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September 07, 2009



now for something completely

Benny Hill is on?


Well, here is an example of how they slipped a little cult of personality into the speach:

Your families, your teachers, and I are doing everything we can to make sure you have the education you need to answer these questions. I’m working hard to fix up your classrooms and get you the books, equipment and computers you need to learn.

Notice how it goes from: Your families, your teachers, and I are doing everything we can in the first sentance to: I’m working hard to fix up your classrooms and get you the books, equipment and computers you need to learn.

Gone are "Your families" and "your teachers."

All good things flow from Barry and his hard work.


PUK--send the ear thing to Warren as Ozymandias (Obamandias).

El Gordo

Van Jones was "targeted"??? Nobody forced him to sign up with truthers and cop-killers. Nobody forced him to be a card carrying communist and hatemonger.

The truth is that he was UNFIT for this office - and any other - due to his deeds and words.

I will NOT stop to point out the self-evident.


I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said:—Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Sounds more like Michelle.

I enjoyed how the children are told that they each can do one thing well. "Maybe you could be a good writer – maybe even good enough to write a book"

Maybe you suck at writing, but you can get your own name on somebody else's work. Hey, John Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, and O managed.

"Maybe you could be a mayor or a Senator"

That's kind of a strange juxtaposition, isn't it? And yet I have a memory of those two offices being compared before.


Have done.


White House tells Major Garrett that Van never filled out the questionaire for appointees--only those who have to go thru the confirmation process so that..Time to demand questionaires from all the czars?


Ranger, if you count instances of "I'm" and "I've", the 58 becomes 66.


I could care less about the conspiracy "truther" crap. But, post racial president and administration? Van was a racist -- and his own words speak truth to this conclusion: he hated whitey.


She is still 'deep in his noggin' as Dennis Miller, put it, in that and the previous quote. It's pedantic and trite, but it's better than the inaugural that was deeply dissapointing


"White House tells Major Garrett that Van never filled out the questionaire for disappointees".


Zero is sounding more like a communist than Van Jones.

This is unexpected? Remember Van Jones was someone they had been watching. They were so pleased to be able to get him into the White House. IMO, they were wanting to make sure he would fit in with the rest of them.

Can anyone name one long term associate of Obama that is someone you would want in the White House?


Who's Warren?


Van Jones was tossed under the bus because both his parents were black.

Only Mullatos Need Apply.

Van Jones wife is white.

His 2 kids are Mullatos.

I guess that didn't count.




Zero pretty much had his Chicago "thug" face on in front of the AFL-CIO audience. Made an oblique swipe regarding his school kiddies speech/talk at the right. Said he still supports the government insurance option--that brought a bunch of cheers.
Said the R's had not made any health proposal at all--not one.
He was in such a campaign mode and so partisan and his face was so ugly while speaking.
He said he had been in a funk the past month or so but this audience and his memories from the campaign trail gave his morale a boost.
He exhorted his audience to go out and fight for health insurance reform.
It was a real stem-winder speech for sure!


This is Warren>


never filled out the questionaire for appointee

So if these czars are not appointees, what are they? They surely can't be civil service?
What authorization is used for them to draw a paycheck, make decisions, etc?


Van Jones was tossed under the bus because both his parents were black.

Only Mullatos Need Apply.

Van Jones wife is white.

His 2 kids are Mullatos.

I guess that didn't count.


His wife is white?

All that hate whitey speech that came out his mouth !!!!!

He has got some nerve.

His poor kids hearing such trash against their mother.

Captain Hate

Thanks for taking one for the team, glasater. Your description is ugly enough without having to actually see and hear such garbage. He's been in a "funk" because it's the first time he's been challenged on anything but it's time for the perpetual campaign to continue. Rupert Opupkin.

Gary Rosen

From DrJ's link:

"one of the few liberal voices with President Obama's ear."

Priceless! Whoda thunk BO was part of the VRWC?


It seems that all of Obama's ex-associates share these same core beliefs. Anti-capitalist, anti-American exceptionalism, anti-white, redistribution of wealth, etc., are the chief commonality among Ayers, Wright, Dohrn, Soros, Van Jones et al.

Original MikeS,

I agree. And we can all feel quite brilliant because we knew it all going in.

OT: Clarice - will I need a sweater or even sleeves in DC this time of year?

