanic images. I am in particular perusing that EVONY ad on the left for any Satanic symbols.

Original MikeS

With only two hands, I'm trying to cling to my guns and bible with one and to more important items with the other.

Charlie (Colorado)

What I want to know is if the Anti-Christ and Christ meet, will they mutually annihilate in a burst of gamma rays and muons?

Original MikeS

...a burst of gamma rays and muons?
I'm picturing more of a light vs shadow confrontation.


Whatever.Just don't get drunk on Easter and pogram my neighborhood--


Perhaps they could follow up with a poll asking the participants who answered yes if they meant it literally or are merely so sick of this clown they were intending things a bit more figuratively.

Incidentally, since the book of 1 John mentions that there already existed many antichrists, meaning putative Christians who spread a deceptive form of Christianity or left the faith and now opposed it, technically it is not much of a stretch to put Barry in the small "a" antichrist camp considering his comfort with black liberation theology and statements he has made about his faith.
Not a small number of televangelists would fit pretty comfortably in that group as well.

Jose BB

In other news - the somber funeral services of recently deceased Patrick Swayze were disrupted today when Kanye West grabbed the microphone and claimed "Michael Jackson's funeral was better".

Original MikeS

Mostly, I'm wondering why none of these polls ever asks whether Jon Stewart is the anti-christ. Coincidence? I think not.

Mark O

That damned First Amendment. It so gets in the way of harmony.


From memory--and the book of Revelation:

.....and he will rule a short time.


I believe he's LEFT handed also...Hmmm!


The shocking results would come from a poll that asks whether Obama is the Christ, not the anti-Christ.

Rob Crawford

PD -- the only thing Obama's raised from the dead is the Republican Party's hopes.


I love Tom Maguire.


I'm telling Tapper Maybee.


I'm trying to decide if I'm falling out of love with Tapper.


Ok. I am not.

Frau Operetta

A singing donkey? But of course! Allan Jones sang Rudolf Friml's "Donkey Seranade"(1937) way back when. If it's braying donkeys, however, the Congress is full of them right now.


I forgot all about "Donkey Serenade"-Time ti revive it as a theme song for the left.

Thomas Colllins

See LUN for an update on the "Let Deval Appoint a US Senator" bill winding its way through the Massachusetts legislature.

Mitch H.

Ignatz: I told a volunteer in the McCain campaign office I was also volunteering in last October something along those lines - there are many potential anti-Christs: those who would alienate worship from God, and direct it towards some Golden Calf made flesh.

And I'm not even Christian, I just enjoy Christian theological metaphor.


What I want to know is if the Anti-Christ and Christ meet, will they mutually annihilate in a burst of gamma rays and muons?

Maybe they'd serve communion to cannibals.

Original MikeS

I don't claim to understand any part of "Revelation", but I did read from another source (I think it was David Fideler) that, in antiquity, the number 666 referred to the sun that earth revolves around and the number 888 referred to Christ or the spiritual sun.


I think he's still got 666 Billion of Stimulus funds to hand out.


Somehow I'm sure it's racially motivated.


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