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September 24, 2009



Obama has always said that some guy who just lived in his neighborhood helped write Dreams From My Father.


Typical Obamas all false Ayers and graces.


I'm sure this will be on the front page of the NY Times any day now.


The clothes have no emperor.
(I forget which JOMer came up with that).

Melinda  Romanoff

Oooh, the buttercream is back!

Jim Ryan

O: Chris, I told you NOT to say that he wrote it!!

ANDERSON: Wait....[GRASPING FOR PAPERS ON HIS DESK]...not to write it...not to write it...oh my God. Uh oh.

O: For pete's sake....

ANDERSON: There it is in my notes. "Michelle the most qualified candidate," yada yada, "brilliant Constitutional scholar days at Chicago U," yada yada, there: "don't say that Bill wrote it." Crap, you're right it says "don't". Man, jees, I'm sorry. I didn't see the "don't." It's hard to read in my notes.

O: This is all you're fault, Chris. You did write the book yourself, right?


O: Chris? You did write the book yourself, didn't you.

ANDERSON: Um, okay, Bill wrote it, but -

O: God dog, Chris! What kind of an idiot would let -


O: Okay, look. Just do something. Issue a correction. Call Rahm, I don't know.

Melinda  Romanoff



BB Key

OT for the second time today sorry TM

Rachel Madow of MSNBC and the Huffington Post are responsible for elevating the Kentucky Census worker "hanging story".

The story started being walked back today as MEMEORANDUM started taking down the links around noon today.

O'Keefe at the WaPO Federal Eye has changed his earlter story and the latest version is an asphyxiation story.

You guys who know about screen shoots and Links need to go to Memeorandum River @ 6:15 pm yesterday and the Madow and HuPo links are still there.

The left & MSM slime machine is alive and well.


http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2009/09/andersen_book_blows_ayers_cove.html >Andersen Book Blows Ayers' Cover on 'Dreams' (updated)

"These oral histories, along with a partial manuscript and a truckload of notes, were given to Ayers."


"In the end, Ayers's contribution to Barack's Dreams From My Father would be significant--so much so that the book's language, oddly specific references, literary devices, and themes would bear a jarring similarity to Ayers's own writing."

Jim Ryan

Hey, mel, you a jazz musician, as well as avid (to put it mildly) listener? I'm a bassist.

Relying on inside sources, quite possibly Michelle Obama herself, Andersen describes how Dreams came to be published — just as I had envisioned it in my articles on the authorship of Dreams. With the deadline pressing, Michelle recommended that Barack seek advice from “his friend and Hyde Park neighbor Bill Ayers.”

To flesh out his family history, Obama had taped interviews with various family members. Andersen writes, “These oral histories, along with a partial manuscript and a truckload of notes, were given to Ayers.” Andersen quotes a Hyde Park neighbor, “Everyone knew they were friends and that they worked on various projects together. It was no secret. Why would it be? People liked them both.”

Jim Ryan


O: Chris, what the hell is this on page 293?! While not an American citizen, this has never troubled Obama, since he feels himself a citizen, and leader, of the world and doesn't indulge in the illusion that America is somehow better than great countries with thousands of years of history, such as Iraq, Greece,... Chris! What the -

CHRIS: I. am. so. sorry. I specifically told Bill to - uh, oh, wait a minute. I haven't read it yet. Can you open to the chapter about Hillary and the campaign....

Dave (in the People's Banana Republic of MA)
The clothes have no emperor. (I forget which JOMer came up with that).
There was a book by that title about 20 years ago, making fun of the 1980s/Reagan years.
those were the days
except for the music
and the hair
and the clothes
but especially the music

Fresh Air

Just passed through a genuine fake rally in downtown Chicago by a bunch of hotel workers calling themselves "UNITE."

They're evidently all P.O.ed at Hyatt Hotels and want it to "STOP THE ABUSE." (This would be the same Hyatt run by the Pritzker family--liberals and leading fundraisers for Democrats. Go figure.)

