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September 01, 2009


Captain Hate

word to the wise - whatever side KC Johnson is on, try hard to avoid being on the other side.

KC is a big fan of Bammers so I'm not heeding that admonition.

Much as Duke has consistently beclowned itself recently, college and university campuses aren't exactly hotbeds of rights of the accused. Check out the F.I.R.E website for multiple examples. LUN

Richard Aubrey

If one of the Angry Studies profs is accused....
What then?
Clearly, they're looking for false accusations.
So what would be wrong with a false accusation?
They surely didn't have a problem with Mangum's.


It woyld be worthwhile making sure parents of college applicants get this story.

Thomas Collins

Captain Hate, KC is a rare bird, a liberal academic with intellectual integrity.

Duke's actions in the Mangum False Rape Accusation Case were to trash the unjustly accused, trample on their rights to the extent they could, and use the false rape accusation to attempt to advance the multicultural agenda. The lacrosse players and their families, and the defense lawyers, fought back against Duke and Nifong. The players' victory was so complete that the North Carolina AG took the virtually unprecedented step of declaring the accused actually innocent. It is clear, however, that the Duke PC crowd is continuing their efforts to push their vile agenda.

Captain Hate

TC, I've been a longtime reader (and periodic anonymous commenter) of Durham in Wonderland and throroughly appreciate the work KC's done. Regarding his politics, he's one of the first people I think of when considering that intelligent people can differ politically.


I don't understand Duke doing this as the Nifong/Mangum/Duke Hoax victims' civil suits proceed toward depositions. Plus, the NC Court of Appeals today unanimously gave Coach Pressler the green light to sue Duke for slander. Seems a strange time for Duke to remind the public of their shameful part in the prior sorry episode.


I blogged this though don't now when or if it will run--Male students should boycott the university and alumni should zip their wallets shut until the university stops this crap.

Captain Hate

I agree, Deb; this is just another example of the complete abrogation of any responsible leadership by Brodhead. How he's been able to keep his job (and I have a universally low opinion of university and college presidents) throughout this sequence of bizarrely negative actions, is stunning.

barb in ATL

Clarice, you are absolutely correct. I have a son in high school. He participated in the Duke T.I.P.S. program that targets potential recruits by having them take the SAT's in 7th grade to see how they compare to others. My son did very well and now gets tons of mailings from Duke. I throw them away as my husband and I have told him going to Duke is out of the question for any white males. I'm sure that we aren't the only ones who feel this way.


Time to make my annual $0.88 donation to Duke.

Captain Hate

Time to make my annual $0.88 donation to Duke.

That's the best way to get the point across; more effective than giving nothing and almost as cost conscious.


--Captain Hate, KC is a rare bird, a liberal academic with intellectual integrity.--

Not sure that's possible.
I find honarable liberals to have moral integrity but to be intellectually incoherant.


KC is a big fan of Bammers

Has anybody asked 0 about the Magnum case?

"Mr Presidebt, the Duke rape case from a few years ago has been dismissed as a criminal matter, the Duke students were proclaimed innocent by the state AG, and the DA pushing the case was disbarred. Do you think justice was served?"

Uh oh. They want me to say something nice about those cracker boys who violated that beautiful daughter of Africa in the old slaver town of Durham.

"I...uhh....Haven't seen all the..."

Must - not - say - stupidly!

"That is, I think that given the time that has elapsed and the many events which have transpired since that case was first brought into all of our lives,"

On a roll, I'm a superstar!

"I think it doesn't make any more sense to dwell on...that one particular case from several years ago than it does to revisit any of the Bush administration's mistakes in alienating our allies, spending recklessly, starting false wars of choice"

false wars of choice? Is that a thing? Ah, they'll love it

"when what we need to do is focus on the future, and on saving America by passing a health care bill, as my friend Senator Kennedy worked tirelessly to do throughout his life."

"Mr Presidebt, so you agree the Duke students were innocent, and should not have been vilified as they were?"

"No, I think they were guilty, I think they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell!"
Ah, crap.


Here is Col West's website,Jacl.

You can contribute to him directly or if you wish you can tell him you wish to help co-sponsor the event in Feb and he'll let me know to put you on the list.

He came close to beating the incumbent with no help from the RNC or anyone else last time (43.5%) with the Dems plowing lots of dough to his competition. I think he could win.


bgates, you are so on a roll and I am so green with envy--


OT from the other thread - Ambinder says Obama is going to start pushing his own version of ObamaCare:

Ambinder: Something New On Health Care: Deal-Breakers From The President

He will insist upon a mechanism to cut costs and increase competition among insurance companies -- and perhaps will even specify a percentage rate -- and he will say that his preferred mechanism remains a government-subsidized public health insurance option, but he will remain agnostic about whether the plan must include a robust public option. Officials won't say whether the president intends to endorse a specific "trigger" mechanism if the competition mechanism fails, but they say he will make it clear that the final bill must contain language that increases competition.

So this is what they're cooking up at Camp David this week...


My alma mater has been fighting on this issue for years -- back in the 90s, they went with a policy fairly similar to what Duke wants,and pretty much requiring the young man to get the verbal consent of the young girl to any move he should put on her, before putting on said move. But unless the young man had the whole episode on tape, he could still be accused.

The result was fairly predictable -- kids got accused of things they did not really do, and after 13 years of this, the College started a review of the policy, because the young men of the college got the student government to start agitating about the policy. The policy has ot been officaly changed, but rather suddenly the number of "sexual assaults" recorded in college statistics suddenly took a nose dive.

The issue is still a hot one at the college.


I'm a suspect, according to typepad. Of feedback. LUN to Obama addressing your children in school on 9/8.


