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September 20, 2009



According to a post at Gateway Pundit, he will be saying he wouldn't have to be everywhere, if it wasn't for the nasty right wing.



He's being a racist (or at least the white half of him is) by telling David Paterson not to run for Governor.

Melinda Romanoff

"Mornin All"

TV's are off today.


I'd like to remind everybody about www.defendmichael.com

Cause it's an open thread and I can.


I don't know if God is dead, but John T. Elson sure is, and Time magazine is on its way.

Mark O

He's not mine.

Jack is Back!

Boy, what a day of college football, huh?

Our Gators squeeked by as Tebow and Company got beat up but survived.

Washington over USC. Every year USC is built up as indestructible and gets upset every year. Its like all their games against weaker opponents are written by Hollywood screenwriters.

The 'Skins have an easy one which means they lose by 14 and Snyder starts questioning his decision to hire Zorn as Head Coach. Maybe he'll bring back Spurrier?

On the other front, the MSM are getting Obama's back by plastering the WHO report that we are number 1 in health spending but 37 in overall health care. Hello! Its from the UN and you know what that means - statistics, statistics and lies. I think we should make a law that says any non-US citizen who works at Turtle Bay has to go back to their country of origin for any health care. See how that rat runs.

Old Lurker

You got that right, Mel.


Oh good - I think I need a rest from 14 new threads a day. TM - it's time for a day of rest.

Good morning everyone!


I now get the very excellent Washington Examiner delivered free to my in box every morning.How nice. I suppose I could get a kindle and prop it up so I could pretend it was a dead tree version at breakfast.

Clarice?  DoT?  Speak, my man, speak.

Donald, the prosecution witness with exculpatory evidence should, note I say should, reverse this on appeal. Why did the judge not declare a mistrial?


Rasmussen has Presidebt at -9 today.


I rented Grizzly Man last night after reading this article at Am. Thinker LUN

Now THAT is the movie that should be viewed to show the insanity of extreme environmentalism. What a lost soul.

It is a tragic picture of what happens when a lost soul, looking for purpose and salvation latches onto a lie. So naive. A bleeding-heart, or "a bleeding-heart ignoramus" (a line I wrote down from some other blog years ago).
Anyway, the naivety of playing with danger (Russia) point of the article was very interesting.

Macho Marquez makes a mark.

Mayweather in a mismatch; Pacquiao-Cotto next.

Rick Ballard

Charlie Cook provides some interesing analysis on the potential to retake the House. He's been at it a very long time - perhaps we should set the target at 65 seats? I was particularly taken with

Some veteran members say the environment is worse than what they experienced in 1994. While some of it is driven by voter animosity in such districts toward President Obama, more of it seems to be focused against the Democratic Congress. These members have found themselves part of a congressional majority that has become radioactive, something their Republican colleagues can speak to from recent memory.

Tack on the glaringly apparent mediocrity of Nobama in conjunction with a no jobs non-recovery and Queen Botoxia will be descending further into hysteria with each passing week.


Good Morning to all, I found a interesting youtube video this morning at FreeRepublic. Warning it contains audio from the Rachel Maddow show but with a small twist on the video. I found it amusing and thought some here might.

Liberal Media Hypocrisy Test

Just in case my link doesn't work LUN.

It's simple, really.

You know how to stop the brain damage in boxing, like Muhammed Ali, the once upon a time Cassius Clay? Take off the gloves. Broken fingers and faces would end the fights. The gloves allow all the force, which can be horrendous in heavyweights, to be transmitted to the organ within the tough braincase.


Morning all. Jane, in line with your comments on your show this week go to the front page of the WaPo for a story on power lunching in D.C.


I see the Politico poll asking which network you'll tune in to watch Obama still has the "not watching at all" option in the high 60-percent range.



There's a lot to this Kim. There was a post by Jeff Goldstein at proteinwisdom (Gotta scroll down to the second page now, I thank Jeff for posting it so very much) that had a a JAG blog on the subject and some statements by serious military guys who unconditionally support Michael no matter what happened, feel that he failed to honor his position, and also, those who say the punishment does not fit the crime.

I know some of Michael's family members, and I got family members who have been and will be in the type of operations Michael was involved in so I don't pretend to be objective. But I know this, I wish he'd put two bullets in that scumbags head immediately, then left the body to rot in the street. Those people get that.

To be so great, Mayweather is a pretty boring fighter. I'd like to see him with Pacauiao. He'll make him fight. That said, Floyd Mayweather is one bad dude.