Gary Rosen

"The story of America isn’t about people who quit when things got tough."


/channeling Sen. Blutarsky


BTW did you guys see what Tiger did today?


"Don't stop, he's rolling'


one of the few liberal voices with President Obama's ear.

I've seen that ear. It can hold more voices.


--Rupert Opupkin--


Rob Crawford

Dr. J Thanks for the laugh. Medea Benjamin quoted as saying Van Jones was "swiftboated". I nearly snorted my coffee up my nose!!!

Well, "swiftboating" is sinking a lefty by telling the truth about them, so...


Speaking of enjoining one not to quit, in the LUN:


Jane, I'd take something just in case..I find weather prediction impossible and always pack a sweater or shawl and an umbrella.

Edmund Burke

It is well established that Bush knew as of August 2001 about the Al Qaida attacks. Condi brought him an Action Report Memo that said "Bin Laden wants to attack in the US." That view is not at all controversial. What is controversial is thaat the "Truthers" believe, without any evidence, that Bush knew the location of the attack and the date and yet said out loud: "Forget it, Tenet, just let the damned buildings burn. We can make alot of political hay out of it, if we look dumb enough not to know about it in advance." The same nonsense was said about FDR because he sent advance warnings out about the Japanese. It is not the advance suspicions that's important -- its the insane belief that the President, whoever he is, is not really expecting his underlings to do everything possible to stop a feared attack. This was the point behind the truthers claim that the World Trade Center was wired to blow up after it was hit by two fully fueled jet liners. This is what makes these people as incredibly stupid as they are self-admittedly crazy.


"It is well established that Bush knew as of August 2001 about the Al Qaida attacks."

No it is not.


>>"I think very few senior Dems actually believe the Truther stuff they were supporting by praising MM for his Truther movie. It was just a way to damage the Bush administration and keep a part of the base riled up."

I'd respect them a lot more if they believed it. Knowingly spreading lies like that is inexcusable. I don't see why some people, and I've seen this at The Corner, brush this stuff off with "Oh, they didn't believe what they were saying. No biggie."

JM Hanes

"no coherent liberal critique was offered..."

Yeah, where's the photoshop of Glenn Beck in black face?

Strikes me that there's an upside to covering Jones as a victim of right wing attacks. It just makes Obama look like a skittish caver-inner and even more like the guy who will not get your back. Top off the continuing meme-worthy saga of incompetent/non-existent vetting, with all the weeping and wailing about Republicans from a Democratic Congress and the Democratic White House, and you've got what looks a lot like a twofer.


"I thought all cars under that program were required to be killed and made non functionable..."

They probably just gave up waiting on their clunker checks from Washington.

Captain Hate

Steve, it should be a lose/lose for them. If they didn't believe it then what you said applies; namely that they're using a disgustingly traitorously false scenario for political gain. And if they believe it they don't have the common sense to be trusted with a pen-knife. Sad to say the voters haven't held them accountable for either...

thomas Paine

The PDB refers to the Abdel Rahman, and a kidnapping attempt in order to trade him,
(even as of December 1998, the idea forwarded by Seif Al Adel,Mohammed Mokkawi
was to use planes as weapons, from the Phillipine Natl. Police interrogation of Akbar Murad. It refers to 70 field investigations but not the presence of Al Midhar, Al Hazmi or Ziad Jarrah, two of which were living in San Diego, under their
own name, renting from an FBI informant. The CIA I-4 team never forwarded those names
to the FBI. The Phoenix memo, never made it
to D.C, it would be at least another week before Moussaoui would be captured, and Mohammed Manea Al Quahtani, would be intercepted at the Orlando airport. What could one realistically do,

JM Hanes

Edmund Burker:

"It is well established that Bush knew as of August 2001 about the Al Qaida attacks. Condi brought him an Action Report Memo that said "Bin Laden wants to attack in the US."

Good grief. There's probably a memo saying al Qaeda wants to explode a nuclear device somewhere in space to blow out all the computers in the U.S. too. Obama wouldn't ignore that kind of intel! He'd ask for emergency powers to shut everything down and beat AQ to the punch. He'd hotfoot it over to the U.N. to pontificate on nuclear disarmament so that nobody can accuse him of just letting it happen. Everybody knows that what al Qaeda wants, al Qaeda gets.


