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September 26, 2009


Virtually a man.

Sarkozy on Obama "We live in the real world, not a virtual one". They've got the measure of the man, and the diagnosis.


Yankees stole six bases off of Varitek. What a long game, though. And the Yankees fans were classy in applauding Lester when he walked off the field. On to the playoffs; the rest of the season is pretty meaningless at this point.

Jack is Back!

Well, "naive" is a word of French origin.

Does anyone remember the last time the Yankees and Dodgers played in a WS? Well it was 1981 and it was a classic if you are a Dodgers fan.

Just think about it - Joe Torre faces his ex-team in a new Yankee stadium. I really want to see this happen. LUN

Jim Ryan

Via NRO Corner, Will likes Rubio.


Besides losing our position as the worlds leader in freedom and economics, word comes today from Britain that our world leadership in cutting edge investigative Science is also under asault.

From the BBC we get word that in a Government study funded with P'UK's Taxes, researchers actually put monkeys in a room with typewriters for a month and waited for Shakespeare. Instead they got a lot of the letter "S", and the chimps defacated something fierce on the keyboards. Link.">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/8270688.stm">Link.

A further 10,000 Pounds was spent scientifically trying to determine the proper way to make toast.


As long as it's crackin' toast, Gromit, it's okay.



If you have ever watched an Englishman or woman make toast, it is something different. Back in the day, it involved an instrument that looked like it was from the Inquisition and open flame. Every slice an adventure.


And not to be outdone by the "Qwertyuiop" pooping primates of England, the Scots have decided to get a handle on Global warming by ">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/tayside_and_central/8272361.stm"> Counting every Worm in Scotland.

(except of course for the one's that released the Lockerbie Bomber.)



That's clearly a Bitch Slap!


Via NRO Corner, Will likes Rubio.

I, too, like Rubio.
I have no idea what his positions are on anything, though.

Dave (in the People's Banana Republic of MA)



LOL, MayBee. Rubio is quite handsome.


The Sox could use Coach Rizzo


The story started on the St. Louis tea party website. Now 24thstate.com has picked it up and is asking for HELP in identifying the person wearing the bowtie in the picture at the end of the LUN.

It is reported the person came from Washington to deal with the tea party problem.
It is said he is very "arrogant and angry,"
so you probably want to use caution around him.

" * The operative, an African-American man, arrived on American Airlines flight 401
* The operative boarded flight AA401 in Washington, DC
* He wore all black—sweatshirt, sweats—and a fraternity ball cap bearing Greek letters
* He is working with Valerie Jarrett, the committed communist and Obama’s “brain”

Jim D

>well, except his two rings

Perhaps the best self-Fisking in the history of the internet? Congrats to Tom M.

Looking forward to your unstoppable October chokefest, A-Roid.


Having posted earlier on the wonderful scientific research the English and Scots were doing, I kept looking for similar research projects by the Irish, as sort of being one of them a few hundred years back, I was hoping they wouldn't embarrass me by lack of similar accomplishment. Unfortunately they failed. All I can find is this story of them unraveling the DNA sequence of the ">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8268584.stm"> organism that caused the 1840's Irish Potato Blight. That's both sensible and important. Drat.

However, I didn't come away completely empty handed. Viet Nam has just concluded an important study on allergy's. Under the assumption that Intestinal Worms have been parasitizing primate stomachs now for millions of years, they tested whether Gut worms had figured out how to help their human hosts survive, by hunting and killing human allergy pathogens. Simply add gut worms to your child and throw away the inhaler. Anyhow, a nice ">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8268584.stm"> photo of our helpmeet and related story at the link, on this slow news day.

Last week, the ACORN office in Baltimore filed suit against the young filmmakers who went undercover into ACORN offices posing as a pimp and a prostitute. The only problem: Baltimore's ACORN office is not an independent entity. Instead, it is operated by the national ACORN organization, and some legal observers now believe the lawsuit opens up the entire national organization to discovery by the legal team for the young defendants, something even Congressional investigators haven't been able to do for the past 10 years.

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