Yeah that reminds me, I really need to get a copy of Mangum's book. Anyone ever read? Any thoughts and feedback on it? Did it get into the details of the incident, or was it just some autobiography type book? It was just some autobiography, no point in getting it.

I tried to read the reader reviews on some sites like Amazon to get some info on it but it was overloaded with the usual angry self-righteous, 'how dare you accuse our precious boys', and 'don't read or buy this book' fatwas type ranting. So that didn't help. It seemed no one who "reviewed" the book actually bothered to read the book, so that didn't help. I suppose they didn't want to read the book because they didn't want to take the chance that facts might get in the way of their opinion I suppose.


Boy lot of typos in my post above. Should be 'read it', 'if it', repeated 'didn't help'. Must practive editing.


"take the chance that facts might get in the way of their opinion I suppose."
Irony takes a holiday.


sylvia, here is a description, not a review, of what Crystal Mangum asserts in her book. If you followed the case closely, you'll readily spot the many lies which conflict with verifiable facts not open to interpretation. Then again, as Obama's election shows, many people aren't impressed by facts.


Thanks Deb. That was very interesting. It makes me want to get the book now for those portions related to the events.

So far, it doesn't sound that bad. That she said the event only lasted 10 minutes makes more sense, as the timeline was tight. Also the details on the sexual encounter make more sense. I always questioned the oral sex account, because what guy would take the chance his member would be bitten off? She doesn't mention that here.

I don't remember now if we saw specific testimony that she said the attack lasted 1/2 an hour and the oral sex or it was defense spin. I think not, I think there was no actual quoted testimony transcript on that released.

I would like to compare what she said with the the actual transcipt. You know I'm thinkiing it has to be somewhat accurate, because the police do have the transcript, and for her to change it would set her and the publisher up for a libel suit. I'm sure the lawyers were careful on that.

On the other hand, defense lawyers are literally allowed to lie for their clients. So on balance, I believe her account. And it makes even more sense to me now.


Also that she kept changing her story was a defense lawyer spin, not transcript. Anyway, I have to go, so any insults flying my way on this will have to remain unanswered for now.


Sylvia, I'm doing the "what our black supremacist presidebt would say about the Duke case if he felt free to speak his anti-white little mind" bit on this thread. Get your own schtick.

Gregory Koster

That Duke continues to howl "Die, white boy, die!" isn't surprising at all. Nor is it surprising that such regulations would be promulgated. The whole business is premised on a) who do you know and b) what politically correct group does the accused belong to. Any woman could accuse one of the Angry Profs, but any such complaint is destined for the ash can. As Hillary discovered, race trumps sex. Someday I should like to read The Rules on which minority groups can spit on whom. There would be a horror masterpiece.

What does surprise me is that a single white male (hell, any male) continues to attend Duke. Paying all that dough for the privilege of swimming in the Amazon, while the faculty stand on the bank with buckets of chum to heave in the piranha filled waters? To be sure, the Green maniacs will roar and blast the faculty for despoilation, but the faculty will holler liberal you're-a-racist back at them. (Where's that copy of The Rules so I could know who would win that fight?) I'm also dismayed that Duke alums give even $0.88. Duke is deaf to all irony and responds to such gifts with, "Cheap bastards, we need more," while tossing the dough into the bank. What alums need to do is pool their dough and start taking ads in the CHRONICLE OF LIAR EDUCATION about why they aren't donating any more to Duke until Israel's Mossad organization has had a chance to work its effective talents on Duke's faculty and administration. That might have some effect. I'd lump all the faculty in this indictment. The Econ department may have signed a letter saying they didn't agree with the Gang of 88's antics, but where are they now when this latest installment of the idiotic reign of terror is in play?

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

Captain Hate

Irony takes a holiday.

Irony was murdered, the body dismembered, the pieces burnt and the ashes scattered in different time zones.

Greg Q

Brutal Headline, Tom.

Well done. :-)


Ah, the folly of letting progressives rule.

Coming to you all soon via Czarbama, thanks to brilliant minds like Sylvia's.

Rob Crawford

I don't understand Duke doing this as the Nifong/Mangum/Duke Hoax victims' civil suits proceed toward depositions.

Because those involved don't understand that they did anything wrong.

Seriously, I don't think they consider their behavior to have been the least out of bounds, let alone disgraceful. They'll consider the inevitable legal penalties they'll pay as "injustice" stemming from the "rich white young male athletes white privilege".

Greg Q

barb in ATL,

Don't just throw it away. Write back to Duke. Tell them that you do not believe your son will be fairly treated by the University, and therefore there's no way you'll let him go there.

Let them know that cost of their actions.


Sylvia --

You could float the QE II on what you don't know about the rape hoax case at Duke in 2006. For starters, the DA was forced to resign and did jail time for prosecutorial misconduct, virtually unheard of in legal circles anywhere in the US. Second, the two Durham cops who took the lead roles in the investigation were fired for fabricating evidence and other aspects of misconduct. Duke paid millions to settle with the 3 falsely accused students and other lacrosse players who weren't charged, but were put through the wringer during the investigation have sued Duke and the City of Durham for more millions. Two of the three accused weren't even on the premises at the time of the alleged incident; they had already left the party. The entire rape episode was a figment of Mangum's imagination. But if you want to buy a book written by a crook, it's still (for now) a free country.

barb in ATL

That is good advice. I think I will do that. Now what to do about the 9/8 address.

Captain Hate

LUN for another good site that I've found supplements KC's read on all matters related to the Duke LAX case; in fact I ran across it from a link at Durham in Wonderland. I linked to a thread regarding KC's latest but if you're interested I'd urge you to peruse other threads.

Charlie (Colorado)

"alum8284" — Hey, I was there 83-91. What did you study?

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