University of Georgia used to play big time defense. Interesting note on last night's game. Bobby Petrino got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty about 5 minutes after one of his linebackers was ejected for mulitiple dead ball personal fouls on one play (I'm sure that happens, but I don't recall it and I keep up with that stuff). You gotta be quite the asshole to get one of those as a coach. A buddy of mine who runs the chains at Falcons games, says that Petrino was the most foul mouthed, complete asshole to not only players, coaches (When he left the falcons, he did so by popping his head into a coaches meeting and whispering to the coaches "I'm going to Arkansas"), and management, but also to the officials. Worse than like everybody who this guy has ever seen. The good news is he left the Falcons however, and he'll destroy the feel good in Arkansas in 48 months.


Whereas many objected to TARP and stimulus pkgs like the good bean-counter should, it appears one consequence has an indirect impact on the Markets, and actually lessens the pain for Joe Lunchbucket. Many also point to historical evidence that the New Deal extended the Depression, without measuring the human cost if no safety net were available to catch it's weakest members,

", examines seven of the recovery act’s provisions — two improvements in unemployment insurance, three tax credits for working families, an increase in food stamps, and a one-time payment for retirees, veterans, and people with disabilities — and finds that they alone are preventing more than 6 million Americans from falling below the poverty line and are reducing the severity of poverty for 33 million more..........

The estimates presented here are based on annual Census data, updated to better match recent economic conditions. To estimate poverty effects, we simulate each survey family's taxes and after-tax income in 2009, with and without the seven stimulus provisions in place, and compare its income with the poverty line. Because the government’s official measure of poverty considers only cash income and would therefore miss many of the tax-based and non-cash income supplements in the stimulus bill, the analysis uses a broader poverty measure recommended by the National Academy of Sciences and favored by a wide array of analysts. We also correct the tendency of the Census data to undercount receipt of certain public benefits. [1]"



royf, great video. The difference between the tenor at left protests vs. the 9-12 tea party is night and day. The 9-12 march was so uplifting...red, white, and blue everywhere. People that love their country, but are concerned. The left rallies are all about hating America.


...says Cleo as unemployment inches toward 10%, the very thing the stimulus was to prevent.

Mebbe so.

Are you intimating that a safety net worked, or at least, helped, old pal?

There is evil.

All I have to do, Donald, is think about the Red Cross lady in Fallujah, gutted, drawn and quartered, or the son cooked and served to his parents, to lose any sympathy for the likes of Ali Mansur.


'Are you intimating that a safety net worked, or at least, helped, old pal?"

Just giving the nay-sayers some can-do context.

Strawman Cometh

Yes, Janet, Timothy Treadwell, aka, Grizzly Man displays an almost charming naïveté that got he an his gf rendered into bear scat. This is where the AT piece breaks down. I can't put my finger on exactly what the Zer0 Man is selling, but it's not naïveté, it's not charming, and I do not want to be his gf.


Right, with sterling projects like 'beach resurfacing' in my neck of the woods, we'll be out in no time. I know they're slashing
city budgets left and right down here, dismissing the new officers that were supposed to be paid for by stimulus funds, yes it's all a sham. They had to hike the property tax 14% in one our tonier hamlets,
'it's the best of all possible worlds'

hit and run

So it's not surprising then that Obama gets bitter, he clings to antipathy to people who aren't like him as a way to explain his frustrations with Fox.

Captain Hate

So the "Stimulus" was just a big welfare program; thanks for straightening that out, genius.

Quack Economist Krugman.

The one and only part of the stimulus that worked, Ch, and PD, we know the unemployment figures could be, in fact are, far worse.

Charlie McCarthy, tanned and unprepared.

Obama is just a simple, and stupid, demagogue. It's Axelrod and Emanuel plucking at the strings, h&r.


Sweden has announced a better stimulus plan--it is simply cutting taxes.

Strawman Cometh

Chris Cizzilla of the Wash. Post on Howie's show says there is too much going on for them to cover every story. He assures us it is not partisan.


So the "Stimulus" was just a big welfare program; thanks for straightening that out, genius.

No joke did you read the about page of that group she linked? Nothing but social justice tripe.

As far as Tarp being a welfare program, it was plenty apparent from the start that's all it is intended to do, Well that and pay off for Obama's political cronies.


Chris Cizilla is a journalist. He wouldn't lie.

Strawman Cometh

Hit from another thread,
He's doing well, playing chess! and has almost shed the wheelchair. Thanks for asking.