Anyway, there were six buses and a rented U-Haul van with preprinted signs. Most everyone had matching red T-shirts, passed out, no doubt, on the buses during their trip uptown. The cops looked bored. The protetors chanted and made noise in front of the Park Hyatt then filed out.

There were, I would guess, about 500 people there. They appeared to be mostly maids, but with a few generic service employees from various hospitality businesses tossed in for good measure. Their message--according to their two-page flyer--is that the UNITED workers of Chicago hotels have had it up to here with BIG CORPORATIONS!

Several leftwing street punks with unwashed, tangled hair banged on plastic buckets with drumsticks to lend an air of authenticity. They also carried a marching-band-style sign that read "THE ECONOMY SUCKS YOUR BLOOD!"

This important hour-long demonstration led the evening news.

Barry Dauphin

It is amusing how the president's supporters (e.g., Carter, Brzezinski, etc.) end up not quite helping the cause.


Jim Ryan,
Heh! Too funny!
But you know I'm now wondering if Ayers was the ghostwriter of O's speech yesterday.


So if Ayers did write the book -- or provide substantial help, let's say -- does that mean that Obama owes him? What would Ayers want in return for such a favor?

Jim Ryan

I wonder if O had ghost writers back in his university days. Perhaps not. Perhaps the mind has simply dulled after 20 years of disuse, sitting in the idiot pews, "organizing," and such.


It seems to me they want this to come out.


old and ignored news -- given rebirth -- coverage and mesh:


Extraneus he got it back in spades--the Annenberg Challenge, remember?


What a great speech Netanyahu gave at the UN. Just stunning. Haaretz has the transcript, as I am sure many other sources do. Read it, and compare it to Obama's methaneous cowering.


Regardless of the specifics, Frank Marshall Davis, William Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright, were the key influences in his life. And that's a frightening enough realization as it is.

Dave (in the People's Banana Republic of MA)
I wonder if O had ghost writers back in his university days.
I wonder if Ø had ghost test takers back in his university days in "Massatoosetts", like the late Oldmobile driver had.
Sara (Pal2Pal)

What would Ayers want in return for such a favor?

Doesn't the last 9 months answer the question for you?


Notice the OBEY sign on the wall.


hit and run

But you know I'm now wondering if Ayers was the ghostwriter of O's speech yesterday.

I'd imagine Ayers was the speechwriter for Obama's no child left awake address before the eruption over the teachers' guide, wherein the speech was sent to rewrite to make it even more boring and more importantly less dangerous.


Exactly. Why bomb American targets when you can manipulate your own candidate into the Presidency and have him destroy the country for you?


"It seems to me they wanted this to come out."

Maybe you're right--another "birther" distraction to tar the critics as racist, Mcarthyite, commies-under-every bed types.

Are they really that stupid? That desperate? Is their internal polling that bad?

More likely--Ayers wanted it to come out. He can't stand it that he's missing out.

JM Hanes


Great catch!


old91A10 link:


Jack Cashill is interviewed. Very interesting!

Terry Gain

Sarah, you beat me to it. What would Bill want? What indeed.
Obama would no more take credit for a book someone else wrote than run for an office for which is not eligible. (There. I've said it)

The belief that Obama is naive is itself naive, (and dangerous).


bishop, unlike Peter, Obama denied Ayers nmany more than 3 times, so if true, it may be a tipping point. LUN


Cashill seems to confirm my suspicion that Michelle, through her contacts with Dohrn and Ayers from her time at Sidley Austin and her introduction of Obama to Rev. Wright's church, is the driving force behind this whole mess.

That's one nasty woman.


Let's not nitpick. It's based on Obama's musings, more or less. We can no more expect Obama to have actually written his autobiography than Sunstein could have expected Obama to actually look up cases in law school.


I wonder if I can't get 'just a guy from my neighborhood' to go to work for me tomorrow?


Thank you JMH...I don't know whether to credit these words to Fairey's friend Laura Dawn or Fairey himself.


As part of my job as Creative Director of MoveOn, I see pretty much every political documentary out there. Ever since the ground-breaking success of An Inconvenient Truth, there have been a few great docs made about Climate Crisis, and all of them had serious merit.

