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September 21, 2009


Jack is Back!

I couldn't stay up but did Obama win an Emmy last night for most appearences on Sunday & Monday?


I disagree. Obama got a long grace period from everybody who wasn't paying attention because he was an enigma. He's been filling in his own blanks with ominous realities.

Fresh Air


Nice post. You didn't pull your punches, and you got to the nugget of it.

As you say, the enigmatic component doesn't get to all of the problem here. There is a profound unease with a president who doesn't share the American creed. Indeed, doesn't really even understand the creed.

But the real layer that gives people heartburn is a profound sense that we are dealing with a chameleon. Not a cipher, but someone who operates in plain sight. Giving one perspective, then another. And when the cognitive dissonance becomes too much to bear and we beg for the media to say, "Wait a minute...." what do we get instead? Crickets.

We want to reach out and throttle this guy for his mendacity, socialism, inexperience, fraud, arrogance, etc., etc. And the way we do that in this country is through writing and speaking and organizing. But until recently this avenue has given little relief. It's changing, however, and none too soon.

Charlie (Colorado)

I don't think he's an enigma, honestly.He's just pathologically able to believe whatever he needs to believe to continue getting adoration from whomever he is currently addressing. So when he talks to Brooks, he sounds like a moderate; when he talks with SEIU he sounds like a labor organizer; when he talks to Nancy Pelosi's constituents he sounds like a San Fran lefty.

If you listen carefully, even his accent changes.

I don't think he's doing this consciously: I really have started to think he basically hasn't individuated at all. He's not being himself because he's got no unified self to be.

Thomas Collins

I think the Tea Party type opposition to Obama stems neither from Obama's race nor from any enigmatic qualities he has. The opposition stems from the fact that he is a somewhat transparent postmodern liberal with a penchant for pushing the nanny state as the solution to our ills.

I am surprised that Kaus, who normally is pretty sensible, describes Obama as an enigma. Obama is a fairly transparent, pedestrian product of the postmodern pseudo elite school factory. He has better political skills than most products of that factory, but he is a product nonetheless. His teachers and professors did a solid indoctrination job with him.


Looks like we are right to be concerned that tomorrow's "net neutrality" rules are a ruse to limit the Internet's ability to easily offer alternative views.

LUN is an editorial from Investors Business Daily last fall that concisely lays it out.

Anything nebulous pushed by Google, Soros, and the Center for American Progress bears watching.


Yes it is a good point. I mean it's true there is nothing that is not a mystery with this guy. His birth, his colleges, his worklife. Is he a true radical or just a poser. He's a guy who has gone through his whole life with very few witnesses. I kind of wonder if that was done on purpose. He likes the drama of people guessing about him. And his mother too. Could be a family trait.

However sometimes I think people like Glenn Beck are overstating the case a little. Glenn makes him seem almost apocalyptic. I don't know if Obama is THAT radical or powerful. Just a guy who thinks what his grandparents and parents taught him to think.


Oh for heaven sake, we didn't like these views when they came from John Dean, who could scare small children, or John Kerry, who could bore them to death. Kaus still hasn;t been able to shake this CW trope.

OT, remember that wretched, putrid column
that came from Evan Thomas, making the case
for death panels, they turned it into a cover, from the AT column on the story, in the LUN


Man the blog keeps eating my comments.


Sylvia, is it a coincidence that there is so much subterfuge, so many dubious associations, and they all aim in the same
direction. Why monies flowed from all sorts
of sundry places, with no background check
on the source of said funds, that many of
the donors to his campaign, came from the
same compromised institutions.


In a way I agree with both TM and Chaco. I thik Chaco's right on about his inner dynamics but I think Tom has pegged O's utter estrangement from this country and its people. Perhaps he is always and everywhere a stranger in a strange land playing a part in some internal play in which he has the star role.


-- It's that he's a relative newcomer, as Presidents go--an unknown quantity, an enigma

Sorry, I disagree. I'm with Charlie. Obama can't face his own selflessness.

O lacks substance in a very dangerous way, and someday, the mirrors facing him wherever he turns will drive him around the bend.


Perhaps he is always and everywhere a stranger in a strange land playing a part in some internal play in which he has the star role.

Pretty much all of Dreams from my Father is about this. He is always role-playing but to date, "regular American" is a role he's never had to play, except for minutes at a time (such as his bowling game last fall).