Right, that's why it took someone with a Facebook page, to clue us in to the "Logan's
Run' nature of the health plan, why it took someone yelling out 'you lie' to end the illegal immigrant passage, why two young people had to mount a sting to take down ACORN, why a former DJ had to bring down Van Jones. tell us again, BTW, Cilizza has her down as # 9, on influential people in the Party, with the luminous Mittens as no. 1


So, 6 million got a boost, while 3 million lost their jobs, and somewhere over 500K a month are following suit. This is progress?

Jim Ryan

Ponnoru did a good job in NRDT this week, explaining how the left has been lying when it has called critics of its health care plan liars.

At one point in the laundry list, he notes that if you're a lefty and praise the plan as a government takeover and road to single payer, you are praised, whereas if you criticize the plan as such, you are called a liar.

He krauthammers Palin a little without naming her, but that is now to be expected as a matter of course. Good article for the muddle to read.

Copenhagen is bust.

Will Alexander's parting comments are worth a read in the Link Under Name. He's a retiring climate expert. Scroll down to the cowboy riding into the sunset.


What I take from cleo's post is that he supports TARP because it kept Ken Lewis and Vikrim Pandit above the poverty line.

And he believes he has to convince someone that taking money from A and giving it to B will result, in the short run, in B having more money.
The question of what the long term results are for both A an B and the relationship each one has to each other and to the state that confiscated the money in the first place is of course the 64 trillion dollar one.

hit and run

Thanks for the update Strawman, that is great to hear. I was just wondering which thread I had asked and was going to go hunting in case you had left the update there.

Charlie (Colorado)

Now THAT is the movie that should be viewed to show the insanity of extreme environmentalism.

"Think of it as evolution in action."


"the 64 trillion dollar one."

Actually, it's not the Question, it's the payback answer to 25 years of Reaganomic ecstasy.

Surprised you don't want to own up to your debt.


These members have found themselves part of a congressional majority that has become radioactive, something their Republican colleagues can speak to from recent memory.

When DIck tried to arrange my entry into the Capital (made unnecessary due to the valiant efforts of Jean) he told me off air that the woman he spoke with in Congressman Neal's office said it was simply awful for them in Washington now - it certainly was no fun.


I just watched the presidebt on Bob Scheiffer and he lost me about 3 minutes in. Aside from the lying, and still blaming Bush, he really is an unmitigated boor.

Rick Ballard


Read the disclaimer - the 6 million is a numath number, pulled from a unicorn's posterior. OTOH - the 3 million is a lower bound real number. And a growing one to boot.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent at minimum was one and a half times the size of Texas greater than two years ago..

Ooh, read the 'coprophagia' link in Memorandum. Chrisopher Booker has long been an elegant skeptical climate journalist in England.

Charlie (Colorado)

Take off the gloves. Broken fingers and faces would end the fights.

Um, no. Back when bare-knuckles fighting was the norm, fighters were more likely to die of the head injuries.

Charlie (Colorado)

Whereas many objected to TARP and stimulus pkgs like the good bean-counter should,

Actually, you ninny, it was the bean-counters who thought TARP was a good idea. The only connection between TARP and the stimulus package was that the Democrats thought "Wheee! They put in $750 billion? We can beat that!"

Jim Ryan

kim's right. It's a funny read.

He'll find that Cheney told two stories to the Grand Jury about how he first heard of Hannah Giles.

Also good is Charles Gipson's call in the Chicago Tribure for an Independent Prosecutor for ACORN. Please, Charlie, not Fitz.


You know Jane, the Pegster just concurred with you on that point, I say, echoing John
McClane, 'welcome to the party, pal' and the Richard Neal comment,reminds me of that
long extended Python schpiel, that ends with
ah 'you're no fun any more' BTW it seems Afghanistan is not a fight we have to win
any more

He'll find that Chaco told two stories to the Grand Jury about how Cheney blew the man's face off.

Mebbe so, Chaco, but that was pre antibiotic and pre modern surgical techniques. And, I was speaking of preventing brain injury, not of preventing mortality, which, I'm sure you'd agree, would be much diminished now compared to back when 'bare-knuckles fighting was the norm'. You've got to think these things through, sometimes, not pop-off like the brilliant bodyguard you are.

