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September 08, 2009


Thomas Collins

The story would seem to be that however one wants to slice and dice America, the Prez is losing ground.

Perhaps after today he will bolster himself in the schoolchildren tracking numbers. :-))


The Retreat from Health Care.

Where's Michael Piltdown Mann when I need him?

Surely there is a hockey stick in there waiting for its moment on ice.


Dick Morris says O's losing old people and today's news is that he's open to a "soda rax" to fight obesity and Baucus' proposal would impose a $3800 fine for those who don't buy insurance--if the young and poor are wise they'll be opposed to him, too.

Aside from black voters (and I have my doubts about Michelle's views) he seems to be pissing off everyone.


the Rev. Wright is back in the game, quoted on Fox News saying :"I think the racists in the right wing are upset because the poor people are going to be helped". he is always so on point.


That Obama's support, among non-Hispanic blacks, is down to 92% after less than 8 months, is quite remarkable. That's pretty much baseline for a Democrat. If he goes below 90% among blacks--without a corresponding increase among non-blacks--the MSM will probably begin calling him "the once promising...".

The empty suit is looking a bit rumpled.


**soda Tax**
Oh, goody, matt, I've been sending him mash notes and encouraging him to speak out more. OUK has, too, I think.

Uncle BigBad

Sarah has dropped another bombshell, one that will be hard to ignore--and which explicates her phrase "death panels."

If Sarah is as dumb as her detractors claim, they better chase down the real author of her testimony, because it demolishes Obamacare better than anything else I have yet seen.


So many racists. That makes Wright, Rangle and Patterson the most recent prominent projectors on the subject, and I'm sure I must have missed a few.

Until AA is abolished -- and everyone either makes it by virtue of the content of their character or doesn't -- this will never end. But every time they pull this, more people get pissed off, and that's a good thing.


Hey Uncle, from the footnotes, it appears she's taken up Katie Couric's suggestion to read more.

Uni verz

I was already wrecked and rebuilt, if I was going to crash I would have already.......


I dont think paining the kids or making them see will help him, but hey, soon it's Christmas and Obama's will make everybody.......


To be fair we do have many Republican Asians. But they are such a small minority the Dems feel free to marginalize them.

Jim Ryan

Don't look now but look who's back, everybody!

Uncle BigBad



Liberals can't win on the the issues. They have to play the race card.


Would you look at the Telegraph UK and the Daily Mail UK. The former concerns the Liverpool `path`way in use and the latter a child borne at 22 weeks. Sorry I can't cut and paste with this mac or send emails. The viaio is paying silly buggers.


Let me post those stories for PUK:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1211950/Premature-baby-left-die-doctors-mother-gives-birth-just-days-22-week-care-limit.html>22 weeks

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/6156076/Daughter-claims-father-wrongly-placed-on-controversial-NHS-end-of-life-scheme.html>Death Panel

Melinda  Romanoff

Just so everyone is clear about the test market for these "sweet" ideas. (LUN)

Buford Gooch

Hi, Melinda

Don't know if you ever got my reply on robots with guns.

Jim Ryan

O's been having a tough time looking through people's heads the last couple of months. That haggard "why isn't this crap working anymore" expression.


Go Sarah. Well done. But I predict the MSM will ignore it. They know what happened last time they gave her ideas wide mention.

Melinda  Romanoff


Yes I did (I think...) About mounting just about anything on the platform, which is cool in and of itself, I was curious if anyone had stepped up to do the neodymium trick, cheap, but brutal.


If Sarah is as dumb as her detractors claim, they better chase down the real author of her testimony, because it demolishes Obamacare better than anything else I have yet seen.

Looking forward to Begala repeating his comments about her miniscule mental capabilities. Just doing my part to up his viewership to three or four.


Thanks Clarice.

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