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September 17, 2009


Thomas Collins

The Obama Administration's spin on this is nonsense. If the short range threat can be better met by ObamaMissileDefenseSystemLite (OMDSL), fine, deploy OMDSL. But continue the Bush Administration's plans to defend against long range missile attack. Obama was not limited to an either/or solution; he could have chosen the both solution.

As bad as mainstream Dems are on domestic policy, the Dems' continuing effort over the years to gut missile defense is even worse.

Don't count on OMDSL ever being deployed. I can imagine Obama trading that away for nothing.



Malkin gave you a plug:)

Broom Air your share.

Where's Curly Clue when we have anniversaires?

Rob Crawford

The Obama administration is interested in missile defense so long as it's never deployed.


BTW, wouldn't it have been nice to have seen Obama's senior thesis a Columbia (about US relations with the Soviets and how we could appease our way to peace in our time back in the mid 80s and how misguided Reagan was to be confrontational) before the election. In fact I would still like to see it.


Rush played Obama making his statement about this. He actually says that this will strengthen our collective defenses.

I guess that's not surprising. When he said he was closing GITMO, he said that would make us more secure.

The template seems to be: Perform act X that will have effect Y, then make a statement claiming that X will have effect (not Y).

Rob Crawford

The template seems to be: Perform act X that will have effect Y, then make a statement claiming that X will have effect (not Y).

Look at everything he says about health care for more examples.


From a Steve Schippert tweet:

Happy Molotov-Ribbentrop Day!


Joe Biden says Iran is not a threat.



This is an interesting move, considering he is trying to get Iran to talk to us.


Mr. Obama’s advisers have said their changes to missile defense were motivated by the accelerating Iranian threat...

But Joe Biden says Iran is NOT a threat.

Is Joe and advisor or not?

Obama said in the debates he would listen to Joe Biden on foreign policy issues.

Rob Crawford

Joe Biden says Iran is not a threat.

Oh, shit. They must have evidence Iran was directly involved in the plot they rounded up in NYC, and have photos of Iran fueling up a missile with "DC or Bust" painted on its side.


Ellen Tauscher, the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control, is another California Bay Area left wing California democratic hack (95% ADA rating)who proclaims herself a moderate. Her primary experience is in child care issues.

She is the one delivering the news to the Poles and Czechs.These people are a disgrace.

hit and run

Anniversary Gifts:

And 70th?



And 70th?


Made of iron. Like the curtain.


The Dismal Defense Shield Program is on course, ahead of schedule even.


First Georgia and no, not Carter's.

Potomac Joe

When does all the "smart" diplomacy we were promised begin?

hit and run

President Barack Obama speaks about the U.S. missile defense shield in the Czech Republic and Poland, that had deeply angered Russia, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009, in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in Washington, and gets instant feedback. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak; Minor Edit/http://thevimh.blogspot.com/2009/09/indefatiguable-george-washington.html>TheVIMH)

The Indefatigable George Washington

Old Lurker

Iran is not a threat except for the blinking light Drudge story:

"VIENNA (AP) - Experts at the world's top atomic watchdog are in agreement that Tehran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and is on the way to developing a missile system able to carry an atomic warhead, according to a secret report seen by The Associated Press."

Bill in AZ

awesome, hit!


This fool is going to get us all killed. I hope Israel has a backup plan. Because the US won't be helping them.


I could swear that NPR this morning said the reasoning was that Iran's development of a ballistic missile had been *slower* than expected.

As for the better location excuse, I'm under the impression that Bush went with Poland and Czech R because they were actually willing to accept; others would not. Of course, now that everyone loves us....


This fool is going to get us all killed. I hope Israel has a backup plan. Because the US won't be helping them.

You are right. How sickening to think of having to stand by and not be able to help Israel.

hit and run

Back in the dark(truth!), evil(to!), manipulative(power!) administration of Bush, with each decision the left would cry: WE QUESTION THE TIMING!

Now, in the dark(that's racist!), evil(racist, too!), manipulable(also, racist!) administration of Obama, with each decision the right is crying: CAN'T THIS GUY, PLEASE, THINK ABOUT THE TIMING!


Visual evidence that Obama is ">http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2009-09/what-does-urine-look-outer-space"> peeing all over our Eastern European Allies.


I for one would like to have a peek at [Manchurian Candidate?] Obambi's [conveniently disappeared] thesis at Columbia on US/Soviet disarmament. I'm sure it would give cynical lil Vlad Putin a few chuckles.

Strange how Obama's biographers will have giant holes in their search for records [including his Illinois State Senate records, also gone amissin']. What have I left out?