The larger problem is not that he doesn't understand regular Americans, but that he doesn't like them. We've had patrician Presidents in the past, but the naked antipathy wasn't there.


Porch: the naked antipathy wasn't there.



.. but the media have told us everything there is to know about Barack Obama. NOT.

.. and they wonder why there are "Birthers"

Original MikeS

It's not paranoia if it's true. If it's true that Obama's "cap and trade" bill will cost us $3 trillion over 10 years. If ObamaCare will cost $1 trillion over 10 years. If Obama's energy plan for this country is wind, solar, and rationing. Then Obama is and extremely left wing politician.

So, he's only half enigma and the other half is extremist.


Sorry, he's only an enigma to people not paying attention. It's all there to see.


Son of a BITCH!
Apparently the UN helped smuggle Zelaya back into Honduras and the Brazilian Embassy there seems to have given him shelter.


sammy small

How can anyone say that O is an enigma. He and his team are right in line with what he espoused from the time he entered politics in Chicago until just before the run for president.

I agree with Charlie(Co) that he is just a chameleon who appears to change his stripes when it suits his audience. But underneath, he is the same as his history suggests.

Rob Crawford

The larger problem is not that he doesn't understand regular Americans, but that he doesn't like them. We've had patrician Presidents in the past, but the naked antipathy wasn't there.

Really? So Carter's attitude towards the US developed AFTER he was out of office? Or was he just better at hiding it?


An enigma? His bi-racialness?

No, it's simply that he's anti-American, anti-business at his core. Period. The public, at least about half the public recognizes this.

That and the fact that he's openly a socialist.

We won't have economic recovery until we have economic growth and President Zero is anti-growth, in fact, he's for 'spreading the wealth', which is pure, pure, pure Marxism.


What better way to make people paranoid than having the media bend over backwards to support one particular little-known candidate for president, while remaining oddly incurious about his background? The mainstream media cheerleading he got during the election was unprecedented. Heck, we know more about Sarah Palin's daughter's boyfriend than we know about what Obama did in college.


I think the president is honestly anti-American. Not only does he dislike average Americans, I think he means to take this country down, and more than just a few pegs. In order to do that, he has to appear moderate, speak with different accents to different audiences, say one thing while doing another.

e⋅nig⋅ma /əˈnɪgmə/ [uh-nig-muh]: a person of puzzling or contradictory character.

It's only puzzling to people who believe his motives are pure.

Fresh Air

Heck, we know more about Sarah Palin's daughter's boyfriend than we know about what Obama did in college.

Stunning, but true. In fact, there is only ONE person (IIRC) who has gone on record saying he remembers Zero attending Columbia.


PapayaSF and Extraneus are both right on point.

Palin was brutalized by the media, Obama had a path opened for him. Obama wsa probably born in Hawaii but he also probably carries Indonesian citizenship, that he is hiding against accusations of divided loyalty. The American people want an American president, not some waif with divided loyalty, who thinks he's above such things as patriotism and love of country.

Palin is self-made. Obama went to pricey, private, exclusive schools. Who is better suited to understand and help the "little guy"?

Palin is 100% American patriot. She has more gonads than the effeminate Barry.

The choice is clear. We need to quickly revitalize our nation's economy. We need to immediately build nuclear power plants, drill for oil, mine for coal and natural gas as well as solar and wind power.

We need to lower immigration as our unemployment is rising and will continue to rise next year.

We need to cut the size of government, cut govt. spending and most of all CUT TAXES ON FIRMS in order to stimulate business activity.

Then the debt and deficit will be greatly reduced through growing prosperity.


Barack and Michelle are used to being stars in the small-time arena of Chicago. When BO was Senator, MO stayed in Chicago and he went home on weekends. Neither of them have a clue about how one acts on a national stage. They are too used to being coddled and treated like stars for whatever they do.

MO's wearing of an orange flowered cocktail dress and green heels to a ceremony that awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor is a handy symbol of how self-involved this pair is. One second's reflection, "Hmmm, what is the nature of this ceremony? I guess it's kind of sad since the guy is dead," would have led to the notion that something subdued would have shown sympathy to the grieving parents.

But in the world of the tiny stars, it's all always about them. MO thought to herself, "I look good in that dress," put it on, and strode into a sad situation wearing the dress of a clown.

BO is no more humble, self-insightful, or aware of context than is MO.

