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September 13, 2009


hit and run

You mind if I make 161 my twitter photo?

Because I'm just one click away...


Now I've begun to wonder if, by having elected possibly the least competent president ever, even counting Andrew Johnson and Martin Van Buren, Obama hasn't actually done more harm to the position of blacks in the US than he could have done good.

Pretty sure I said that since the very beginning.


Yeah hit those are a great bunch of pictures on that stealthfusion site.


A verfied two million, next September, two months before the election will pucker their collective (or collectivist?) rears in no uncertain terms.

I dunno, I'd as soon ambush em at the ballot box, rather than give them a bunch more opportunities to lie to us.

Charlie (Colorado)

Bunches...I particularly like the ones from steps of Capitol give a good look out over the crowd down to Washington Monument.



I don't really want to become a protester. I want the media to tell the truth so Americans can (and I believe most will) make the right decision for our country.

Most of these phony politicians run as conservatives, or at least conservative lite, to get elected (except in the bluest of blue nutlands). But they are really far leftists. The media helps them put one over on the voters. I always feel the media is the big enemy, not busy Americans.


gmax: Great news about Jmax. I remember well voting for her and always knew with her discipline and intelligence she would go far
Thanks again to all the JOM people who traveled to Washington and rallied in your home towns! You are true patriots and we will get our country back. Obama can"t stop us now...

Charlie (Colorado)

Hmm. Don Surber has a collection of people noticing the competence problem. They're not Republicans.

Charlie (Colorado)

I dunno, I'd as soon ambush em at the ballot box, rather than give them a bunch more opportunities to lie to us.

All I can figure that would give them more opportunities to lie to us is if we're causing them insomnia.

Squishy Squashy

'Shih Tzus against obama" Love it.

We're inching closer to one percent of the population.

I guess you could call us the Obnoxious Minority.


Huh. I come back from evening service expecting to find a bunch of comment about the Obama Traveling Road Show appearance on 60 Minutes, and ... nothing.

Anyone watch it? Was it a masterful performance?


hit and run....thanks for the kind comments in an earlier thread. We have 130 faculty members at our school and only three said they would use it. No member of the social studies department did. Our principal told emailed us that he has received alot of emails from parents whom were strongly against showing the speech and using the lesson.

Defunct Whig

"Sherman Frederick, publisher of the Las Vegas Review Journal on Wednesday night’s speech: “After nine months, Americans have begun to make up their minds about this president, and the growing conclusion is this: On the menu of competency, this leader of the free world is one taco short of a full combination plate. He’s undisciplined, snooty and less gifted than initially thought, making him ill-prepared to grasp greatness, even when history offers it.”" D. Surber

" The leftist adherents to the Whig Theory of History see Lincoln as part of a continuum running from Runnymede to Cromwell to the so-called Glorious Revolution to the American Revolution to Lincoln to Wilson to Roosevelt to Kennedy and beyond.

Of course, this Whig Theory of History is preposterous and fallacious and maintained only by a thoroughly dishonest editing of historical events. However, the leftists are correct in viewing Lincoln and the effect of his