Parenthetically, I happen to be reading Anna Politkovskaya's Putin's Russia at the moment, not a book that would ever be on Ellen Tauscher, the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control's reading list. Anna's murder was caught on camera two years ago, but strangely no suspect has surfaced....!

The Poles are betrayed once again, and Putin is arming up Chavez to the hilt as I write this. Obambi makes Jimmy C. look ferocious.

Dave (in MA)

I don't know about the other European countries, but Hungary is pissed.

Dave (in MA)

Dammit daddy, you beat me.


Am I the only one who thinks that putting our systems in Turkey (a teetering islamic lite state) would be opening our technology to defeat and spying?


i wrote this up as Obama as Hamlet...LUN


Joe Biden says Iran is not a threat.

Which makes Biden himself a threat.


matt, it's excellent as usual. Why not send it to AT with permission to reprint?


I read Politskaya, and William's Putin's Labyrinth, and the fictional complement
Ghelfi and Silva, back last fall. Call it neoczarism or 'cossack nationalism', this is bad news despite the fact, that his economics are more responsible than Obama

Rob Crawford

I for one would like to have a peek at [Manchurian Candidate?] Obambi's [conveniently disappeared] thesis at Columbia on US/Soviet disarmament. I'm sure it would give cynical lil Vlad Putin a few chuckles.

Odds are Putin -- as well as the intelligence agencies of every major country in the world -- have copies. It's only American voters who need to be kept in the dark about Obama's intellectual development.


Dave, I agree 100% Obama is a freaking KGB plant. It's the only explanation. He is single-handedly ruining the entire civilized world in favor of the soviet creeps. Nobody is that dumb. He's doing it on purpose...

Soylent Red

This whole thing is so mind-bogglingly stupid it defies reasonable analysis. But one thing I do know is this...

Many former Eastern Bloc countries are contributors to ISAF. This latest episode of smart diplomacy by Zero will undoubtedly alienate Czech Republic and Poland, but will put all of the others on notice that we have become flakes. Mark my words, the troop pullouts from ISAF will now begin.

So what does that mean? The breakdown in the ISAF contributions goes like this:

Definitely pissed off:
Poland – 2000
Czech – 340

TOTAL 2340 or 3.6% of ISAF

On notice that the US is a flaky and inconsistent ally:

Romania – 1025
Bulgaria – 820
Slovakia – 230
Estonia – 150
Hungary – 310
Ukraine – 10
Latvia - 165

TOTAL - 2710 or 4.2% of ISAF


5050 or 7.8% of ISAF, reducing total troop strength of ISAF to below 60,000.

That's less than half of the number the Soviets lost with in Afghanistan.

The real kicker is that once the mad rush to the door starts, the momentum shifts and former staunch allies will begin to look for their way out as well.

Since we have already established that Obama doesn't want to send in more U.S. troops, the situation will deteriorate at an increasingly rapid pace. When it has gotten to a point of no return, Obama will withdraw and claim that there was a "lack of international support."

In the meantime, lots of Americans willhave the opportunity to get their asses shot off because competent foreign policy gets in the way of the important stuff like lining union thugs' pockets and instituting a nanny state.


Matt's piece on Obama as Hamlet almost understates the grave danger of being perceived as unable to keep our commitments.

I am a retired FSO State Dept Arabist and have spent decades studying and speaking on the Middle East, especially Iran, concerning which I gave a talk in Coral Gables a year or so ago. I can absolutely vouch for the fact that the twisted and sick message the Iranians will take away from this cave-in by Obama [on the very day, leaked "SECRET" IAEA documents showing that Iran is proceeding with its nuke program and its missile program] will be this: any negotiations with the State Dept or Obama at the upcoming UN GA meetings in New York [remember that Obama gave Iran "until September" to respond to his peace hand of friendship last Spring?] need not be taken seriously.

Iran, and the rest of the UN will consider it a given that Obama can be rolled, easily, and that he ain't got a pecker in them pants. First he makes a commitment to Poland & the Czechs in April, then reneges, for no apparent reason and for no quid pro quo. At the same time he extends a peace feeler to Iran, they laugh in his face, and he backs down on his missile shield to protect US allies from them.

Who in fact is in charge in the White House? Is this guy a featherweight or a flyweight?

Soylent Red

Hey daveinboca...

How do I get in touch with you offline?

JM Hanes

Haven't read through the thread to see if anyone else has noticed, but the NY Times has apparently scrubbed the reference to timing. Jonathon Adler over at the Volokh Conspiracy linked to the same article, but the paragraph Tom excerpted above is nowhere to be found.