In fact, I think BO sees the Presidency as a necessary but embarrassing necessity as he reshapes the globe. MO wanted to be paid for being First Lady -- remember the sudden rush of articles about how the First Lady was being mistreated by not receiving a salary?

Three years to go. Then they can sashay back to Chicago and take up being small gods again.


I don't understand why Kaus thinks Obama is an enigma 10 months into his presidency. He may have entered as an enigma, but it's pretty clear at this point who and what he is imo.

Bill in AZ

"In fact, there is only ONE person (IIRC) who has gone on record saying he remembers Zero attending Columbia."

... and that person probably made that up.


He's only an enigma to anyone who isn't paying attention. If you've listened to him over time it's easy to figure out what he is: HE'S A LIAR.

Michelle, his wife said that she thinks that America is a downright mean country, would anyone believe that he doesn't agree with his wife? Van Jones was handed an $80billion budget because Obama thought people WERE paying attention. He thought that people think handing a commie that much money so they can begin to REMAKE the United States was a GOOD idea. (make no mistake, Barry and Michelle believe every word Van ever ever said) PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM. Nobody ever told him that he was out of touch, he was surrounded with yes men. It's only recently the he's come to realize that there are a lot of people who don't like him or his policy. It wasn't until the town hall that that even started. For O' it's been smooth sailing for quite a while now. He's not an enigma for all of those who have been paying even the least bit of attention.


Crud, crud, crud, crud, crud.

Gal just walked into the coffee shop here and say's the tops of the hills surrounding town are coated in "Termination Dust"---first snow fall of the Season. Crud.


something else to add to the mix:

per an article in the magazine in the doctor's office -

Obama's Secret Service code name: Renegade

Michelle's code name: Renaissance

I added "nausea" to my list of symptoms.

The article also reminded me of one reason why James Earl Carter was destined to become History's Greatest Monster. Apparently Jimmy Carter expected the Secret Service to carry his luggage. The Secret Service responded - "not our job" - which eventually resulted in Jimmy's luggage being left in the car so he spent a weekend without a change of clothes.

Gregory Koster

Mencken wrote a fine paragraph summing up The Once:

"A demagogue's mind is a beautiful instrument. It can think whatever he wants it to think.

Clarice, Good God. I couldn't find anything about the UN helping Zelaya, but he is in Brazil's embassy. The Hondurans are in for a dreadful time. My bet: Zelaya gets back into power with the covert help of The Once, and then shows the world how to organize communities for death.

Thomas Collins

Where in Alaska is this, daddy? Nicole claimed she saw a dusting in Deadhorse when she was there.


I think with the president's actions in the past week, we know exactly whom we are dealing with now. Consider:

. he endorsed the public option in his
interviews yesterday

. he is in the process of selling out our
Afghanistan strategy.

. he will go before the UN and drop our
nations drawers on nuclear weapons,
overturning 50 years of national policy
that worked because everyone knew the

. he dropped European missile defense last

. he is using the NEA as his ministry of

Nope, no enigma at all with this guy. We know exactly what and who he is now. What we are seeing is the id/ego driven puerile leftist agenda writ large.


early or late this year, daddy?

Jack is Back!

The thing that bothers me about this enigma stylisticism is that everyone seems to be assuming that he is a rational, educated human being. I don't think he is rational at all. Chauncey Gardener was rational. Obama is beyond any of that - he is narcissistic to an extreme not seen even in Clinton. He has no concept of truth or other views other than his own. It is almost as if there is only one way, his way. I mean in the Stephanapolis interview he was in such denial regarding taxes on the middle class in the guise of penalties, fees, forced acceptance that he came off very unconvincing.

Somewhere out there a planet is missing its ambassador to earth.


I do agree that Obama is still an enigma. We don't know his friends, we don't know what he did in college, we don't know what attracted him to Tony Rezko (and Chicago), we don't know what he knows about US history.
He wrote 2 books about himself and the real him is still sealed up in Tupperware somewhere.

I absolutely agree with TM that we are an enigma to him. Why can't he just find the right words so we'll allow him to give us what we need? We are getting so frustrating!


I absolutely agree with TM that we are an enigma to him. Why can't he just find the right words so we'll allow him to give us what we need?

Obama proved MayBee's point yesterday with this answer to Steffy: "During this whole health care debate... there have been times where I've... not so much lost control, but where I've said to myself, 'Somehow I'm not breaking through."