It is well established that Bush knew

There is going to be a lottery jackpot of $13 million in Florida on Wednesday. I've given you the date and place, which is more information than Bush had about any attack. That should be enough for you to win $13 million, which you could distribute to orphanages to buy Christmas presents. But you won't do it, will you? Why do you want the orphans to suffer?

JM Hanes


"If they didn't believe it then what you said applies..."

What's with the "if"? They were willing to lose a war to damage Bush. Why would a wink and truther nod trouble them for a second?


Bishop, I followed your link, but thought it was to a Foreign Policy page, so I misread the headline as "President Obama Urged to Properly Renounce Afghanistan War Effort".

JM Hanes

I should have known you'd nail it, bgates, and saved myself the effort!


Aside from the memo, though, I couldn't agree more with the stupid/crazy.


"Why do you want the orphans to suffer?"

That's teh funny!!! :-)


bgates - the Ms Technological Big Shot on the other thread is too funny.

running and shouting will ALWAYS be useful!


FBI agent Colleen Rowley--who tried to warn about 9/11 but was ignored--is a "truther":


Who cares if Jones signed the petition calling for a new 9/11 investigation?! That's nothing. It's his associations with radical organizations and his past history of revolutionary activism that makes him inappropriate for a White House Advisor in charge of $30 Billion. Moreover, this is a pattern for Barack Obama; he has consistently proven that he doesn't have good judgement at all when it comes to people's CHARACTER. I guess that's because he doesn't know the meaning of the word. Obama's not what he portrays himself to be, and his choice of advisors proves it. Kudos to Glenn Beck for having the courage to tell the truth.


Obama's Speech At The AFL-CIO DEBUNKED

Just under five minutes this video made by patriotsandheroes has a small portion of Zero's speech today before the AFL-CIO.
Pretty well done and worth a look if you have time.


I briefly saw a glimpse of Obama at the rally as I was switching channels. He should be in a funk because nobody told him that governing wasn't as much fun as being adored on the campaign trail. I actually think he can't take any criticism and is probably catching hell from Michelle about his public option going bye bye. After all how will all those people they promised free health insurance to manage now? I also think obama is realizing that like Carter he is going to be a one termer.

Captain Hate

Thanks for that link, glasater; you were right: What a butt-ugly speech. I'd like to make that douche Joe Trippi watch it and challenge him to indicate what's post-partisan about the doofus; because all he does is erect strawmen that are complete figments of his addled mind. He's melting down faster than I thought possible; I'll be amazed if he makes it to Halloween before completely cracking.

Original MikeS

I've been trying to understand Krauthammer's remark, "And I'm not even disturbed that this guy's a communist."

I suppose that I don't object to the guy being a communist or socialist or facist. What I object to is that he wants me to be one.

I object to the fact that he has a plan to turn this country into a socialist state.

I object to the fact that Van Jones plan is a sneaky, subversive, incremental plan the goals of which are intended to be unmentioned rather than discussed, debated, or even admitted.

I object to the fact that AFTER he came up with his plan for subversion, the President hired him.

I object to the fact that the hiring of Jones into the Green Jobs post represents a huge step in his plan to move the country toward socialism.

I object the fact that Obama obviously agrees with the Van Jones plan for socialism in the U.S.


I don't see why some people, and I've seen this at The Corner, brush this stuff off with "Oh, they didn't believe what they were saying. No biggie."

Posted by: Steve | September 07, 2009 at 03:43 PM

I agree. My point wasn't to brush it off, but rather to make the point that it is, in fact, worse to say it if you don't believe it. It is a cynical manipulation of exactly the sort they are falsely accusing the Bush administration of.


"no coherent liberal critique was offered..."

Daily Kos


I think Krauthammer needs a vacation. No biggie to have a communist in the White House; we've had commies in the WH before? (Paraphrasing.)

Have they controlled tens of billions of dollars, extolling a plan to use the money to subvert the economy?

Have any of them been the president, Charles?

I like Krauthammer, but these days I read him gingerly, half-expecting a jarring statement, just like this one.


Krauthammer disappoints me about not caring that this Van Jone's guy was a Communist. The American people sure as heck care about it.