Captain Hate

Yeah gloves vs bare-knuckles in trying to assign blame for head injuries is an apples/oranges kind of argument. During the time of John L Sullivan, fights endured until one person wasn't able to continue; ie knocked out, which would often be longer than 15 rounds. They would get so bloody that gloves were added so the public wouldn't be so horrified at the carnage. And subsequently set round limits were done, which opened a sport which had always had ties to crime to blatant fixing of matches by decisions. The next major "humane" change was making a boxer go to a neutral corner when his opponent was knocked down; up through Dempsey the dominant boxer could stand over his opponent and pummel him immediately when he regained his feet.

If boxing ended tomorrow I would be happy while still knowing it would exist in some fashion below the official radar. Ali's brain damage can be blamed on a lot of things, including the politically incorrect factor that he wasn't a very smart person. Sticking around too long in a sport usually isn't a good thing as Brett Favre's shills will find out.

How about bare knuckles with modern refereeing and ring doctoring?

However, the more I ponder mechanism of injury, the more I wonder which of us is right.


Actually, it's not the Question, it's the payback answer to 25 years of Reaganomic ecstasy.

To be replaced with the dangerous and failed policies which have filled a hundred million graves in the last ninety years. Giving rise to the great humanitarians Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

You are a proponent of the most ass backward ideology which the human race has ever seen. But I'm sure the insane clown posse which is the Ogabe administration will get it right this time, after all look who has been rewarded with the spoils. Large banks, insurance companies, investment companies, lawyers and unions. Yeah that is some rope and chains right there.


it's the payback answer to 25 years of Reaganomic ecstasy.

I don't think Alan Greenspan and the boys at Goldman Sach's were all that into Reaganomics.

And, I'm sorry to say, under the official radar is not as safe.

True, Captain Hate, and you point the finger at an important modern difference; the refereeing, the rules, and the expectations of the crowd.

Jim Ryan

Here's WUWT's post on Friday's document dump.

You can't impeach a president for concealing documents like this and trying to pass the legislation?


Europeans are racists, except for Georgia.

Then they raise the bar!


"President Barack Obama is warning U.S. commanders that he’s “skeptical” about whether more troops will make a difference in Afghanistan, saying he’ll approve an expected request only if the forces fit into a strategy to beat back al-Qaida and protect the United States.

Obama had made a focus on the war in Afghanistan a central tenet of his foreign policy when he ran for president – often holding up the decision to invade Afghanistan, home to the 9/11 plotters, as the right move compared to President George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq."


Hopefully congress'll pull a Vietnam soon and cut off all funding to both Iraq and Afghanistan, making sure that we piss away the victories there and that our American soldiers really *did* die for nothing.

It was almost as tough pretending I gave a shit about the brownies in Afghanistan as it was pretending I had a son serving in Iraq. It'll nice to be able to come clean and discard those convenient lies under the Obama regime.

Captain Hate

Obummer: Squandering the victories others attained.

Jim Ryan

Dang, talk about a furrowed brow. I wish I were knowledgeable enough to know how well Denninger perceives reality. Here he sums up his last year of blogging.


Providers Deny Long-Term Care Insurance
Coverage to Qualified Policyholders

Some of the nation’s largest long-term care insurance providers have found themselves embroiled in litigation surrounding their failure to payout a significant number of valid claims. Although a number of insurance companies have come under scrutiny, much of the litigation has been focused on John Hancock, Penn Treaty, Conseco and Banker’s Life.

Wrongly Denied Long-Term Care Insurance Claims

A large number of the wrongly denied long-term care insurance claims have involved aged, frail, policyholders, raising suspicions as to whether, or not the denials are mistakes or reflect a conscious effort to defraud certain policyholders. Sources investigating the wrongly denied claims are of the belief that many insurance companies make it so hard for aged, frail policyholders to access their coverage so that they either give up and accept the denied claim, or die before a resolution is reached.

Elderly patients suffering from diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can cost long-term care insurance providers a great deal of money; more than was initially forecast by provider projections. Elderly patients receiving long-term care have a tendency to survive longer than the insurance companies expected, resulting in significantly-higher annual payouts over a longer period of time. With regards to Conseco, their long-term claim payouts actually exceeded premium revenue by 2002.

Insurance providers got into the multi-billion dollar long-term care insurance business because of the potential profitability. Once the realization set in that long-term care insurance was not the goldmine that it initially seemed, insurance providers sought to substantially increase premiums to help cover their costs. Many people believe that delaying policy payouts and wrongly denying valid claims represents another way through which such companies have sought to limit their costs and maximize their profits.