First chance I've had to tell you---Great pix of the Protest! Almost felt like I was there, instead of hanging out in the hotel room and not seeing it on CNN and BBC and wondering if I got the day of the protest wrong.

JM Hanes

Soylent & daveinboca:

This one really feels like a bona fide domino falling, doesn't it?

As if the substantive shift -- and the incredibly obtuse timing -- weren't enough, it sounds to me like our allies might have found out about it the same way we did. I caught the tail end of a clip of the Czech president (IIRC) saying that they were "aware" that something like this "might happen," which made me wonder when, how, and even whether, the Czechs/Poles were officially informed about Obama's decision. Shades of Diane Feinstein' complaint about not getting so much as a heads up from Obama when he announced a nominee (whose position I also can't quite remember -- maybe Panetta). That sort of lese majeste alone can have dangerous diplomatic repercussions.

It seems tragic, as well as stunning, to me that while the worst thugs in the world are descending on New York for the UN festivities, it's Katy-bar-the-door for Honduran President Micheletti, whose visa has been revoked.

I'm becoming seriously worried that we're seeing the makings of a perfect storm. In addition to the current destabilization of new Europe, we've got the Chavez nexus in our own hemisphere, where Obama has treated democratic Colombia only marginally better than Honduras. Add a trade war with our primary creditor who is already agitating against the dollar. Then there's the Japanese who must be just thrilled that they stuck their necks out and officially signed onto the protection of Taiwan. How long can it be before Obama completes his clean sweep of soon to be former U.S. "partners" by kicking India to the curb?

JM Hanes

Thanks, daddy! I finished reworking almost all of the photos this morning -- I will never, ever, try to process pix on my laptop again! They look so much better now that I've corrected for saturation, sharpening, etc. The little flag and the eagle kite were a mess -- kind of wish I'd waited till I got home to start uploading them.


Soylent, I'm a bit queasy about non-JustOneMinute types who could bust me, so as to getting in touch offline, my friend Mike Wilmot, S.J., the former b-ball coach of Creighton High [I caught your Omaha link] has a brother Bob in Vegas who is my on-line buddy. If you can get ahold of Mike, he'll hook you up with Bob, and Bob & I talk a lot. Otherwise, my e-mail is on my blog, if it works?!


JMH, I also want to thank you for those great photos. Looking at the link you posted to day is so much better than the first time I saw them.

Manuel Transmission


Your updates are even more wonderful! My laptop is my only monitor, but it is a MB Pro with the led backlight, so I can generally see the subtle stuff. You drew the clouds out very nicely.

I may have a chance to look at my stuff this weekend and send them out via Jane's address. I hope she has everyone else's.


Latest Rasmussen (From yid with a lid):

Overall the President's approval rating is continuing to sink; 32% of the American voters strongly approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent strongly disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -8. According to Rasmussen, the Presidential Approval Index serves as a leading indicator by declining months before the President’s overall job approval ratings fell, which means Obama's overall approval rating will continue to plunge.

Following a quick bump from his healthcare speech, the POTUS' over all approval is back under 50% (at 48%).

After a week of revelations regarding the ACORN, who along with the SEIU do the President's grass roots bidding, there is little support for the criminal enterprise's continued involvement with the US Government:

Fifty-one percent (51%) of U.S. voters now say Congress should end all federal funding of the controversial community organizing group ACORN.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 17% favor continued taxpayer support of the Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now. Thirty-two percent (32%) are not sure.
Among those who have been very closely following recent news stories about ACORN, which describes itself as “the nation’s largest grassroots community organization of low- and moderate-income people,” 80% think all federal funding should be ended.
Only 15% of voters now have even a somewhat favorable opinion of ACORN, while 67% have an unfavorable view of the group. Those figures include only three percent (3%) with a very favorable opinion and 47% with a very unfavorable view.
Eighty-five percent (85%) of Republicans, 73% of voters not affiliated with either major political party, and 44% of Democrats have an unfavorable view of ACORN.
Liberal voters are evenly divided—35% favorable and 38% unfavorable. Eighty-two percent (82%) of conservative voters give ACORN unfavorable marks along with 60% of political moderates.
And a far as the Presidents Health Care Plan, opposition is way UP,56% of voters nationwide now oppose the health care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s the highest level of opposition yet measured and includes 44% who are Strongly Opposed. Just 43% now favor the proposal, including 24% who Strongly Favor it.

Opposition to the plan has jumped 10 percentage points in one week and is now 3 percentage points higher than before Obamas prime time speech;


Love that shot of the sign about 9/11 handmade from individual xeroxes pasted together.

Soylvent that is so good, send it to AT with a note I sent you . Email me if you'd rather do that some other way. O
m heading away from my desk for a bit.C

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