And a new Art For Obama Book

Terry Gain

This thing will be cleared up in a few days.

The NYT has recalled all of their investigative reporters from Wasila and is going door to door in Hyde Park.


I didn't see Shepard sign after the first paragraph. It must be Laura who is the director.


That's one nasty woman.

You said it sister.

And, ya know what? Couples are generally a lot alike.


They're evidently all P.O.ed at Hyatt Hotels and want it to "STOP THE ABUSE."

What was the abuse they were protesting?


Quotes from "Barack and Michelle: The Love Story":

Michelle even described her husband's election to the Senate in their home state of Illinois as a 'costly waste of time' - when he could be earning 'real money' at a major law firm. At the time, she insisted, they were 'as poor as church mice', and she was 'one very unhappy mouse'. ... He was, his wife maintains, not just 'a fool' but 'a lazy fool'. ... Michelle Robinson was born and brought up a proud black African-American - and it would be some time before she would pluck up the courage to tell her parents that her boyfriend's grandparents were white.

Obama's other drawback to Michelle was that as well as being mixed race, he was also 'multicultural' - with Muslim ancestry and the middle name of Hussein.

Time after time the fashion-conscious Michelle accused her jeans-wearing husband of being a slob, while he retorted: 'Why are you bothering me with this, when I'm out trying to change the world?'

According to friends, that made Michelle even angrier, because she felt she was just as intelligent and accomplished....

These have been excerpts from "The Election That Made BGates Give Up His Will to Live", by Chris Andersen.

Melinda  Romanoff


He's going to lead the march for education reform, and will be asked to join the administration as Education Czar, "assisting Arne Duncan".


"All bun, no sausage." is how we'd say it here.

And let's leave it at that.


Michelle Robinson was born and brought up a proud black African-American

At least we have this admission that they're not the same thing.

Take that, Jesse Jackson.



Shepard Fairey defines the Age of Stupid


It's so sad, you just have to laugh about it bgates. Truly, we are living in a world of morons.


Over at the Big Government Site they have an NRO article explaining why ACORN doesn't lose all their
funding if the government cuts them off, of course, it's because we're still funding them-thru the bank bailouts.

": Obama’s bankers are ACORN’s bankers, and we fund them..."

Can someone tell me why what ACORN does to the banks is not criminal extortion?

"The banks have been working to buy off ACORN, as Flaherty explains, because the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) gave politically savvy rabble-rousers the power to put the bankers over a barrel. “The banks needed somebody to market and administer loan programs in these formerly redlined areas,” Flaherty says. “So ACORN says, ‘Here we are,’ and they go from being critics to being business partners."

Melinda  Romanoff


Most reeds and French Horn. And very, very rusty.

I have threatened the spouse with resurrecting a local sextet with our house as "band practice house". Didn't sit well.

(#15 on the LUN)


That's one nasty woman.

Just incase anyone was wondering what the Fashion Icon was wearing this evening.



Here is the back:



Treasury and DoJ's I.G.'s are investigating their agencies links to ACORN.
Who would be the I.G. to study payments from the banks if not the Treasurty Dept I.G.?

I do understand about CRA --perhaps we should try to get the Republicans to repeal it or at least amend it to cut out ACORN.

Terry Gain

Is Michelle pregnant again?


Ann, we can always count on you to keep us updated.


But perhaps we could have done without the second one.


That was an actual quote, well that was before the second book advance, but please gag me, now

Melinda  Romanoff


Actually, the story ties the two, ACORN and BHO, at the hip. The mandatory expansion of the CRA to cover "ninja" loans can be traced to the South Side of Chicago, with the ACORN funded suit against Citigroup.

I have a LUN, but just in case, here's the case:Buycks-R obe r son v . Cit iba n k Fe d. Sa v . Ba n k Fa ir H ousin g/Le n din g/In sur a n ce
Docke t / Cour t 94 C 4094 ( N .D. Ill. ) FH -IL-0011

I haven't checked all the links in the LUN, but there are A LOT! The case link is clean, at minimum.

Melinda  Romanoff


Do you think Barney the Chair will allow that to happen?

I don't think so...