I think an upside to this affair will be that plenty of people are now going to come out of the woodwork in support of Van Jones. Previously, Obama and his lefty buddies have been soft peddling their Socialist/Commie credentials, and we've been disingenuously painted as wingnuts for actually believing they were Socialist/ Communists. This trashes that facade, and now makes the distinction sharper and evident for all to see. They are unapologetic supporters of Socialism/Communism. The benefit of the doubt is swept away, and the more down home American's see with their own eyes who the Left and the MSM in this country honestly do support, the more that strengthens our side and turns them away from the Dems, the MSM, and the Left.

So in that regard, once again I think Krauthammer is missing the boat. Could we please get him out of DC and off on a drinking binge with Mark Steyn at Victor David Hanson's spread in Fresno?


Maryrose and Captain--


And paraphrasing your thoughts of "one term" and "cracking"--from your lips to God's ears.



Big Guy unaware that by honoring Big Labor by doing nothing today, he's doing what most Americans wish he'd do all the time. #BOTelepromter
LTC John

All I can figure about Hamsher is that people like her will, under no circumstances, ever be happy. This is just a new reason to carp, bitch, moan and complain.
Actually, maybe they are happy when they belch, squeak and generally whine...?

I think I've never heard so loud the quiet message in a cloud.

Two vast and heedless ears of stone.

Zin fan too.

Hey, daddy-o, DrJ could put 'em to work and enhance their proteins a bit, too. But, my fave movie ending line ever? Nobody's perfect.

Rick Ballard

Krauthammer's remark re commies in the WH may have been a reference to Vice-President Henry A. Wallace who served with President For Life Roosevelt from 1941 through 1944. Wallace received the the endorsement of the CPUSA when he ran as the Progressive Party candidate in the 1948 election. He shares the distinction of a CPUSA endorsement with Ogabe. Alternatively, Krauthammer may be making an oblique reference to FDR himself, although that has become quite unfashionable due to MSM air brushing of actual history. Commies in and around the WH are no rarity. Ask the Red Witch.

Guffaws, no shit, falling down ones.

Mencken's accounts of the 1948 Progressive Party Convention are worth looking up and reading. It's nearly his last work, too.


Zin Fan Too, (Sounds like a Jedi name from StarWar's:)

Yeah, let's get Chuck K on the road to upchuck some common sense back into him. He's still way too valuable to toss overboard. Hope he opens his eye's September 12th in DC and learns something about what's in the minds of the angry citizens at the heart of this great nation. DrJ's vinyard I am sure would do just fine.

Hey. OT, Meant to link to this ">http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/09/telegraphs-ran-on-electric-air-in-crazy-magnetic-storm-150-years-ago/"> Solar Carrington Event story last week from Instapundit. Had never heard of a huge solar flare knocking out ele3ctrical stuff worldwide in 1859. Is this well known in the Climate Studies business? Caught me completely unawares. And thank you for always posting about such stuff.

Sorry I can't seem to make the link work unless you copy & paste it into a search box.

Captain Hate

[algore]Daddy, the story behind that, as my mother used to recount when she sung me to bed, is that the sun had a fever caused by men burning too much coal[/algore]


Captain Hate,

Your comment about how Teacher's should promise not to strike during the school year "for the Children" was great. LOL. BTW, we beat somebody even lousier than us in the opener. Maybe The Citidel. How'd you guys do?

Terry Gain

It’s">http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/">It’s premature to give up on CK

Terry Gain

http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/" >Try Again

Captain Hate

Oh God daddy; we got rolled by Cal at their place although they are a good team that we somehow upset last season. This was *not* a good weekend for the ACC. Dook and the Hoos lose to Div 2 teams. Weak Florist loses to one of the worst team in the B12 South AT HOME. The Chokies put up a good fight against Alabama until the complete ineptness of Tie-Rod Taylor led to the D finally being rolled on the ground (Bama's QB was almost as bad). Plus the Woofies lost to the Ol' Ball Coach at the "legacy" ACC team of the Gamecocks.

Sue The Skinny Bastard

You know what we really, really need? The video that the LATimes is hiding of Barack. I think one looney "uncle" is all you get when your president.


My only concern now about Obama's school speech is: Why is it so short? That will only bore about half of the students to death? Does His Dunceness and Vizier Axelrod actually believe that K-4 students will not be totally zoned out within the first 30 seconds?