Well we do know what he believes, it's this odd pastiche of Zinn, Alinsky, with a helping of Derrick Bell, Galeano's open veins along with some fresh dependency theory like Gunder Frank, Cardoso wised up.
probably studied under Eric Foner, the Marxist reconstruction historian,He likes people who break rules, Rezko is one, Ayers is another, he doesn't believe any rules apply to him, and acts accordingly

Joseph Brown

I don't know if Zero is an enigma or not. I personally don't think so, but I feel he is the most egotistical, arrogant SOB to walk the face of the earth.

Charlie (Colorado)

Gal just walked into the coffee shop here and say's the tops of the hills surrounding town are coated in "Termination Dust"---first snow fall of the Season. Crud.

Hell, Daddy, we just had our first snow here in Colorado. What're you complaining about?

Charlie (Colorado)

My bet: Zelaya gets back into power with the covert help of The Once, and then shows the world how to organize communities for death.

I wouldn't take real long odds on that. I'd bet more on him dying resisting arrest, with four rounds in the back of the head.


The enigma is how 52 per cent of the American voters could have elected another Jimmy Carter. But I guess a sizable portion of the voter pool was too young to remember the misery he caused.


Man that would be upsetting if true about Zelaya. So Obama stays out of Iranian elections but actually helps smuggle the wanna be dictator guy back in to Honduras. Kudos for Greta for having the opposition guy on last week. She seems the only one interested in getting to the bottom of this story.

I don't get what the big deal is. The opposition says they will have the normal scheduled elections in a few months. Let's wait a little bit and see if they have the elections. If they don't, THEN we can start raising a fuss.

And let's see if Zelaya steps down anytime soon if he is put back in power. If he turns into a dictator, would Obama be embarrassed that he was the one who helped put him there? Probably not.


One thing we know for sure about him: OBAMA SUCKS

Charlie (Colorado)

Folks, if I'm right about O — and I think I am, and if you're not careful I'll explain at length — the thing to remember is that he's not, under it all, arrogant and egotistical. He's a sad, abandoned 6 year old who can't figure out why being the First African-American President and Saviour of the World isn't enough.


Obama can't do American.


--Folks, if I'm right about O — and I think I am, and if you're not careful I'll explain at length — the thing to remember is that he's not, under it all, arrogant and egotistical. He's a sad, abandoned 6 year old who can't figure out why being the First African-American President and Saviour of the World isn't enough.--

Precisely Chaco. Narcissists are always or nearly always insecure, emotionally stunted little kids.
The scar tissue they grow to cover the wound is arrogance.


Fron PUK's link:

Because he can’t do American. Take your two national
obsessions (sports) baseball and basketball, the guy can’t pitch
and he can’t jump. Sheesh, even the little kids can do this. Golf?
He swings like a stick of rhubarb. He can’t run, it looks like he has
just come down Brokeback Mountain.

Obama doesn’t like guns and cars, that just about erases most of
American history. The West Wasn’t won with Arugula.
The real give away, though, when did you ever see Obama with a six
pack of beer?
Obama may have been born in America, but he does American like a

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Tom Bowler

Obama an enigma? What's so mysterious about hard left? While it's probably true that the rest of us are a mystery to Obama, we're a mystery to everybody else on the left as well. I think Kaus is in denial.

Virtually everything Obama has done since he's been president is consistent with his hard left position. One notable exception has been keeping the troops in Iraq longer than he originally planned. But then getting elected depended on changing his earlier position, and all he's had to do about it since then, is nothing.

The one thing lefties want more than anything is to destroy capitalism, and you gotta admit. He's off to a great start.

Every lefty totalitarian dictator gets his big smile and diplomacy. Every democratic leader gets rudeness at best, or more likely, the shaft.


Left unspoken has been the big news in that post:

Kaus used an unflattering term about Obama that has "nig" in it. That's nigh unto unforgivable.

Jim Ryan

he's not, under it all, arrogant and egotistical. He's a sad, abandoned 6 year old

Same difference. He filled the hole with narcissistic self-aggrandizement.

Fresh Air


"Throws like a girl" kind of sums up his athletic prowess.

Thomas Collins

Hooray! Palin definitely is aiming for 2012. Why else would she be giving a private speech on foreign policy in Hong Kong to heavy slugger investors? See LUN.