The Congressional Research Office has concluded that under the Constitution and Statutes of Honduras, his ouster was perfectly legal/

http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/blogs/beltway-confidential/CRS-Report-Honduran-coup-appears-legit-61123627.html>Another good up on foreign policy


Thanks Ann! What did we ever do before you found out how to post pictures? omg - our comment thread was so boring. ::grinning::

D'ya think Michelle is going through the change of life? She keeps dressing like a gal in her 20's instead of like a First Lady. I think she is in denial about the march of time (well, there is always, taste, classiness, etc. that she might be lacking).

Poor Robin Givhan, having to come up with evermore wondrous adjectives to describe MaBelle's fashions.


Doesn't matter--probably half the country taught in schools like that one in NJ think Republicans run Congress. You have to keep showing them people like Pelosi and Frank and Reid are..and they are so corrupt and stupid they will not allow any , pardon the word, CHANGE.


Okay, FlashForward (new ABC show) is mildly interesting.

Anyone notice the Oceanic Airlines billboard in the background of one of the shots?

JM Hanes

Nice bathing suit cover up, Ann!


Obama looks like his hair is falling out. Stress induced alopecia? Scar? Hillary's ash tray? Michele's shoe?

Hmm. Could be that's where Soros implanted the chip.

Melinda  Romanoff


So, I'm thinkin' those pesky "Isreali mercenaries" with their sumptin' powerful radioactive gas, might have their visas pulled?

And you're citing the "Fritz Hollings" school of campaign distractions, stop it. Republicans and "those good ole boys" have always run Washington.

JM Hanes

For anyone in need of a palette cleanser, here is glasater's absolutely spectacular bronc busting photo. Now that's a guy who knows how to dress for the occasion!

Melinda  Romanoff


He's cutting it shorter so he doesn't have to use Just For Men anymore.


I have it on good authority that when the Israelis with their mind rays sucking out Zelaya's brains finish with him they will put the rays in reverse and try to install some brains in heads over here.


Palate cleanser? It strikes me as a metaphor for our country trying to out ride Obama and his radical agenda.

Perfect, glasater!

Terry Gain

The Congressional Research Office has concluded that under the Constitution and Statut es of Honduras, his ouster was perfectly legal/

Thanks Clarice. It will be interesting to see whether anyone in the MSM has the courage to ask Obama and Our Ms Cackle to explain their outrageous support for Zelaya.


You know that outfit yesterday was okay, then she had to spoil with a look like she
swallowed a lemon. The author of that story
on the Israeli mercs was a police reporter
for the Herald some time back, no quite repartee about 'how nuts are you,


CRS did say that his expatriation by the military was not lawful--but hell's bells it was to rpevent him and his Chavez organized minions from turning the country upside down.

It was as CSR said, however, clearly not a coup and no matter how often they say it, it is still false.


Can someone tell me why what ACORN does to the banks is not criminal extortion?

Because they were just the operational end of Dim enacted legislation?


**It was as CRS said, however, clearly not a coup and no matter how often they[Hillary and Obama] say it, it is still false.***

JM Hanes


It does seem just right, doesn't it? glasater is a such a terrific photographer. A stop action image like that one is hard to come by.

Melinda  Romanoff

Sheesh. "Israeli"

Forgive me for that one, I don't want to provide ANY ammo.

I'm also sorry I missed the brief walk through of the Sun God, Ra.

Those appearances, as I understand it, are becoming rarer and rarer for us, mere mortals.



Michelle seams bent on sticking it in your eye, regardless of the ocassion. I am just happy to stick it back.

The funny thing is I am sure she wore that dress to get another flattering article about her arms and yet it is so unflattering to her middle section that we fashionistas are wondering where the heck the belt is!


Ayers says he's not friends with Obama

CHICAGO - Vietnam-era radical Bill Ayers said Friday he doesn't know President-elect Barack Obama any better than "thousands of other people" and the two never talked about Ayers' anti-war activities.
Melinda  Romanoff


That's just it, it wasn't a (local party affiliation not mentioned) operation, but an ACORN and New Party funded suit, if I recall. The whole point was to get a new funding source on the street away from (party affiliation not mentioned) normal channels. It really ticked off the powers that be.