I like your site. I run a political video aggregating site. The link is in the url I filled out to send this comment. I think you'll find plenty of fodder for blog posts.


we got rolled by Cal

Go Bears!!!

Now we return you to our regularly scheduled programming...

Captain Hate

Go Bears!!!

You've got a good team, DrJ; I knew it would be tough and was right. Good luck the rest of the season.



The irony is that I have always viewed Cal football akin to the dog that walks on its hind legs: you don't ask how well it does, but rather you are amazed that it can do it at all.

I've always followed my UG school more (Michigan), though Rodriguez has seemed intent on ruining their fine but frustrating tradition. Their win over WMU is great, but it should have been.

Let's see what they do with Notre Dame next week.

Molon Labe

@PeterUK "The Once" Classic.

But look, the general populace has no idea of what that could do today.

Yes, daddy, the Carrington Event is well known. Today it would make a huge mess. I've read just in the last week that the Carrington one was the strongest such one in the last 5,000 years or so.

UR wilkommen for the info; it is my pleasure. This climate business is the most magnificent scientific whodunnit of my lifetime.

Captain Hate

DrJ, the jury is certainly still out on RichRod and Meechigan hiring him was *very* atypical. Lloyd Carr was old school Maize & Blue but continually losing to Sweater Vest Tressell was unacceptable. I'm not sure if he's the answer (and last year was a complete disaster) and the Rod was a complete choking dog at West Va when they had a chance to go for all the marbles and lost to a terrible Pitt team AT HOME (and looked absolutely horrible doing so). Anyway best wishes against ND, who should always be kept down.



I agree with all you wrote. This year will make it or break it for Rodriguez -- he'll be gone if he does not deliver.

And yes, keep ND down. Always, at least in football.


What a quack. Bye by Van Jones.

Gregory Koster

I thought this sentence of The Once's Wednesday penance absolutely characteristic:

"I imagine there are some seniors out there who are feeling pretty good right now, with just one more year to go."

Yes, those seniors who act as The Once did in 1978 think this. Many others who see the 25+% teen unemployment rate are a good deal more nervous.

The rest of the speech is going to spike the rate of teen dope smoking. The younger kiddies will have to settle for raiding the old man's liquor cabinet when they get home and get dead drunk.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

Sean P

Hey, since Hamsher is so pissed off at Obama for not being sufficiently "progressive" he clearly deserves the "Joe Lieberman" treatment. You know, put a big picture of our POTUS right up on the front page, only in digitized blackface. That'll show him, huh?


Did the Once advise the kiddies not to allow their parents to see their report cards?

Bob Hawkins

"He wasn't any crazier than the rest of us"

The Luna Lovegood defense.


The tragic thing is, there are lots of people who think Truthers are much less crazy than birfers.

And then there are the people who demand An Investigation, as if there hasn't already been one. I welcome an investigation, personally, because it's, hopefully, an occasion for at least some of the more sane crazies to be publicly refuted and shamed.

The less sane crazies have no shame, so I don't hold out much hope for them.

And this business with the they were warned rumors that keep getting floated around? Perhaps they were. But it only looks like a valid warning in hindsight. The FBI was warned about the WTC bombing in advance, but they didn't do anything because it didn't seem credible at the time. The PDB itself wasn't any kind of useful warning, because it didn't say anything specific.

Charlie (Colorado)

Krauthammer needs an intellectual enema.

You had to see it. Krauthammer's sense of humor is extremely dry and doesn't do the transcript thing well.

Replace "communist" with "idiot" throughout and you'll get it.

Bill in AZ

"I imagine there are some seniors out there who are feeling pretty good right now, with just one more year to go."

Do we know this sentence wasn't about the healthcare bill?


--You had to see it. Krauthammer's sense of humor is extremely dry and doesn't do the transcript thing well.

Replace "communist" with "idiot" throughout and you'll get it.--

Well you better let Andy McCarthy at NRO in on K's joke too then Charlie.

The Truthers Shall Set You Free

So according to Jane Hamsher the people defending Van Jones are Truthers themselves.

This isn't about protecting someone over "youthful indiscretions" or "misstatements", the people defending Mr. Jones actually buy into the conspiracy theory themselves.



“Democrats worry that Van Jones is only the first of Mr. Obama's so-called policy czars...that will be targeted by Republicans.”

"Targeted" here meaning a proper vetting process.

Words...only words

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