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September 21, 2009



Sorry to be OT so soon, but why are the terms of Richard Reid's confinement being changed? at LUN h/t Jimeoblog

Jack is Back!

Why, why, why did Mr. Blackwell have to pass away when we most needed him. Why?


Just one pet peeve of mine, when you name your kid after the Communist puppet ruler
of Afghanistan, are you likely he's going
to turn out right

Medal of Honor Ceremony as Easter Egg Hunt.

For once your staggering data base is wrong, bish; I'm pretty sure that Afghani ruler was named Suburban Camo.


Nope, it was Najibullah, which raises the unconfortable parallel that Obama makes with
the Soviet effort, as an excuse not to escalate. No one bothered to ask him, considering the very serious stakes involved
how can using off site forces like drones that create considerable collateral damage
secure the interests we desire.?

Don't knock that horizon too much.  Predators lurk there.

Mebbe if we station the drones in Okinawa? Just over the horizon?


Urban camo indeed,,tht pattern makes it exceedinglt hard to find her when she's shopping for black cabbage (Tuscan kale) and tomatoes at the Marie Antoinette White House farmers' market.


I'll be honest and say that I actually like the dress, I just think the outfit was a terrible choice for a Medal of Honor ceremony for a fallen soldier.

And I don't appreciate the First Couple holding hands while they stroll down the red carpet, as if they're heading to one of their Wednesday night cocktail parties. Show some respect.



I'm with you,
I like the dress it is just completely inappropriate for the occasion as is the hand holding. It does look like date night.

Rick Ballard


Ring a bell if you ever see the Chicago gutter trash showing respect for actual service and sacrifice. Neither of them can even recognize it - the concept lies outside of the amoral hogpen which constitutes their entire universe.


Actually, it is far more flattering than most of the stuff she wears, but once again she does not understand ceremonial dress. Neither she nor her husband seem to understand they are not really rock stars..thus he can comment on Kanye West and Gates but claims he knows nothing about the ACORN scandal, thereby further eroding his credibility.And she can wear a cocktail outfit to a sober memorial and not understand why it is wrong.

Buford Gooch

Well, if you want all eyes in the room (and cameras) focused on you, then wear something that stands out. Although, it would not stand out in the couch section of a cheap furniture store.


Well, Kim has her "murtha" on this a.m. :)
And, if Michele is a fashion maven, Anna Wintours of the world, I am holding up as good as Sophia Loren;)...did you see her pic up on drudge? She looks fabulous..
The Obama's strut is offensive--it's like they're jump jiv-ving our lives away!

So, the Breitbart reveal today seems to be @NEA

A diet of staples.

I'm just hoping and praying they get a little NEA and Ayers thing, too. That would be the National Education Association. They are dirty, too. And Dohrn, something's about to pop, there.

To wake up in the morning on Mocking Dohrn Hill.


the concept lies outside of the amoral hogpen which constitutes their entire universe


It sure looks that way. Extraordinarily depressing. With luck the rest of the world will eventually see them as the moral frauds they are.

Soylent Red

Look, people... solid colored (racist!) conservative (hatemongers!) dress may be OK for the proles, but once you have arrived, you have to step out. When you gots it, you gotsa flaunt it, baby!

Seriously, as a guy who has older sisters and a mother of impeccable grooming and taste, I feel qualified to demand that someone pull this woman aside, bless her heart. If not for the sake of our national honor, then to end the continuing injustice of the many fashion crimes she has already perpetrated. I figure we are 90 days or less from a full-on West African-esque caftan with leopard skin sash and tall hat. With bondage belt.

Hell, I'd be satisfied if Mdme. Ghetto Fab-u-lous would simply wear the black beret, turtleneck and leather coat that so aptly fits her personality. At least Panther urban camo is tasteful and understated.


Mr Red.

This is the official formal dress for the Flotus.


I wonder what she used to wear to work at the law firm?


Or the hospital...

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