I followed that one closer than normal. It was weird in how it was reported too.


Nice bathing suit cover up, Ann!

OMG, that's it. I couldn't come up with a description of what my eye was seeing but you just did JMH. lol :)

Original MikeS

...dropped the mess in Ayer's lap for guidance on how to turn it into a book.

But, but, if that's true then who wrote all those wonderful articles in the Harvard Law Review?

Oh wait!


Ann, her*um*influence seems to be spreading.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

That Ayers is just like a lawyer, Rocco. Putting out information which may literally be true, but is totally useless and at bottom, misleading.


Yeah, Mel, but wasn't the CRA a Carter era program? But, let me get this straight. The New Party, which would be the Socialist New Party, the one Barack Obama was in, was in bed with Acorn on this? So, you've got socialists stealing goodies from Democrats? That's pretty rich.


The CRA, of course, being the basis for the suit.

Melinda  Romanoff


This was a way to crack open a "free" source of funding (aka "Piggy Bank" was the term in the press at the time), outside the normal party channels, because the (party affiliation not mentioned) controlled ALL the campaign cash flow. They needed to leverage a sympathetic court to generate funds, and they've been milking it ever since. And, obviously, they couldn't tap Mr. Shakedown's network or use his methods.

(That's a book title, by the way, and very damning. Doesn't sell well here, for some reason or another, go figure. And it's on sale, for a penny! LUN)


So, how did Barack Hussein get on the good graces of the (party not mentioned)?


But he's not a lawyer, he's an 'educator' his wife, the fellow ex terrorist is a lawyer.


But he can parse like one, bishop, Maybe he stayed at the Holiday Inns of Court.


Ann, her*um*influence seems to be spreading.

lol, Clarice. Ain't that the truth.


glaster, that picture is terrific. Do you have a website. If not you should. I would love to see more of your work.

The talent here at JOM is always so amazing.



I hope Grathwol nails him and his wife for the murder of Sgt Brian McDonnell from the San Francisco PD.


Yes, glasater. I meant to praise it when you first posted it but I got pulled away. It's a super shot!

Fresh Air

Let's not forget, when Ayers handed the chairmanship of the Annenberg Challenge to Zero, Ayers's office on Sangamon (or was it Peoria?) Avenue was in a small four-story building. This is today a desolate area, and it was no less desolate then.

Two guys with similar leftwing politics, who crossed paths probably dozens of times, going to work on a quiet street in a building with one elevator and they don't know each other?

This is simply an Alinsky-style LIE.

Melinda  Romanoff

You forget, it's a machine here. A new cash extraction tactic is absorbed, not disdained. No matter how distasteful the messenger. It's a bit like Fight Club rules.

Don't talk about the money!

(The first rule of the machine.)

Everybody gets part of the pie, so long as you don't forget rule number 1.


I'm not clear. Did Andersen quote Cashill? Or did Andersen have another source?

Melinda  Romanoff

And on that note, I'm fading.

G'night all.

Dave (in the People's Banana Republic of MA)

What exactly is appropriate attire when meeting a bunch of tyrants, pygmies and tinpots?


Friday news dump on Thursday:

Obama Gitmo Policy Collapses

A day after the Once tells the world he closed down Gitmo we now find out he was LYING again.
Of course, he blames Bush!!!!


Clarice, I'm thinking I read the other day that Barney Franks wants to expand the CRA.

M.Romanoff, The number of links in that LUN is staggering, I've been to that site many times but for some reason, I never checked on Obama there. Thanks for all the good info you always find.

The CRS report on Honduras should have been out the first day the fiasco started. Why on earth would it take that long to verify what hundreds of different posters have said--There was no coup. The actions by the Obama Administration reflect badly on us. Especially with Chavez buying every piece of weaponry he can get any one to sell him.
Chavez intends to take every inch of South and Central America IMO.


Sue, it was from another source, perhaps even Michelle.


Old91A10 & Ann - Thank you for that b-cast link. Really good.

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