I will chip in for the crow dinner for Buckley, Brooks at el on Inauguration Night 2013.


Kaus, Tom and Charlie (Colorado) are on to something, but later commenters, and especially Tom Bowler nail it. Barry O only SEEMS like an enigma; that ambiguity is intentional. He IS a hard left, redistributionist and unilateral disarmament monger. His sympathy for Zelaya and the Mullahs? no enigma, he aspires to that same banana republic power without having to win the consent of us peons.

JM Hanes

Enigma sounds like the last resort of an Obama voter. The commentariat who fell for the biography campaign are just as blind to the obvious realities when it comes to the substance of Townhall anger. It's because he's black! No, it's because the hoi polloi can't handle ambiguity! It's the paranoia! [Deep six the death panels, guys] Well, maybe not paranoia exactly.....

Birthers aside, speculating about the Obama blank slate is a hobby. When it comes to governance, it's the issues, stupid!

Folks who go ballistic over Obama's address to students have every reason to deeply mistrust a President who has never made a promise he couldn't break, a statement he couldn't walk back, a buck he couldn't pass, who commandeers network television every few weeks as the ultimate, overbearing, Big Brother pitching Big Brother government, and whose sock puppets will call using the word "brother" proof positive of racism. What more do we really need to know?

I like Mickey, but he's studying the wrong navel here, as TM 's addendum suggests.


This is why the cause of 'birth certificate authenticators'can I euphemize or what, is ultimately a dead end. There's so many issues, that needed and continue to demand
examination, that this is a MacGuffin.

Fresh Air


"Trust" is really the most important quality in a president (or any elected official). He can't really be trusted to do anything correctly at this point. Ultimately, that's the problem that entwines with the media. We can't trust Zero to do the right thing. And we also can't trust the media to call him on it. Both will through when his term is up.

Fresh Air

Both will BE through...


At least I hope so.

JM Hanes


"He's a sad, abandoned 6 year old"

Clinton wasn't exactly a happy camper, and neither was Winston Churchill, so I'm not sure how much the 6 year old Obama tells us, other than confirming that a perfect childhood is not necessarily a reliable predictor of success.

JM Hanes


The news about Zelaya (and what it augurs) makes me literally sick to my stomach.


"He's a sad, abandoned 6 year old".

The prisons are full of people like that.


Yep, it's gonna be messy, among other things
because the Hondurans have seen how those leaders who stepped down were persecuted before (Pinochet, the Process Junta, even officers of the Salvadoran government.

Rick Ballard

He's a Kendonesian commie bastard and Kaus' attempt to turn enigma into a synonym for ignorant buffoon is doomed to fail.

It is my sincere hope that his feelings of sadness and abandonment at the age of 50 make him long to be 6 (and just beginning Arabic studies) once again.


You know, Peter, even that isn't necessarily so, in the LUN


I meant Fresh Air


Me, too, jmh. It's unbelievable.


Here's a Reuters report confirming Zelaya is at the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa.
Only read it if you can stomach phrases like "coup" and "de facto rulers" when referring to Honduras' legitimate government.


There is however a ray of sunshine this afternoon--apparently per Michael Ledeen the Iranian mullahocracy is dead --it's now just staggering about with a sword in its gizzard waiting to fall over.


Big Brother pitching Big Brother government, and whose sock puppets will call using the word "brother" proof positive of racism

Oh, I'm stealing that.


Enigma or enema? Is it that Kaus and TM just cant type?


even that isn't necessarily so

In the 21st century, when girls' sports are commonplace in the schools and high-end women's softball pitchers can strike out major leaguers on occasion, we need to retire the outdated insult "throw like a girl", and replace it with an equally evocative, instantly familiar, and correct image: "you throw like Obama".


Better still," You throw like limp arugula".


Sheesh. Everybody who posts on this blog has had Obama's number from the get go. All this enigma stuff is just for the dupes who were sooo convinced that he was a pragmatic centrist. The just need to feel better about themselves, and the role they've played in getting us into this poo pile.

Now that at least half of the country is finally awake, let's see if we can keep him from turning the USA into a third world cesspool.


You guys have to read this Bryon York piece:

Katrina Vanden Heuvels Unhinged Depiction Of The 912 March



The dustingof snow is of the Chugach just behind my house. Rats, That means get your orders in quick for Blueberry Bear scat. Suspect we've still got a few decent bike-riding days though.

