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September 12, 2009



Sullivan is just covering himself with glory these days. He was probably at one of those very gay Provincetown beaches that have been in the news lately. Such an upstanding, shining light of common sense he.....


I think the point is that he is now compromised..Both on the pot charge and now on whether they'll give him another pass and extend his visa despite the charge

hit and run

New in Political Name Lexicon:
Sullivaned: to be smoked out as a hypocrite by one's own http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/library/studies/canadasenate/vol1/chapter5_from_plant_to_joint.htm>pétard

(note the little accent thingy on pétard, it's french for ...well... you'll see)


But he supports President Obama, doesn't that count for something?


It's a Progressive Democrat thing. Kennedy got a pass on Mary Jo. Mr. Frank got a pass on housing contrabuns and boyjoy. That Sullivan should get a pass on Mary Jane should be expected.

Our postmodern Henry Wallace Democrats are a RICO investigation waiting to happen.

Harry Truman would want it no other way.


"My view is that no one is above the law, and that when a society based on law prosecutes the powerless and excuses the powerful, it is corroding its own soul."

At this point it's hard to see how Sullivan's soul could be much more corroded. I mean, given his Trig Palin fixation.


Sorry,you have got him ,you can keep him!


Sorry to interrupt, but wasn't there supposed to have been some big protest today in Washington DC?

It's 10 AM here in Korea so I figure its about 7 at night back there. I've had on BBC and CNN International in the hotel room here for the last couple hours, but all I get is Hard Talk and Larry King interviewing Judge Judy, some Global Waming info-mercials, and an awful lot of CNN Commercials on CNN telling us how they work harder than anybody else to bring us all the important stories we need to hear about.

Anyhow, obviously I had the day wrong so whenever you guys do decide to protest, please let me know when you decide to do it.


daddy-with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek--just because the d--k's of the MSM don't talk about it doesn't mean it didn't happen. It really was fabulous--the one thing that would have made it better would have been you flying in SP to speak to the people who love America and have realized Obama's Hope & Change is an epic cluster fail!
Come home soon and safe!


Glenda, It's amazing.

I woke up 2 hours ago and have been flicking back and forth between BBC and CNN International. Not a single word from either network. Multiple commercials of what a hot reporter Cristina Amoonpour is, and how Johnathan Mann gets to the bottom of the Story etc. The ticker at the bottom keeps scrolling about Sanford apologizing in South Carolina, about Sotomayor welcomed by her new colleagues, about Congress reconvening with Health Care topping the Agenda, and about Bill Clinton advising Obama to ignore the Republicans. Then the ticker comes across "CNN The WorldWide Leader in News"... then it starts all over again...A proposed Harvey Milk Memorial Day, Parents wed at son's funeral, Obama's going to pull the trigger on Health Care...but as for you guys protesting in DC---Not a single word.


Yup 'the most trusted name in news' that slogan has long gone past it's air date. Even the local Fox Radio station ran the
tens of thousands estimate, without fail.
Doesn't Sky News have any circulation over
there, and do they pick up any Fox broadcasting


It did make the CBC news, in combination with the Obama speech.



FOX is only available to me when I go on the Yong San Army Base. In the big sort of food court which has Burger King, Church's Fried Chicken, Taco Bell etc, and a few hundred seats, there are 2 TV sets, and unless it's football games, 1 is always set to CNN and one is always set to FOX. The FOX one is consistantly surrounded by troops eating chow, the CNN one is almost always dead empty, so if we were to use the choice of soldiers in uniform as an unofficial but honest pole, the question of which network is the Most Trusted Name in News is a no-brainer.

In the hotel unfortunately, it is simply CNN International, BBC, etc. Usually I have on the CCTV (Communist China TV) station because it's decent, but today I have had on nothing but CNN. They really are shameless.


Well, they can keep on ignoring us until the voting starts (acorn+all it's attachments need to be degraded to nut only status) in 2010 and by 2012 they will be our best friends, if they want jobs. First bill up for new independent congressperson..Accuracy in Media or FCC revokes liscensure. period. amen.
There was/is expansive fraud in 2008-now with Acorn, but the Media were the biggest fraudsters/mobsters in sucking up to the Chicago politicians.