Long-Term Care Insurance Fraud

Many of the long-term care insurance providers claim that their occasional failure to accommodate valid policyholders is an unfortunate reality in an industry rife with fraud. The insurance providers in question have stated that they are committed to providing policyholders with fair and satisfactory service. Conseco have made the case that their overall number of insurance department complaints actually decreased by 20 percent from 2005 to 2006.

However, employees representing all the insurance providers in question have provided sworn depositions regarding deliberate attempts to slow the payout process to a near halt in certain cases. Ignoring policyholders, providing them with incorrect paperwork to fill out, requiring paperwork not specified in the policy, rescinding claims without due cause, and denying coverage for certain state-licensed assisted-living facilities, are just a few of the many bureaucratic obstacles that have been implemented in effort to avoid claim payouts for as long as possible. Policyholders are now fighting back by taking their insurance providers to court.

How proud Cheney/Gregg must be for giving birth to the long-term-care-policy industry with their Deficit Reduction Act that targets elderly WWII Disabled Vets.....

Jim Ryan

I know! Instead of making sure that the laws against cutting off people who have paid for their insurance are enforced, let's socialize the health insurance industry! It's a no-brainer!

Ralph L

Brett Favre's shills will find out
Saw him last night in an ad. He was trying to make up his mind about a purchase.

Uncle BigBad

Now that Charles Johnson has gone insane, how will it affect the Idiotarian Awards? Can we nominate him?

Uncle BigBad

I shut down the previous thread with this link, but it's too important to ignore.

In light of the ACORN scandal, it's time to look again at this video about vote fraud in the Democrat primary.


Whoops, I left off the last part of my last huge cut and paste:

Long-Term Care Lawsuits

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a long-term care insurance provider’s failure to live up to their contractual obligation, you may be entitled to receive compensation to offset any costs related to your financial and emotional suffering. The Law Offices of Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz boast some of the most experienced personal injury lawyers Pensacola, Florida has to offer. The lawyers and staff representing Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz are adept at litigating a wide variety of personal injury lawsuits and have considerable experience handling insurance company lawsuits. Contact Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz at (888) 255-AWKO (2956) to learn more about your legal rights associated with insurance fraud.

And you know you can believe every word, because it comes from lawyers!


Jack is Back!

For all of you who love to travel and are interested in a new, exotic locale with culture, sports, lakeside dining and romantic sunsets, I give you LUN


Test I've had two post disappear.


What the hell is this country coming to when Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Mark Rudd are "distinguished" professors writing curriculum for public school children while Jeff Jones, working with Van Jones, helped write the stimulus bill?

Captain Hate

And you know you can believe every word, because it comes from lawyers!

Thanks for cutting and pasting a ginormous infomercial; like my tv isn't inundated with ads from those bottom-feeding sharks already.


Uncle BigBad - yeah, those Dem. primary videos are really interesting. We are dealing with a thug mafia.


No he hasn't gone insane, just shameless weasel there's a difference, BTW it looks like the President caught Gibson's disease, in the LUN

Rick Ballard


Yet he apparently is able to keep up with the NY governor's race to the point where he is willing to shove a blind black man in front of a bus for the sake of Democrat fortunes. I wonder what position he has in store for Deval Patrick in his best of all possible administrations? Fraud Czar? Chief thief?

Original MikeS

Polls show that the American people think the most important issue or issues facing us are some combination of the economy, the deficit, the debt.

So, it's not surprising that when Brocko and Rahm were dreaming up deceptive ways to promote their platform of corruption and socialist policies, they characterized them as solutions to Americans #1 concern.

In past months it has been common to hear the President and Treasury Secretary say that there is no way out of this recession without health reform, and even at times claim that is what caused the recession.

The "cap and trade bill", which we found out on Friday will cost $3 trillion over the next 10 years, was sold as a jobs creation bill that would start a whole new "green industry."

The President's energy plan, which is essentially to do without carbon based or nuclear based energy, is promoted as the foundation for future economic growth.

The Administration promoted the $787 billion political payoff and pork bill as an economic 'stimulus' bill.

The good news is that the Administration's argument for these policies was that they would help us economically. Now that we've found out that they won't help the economy but rather will hamper economic growth, there is no reason to continue with them.


Well Rick, he threw his own grandmother
'under the bus' when opportunity presented
itself, in the Wright fracas. One would have to be inattentive to realize that Paterson, is going down like Capt Smith of the Titanic, but the blatant nature of the
maneuvers, something about the 'persuasion
of power' is a little abrupt


"vote fraud in the Democrat primary."