Matt, can't yet tell if its early or late. Know I've seen it on the hilltops (4,000 to 5,000 feet or so) in a freak July storm before, but don't know how it compares. It'll hopefully clear off with a sunny day, but the nickname for the first real covering of the local hilltops is "Termination Dust", and it gradually starts walking down the hillside till suddenly it's winter. Brrrrr.


Clarice, I heard Ledeen on the radio this evening. Sure hope he is right. But who will get the nukes, at whatever stage of development they may be?


Son of Informant


Ledeen LUN


"if they worry that they are not being hears"

You've got to be kidding! They were being actively ignored. Deliberately shunned. Of course they are going to yell!



Zelaya was shown on Honduran tv screaming at the crowd from the roof of the Brazilian Embassy. I believe under the terms of the diplomatic accords that puts the Honduran government withing their rights to close the Brazilian embassy at once and eject their ambassador.

So far they don't even have troops or police on site, but if it gets violent, who knows what will happen.

Things are getting very serious, and it is now obvious the Brazilians are part of the problem, not the solution.


"There is however a ray of sunshine this afternoon--apparently per Michael Ledeen the Iranian mullahocracy is dead --it's now just staggering about with a sword in its gizzard waiting to fall over."

This will never do,who is Obama going to surrender to?


Don't know if this exactly addresses the topic, but my opinion on our reaction to Obama is that we've got a sort of reverse-racism going on.

I think for years we have been so inundated by our modern American culture to believe that whatever a non-black says about a prominent black will be screamed at as being racist, that we have internally and externally modified our behavior to give this guy an enormous benefit of the doubt that we would never give to anybody who is 100% white, or who is a more easily stereotypical huckster Black Radical like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.

And the enigma status then pops up because nobody in the media ever does the slightest investigation of his background for the exact same sort of non-judgmental (don't be a racist) reasons, plus a dose of Lefty bias, so the result is we wind up with this guy we don't really know anything about, but yippee, we're ultra sophisticated and no longer racists. Brokaw's "We really don't know much about this guy" comment" is a prime example.

My dimwitted highly educated relatives still think the guys poop doesn't stink and that he's wonderful and caring and visionary, because that's also a part of social message that's been driven into our skulls via the media these last 20 years. Because of naivete' or stupidity or unconsciously succumbing to social pressure, they act as if they think that maybe there is something a little special that we non-blacks don't understand about being black. It must be something lacking in us that makes us fail to see the Emperor's clothes, so lets keep quiet about announcing it and just keep squinting looking for or pretending we see it, and most of all lets damn or at least differentiate ourselves from our fellow non-black citizens on the Right, when they pseudo-racistly shout out he's not wearing any clothes.

Anyhow, I don't think that's original. But I think the lack of knowledge that we allowed to exist around this guy because of our reticence to demand particulars, is finally being overcome because we're now seeing the fruits of what this guy is trying to accomplish concerning the stuff that we do confidently and proudly know about---America. And especially America's exceptionalism when compared to all the other countries in world history. And agree with Kaus that Obama's actions reveal either he doesn't understand what we do know about this country, or if he does, he wants to undermine and replace it with something non-American that's completely different.

Don't know if that's all of it, but to paraphrase Van Jones, that's the opinion of this Conservative a#$hole.

Original MikeS

This will never do,who is Obama going to surrender to?

The French?

Original MikeS

I like Obama, but I have been very disappointed in him as President.

On the other hand he has shown me that some things I thought were impossible, in fact are not impossible. For example I thought Jimmy Carter would always be the worst President we ever had.


PUK--Maybe God does really love us and look after the stupid and weak for this Iranian development is so extraordinarily good and something er did nothing to achieve. Once again The Once picked the wrong side. (Do you suppose he's really John Kerry's lost brother? How else to explain two such morons?)


daddy, about "mean Republicans"--consider it a teaching moment. If you are not mean--and you aren't--then perhaps they ought to (a) be suspicious of every bad thing they heard about Republicans and (b) disregard as not credible everything the person who said that says.

JM Hanes


If you have Mickey's email address, you should give him a heads up: It's the thoroughly unenigmatic Ms. Vanden Heuvel who is busily filling in media blanks.


It took me 4 tries and an angry email to The Nation's webmaster to get my name finally removed from their mailing list. I'm almost sorry now, because watching the rest of the venomous KVH's decline and fall might be a real hoot.


who is Obama going to surrender to?