Sara (Pal2Pal)


Who needs the media?

Kamchatka hotcha.

Hey, daddy-o, how about that volcano?

John Stossel is moving to Fox.

Tom, surely you saw clarice's article about this unblinded lady justice.

Fox News Flash: Republican Women Think Beck's Ass Tastes Like Kumquats

Obama's Inauguration

Bagger's Day of Rage


That's terrible, specially the part about CCTV, which is probably less biased than CNN, things to consider if I ever travel abroad. I've always contended that Fox is
the kind of Henry Luce would have founded
if he had half the chance, with a touch of Hearst. I can't think of any tycoon from the past, who would have MSNBC or CNN even
after losing a wager

Melinda Romanoff


How'd you get the accent aigu to work on the "e"? That's always bugged me...

And, Sara, excellent compilation!



Two things, you missed:


::slap:: Hey, When I said two things, I meant two blog posts. :)

You will love this video:

‘Go Home!’: DC Crowd Drowns Out CNN Reporter During Live Report

Jim Miller

Melinda Romanoff - ampersand + eacute + semicolon. For example: é

(The ampersand and semicolon start and end special characters. Although there are patterns -- you can probably guess what ampersand + egrave + semicolon gives you -- I usually have to check a table to find what goes in the middle.)

hit and run

Heh, I usually just copy and paste special characters from another web page.

Coding is for geeks.


Well, regardless that the MSM won't give you folks a "Tip of the Hat Brim" for what you did today, ">http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap090904.html"> this guy will.


Rats, Let me try that ">http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap090904.html"> link again.

There. Now that's the proper sized Tip of the brim you guys deserve today.


Wow Sara and Ann and everybody,

Just got on a computer that allows me to open links. So that's what CNN was keeping from me. Thanks. Great photo's and videos. Yippee!

Kim, Guess that volcano just went off. Missed it yesterday as we were a few hundred miles south. It'll be interesting to see if it keeps spouting up into the 30,000 foot range if it'll mess traffic up again. Off to Shanghai. Bye Bye.


We had 4-5,000 in Los Angeles. The most normal people in the world. If the politcrits don't take notice, it is at their peril.

The dem's are going to shamelessly whore themselves to try and stay in power, but if they lose the middle, that's it. People seem to be catching on that their whole game is mainlining as many constituencies on "free" bennies as they can.

Viva La Revolucion!

Jack is Back!

To Obama and Venus Williams, in the immortal words of Kim Clijsters, "get over it - I won".

To Sully, "get over it - you just lost".



"To Sully, "get over it - you just lost"."

Not so easy when you sold your soul for it.


The NYT keeps schtumm about the protest numbers.
A fairly clear indication it was a huge turnout.

The paper of record is written on sand these days.

Pete, there are two excellent quotes from your link to the Old Grey Whore. One is that the 'demonstraters numbered well into the tens of thousands'. No wonder people like Leo embrace the madness.

The other was by a clergyman, speaking of the health care debate, but it applies ironically to the Times and MSM coverage. 'I'd like to see an honest debate. I don't see a lot of substance here'.


In all fairness to Mr. Andrew Sullivan, since we know of his legendary fairness.

An extensive study of all the pictures of Mr. Sullivan show that he couldn't possibly have been the bearer of the Dope and that in fact it was his 16 year old daughters dope and he just claimed it was his.

We all know when your 16 year old slutty daughter get caught bearing Mary Jane, of course Daddy is going to claim the said Mary Jane is actually his.

End of story.


"I usually have to check a table to find what goes in the middle"

Jim are you still talking about HTML codes, or the photo above?


OT, Willy Ronis has died.


No that would involve a woman somewhere.


At least we now know that Obama isn't an ingrate--he's rewarded his courtier for all the blowjobs.



OT, Willy Ronis has died

Thank you Peter!

Short stems, folks.

Willy Ronis and Norman Borlaug, the Green Revolutionist, who made a fool of Paul Ehrlich and gave life to perhaps billions of people.

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