IMO, not a single thing has been done to eliminate fraud in the primaries. Nothing is going to be done. What you will see in the next primaries is the same thing you saw in the last primaries; massive vote fraud that gets people elected by fraud, including some of those at the highest level of our government.


Paterson's not yielding--he insists on running.
(Keep those cards and emails of encouragement flowing to him, Pilgrims)

Thomas Collins

Welcome to the NFL Matt Sanchez. Now, maybe if your big talking coach stops trying to protect you when you are backed up against your own end zone, we'll see what you are made of.

Sue The Skinny Bastard

Iowahaw has been dropping hints on Breitbart's next big thing. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3661/3464082615_eb3887bc1e.jpg>This woman is a clue. I recognize that picture but I can't place her. Anyone know? Narciso? You know everyone.

Thomas Collins

Whoops! Sorry about that. Mark Sanchez, Matt Stafford. Hard to keep these hot shot high draft pick quarterbacks who get all the attention straight.


Clarice: Yesterday I mentioned the Breitbart tease about a big story about to break. Pay attention to the following from Iowahawk commenting over at AOSHQ:

Heheheh. I talked to Breitbart on the phone last night. Seriously. It's gonna be good. 11:21 AM

Later Iowahawk presents this tease: Remember this woman?

and still later, after several guess her to be Samantha Powers, he says:

One last tease and then I'm out... no, the pic is not Samantha Power. Unless you are inside-DC-super-news-junkie, tomorrow will probably be the first time you've heard of her. No, it has nothing to do with "personal life" scandals.

Clarice, I am counting on you!!! Do you know who the gal is?


ooooh, sorry Sue - you beat me to it! I forgot about Narciso/bishop knowing everyone too!

Thomas Collins

I was in Cleveland during the Kucinich days (see Jack is Back's LUN). I enjoyed my time there. From comedy shows in the Flats to fine dining at That Place at Bellflower to watching the 1981 All-Star Game at old Municipal Stadium, I have many fond memories of Cleveland.

Sue The Skinny Bastard


Buffy Wicks. Someone just posted it at Ace's.



That question from Steffie to O surprised me - I didn't think anyone would ask him about ACORN. He clearly declines to answer the question about funding, too.

Check out the comments at ABC - almost universally negative toward Obama:

Obama on ACORN: "It's not something I've followed closely

Sue The Skinny Bastard


The comments really surprised me over there. I think Obama is going to be down to the base of his base by the time this is over.


Well he did ask the Wright question in that debate so many monthes ago, maybe he doesn't want Tapper to get all the hits.

"Buffy Wicks" from Sunnydale (sarc), from the White House Office of Public Engagement!
Orwell call your office, bring Burnham with you.


There is another march on Washington this week.

"50,000 Muslims expected for Islamic prayer on Capitol Hill"


What you want to remember when you see their big numbers for this march on TV:

" it is impossible for a Muslim to succeed in his intention of observing the Islamic pattern of life under the authority of a non-Islamic system of government. "



Never heard of Buffy Wicks, but here she is

And here's Michelle pimping for Buffy's outfit.

Sue The Skinny Bastard

Buffy Wicks, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement

http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/pcourrielche/2009/08/25/the-national-endowment-for-the-art-of-persuasion-patrick-courrielche/>Big Hollywood on the NEA conference call.

It better be something really big because I don't think the average person will be able to follow this one.


Me too, Sue. I put that at about 20-25% of likely voters.

Thomas Collins

Nice interception by the Jets cornerback.


Buffy Wicks, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. Wicks has a long history in grassroots organizing and civic engagement. Most recently she was the Director of the Renew America Together effort, the call to service issued by then President-elect Obama. She also served on the Obama for America campaign in a variety of roles, including California Field Director and Missouri State Director, and helped develop the national grassroots field strategy. She has also worked in the labor movement, fighting for better health care and wages for disenfranchised workers. She is originally from California and graduated with a double major in Political Science and History from the University of Washington.

http://www.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/President-Obama-Launches-Office-of-Public-Engagement/>Just call me "Buffy"


Sue: Somehow, I don't think her involvement with NEA would be "coming out of left field," in other words, something completely unexpected.

I am gonna trust Iowahawk on this one - that it will be good.

Rob Crawford

She has also worked in the labor movement, fighting for better health care and wages for disenfranchised workers.

They keep using that word. I don't think it means what they think it means.


Let's hope she engaged Kenya to operate her brothel out of the WH press office.

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