The term "reverse racism" drives me nuts. It implies that "racism" is generally by white people against someone else. What's the term for black discrimination against Koreans, "orthogonal racism"? Can we expand it to other sins, and say a woman cheating on her husband is committing "reverse adultery"?

I would think since racism is bad, its reverse would be good. "Reverse racism" isn't.

Jim Miller

Related: Eugene Robison claimed that "Obama is as American as apple pie". In my reply, I said that he wasn't even as American as arugula.

But, more seriously, it is interesting to see that he and his supporters claim both that he is just like us (by, for instance, creating a connection to Kansas, where he never lived) and that he is different (by, for instance claiming a connection to the Kenyan father who abandoned him) in ways that will help the United States.

I am perfectly willing to consider either argument, or even an argument that he is some wonderful hybrid, combining the best of both. But he and his supporters keep switching back and forth among these arguments in a most confusing way.

On the question posed by the post: I think that both Mickey and Tom are correct; we don't understand him, and he sure doesn't understand us.



WASHINGTON – Memo to President Barack Obama: It's a tax. Obama insisted this weekend on national television that requiring people to carry health insurance — and fining them if they don't — isn't the same thing as a tax increase. But the language of Democratic bills to revamp the nation's health care system doesn't quibble. Both the House bill and the Senate Finance Committee proposal clearly state that the fines would be a tax"

You are in trouble when the AP calls a Democrat a liar.....


It's not a witch hunt if there really are witches.

It's not a red scare if there really are reds.

And it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

We have in this administration a marriage of hard left ideology and Chicago machine thuggery, redeemed only (so far) by staggering incompetence. And Mickey speaks of paranoia?!

Jack is Back!

How about those red apples - Tiger Woods congratulates Manning after 12 seconds he passes a TD to Dallas Clark to take a 7-0 lead against Miami? Yeepee!

Original MikeS

You are in trouble when the AP calls a Democrat a liar

If you shovel shit at 'em long enough, even journalists will start noticing the smell.


Obama isn't the only one among us who hates America; he obviously has a whole army of believers behind him. Their problem is that they're not yet 52% of the electorate. Probably not even 30%.

Somebody should come up with a test, kind of a civics test without the particulars, about freedom and individual rights. Just use quotes from the Founders and ask "Do you agree with this statement?"

Every child in America should be acquainted with his own country. He should read books that furnish him with ideas that will be useful to him in life and practice. As soon as he opens his lips, he should rehearse the history of his own country.

Noah Webster, On the Education of Youth in America, 1788

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.

Patrick Henry, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1778

How prone all human institutions have been to decay; how subject the best-formed and most wisely organized governments have been to lose their check and totally dissolve; how difficult it has been for mankind, in all ages and countries, to preserve their dearest rights and best privileges, impelled as it were by an irresistible fate of despotism.

James Monroe, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 10, 1788

If men of wisdom and knowledge, of moderation and temperance, of patience, fortitude and perseverance, of sobriety and true republican simplicity of manners, of zeal for the honour of the Supreme Being and the welfare of the commonwealth; if men possessed of these other excellent qualities are chosen to fill the seats of government, we may expect that our affairs will rest on a solid and permanent foundation.

Samuel Adams, letter to Elbridge Gerry, November 27, 1780

If, for instance, the president is required to do any act, he is not only authorized, but required, to decide for himself, whether, consistently with his constitutional duties, he can do the act.

Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

Etc., and many more.

How many leftist vampires would be able to withstand the garlic?

Captain Hate

Katrina Vanden Heuvels Unhinged Depiction Of The 912 March

I'd like to say that Hurricane Katrina Ramone has lost it but there's no evidence she ever had anything other than a trust fund. And poor personal hygiene.....

Soylent Red


While you were all out protesting, I went out to Patrick Henry's house southwest of Fredericksburg.

If ever there was a man who embodied the spirit these times call for, he was it. A rhetorical scourge to government encroachment.

Original MikeS

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, poor woman.
Poor poor woman.

Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.

Cesare Beccaria, On Crimes and Punishment, quoted by Thomas Jefferson in Commonplace Book, 1774-1776

Fresh Air

Katrina Van Den Heuvel was once described by Ann Coulter, who met here for the first time in an on-air debate, as "This communist yapping at me."

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