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September 26, 2009


  I'm reminded of a dog I once had, whose tragedy was to be smart enough to know he was subhuman.

Yeah, I know their hearts pretty well, Leo, just as I know yours. And hey, alliteration is my shtick, yours is babbling. See what ya' coulda been?


Enough of this frippery. What is Obama considering thinking about when he comes to weighing up what he might or might not contemplate in respect to Afghanistan,and when will he get round to it?

Rob Crawford

PeterUK -- he's considering penciling something into his calendar on Thursday. It might be an action item for that morning's meeting, or it could be tabled for future consideration.

The important thing is that he not be hasty about choosing a time to ponder weighing whether to make a decision about deciding.


Rob Crawford,
Excellent! I is important that thses things are not rushed,it isn't as if lives are at stake.


and when will he get round to it?

Good question. One might think that he'd have decided early on into his administration from importance he gave it in his campaign rhetoric. But no. Perhaps he hasn't made up his mind what he wants to do because he's "got a lot on his plate," to further overuse a phrase for which he's made the textbook example of overuse. But if so, what of that other phrase, a President "must be able to multitask"?

Really, he's got an aphorism for every situation. Perhaps he spends all his time thinking them up, which is why he doesn't have any time to actually make important decisions.


McChrystal "demands" 40,000 more troops for Afghanistan. Obama contemplating considering hearing the request. After the weekend.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Multitasking. Yeah, that's the ticket. But when you have yourself scheduled to make at least one speech a day in a different location -- all suitably produced for national TV complete with MSM talking heads,on one subject, when do you get to anything else?

Let's face it, he's directing his attention like a laser beam -- on nationalizing health care. It is not like he has any wars or nuclear threats to deal with. When you consider that terrorists of middle eastern descent have managed what even the Japanese Empire, the Third Reich, and the Soviet Big Red Machine were unable to accomplish -- killing 3000 citizens in the some of the tallest buildings in our nation, what do we have to worry about?


"Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmm mmm ... tastes like chicken."

-- Amadenijad


Honestly, do we really want this guy making important decisions? I realize he's the president, but it might be best to let him dither.


"Honestly, do we really want this guy making important decisions? I realize he's the president, but it might be best to let him dither."

Yes,but he could dither in a more brisk and positive way.

"You two,over there,you three behind the bushes,the rest of you follow me!"


Honestly, do we really want this guy making important decisions?

Well, no. But there are already troops over there fighting and dying and his lack of direction affects them, too. I can only imagine what morale must be like there as they wait for their CiC to ponder his options.


Meanwhile back at the ranch.Iran tests missile.


but folks, remember, in all this there is good news. Teddy Kennedy has been sober for 3 weeks!


They should just hunker down, maybe set up a green zone. That whole Biden b.s. story is just a set-up excuse for abandoning Afghanistan. No more blue-eyed Bedoin girls. "We can't help them; they're just too corrupt."

Although if Sarah Palin decides to weigh in, all bets are off.


Matt,Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase "cold turkey".


I love the word "dither."

Personality type has a lot to do with decision-making. I was thinking about Myers-Briggs types because the P/J has to do with this trait. Googling the presidebt's type, I can't find much more recent than during the campaign when Slate published this on all the candidates. There should be an update now that the real Once is better known.

Then he was seen as an ENFP. What do you all think? Ps are not particularly good/quick at decision-making.


"Then he was seen as an ENFP. What do you all think? Ps are not particularly good/quick at decision-making."

Obama has elevated indecisiveness to an art form. It is his modus operandus.Say nothing and appear wise,do nothing and avoid the blame.After it is all over say "I always said...".
Works like a charm as long as you stay under the radar.


PUK, hopefully radar is finally engaging.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Sunday Funnies:




3 weeks sober! Cold turkey! There is a SNL running gag in there if they weren't so biased. Like the Franco is still dead schtick. For Kennedy they could have members of his family come in and pick up anniversary chips. The crowd could yell out to the visiting Kennedy...Keep Coming Back!


Interesting, caro. I've never seen that, but a simpler four-quadrant method was described to me by a very wise mentor some years ago. His thinking was that people can be categorized, specific to the positions they currently hold -- not just on their personalities -- on two axes: the competency axis and the awareness axis.

Although they might be in a different place in another position, in their present position they're either competent or incompetent, and they're either aware of it or they aren't.

Obama, in his present position, seems to me to be in the most dangerous quadrant: incompetent but doesn't know it.

Unlike competent people, or even incompetent people who know they're incompetent, people in Obama's quadrant can be hurt to the bone, to the point of revenge fantasies, by someone who exposes their incompetence. Regardless, they can do great damage.


It could get worse.

A stiff drink.

JM Hanes

LOL, Sara!

hurt to the bone, to the point of revenge fantasies, by someone who exposes their incompetence.
That might be reflected in Sara's Mickey Mouse cartoon!

LOL me, too.


Yeah, that whole "lipstick on a pig," send-out-the-dogs thing got me thinking about that last year. This year, the "death panel" stuff supported the idea that she's still so obviously still under his skin.

I think it was the "a community organizer is kinda like a mayor" line that cut him deepest. Next time around, all that'll be needed is a minimalist "Obama is incompetent" statement, which any nominee can freely use, with supporting evidence. That should be the main attack, in my mind, and can start at any time. The patriotism thing can be handled by surrogates.

Of course, the socialist stuff should be non-stop by everyone.


He still hasn't recovered from that, hence his wee weeing retrospective, no one had ever told him he was a charlatan before, even Keyes probably went just for the ideological. And he's tried to summon the
'flying monkeys' but it doesn't work. With every action, every speech he validates her
critique of him


The crunch will come when Trig asks his mother,"What is that man for"?

The United States is threatening to launch airstrikes on Mullah Omar and the Taliban leadership in the Pakistani city of Quetta as frustration mounts about the ease with which they find sanctuary across the border from Afghanistan.

The threat comes amid growing divisions in Washington about whether to deal with the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan by sending more troops or by reducing them and targeting the terrorists.

LTC John

No big hurry, I mean, isn't there an Olympic bid to go pimp in Denmark?

Not like anything important is up from the CENTCOM AOR, right?

"The Good War" "The Necessary War" "The Ball We Should Have Our Eye On" apparently will be kicked to the corner, because it is hard.

Looks like the President is ready to wash his hands of all those inconvienient Afghans - since he was too late to leave the Iraqis to genocide.


A good indicator is the desultory and lacklustre comments of the JOM troll. There is no vigorous defence of the Once. Afghanistan is going to get buried.


Obama People say I'm wishy-washy on the issues. Well, maybe I am and maybe I'm not. (all due respect to Jerry Brown, circa 1970's)


Obama: People

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